Mom , Daughter are Lesbians Ch. 03

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There are no underage characters in this story. All characters are over the age of 18-years-old.


Mother helps her daughter have her first lesbian experience.

Continued from Chapter 02:

Her best feature other than her natural, blonde hair and her big, blue eyes, she loved her big, 36, double D cup breasts. As much as Liz loved everything about her, in the way she loved her hair, her eyes, and her breasts, she loved Liz’s natural blonde hair, blue eyes, and D cup breasts too. With them living too far apart to have a committed relationship, Elizabeth, her on and off again lesbian lover, loved her big tits too. Talking on the phone and/or exchanging e-mails nearly every day, they were more close friends than they were committed lovers. Even though she wasn’t seeing anyone else, she knew Liz was. Yet, every time they got together, they made love. Every time they got together they gave one another multiple orgasms.

Instead of her having dirty, blonde hair, she only wished her daughter, had inherited her natural blonde hair. Instead of having average sized breasts, with her only a 34B, Laura wished Heather had inherited her huge breasts, at least a C cup. In the way that she was all tits at her height her daughter had the height to carry a D cup or even a double D cup. In the way her daughter confessed that she envied her mother’s natural blonde hair and big breasts, with no one seemingly happy with themselves, she envied her daughter’s height. Wishing she was taller, as tall as was her lover, Liz, with her only being 5’5″ tall, her daughter was 5’8″ tall.

In the way she was three, bra cup sizes bigger than her daughter, her daughter was three inches taller than her mother. Just as three, bra cup sizes are huge when comparing breasts, three inches are huge when comparing a woman of average height to a tall woman. Giving her such a long, sexy line, Heather’s height was in her favor, especially when she wore high heels. When Heather wore high heels, she was nearly six-foot-tall and taller, when she wore a hat. When surrounded by her shorter friends, standing out in the way of a swan in a pond of ducks, she looked like a model.

The first time she had been alone in a long while, her 19-year-old daughter was out on a date. She hadn’t dated anyone since her senior prom night last year. She suspected that Heather was still a virgin. Hoping tonight was the night that she’d get laid, she didn’t expect her daughter home until long after midnight. With her daughter too uptight and angry, needing to chill and relax, she hoped her daughter was having a good, sexual time. Even though her daughter was very good looking, strangely enough, she hadn’t dated at all. With this her first year of college, too busy with school, she always seemed ill at ease and shyly unconfident around men.

With her always popular with the boys, she remembered when she was a 19-year-old cheerleader twenty-six long years ago. Always drawing a crowd, the boys hung around to watch her giving cheers in her skimpy, cheerleading outfit. With her having D cup breasts back then, but with her breasts looking even bigger on her thin frame than her double D breasts looked on her curvaceous frame now, every time she bounced her big breasts, the boys cheered. Thinking they were cheering for her, she had no idea they were cheering for her tits to hopefully pop out of her uniform.

Always staring at her and ogling her as if she was topless, undressing her with their eyes, men always talked to her tits, especially when her big nipples made their appearance known through her clothes. With men making a spectacle of her and her big breasts, she never wore a tight or a low cut top, one that showed her cleavage. She hated her breasts back then. Yet, whether young or old, all men loved tits, especially big tits. Now loving her big tits, everything she wore was tight to flatter her enormous breasts and cut low enough to show off her long, sexy, line of cleavage. She loved wiggling her shapely ass and jiggling her big tits when she walked.

When she was younger, men, especially the much older men, always made her feel so self-conscious when staring at the big impressions her breasts made in her clothes. With them all thinking of the same sexual thing, seeing her naked, having their wicked, sexual way with her big tits, and with them wanting her to suck and fuck them, some men are such pigs. If only they knew she was an exhibitionist, what would they think? If only they knew she was a whore back then, they’d kick themselves for not making a move. Now, if only they knew that she preferred women to men, they’d scratch their heads in disbelief. If only they knew that she was lesbian, wouldn’t they be surprised?

Back then, when she was younger and not as self-confident, not wanting or liking the unwanted attention, she used to wish she had normal sized breasts, a B cup. Now coming to terms with her the womanly curves of her body, she loved her big tits and couldn’t imagine them being any smaller. Instead of only being 5’5″ tall, she only wished she canlı bahis was taller, as tall as her 5’8″ daughter. She liked how her daughter was nearly 6′ tall with heels. Not that she was short or overweight, she wasn’t. She wore a size 10. She was average but taller, thinner women always looked better wearing bulky fur coats. Short, obese women looked more like some sort of wild animal that could walk on two legs.

About to pour herself a third glass of wine, hoping her getting intoxicated would ease her horniness and stop her from missing her lover, Elizabeth, she heard the front door unlock. She looked at her watch. It was early, barely 10:00 pm.

“Heather? Is that you? What are you doing home so early?”

Chapter 03:

Her daughter opened, closed, and locked the front door behind her without answering her.

“I’m home,” she said dashing in her room and closing her bedroom door behind her before she could even ask her daughter about her date.

Surprising her, not expecting her home so early, Laura was still wearing her Chinese silk, revealing, sexy robe. After masturbating herself in her bath, she felt too sexually aroused to be embarrassed for Heather to see her in her silk robe. Something she never felt around her daughter before, she suddenly felt horny in the way that a mother may feel horny when attracted to her adult son now.

Horny enough to expose what her daughter should never see of her mother, with the alcohol slowly weaving its magical way through her inebriated brain, she didn’t care if her daughter saw something of her that she shouldn’t see. Feeling a little tipsy after only having two glasses of wine on an empty stomach, she should have eaten something before drinking the wine. Had it not been for the wine, she never would have allowed her daughter see her wearing this robe, especially with her not wearing anything underneath.

Nonetheless, putting her horniness on the back burner, she was curious why her daughter was home so early from her date. Not expecting her home for a few more hours, Laura stood from the living room sofa and walked to her daughter’s bedroom. Not wanting to intrude, she stood at Heather’s bedroom door and listened first to hear if she was talking on her phone to someone. She wasn’t. She stood longer at her bedroom door to listen if she was crying before knocking. She wasn’t. When she heard nothing at all, she wondered what Heather was doing in her room, maybe she was masturbating. Laura knocked on her daughter’s bedroom door.

“Heather?” She waited and listened. When she heard no reply, she knocked again. “Heather? Are you okay? How was your date?” When she didn’t answer, she asked another question. “Why are you home so early?”

Still no answer. Not waiting for an invitation while hoping that it wasn’t locked, Laura turned the doorknob and opened Heather’s bedroom door to peek inside her room. She hoped her daughter wasn’t indisposed. Yet, the thoughts of catching her daughter in her panties and bra, topless, and/or naked, sexually excited her in a way that a mother should never be sexually excited over her daughter.

Knowing how modest her daughter could sometimes be, saving them both the embarrassment, she was glad that she was still fully dressed. Only, even though she hoped to see her daughter in her bra and panties, topless, and/or naked, really not expecting a sexual image, especially one from her daughter, Heather was a sexy sight to behold nonetheless. As if she had jumped or had been thrown back on her bed, she looked as if she was posing for a sexy photo shoot. Her daughter was dramatically lying there as if she was a victim of a violent crime of rape. Her short skirt was raised high enough up her shapely thighs to expose her white panties.

Nice legs run in the family and just as Laura’s mother had shapely legs, Laura had shapely legs too. It was gratifying to know that Heather had the family legs also With her daughter’s legs spread open wide enough, she could see Heather’s pussy mound and the indentation that her pussy slit made in her panties. If Laura wasn’t horny before she was certainly horny now.

She stared at what she could see of her daughter’s panties as if she was a drunken, young man in a college dorm room discovering a sexy coed in his room and on his bed. If only she wasn’t her mother, she’d touch and finger her daughter’s pussy through her panties. If only she wasn’t her mother, she’d kiss, touch, and feel her daughter everywhere a mother should never kiss, touch, and feel her daughter. If only she wasn’t her mother, she’d strip off her panties and make sweet love to her daughter’s pussy with her fingers and her tongue.

‘Oh, my God. With her long legs spread wide open, she’s so sexy,’ thought Laura when suddenly feeling a rush or horniness and sexual interest in her daughter that she never felt before. ‘I’m so fucking horny. Now that I’m seeing Heather’s panties, I need to masturbate myself again as soon as I return to my room.’

Something new, she was never sexually attracted to her daughter bahis siteleri before. Seeing Heather in a different light, she was sexually attracted to her now. Between masturbating herself in her bath, wearing her sexy, silk robe, and with her two glasses of wine going right to her head, she’d love nothing more than to have forbidden sex with her daughter.

‘She is so stunningly beautiful,’ thought Laura while staring in between Heather’s sexy, shapely thighs.

She was deliriously dizzy with the thoughts of incestuous, forbidden sex between a mother and her daughter. A terrible thing for a mother to think and feel but, if Heather was to initiate the first incestuous move, she was horny enough to reciprocate with all of the other sexual moves to have sex with her daughter. Only, knowing her daughter better, Heather wasn’t a lesbian. Moreover, she’d never want to have sex with her mother.

After seeing Heather’s panty clad ass and pussy, she’d love nothing more than to fall between her daughter’s long, shapely legs and lick and finger her pussy through her panties. If only she could without the shame, the embarrassment, the disgrace, and the remorse, she would. After seeing Heather’s panty clad pussy, she wondered if her daughter was still a virgin. In the way that she wondered if her daughter had ever made love to a man, she wondered if her daughter ever made love to a woman. After being so sexually aroused by seeing Heather’s panties, she wondered what her daughter would do and/or say if she touched and licked her daughter where no mother should ever touch and lick her daughter.

Nothing more than a sudden, sexual fantasy, with her still so horny, she’d love nothing more than to strip her daughter naked and have her wicked, sexy, lesbian way with her shapely, naked body. Nothing more than a sudden, sexual fantasy, she’d love to make out with her daughter while touching and feeling her everywhere. Nothing more than a sudden, sexual fantasy, she’d love nothing more than to finger and lick her daughter’s wet cunt before sitting on her daughter’s face for her to return the sexual favor of eating her pussy too.

Only what are the odds that her daughter would be a lesbian too? What are the odds that her daughter would prefer having sex with women than having sex with men? What are the odds that her daughter would prefer licking pussies than to sucking cocks? Further and moreover, what are the odds that her daughter would have incestuous sex with her mother in the way that her mother suddenly wanted to have incestuous sex with her daughter?

Laura wished she wasn’t horny enough to be thinking of having sex with her daughter. Never having been sexually attracted to someone as young, there she was looking at her daughter as if she was someone else’s daughter. There she was sexually leering at her daughter in the way that some mothers sexually leer at their sons. Laura took a big breath of self-control to suppress the incestuous lust she suddenly felt for her daughter. If Heather wasn’t her daughter, she’d be stripping off her robe and having lesbian sex with her.

“Oh, Mom,” said Heather sitting up and crying as soon as Laura sat on the edge of her daughter’s bed.

Catching her by surprise, her outburst of emotion inflamed the incestuous lust she had for her daughter. As if she was still her little girl, she threw her arm around her mother’s neck and her other arm around her chest. Then, when she felt her daughter’s hand come in contact with the side of her left breast, her nipples erected even more than they were erected before. She wished her daughter would feel her big tits and finger her big nipples.

Unable to stop herself from looking down and staring, with her short skirt bunched up around her waist, Heather’s panties were still totally exposed. Between her daughter’s hand coming in contact with her braless breasts and Heather flashing her panties, she was horny all over again. In an instant, she was thinking about having lesbian sex with her daughter. She couldn’t wait to masturbate herself while sexually fantasizing having sex with Heather.

Berating herself for having sexual thought for her daughter, how could she think such thoughts? What’s wrong with her to harbor such sexual thoughts and incestuous lust? Suddenly having sexual feeling that she never felt for her daughter before, she’d love nothing more than for her daughter to touch and to feel her everywhere she’d love to touch and feel her daughter. She’d love nothing more than for her daughter to finger and suck her nipples. In the way she’d love to go down on her daughter, she’d love for her daughter to go down on her too.


Then, as if she wasn’t wearing anything at all, as if her lustful desire willed it to happen, the bottom of her robe parted to expose the insides of her shapely thighs to her daughter. With her need to expose herself overwhelming her horniness and adding even more spice to her sexual mood, instead of feeling cold or modest, she felt sexually excited enough to leave her robe bahis şirketleri as was. She wondered what her daughter’s reaction would be to seeing her mother’s cunt.

Now filled with as much incestuous lust as she was filled with exhibitionism, she wished her robe had opened a bit more to show Heather her blonde, trimmed pussy. If she moved only a little more, her robe would expose to her daughter all that she needed her to see. If her robe opened any more than it already had, her pubic hair would be in plain view of her daughter’s innocent eyes.

If nothing else for than for more masturbation fodder, with it one thing for her to want to expose herself to her daughter, it was quite another thing to have forbidden sex with her daughter. With her feelings of exhibitionism taking control of her rational thinking and motherly thoughts, she couldn’t recall if her daughter had ever seen her pussy. In the way she had never thought of exposing herself to her daughter before, she was thinking about exposing herself to her daughter now. She wondered what would Heather’s reaction to seeing her topless and/or naked would be. Yet, nothing more than a sexual fantasy, she’d never purposely expose herself to her daughter until now.

Nonetheless, with her daughter holding her so tightly and her arm pulling against the thin, sheer fabric, the top of her robe separated as soon as Heather hugged her. While Heather was looking in another direction, Laura glanced down at herself to see how much of her breasts were exposed. She was practically naked. Her breasts were nearly out of her robe and her pussy was nearly exposed to her daughter.

A familiar feeling of sexual excitement washed over her as if she was sitting in a short skirt across from a man with her knees parted just enough for him to see her panties. A familiar feeling of sexual excitement heightened her horniness as if she was sitting on the same commuter train with a man standing over her and staring down her open top at her cleavage and bra. Only, this wasn’t some stranger seeing her so indisposed, this was her daughter seeing much of her naked breasts and part of her naked pussy.

Now that much of the tops of her breasts and her long line of sexy cleavage were exposed to her daughter, no doubt, her pussy would be exposed soon too. Something she never thought of doing before, it sexually excited her to flash her daughter her breasts and her pussy now. With her having sexual feelings for other women, always careful not to expose herself when around her daughter and/or make her sexual preference known to her daughter, she wanted Heather to make her own sexual choices.

Laura suspected that Heather was heterosexual. Yet, with switching sexual preferences a distinct possibility, her wanting to have sex with women instead of men could happen at any time. Just as that happened to mother, could happen to daughter too. Only, even if Heather decided to change her sexual orientation, that wouldn’t mean she’d be as sexually attracted to her mother as her mother was sexually attracted to her daughter. One had nothing to do with the other.

With Heather still hugging her, if her daughter tugged on her robe anymore, her areolas and her nipples would make their voyeuristic, surprise appearance. Normally, she never thought of her daughter in a sexual way until tonight. Normally, she never thought of her daughter as someone she wanted to flash or would even be sexually excited flashing. Yet, with her feeling so horny and with her inhibitions loosening after having had two glasses of wine, perhaps, if she wasn’t lesbian, she wouldn’t even think of her daughter in such a forbidden, sexual way.

Enjoying the feeling of showing so much of her naked body to her daughter, Laura pretended not to notice that she was as exposed. Normally, she’d fix her robe to deny Heather a peek of her naked breasts and/or naked pussy. Yet, with this her perfect, accidental flash and with her showing so much of her naked body to her daughter, it sexually excited her for Heather to see her nearly naked body. No doubt, she’d be masturbating herself again over all that she was showing her daughter tonight.


Laura felt a familiar wetness between her thighs and was suddenly sexually excited that Heather was seeing what she had never seen of her mother before. Yet, instead of feeling sexy, she felt like such a wicked, incestuous whore in exposing so much of her naked body to her daughter. As much as it was sexually exciting to expose herself to Heather, it was sexually frustrating too. All that she could do after this show of exhibitionism/voyeurism would be to masturbate herself with the imagined thoughts of having sex with her daughter.

Nonetheless her sexual frustration, she couldn’t believe she was showing her daughter all that she wanted her to see but that she shouldn’t see of her mother. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t fixed her bathrobe to deny Heather furtive peeks of her breasts and/or her pussy. Yet, with her already so very sexually aroused and horny, a way for her to masturbate her sexual frustration away later, she saw no harm in flashing her daughter her tits and/or pussy especially when she saw Heather looking. The more that Heather looked, the more that she wanted to show her.

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