Mommy Daycare Ch. 04

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Chapter Four: Olivia


Jaina awoke to a soft, sloppy licking sound several mornings after their first naked mommy walk. She was cuddled up to Kaden still, so it wasn’t him licking anything.

Sleeping had been getting to be a much cozier affair in the household, just generally. Jaina was getting to a point of never sleeping alone anymore. In fact, having all three family members going to bed together was practically the norm these days.

Knowing that it wasn’t Kaden making noises, and not feeling any tongue upon her, Jaina looked up and spotted Luna licking away at Kaden, just as Jaina had suspected. Luna was mostly tonguing his ass, though seemed to be sucking on his balls some too, though it was a trickier angle for her, and only possible at all because Kaden had a leg partly over Jaina.

Jaina just watched Luna’s sexy attempt at waking Kaden up for a few moments. She then squirmed free of Kaden, trying not to disturb him, and nudged Luna with her toe. Kaden’s legs had closed up anyway, with Jaina no longer propping them open. Jaina’s spread legs and pretty pussy were a very nice substitute for Luna, who moved over and started licking Jaina instead.

“Mmm, good morning, Mommy,” Jaina cooed softly

“Morning, baby.”

“You’re so horny for first thing in the morning.”

“You know that’s what you two do to me.”

Jaina giggled quietly. “Bad, naughty children, we are.”

“You say that like it’s a joke…”

Jaina just grinned and guided Luna back to her pussy for more morning attention.

Eventually, Kaden stirred in his sleep. He’d probably needed his rest to have lasted so long, considering Luna rimming him and sucking his balls hadn’t aroused him sooner, nor had Jaina’s soft caresses while she was eaten out.

Jaina tenderly kissed and nuzzled her brother awake until he started kissing her back. They made out gently in the soft morning light, then Kaden moaned in surprise and enjoyment as Luna switched back to him and began sucking his cock.

“Another day, dear brother,” Jaina whispered.

“I’m gonna have to demand a day off in my contract or something,” Kaden said. “I don’t think I’m getting enough sleep.”

Jaina pouted just for effect. “You don’t love us enough anymore?”

“You know I didn’t say that.”

“He’s only sleepy,” Luna said. She crooked a finger at Jaina. “Help me wake him up.”

Jaina grinned and joined her mother. They tag-teamed Kaden’s hard, precummy cock. First one sucking while the other tongued his balls, then the other. Sometimes they’d both go for his shaft, each sucking from one side, tongues flashing out and meeting each other while teasing their favourite boy.

As if by magic, Kaden’s morning grumbling fell away and soon he was just as eager and encouraging as ever. He moaned in appreciation and caressed Jaina and Luna’s hair while they worked his cock.

Luna decided it was time for morning kisses, and sensually crawled up Kaden’s body, dragging her boobies just along his skin. She settled half-atop him, full, soft, motherly form pressing naughtily into his leaner teenage body while they made out, showing all due familial love.

Jaina kept sucking her brother off while he and Luna were busy higher up. Once she started to feel him twitching more, getting to the early stages of impending orgasm, she broke off.

“I’m gonna save that,” she said.

“Aw, why?” Kaden asked.

“‘Cause I want a cummy breakfast.”

“You can have all you want if you-“

“Nope nope. Proper breakfast. But cummy. That way Mom and I can share. And don’t complain, you’re the one who started cumming on my food, introducing me to it.”

“You could share right now,” Kaden suggested.

“Harder to be fair that way.” Jaina pushed up onto her knees and started clapping rhythmically. “Cum-my break-fast! Cum-my break-fast!”

“You should make sure your sister gets a healthy breakfast,” Luna murmured. “Full of protein. She’s a busy girl.”

Kaden rolled his eyes. “You just want the same thing, don’t you?”

Luna grinned and kissed Kaden’s cheek, then stood and stretched, garnering appreciative stares from both children. “Come on, I’ll help with the cooking. I’m pretty hungry already too.”

Luna walked out, beautiful ass swaying in a way that her children couldn’t help following. Kaden couldn’t even muster any complaints as he walked hypnotized behind her.

“How does she do that?” Kaden whispered to Jaina. “I mean, it’s always hot watching her walk, but sometimes she’s downright irresistible.”

“I don’t know,” Jaina whispered back. “But when I’m older and my ass fills out like that, I wanna learn.”

“I love your ass too,” Kaden assured her.

“Oh I know. It’s nice and tight and perky. But it’s just not… that,” Jaina said spreading both hands in the direction of the perfect mommy-butt before them.

Jaina got to sit back and enjoy both Luna and Kaden’s sexy butts as the two of them donned aprons and started cooking. Of course, Jaina couldn’t really just sit back and do nothing. ankara escort She didn’t have it in her to resist. Especially with Luna. Kaden looked hot in his single item of clothing that didn’t cover his backside hardly at all, but once again with her bigger, lovelier ass, Luna was the one making it impossible to just hang back and let them work.

They tried very hard to ignore her sufficiently to get breakfast made. And, indeed, sometimes they were too far apart from each other for her to get to both of them simultaneously. But when they stood close together, Jaina was a sexy little terror.

Jaina sloppily licked Kaden and Luna’s bums until they were all spitty and lubed up. She then amused herself by trying to finger both of them at the same time. When one walked away for an ingredient or dish, Jaina gave the other all her attention, much more aggressively eating them out or trying to get more fingers inside.

Luna had wet thighs by the time breakfast was being plated, and Kaden was all twitchy and ready to blow. It was only with enormous self-control that Jaina managed not to make him cum too early.

Once Jaina and Luna’s plates were ready and set in front of Kaden, and his apron was off and out of the way, Jaina wrapped her hand around his cock while still wiggling a finger in his ass. He came within a very few strokes, blowing massive spurts of cum over his mother and sister’s food.

“Oh wow,” Jaina said aloud. “You’re squeezing my finger so tight. And you should feel how you’re pulsing inside. It’s crazy.”

Luna patted Jaina’s head. “Not unlike you,” she assured her.

Jaina grinned. “We are siblings, after all.” She kissed Kaden’s butt cheek before releasing him and standing up. “Even more the same inside than I would have guessed.” She kissed Luna too, only quick and soft, running a casual hand over her mother’s apron-covered breasts, then took her cummy plate and sat down with it.


Kaden finished eating well before Luna or Jaina. The two of them dawdled and savoured their cummy meal, whereas he ate more hungrily.

After his massive orgasm, dousing their food in hot, thick cum, he wasn’t quite as horny from watching them consume it afterward as he might have been. He couldn’t help watching by any means, but was able to somewhat enjoy it on a less sexual level, somehow.

Jaina and Luna were deliberately teasing about it too. More to each other, weirdly, than to him. They very slowly licked dripping cum from forkfuls of food, occasionally missing some and messing their own tits. In the spirit of family cooperation, the other would usually just lick their boobies clean for them.

Between that whole show and the earlier tease of Luna being all sexy and motherly in her apron, Kaden needed a break before the day’s work started up.

It just wasn’t fair the way his mom looked in an apron, really. It framed her ass so nicely in the back, and revealed the perfect amount of cleavage in the front. Not to mention the constant knowledge that she had nothing on underneath.

Then her and Jaina sucking on his cum like it was ice cream, and licking each other to clean up.

The problem being that Kaden hadn’t entirely been joking about having a day off. He loved everything about the summer, about this bizarre mommy daycare they had going, and he absolutely didn’t want to give it up. But pacing was required, at the very least. He couldn’t simply bend his mom and sister over and pound them every time they made him horny. He’d have no energy to get through the day with.

It had been more of a problem of late, now that Luna had basically given in to her desires just as her children already had. With her and Jaina after him and each other on a far more constant basis, there wasn’t as much breathing room.

All of which led to Kaden thinking he might sneak out and grab the mail while his family finished up at the table. It wasn’t a bad idea by any means, some nice fresh air and a chance to clear his head a little. It was only the execution that suffered slightly from his distraction and the still repeating images of Jaina with her face buried in Luna’s cleavage trying to catch a last stray drip of cum.

Kaden had forgotten about clothes. It was more and more a problem as nudity became the default. Usually on a grocery run or anything, he or Jaina would remember. On a quick trip down to the end of the driveway, not necessarily.

It wasn’t the first time he’d accidentally done it. And he wasn’t truly all that shy about some of the neighbours or passers by getting a peek. He was sure the family must collectively be getting a bit of a rep by now, always being naked and all. Plus Luna’s naked and leashed walkies.

What was different and actually slightly embarrassing this morning was running into Olivia.

Kaden already had the mail in his hands when he turned and found Olivia standing there, clearly on the way to her mailbox as well. The two of them stood there a moment, flushing pink, each trying to maintain eye contact and failing miserably, for slightly different escort ankara reasons.

“Oh,” Kaden said, glancing down at himself. “Uh, sorry. I… forgot. Clothes. Forgot them.”

“I see that,” Olivia murmured, eyes flicking back and forth from slightly above and to the side of Kaden’s head, to down his lean, toned, tanned body, and his cock that was embarrassingly twitching to life.

Olivia lived next door. Had done for about ten years, so she and Kaden knew each other fairly well. She’d kept an eye on him and Jaina a few times when sometimes when they’d been younger. Sometimes as a babysitter, and as they got older just making sure they didn’t do anything too stupid while left unattended.

Now he was accidentally naked in front of her. It was fairly embarrassing, though not even close to how bad it would have been a month or two ago, back before he was used to this sort of thing.

As if to underscore the situation, a car drove past and honked. Kaden didn’t even look at it, or who was driving. He was focused solely on Olivia.

“This isn’t, like, a weird thing,” Kaden explained awkwardly.


“I mean, it is. But I really just forgot to put on clothes. We’ve, uh, been doing kind of a nudist thing this summer. It’s… shit, does it sound weird even when I say it like that?”

Olivia finally tore her eyes from Kaden and coughed softly into her fist, clearing her throat and trying to pretend like she hadn’t been checking him out. She definitely had been, Kaden just wasn’t sure how much was shock, and how much was desire.

Not to be too full of himself, but moms really seemed to have a thing for him. And vice versa, of course. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement.

But he still had to know what Olivia was thinking. He didn’t want her going away believing that he’d turned into an exhibitionist little perv now that he’d grown up some. Even if that was exactly what he’d become.

“Nudity’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Olivia said hesitantly, eyes drifting back down Kaden’s body.

“Yeah. Yeah exactly. Doesn’t have to be weird or anything. I mean, it was weird for me when Mom started doing it. But, uh, I’ve gotten used to it. It’s kinda nice.”

“I haven’t talked to Luna much since the divorce,” Olivia said. “I really should come by more often. I’m not all that busy right now. Flora and Luke are away at camp, and you know Neil’s always off on business.”

Kaden nodded. “I remember. I used to think that must be hard on you.”

Olivia shrugged. “It can be, sometimes. I knew what I was getting into when I married him, but… I do get lonely and bored. Like anyone would.”

Kaden wasn’t sure why, but something about the way Olivia spoke made his cock twitch. She’d added the last bit hastily, as though she realized there’d been something odd in her tone as well. Something very nearly suggestive.

Kaden was getting hard anyway, but at an even faster rate now. The way she was clearly watching the process didn’t help.

It was fine, though. If there was one thing he’d become a sudden expert on, it was having women stare at his naked body, aroused or otherwise.

“You’d, uh, be welcome to come over anytime,” Kaden said, surprising himself with the offer as much as her.

Olivia’s eyes went wider than he would have expected from the suggestion. Though to be fair, he was very nearly asking her to get naked. In a roundabout sort of way, at least.

“I don’t know that I could do that,” she said.

“Well, as I say, I know it’s a bit odd, but-“

Another car honked as it went by, and it sounded like a girl yelling something indistinct out the window. Whatever it was, she didn’t sound upset by the view. Kaden flushed, but still didn’t turn around to look.

“We shouldn’t keep standing here, maybe,” Olivia said.

“Yeah, maybe not.”

“Do you… I mean, just for a minute… want to come up?”

Kaden looked up at the front of Olivia’s house. He swallowed and tried to stay casual. She probably wasn’t really suggesting anything untoward, but he couldn’t pretend like he’d never thought about certain fantasies involving her.

The milf next door. His old babysitter. These thoughts just happened.

“Yeah sure,” he said.

Olivia nodded, then slowly turned and started padding back up her paved driveway in bare feet. Kaden followed, totally naked, wondering as he watched Olivia in front of him whether she had anything at all on under that robe of hers. It was easy to imagine that was all she had on, and just the thought made his cock throb and drool precum.

He was addicted to naked mommies. There was no way around it. He just was.

It didn’t help that the longer Kaden watched Olivia walk, the better sense he got of the shape of her ass under her robe. It didn’t cling to her, exactly, but as her hips swayed back and forth, it certainly had little moments of being pulled tight across her rear.

Bizarrely, Kaden felt shyer once inside. Outside he was used to, even if he was accidentally showing off for half the neighbourhood ankara escort bayan in the process. Being naked in Olivia’s home was something else. It was more intimate.

Olivia appeared to feel the same thing. Once she finally stopped moving and turned around, leaning against a counter in her kitchen, she almost immediately folded her arms and started gnawing at her bottom lip. Her eyes drifted to Kaden’s cock again, widened at the obvious precum trailing from the tip, then snapped away.

Kaden awkwardly wiped his dick off a bit, though he knew it would only get worse again.

“Well it’s, uh, more private in here,” Kaden said.

“Yes,” Olivia said quietly. “I’m not sure that was a good idea anymore.”

“Why not?” Kaden asked, while knowing exactly why not.

Olivia dropped her hands and fidgeted with her robe. The top of it had fallen open some, revealing beautiful cleavage. She didn’t seem to have noticed yet, and her toying with the robe down below was only causing it to slip ever so slightly more open.

“Why don’t you come over,” Kaden suggested again. “Come hang out with us for a day. You might like it.”

Olivia looked at him. “That could be a problem all on its own.”


“Kay… jeez, do you even remember when we first met? How young you were?”


“You’ve grown up so much. It’s difficult for me.”

“It doesn’t have to be. You’ve seen me naked now, that’s about as-“

“Kay, I can’t believe I have to explain this, but you know how this house has a second story?”

Kaden frowned. “Well… yeah. Of course I know that.”

“And you know how from some of the windows upstairs I can see straight into your backyard?”

Kaden’s eyes widened frantically and his mouth dropped open. “Oh shit.”

“So, uh, I kinda know what else goes on over there.”

“Oh. Oh no.”


Kaden swallowed, mind racing. He stopped and took a deep breath once he realized that if Olivia had been watching, and knew basically everything already, she couldn’t actually be too upset by it. She wouldn’t have invited him in if she had been.

“Shit, ok, well… so maybe it’s a bit fucked up,” Kaden said, awkwardly avoiding eye contact. “Maybe you think it’s gross and everything, but-“

“I don’t think that.”

“Oh. Good.” Kaden scratched his head. “So, uh, what do you think?”

“Haven’t quite been able to figure that out, honestly.”


“But I can’t go over there.”

“Why not?”

“Because, again, I know what you’ve been up to.”


“What do you mean ‘so’?”

“Exactly what it sounds like. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want. And if you do… you wouldn’t be the only one.”

Olivia stared hard at Kaden, apparently trying to see into his soul. “Are you trying to get me to do… things?”

“If I possibly can, yes.”

Olivia’s eyes widened at Kaden’s brazen candor, then narrowed again. “Seriously? Just like that?”

“Well… I mean, you already know what’s going on at our place. With Mom, even. And Mary and Alanna too. But, you know, really, whatever else you might say about our, uh, daycare operation, it makes lots of other stuff not so scary.”

“After you’ve…” Olivia paused, then continued with very deliberate emphasis, “fucked your mo-ther?”

Kaden’s cock twitched, reminding him of just how naked and hard he was. The movement drew Olivia’s gaze down to his erection were it lingered a moment before she flushed and looked away again.

“You saw everything, huh?” Kaden said, just confirm.

“More than you wanted, I’m sure.”

Kaden grinned faintly. “I’m sure you can see why trying to get you to join us doesn’t seem like such a terrifying or fantastical proposition, anyway. Not anymore.”

“I can pretty much understand how you’d dare to do so, yes. But I don’t think you really need me, do you?”

“Not need exactly, no. But… definitely want. Definitely.”

“Definitely?” Olivia asked, raising her eyebrow.

“Hell yeah! Do you even know how long I’ve had a thing for you?”

“Oh you have not!”

“Not a huge one. Just… you know. You used to babysit us. And… you were the hot babysitter next door. That does things to an impressionable boy.”

Olivia blushed a deeper pink. “Shush. You’re just horny.”

“I am,” Kaden admitted easily. “But I’m not making anything up.”

“I’m older than you. You can’t want me.”

“Are you seriously telling me that after you’ve watched me get all horny over the moms we’re looking after? The things I’m sure you’ve seen us all get up to?”

“Worth a try.”

“No it wasn’t. You’re being silly. I know you want to come over. Just come over.” Kaden grinned just a tad smugly. “You’d get to stare at me as much as you like. I won’t be wearing anything all day.”

Olivia groaned. “Don’t tempt me.”

“Oh I tempt you.”

“I’d… I’d have to be naked too though, right?”

Kaden nodded. “It’s the rules.”

“I don’t think I can do that.”

“Is that all that’s stopping you?”

Rather boldly, but feeling he’d judged things well, Kaden stepped slowly closer to Olivia. Her nostrils flared with a sharp intake of breath as she watched him approach, eyes flicking up and down his naked length.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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