Mommy and Daddy Really Love Me

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It’s Friday and I can hardly wait to get home from school. Tuesday was my eighteenth birthday and Mommy and Daddy have promised me that Tonight will be the best birthday party I’ve ever had. We’re going to spend the entire evening and night celebrating. Now I’m an adult and tonight Mommy and Daddy are going to show me how big people love each other.

I’ve been looking forward to this evening for years. I remember when Daddy first noticed my boobs starting to grow. I had just gotten out of the tub and he was drying my hair.

“Susan, come here”, he shouted. “Our Candy Baby is growing up!”

Mommy was excited, too. “You’ll have to take her to get some bras.”

The next day after school Daddy and I went to Victoria’s Secret and he bought me three lacy training bras. That evening I modeled them for Mommy and Daddy. Daddy said that he thought that soon I’d have a beautiful body. They both agreed that as an eighteenth birthday present they would show me how big people loved each other.

Over the last several years we had watched my boobs grow and Daddy had bought me new bras whenever I needed a larger size, or when there was a special occasion. Tonight is a very special occasion. Daddy bought me a new bra and matching panties yesterday and I can’t wait to get home and put them on. The bra is a pale yellow lace with holes just big enough for my nipples to peek through. It has a small plastic catch in the middle of the front that’s hidden behind a small ribboned bow. The panties are made to match out of the same soft yellow lace. They’re open in front with a little catch at the top just like the bra. Last night when Daddy was helping me bathe, he said that the panties would look much nicer if we shaved off all of my pussy hair. I’d never done that before, so he helped me.

Now, school is over and I can’t wait to get home and change into my special bra and panties. I’ve got a new wrap-around blouse that fastens with a couple of small Velcro dots and a new skirt that fastens the same way. Daddy said that he and Mommy would want it to be easy to see how pretty I looked in the bra and panties.

“Mommy, Daddy, I’m home now!”

“We’re in the living room, Candy. Why don’t you go right upstairs and put on your new clothes?”

“Okay, Mommy! I’ll be right down!” I am soo excited! I throw my school clothes into the hamper and quickly pull on the panties and then the bra before I look in the full length mirror. My nipples look awesome poking through the little holes in the lace and my pussy is peeking out at me through the open front of my new panties. I am sooo excited. Quickly I fasten the blouse and skirt over the new underwear and walk quickly down the steps to the living room.

“Oh my goodness, Jim. Would you look at how pretty and grown up our Candy is!” Mommy gets up off the couch and hugs me. “Here, Baby – wait I guess we can’t call you Baby anymore! Tonight you’re a young lady, a beautiful young lady! Sit down here, young lady, between your daddy and me.”

“You’re right, Susan, she is a beautiful young lady. Do you like your new clothes, Candy?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy! I love them. And you were right. The panties look much nicer with my pussy shaved. Do you want to see?” I start to get back up.

Mommy and Daddy both laugh. “Not yet, Honey.” Daddy pulls me back down and kisses me lightly on the lips. “There will be plenty of time for that after our birthday dinner.”

As we head for the dining room I realize that Mommy is wearing a skirt and blouse just like mine. I wonder …

An hour later we walk back into the living room. Daddy had fixed my favorite dinner, but he and Mommy both warned me not to eat too much. I start to sit down, but Mommy stops me. “Show us your new bra, Candy,” she says as she and Daddy sit on the couch.

Finally! It seems like I’ve been waiting forever! I pull gently on first one and then ankara escort the other Velcro dots and slowly open the front of my blouse.

Mommy catches her breath. “Oh, Jim, she is so beautiful! Look at her tits! They’re so nice! And her nipples are already starting to get hard. Take your blouse all the way off, Candy! You are so beautiful.”

I shrug off the blouse and toss it onto the chair by the fireplace.

Daddy is breathing fast. “Candy, honey, show Mommy your new panties.”

I start to reach for the Velcro at the waist and Daddy stops me.

“Turn around, Honey. Face the other way and take it off slowly.”

I giggle, turn to face away from them and release both Velcro spots. I hold the skirt in place for a few seconds as I look over my shoulder to them and then I toss it onto the chair with my blouse.

“Oh, Jim! Look at our little girl! She’s so grown up!”

“Turn around now, Candy.” Daddy seems to be as excited as Mommy.

I turn slowly around.

“Oh my goodness, Jim! She has such a pretty little pussy. Come and sit between your Daddy and me, Candy. We have a few more little surprises for you.”

Mommy and Daddy each kiss me gently on my mouth before Daddy tells Mommy to show me her surprise. Mommy giggles and stands, turning to face us. She slowly releases the Velcro holding her blouse and then opens it.

“Look, Daddy! Mommy’s bra is just like mine, except it’s blue!”

Daddy is getting really excited. “Okay, Susan. Now show our little girl the rest!”

Mommy turns her back and releases the skirt. With just a glance over her shoulder, she tosses the skirt onto the chair with the rest of our clothes. Her ass looks awesome in the matching blue lace panties. She slowly turns to face us.

I suck in my breath. At thirty-four Mommy is only a pound or two heavier than me. Her nipples are pushing through the holes in her bra and her cleanly shaved pussy is staring at us through the open front of her panties. “Mommy, you look great!”

She reaches down and strokes her pussy lightly with a finger tip. “Do you like it, Candy? I shaved it last night just for you.”

“It looks really nice, doesn’t it Daddy?”

“Yes! I can’t figure out why we waited so long for her to shave it! Candy’s right, honey! You look fantastic!”

Mommy comes over and kisses first Daddy and then me on the mouth. As she sits back down she tells Daddy it’s his turn to show me a surprise.

Daddy stands up and takes off his shirt. “I’m sorry I don’t have tits, Baby, so I’m not wearing a bra to match yours and Mommy’s, but …” Daddy turns his back to us and slowly pushes down his slacks. His undies are the same color blue as Mommy’s bra and panties. Tossing his slacks onto the chair with the rest of our clothes, he turns to face us. His undies are just like mine and Mommy’s, with an open front and a little plastic catch at the top. His thing is standing up big and straight through the opening.

“Can I touch it tonight, Daddy?” Two or three times a week after Daddy dries me from my bath, he gets out his thing and touches it until it squirts. I’ve wanted to touch it, too, for a long time, but Daddy says I have to wait until I’m old enough to do big people things. “Can I, Daddy?”

“Yes, Candy. But not right now. In a little bit.” He sits down and kisses me and then Mommy. “Right now, it’s time for Mommy to teach you how big people kiss.”

Mommy gently turns my head to face her. “When big people kiss, Honey, they touch each other’s tongues. You have to leave your mouth open just a little. Are you ready to try it?”

“I think so.” Mommy puts her mouth on mine and I feel her tongue push gently against my lips and I push my tongue back against hers. For several seconds we tease each other’s tongues.

“Our Candy is a fast learner, Jim!” Mommy presses her lips against mine again and I feel her escort ankara finger tip trace a light circle around one of my nipples. “Show your daddy how well you can big people kiss, Candy.”

As Daddy and I touch each other’s tongues, Mommy continues drawing circles around my tit. Daddy and I kiss again and he starts rubbing my other tit. “Do you like that, Honey? Do you like Mommy and Daddy rubbing your tits?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy! It feels really good! My nipples feel kind of tingly.”

Mommy turns my face towards her and kisses me again. I really like the way her tongue reaches all the way into my mouth. “I think it’s time to take our little girl upstairs, Jim, and show her all about big people love.”

“You’re right, Susan. We do have a lot to show her.”

Mommy touches Daddy’s thing and laughs. “Yes, we do!”

We go to Mommy and Daddy’s room and lie down on their bed, with me in the middle. Daddy kisses me and starts rubbing my tit again and Mommy’s finger lightly traces the edges of the opening in the front of my new panties.

“Does that feel good, Candy?” She moves her finger to the edge of my pussy and moves it up one side and down the other.

“Yes, Mommy, yes! That’s so nice! I’m feeling tingly down there, too.”

“Spread your legs apart, Candy.” Mommy and Daddy and I are all breathing faster, now. Mommy slowly pushes her finger into my pussy and starts rubbing me inside. Daddy squeezes my nipples and kisses me again.

“Do you like what Mommy’s doing, Candy Baby?”

“Oh, yes! That feels so good!”

“Big people call this finger fucking.” Mommy’s finger is moving slowly in and out of my pussy.

“Mommy, I think I’m getting wet, you know, down there.”

“You’re supposed to, Honey. Here, taste it.” Mommy takes her finger out of my pussy and puts it in my mouth.

“Mmm, I like that.”

“Jim, I think you should finger fuck our little girl for a few minutes now.” As Daddy pushes his finger into my pussy, Mommy leans down and takes my nipple in her mouth. I can feel her tongue pushing against my tit. I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m starting to feel really good and tingly all over, and it’s getting harder to breathe and now my pussy is squeezing Daddy’s finger and it feels really wet and really good.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, that’s so good! Don’t stop!”

But he does. He pulls his finger out of my dripping pussy and puts it in his mouth. “Our Baby’s cum tastes really good, Susan.”

Mommy kisses me. “Did you enjoy your first climax, Honey?”

“Uh, yeah.” I’m not too sure what she means, climax.

She must be able to tell, because Mommy laughs. “When you cum, like you just did, that’s called climaxing, Baby.”

Daddy laughs, too. “And now we’ll help you cum again!”

“And we’ll show you how to help us cum, too!”

Mommy and Daddy each give me a very long big people kiss. Then they start teasing my nipples with their tongues. It feels really nice and I close my eyes and start to feel really tingly again when Mommy moves her mouth down across my tummy to the open front of my panties. She pushes my legs apart slightly and slowly begins teasing my pussy with the tip of her tongue.

“Oh, Mommy!” I’m starting to feel really tingly and my breathing is getting faster.

“Do you like what Mommy’s doing, Baby?”

“Oh, yes, Daddy, yes!” I think I’m having another climax and Mommy is pushing her tongue harder and it feels like she’s actually got her tongue inside my pussy and it feels sooo gooood!

“I think it’s my turn now, Susan!” Daddy has moved down beside Mommy and she quits licking my pussy and Daddy starts. His tongue pushes a little harder than Mommy’s and he actually twists it around inside me!

I start to squeal and Mommy puts her mouth over mine and pushes her tongue deep into my mouth. She tastes different than before and I push my ankara escort bayan tongue into her mouth to taste as much as I can. Daddy’s hands are lifting my butt off the bed and he’s pushing his tongue harder and harder into my pussy and I can feel the wet stuff getting all over his face and it feels absolutely incredible!

Daddy finally stops licking me and crawls up beside me. He kisses me and then he and Mommy kiss before they both lie down beside me.

“I think our Candy Baby likes having her pussy eaten, Jim.”

“I think you’re right, Susan!”

“I do! That was so good! And I liked the way you and Mommy tasted after you made me get wet!”

Mommy laughs and rubs her finger across my pussy and then puts it in my mouth. “It does taste good, doesn’t it?”

“Hmm, yes!”

“Would you like to taste Mommy’s pussy, now?”

“Can I?”

This time Daddy laughs. “I’ll bet Mommy would be disappointed if you didn’t eat her pussy now!”

Mommy kisses me gently. “Please, Baby. I really want your tongue, now!”

“I’m not sure I know how.”

“Just use your fingers to hold Mommy’s pussy open and lick with the tip of your tongue.”

I slide down between Mommy’s legs and do like Daddy told me. Mommy spreads her legs and lifts her butt to meet my mouth and it just seems so easy to make her feel really good and then she starts moaning and twisting and she pushes my head tighter against her pussy and I push my tongue deep into her pussy and it tastes really great.

“Oh, Candy, that is so good! Lick Mommy’s cunt! Yes! Oh, shit! Jim, she is so good! Enough, Candy! Stop! I don’t think there’s any cum left in my pussy!”

Daddy gently pulls me away from Mommy’s pussy and kisses me. “You like eating Mommy’s cunt, don’t you, Baby?”

“Yes! That was so good!”

“Do you want to touch Daddy’s thing, now?”

“Can I?”

“Mommy will show you how, won’t you, Susan?”

“Um, hum!”

Daddy and I change places so he’s in the middle and Mommy starts doing big people kisses on the end of Daddy’s thing. Then she puts her mouth over the end and slides it all the way into her mouth. She sucks on him a little as she pulls her mouth off of him. “Just be careful not to scratch Daddy with your teeth, Honey.”

I do just like Mommy did and push my mouth all the way down on Daddy’s thing. It’s really big and hard and I almost gag when his thing gets to the back of my throat.

“Suck on him, Honey, and move up and down. That’s right, Candy! Suck on Daddy’s cock! Up and down! Make Daddy cum!” It sounds like Mommy is almost as excited as I am! I never thought I’d get the chance to put Daddy’s thing in my mouth! And then Daddy gasps and I feel him starting to squirt his stuff in my mouth. I start to take my mouth off of him, but Mommy stops me. “Keep sucking, Baby! Swallow Daddy’s cum and keep sucking!”

Daddy finally pulls away from me. “Oh, Susan! Our little girl is all grown up now! She sucks my cock almost as good as you!”

“Are you ready to fuck her now, Jim?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Candy, It’s time now for you to learn the very best way that big people love each other. Daddy’s going to fuck you, now.”

I’m not sure what that means, but if it feels as good as when Mommy and Daddy licked my pussy, I’m ready now! Mommy starts rubbing my pussy with her fingertips and Daddy rolls over onto his knees between my legs. Mommy rubs his thing with the other hand for a moment and then she guides the tip of his thing into my pussy. Daddy starts moving back and forth just a little and I feel the end of his thing moving in and out of me and it feels awesome!

“Oh, Daddy! That feels so good!”

Bit by bit he moves faster and pushes it into my pussy further and further. And then I feel it start to hurt, just a little.

“That hurts, Daddy.”

“Now, Jim, now!” Mommy squeals!

Daddy pushes really hard and it hurts really bad for a few moments, but I can feel him squirting his stuff into me and I’m getting all wet and tingly and I don’t care if it hurts because it feels so good and I know that Mommy and Daddy really love me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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