Mommy’s Little HuCow Pt. 04

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The little cows are in the Milking Center, happily hooked up to the pulsators, wiggling their little cow bottoms in the air and slamming out one orgasm after another. They don’t count ’em. What would be the point? With nubile, hairless young bodies that are shot full of space-age hormone treatments, on hands and knees at the whim of relentless teat-stretching unstoppable milk-suckers, there will always be more slutty orgasms. Whee.

Marilee has her eyes squeezed shut in the intensity of another good one, when someone touches her shoulder. She looks up with slitted eyes on the smiling face of Arlene, the business office lady who helped her.

“Hi,” Arlene says, kneeling down next to the little cow. She places a warm hand on Marilee’s back.

“Oooooo,” Marilee says with a funny kind of smile. Under the firm control of the milking pulsators, she is too aroused for much of a conversation.

“Sweetie, I don’t want to interrupt you in the middle of your… business.” She laughs, a musical sound to hear. “When you get done, come to my office. I want to show you something. We’ll go together.”

Marilee smiles sleepily and says okay. Arlene cannot help herself. She brings her face right to Marilee’s. The little cow has her eyes half-closed, she wears a serene expression. Arlene’s mouth is very near Marilee’s parted, panting lips.

“I remember when we were in that closet. When I tasted you.”

“Mmmm-hmmm,” Marilee says. Her naked fanny is twerking like there was a dildo up her hot woman-hole, but of course there is not. She is a total virgin in that way, even if not in all of the other ways.

“I also kissed you,” Arlene says. “Like this.” And with that the full-breasted women in her sharp business suit brings her lips softly to Marilee’s. Lips part so tongues can dance. Arlene in that moment recalls her taste of sweet Marilee’s first breast milk. She was the first ever to taste this little cow. In that kiss, Arlene recalls the days when she was a little cow too, shaking her naked bootie on the milking table. And in that kiss, Arlene’s panties get very wet.

“Don’t forget to come get me when you are finished.” With a special smile, she turns away.

Marilee has her eyes closed, so she doesn’t notice that Arlene goes to kneel beside Alexa, does not hear them quietly talking as Alexa moans happily in the grip of the forceful pulsators and feelings in her hips she cannot control. Marilee does not see that Alexa and Arlene share a slow, lingering kiss, or that Arlene’s fingers softly tickle the little cow’s happy wiggling starfish.

As each little cow is released from her pulsators, she gets down from the milking table and crawls to the shower, where she is scrubbed and rinsed by two nurses in spandex swim suits who kneel beside the wet little cows and examine them for any bruises or chafing on any of their luscious body parts. They look in the little cows’ mouths, make them say Ahhh, and spread their ass cheeks for a look at their hind end. Then the little cows are allowed to go out for playtime in the warm sun.

Marilee does not go outside. She crawls down a long corridor all by herself and pushes through the tall double door that goes to the business office. She remembers that Arlene wanted to talk to her. She hopes there will be more kissing and sucking. She loves Arlene.

Of course the nicely-dressed people in the business office all notice the naked little cow crawl past their desks. Eyes follow the bare little cow rump as it waggles along the floor, and search the curvy diamond for the concealed treasures there. But Marilee gets the surprise of her life when she sees another little cow already kneeling at Arlene’s feet.

“Oh, great,” Arlene says with a smile. “Marilee is here. We can go now.”

Marilee gives Alexa a funny look. Alexa only smiles. Arlene buckles a black collar and leash around each little cow’s neck and pulls them toward the front of the office. She opens the door to the reception area. People are in here! Reluctantly tugged along by their leashes, the little cows crawl meekly through the reception office.

OMG! The office with the smartly-dressed receptionist at her desk is busy with delivery men, burly truck drivers with packages, job applicants seated on fancy couches, all wearing clothes. The talk falls to a hush as Arlene leads the two leashed naked summer interns to crawl through the lobby and out the front door. It is no secret to anyone that the little cows are excited.

Outside there is brilliant sunshine. The people looking out the windows can clearly see the lovely naked bodies, the large suspended breasts, and the treasures peeking between smooth buttocks as the little cows crawl away fast.

Arlene guides the little cows onto a small open-air work truck. The sides are bars like a cage, but the rear is open. She fastens their leashes, climbs in the driver’s seat, and they drive between barns. Men are there working on machinery and pitching hay. A couple of dogs bark at the antalya escort truck and run alongside. Everyone stops for a look at the cute little cow rumps passing by.

Kneeling side by side, Marilee looks at Alexa. She leans over for a kiss and her friend’s soft mouth opens for her. They kiss all the way to where they are going.

“Where is she taking us?” Marilee asks.

“I don’t know,” Alexa says. “Someplace special she said.”

Arlene stops the truck before a big barn. They are far away from all the other buildings. Arlene tugs their leashes so they get down from the little truck. The sunshine feels wonderful on their bare skin, the summer air fresh and full of life.

Arlene leads them by their black leashes to the barn and through the big door. Inside it is kind of dark. As they crawl over the barn’s loose soil they can’t really see much, the smells are dry and musty.

But someone is there. Someone kneeling in the middle of a big fluffy white blanket. Arlene stops them, and tells them to Present. They know that Present means to kneel with thighs apart, backs erect with hands on legs. When they are ready, Arlene unhooks their leashes from the black collars.

When their eyes become accustomed to the gloom, they make out the shape of a person in front of them. A woman! She is also kneeling, and naked, but she is not in the Present pose, she is just waiting. The little cows see that this woman is very pregnant. Her belly is halfway down her thighs as she kneels there quietly, and her breasts flow out over her big tummy.

Marilee looks around and doesn’t see Arlene. The barn is big, it looks like a place for real cows but does not smell like a cow barn. It smells clean and kind of nice.

“Welcome, Alexa and Marilee. I am Aphrodite.”

The tones of Aphrodite’s voice are so serene that the two little cows cannot speak. She is beautiful, a lovely woman in late pregnancy, just prior to giving birth. Her large breasts are not leaking. The woman regards the two little cows with dark intelligent eyes.

Footsteps behind them. Marilee and Alexa do not turn because they are in the Present pose. But soon they see it’s Arlene with Lenore, who was at Marilee’s bedside when she woke up from getting sick from the loopy grass and scared by the cowboys. Smiling at the two little cows, Lenore and Arlene kneel beside Aphrodite, one on each side of the pregnant goddess. The two little cows can’t stop staring at Aphrodite, they both want to be like her.

Aphrodite speaks. “This is a very sacred moment. It is particularly special for me because at last I meet the two young women who will help the Farm go forward into the future.”

Automatically, Alexa and Marilee reach out their hands and grip hard. What is this about the future? Are they flunking out? But no, it is not about flunking out. It’s the opposite. Aphrodite continues.

“When the Farm was first established, it was a business based on the work of a famous chemist. He had discovered certain genetic markers that create helpful traits in babies. Traits such as physical strength, longevity, intelligence, inventiveness, and compassion for others.

“These wonderful ladies beside me are descendants of the very first of our line. Lenore is third generation, Arlene is fourth. I am fifth. Arlene is my dear mother. Ferdinand is one of my sweet brothers. You two young women have been chosen to help us create the seventh generation.”

Marilee can’t help herself. “What happened to the sixth generation?”

“They are away at college,” Aphrodite says.

Lenore walks over with a cloth bag, removes the contents and places them on the white blanket where Aphrodite sits like a fecund goddess.

The little cows look down in horror. On the white blanket, laid out for their viewing pleasure, is a selection of black butt plugs, tapered at one end, expanding to a menacing thickness, a narrow-waisted hardness with a round ball at the end. Marilee has never seen such a thing in real life, only on the Internet. She blushes with shame. She also saw one in Ferdinand’s back door the day of his punishment. The butt plugs are of varying sizes. Marilee and Alexa look at each other in horror.

“This is part of your submissiveness training,” Lenore continues, gesturing at the evil-looking black objects, “and part of what you must be able to do to please a male. Now girls, please kneel forward and put your heads on the blanket. That’s good. Now arms out straight from your shoulders. Good. Now spread your knees just as wide as you can. Wider, Marilee!”

Arlene is standing behind them now. She holds a black leather flail.

“While we are selecting the size you will each wear for the first step in your training, I am going to get you warmed up.”

The flail strikes gently on Marilee’s split crotch. Marilee shivers. The individual falls kiss through her open crevice, wrap softly beneath her belly and lightly sting her exposed girl parts. Stunned, Marilee whines with the anticipation of what is alanya escort to come.

Arlene applies the flail to Alexa’s raised bottom. Arlene moved from one lovely girl to the other; the soft blows continue to fall. They are never hard, but sting a bit in certain places.

“The first thing you must learn is trust. You must know that your Owner, or your Owner’s acquaintance, is not going to hurt you. There may be pain, but it will always be tolerable. You can always ask to be spanked, if you want some moments of intimacy with your Owner. Your Owner can be a bull, or a husband someday, another woman or a lover.”

Lenore has selected two butt plugs and placed them on the ground by each girl’s face so they can contemplate them. Both girls are terrified to see how the black objects fill Lenore’s small hands. Arlene stops flogging Marilee, and works exclusively on Alexa’s ass, which is rotating with animal motions as the heat rises in her feminine loins. She’s learned that pain can turn her on. Juices flow freely down the little cow’s inner thighs.

Marilee, conscious that the flogger has left her, freezes in horror to see Lenore pick up her butt plug and move out of sight behind her. A soft hand rests on her hip.

Unseen by the subjugated little cows, Lenore dips the blunt object into a bowl of warm oil, coating it completely. She rests the rounded end against Marilee’s starfish. Marilee trembles, but holds position.

“Remember your docility training. Recall we taught you to open yourself, by pressing your muscles down?” Marilee’s cheeks flame at the rude suggestion.

“Taking a dump is the technical term,” Arlene says with a laugh.

“There are other words,” Aphrodite puts in. Her hips make a subtle orbit between her spread knees, and her baby bump jiggles. “You can say shit, crap or poop. You can say cow pie.”

Behind Marilee, the slippery butt plug presses hard on her back door. Warm oil trailing between her swollen pussy lips gives her a little thrill. She concentrates on pushing her muscles down. The pressure increases and her anus stretches open a little bit. Lenore swivels the plug around to dig it in. Slowly the blunt thing opens a way inside Marilee’s rectum. Marilee has her eyes shut tight, concentrating on the thing trying to pry her open back there. A sheen of sweat comes to her face.

“The reason for the butt plug is to tell your Owner that you are always ready for them, in any way he or she desires. Another way to show this is to always be naked when you are with them, and to crawl on your hands and knees whenever you’re in private together. This is part of telling a bull how important he is to you, that you are there to please him utterly at all times and in any way he desires.”

The plug goes in a little more, Lenore rotates it energetically, opening the reluctant channel. Marilee grunts.

“It’s important that you make no sound, little cow,” Lenore says sternly from behind her.

Beside her, Alexa’s eyes are on Marilee’s face, watching her girl accept the plug, hoping she can do as well when it’s her turn. Meanwhile, Arlene’s flails continue to land in her split womanhood. Although still very soft, the constant strokes are warming her all over, pushing her to slutty rotations. Arlene stops whipping, kneels down and flicks her tongue in the little cow’s starfish. Alexa moans and arches her back gratefully.

Marilee opens her eyes and sees Arlene’s mouth pressed to Alexa’s crease. This is the worst betrayal of her life! Everything inside her says NO! Arlene loves me! Not Alexa! Tears come to her eyes and she drowns in a world of uncaring pain as the blunt rubber stretches her anus apart. Not fair! Alexa is getting her whoop-de-doo tenderly licked by her dear Arlene, while hers is being yanked apart by someone she hardly knows! With the heat of pain, the plug stretches her nether ring and Marilee does the most surprising thing. She moos.

Lenore pats her hip. “You are doing great, dear one. Only a little more to come.”

Marilee doesn’t feel so great. She feels more betrayed and humiliated than ever in her life. Her face is buried in the blanket and her ass is in the air, embarrassing her with its wanton hunger. She can’t understand why Alexa is even here, and why Alexa is getting such great attention. Then her eyes go to the menacing plug lying by Alexa’s sweet face. Marilee gets a moment of satisfaction, knowing that menacing black plug is what her friend must soon endure. Then she is sad she had that thought. So wrong.

With a heave of her willing hips, the plug slides in. Marilee gives a helpless bleat as her stretched anal ring slurps down the small neck and sucks down the plug’s narrow waist. She feels the thing hard up there. She realizes with hot chagrin that the black ball will be visible wherever she walks, wherever she crawls, whenever she is strapped to the milking rig. It is a signal for anyone on the Farm to know that she is Owned. She blushes. She has gone down a road from which there belek escort is no return.

Then, the most humiliating betrayal of all. Her swollen pussy starts to drip.

Lenore hugs her, strokes her breasts, lifts her up. On hands and knees before her, Lenore brings her mouth into a sweet kiss. It is a delicious kiss, knowing, loving, understanding. It makes Marilee’s head swim.

“Good, little Marilee. Now, Present.”

Obediently, Marilee kneels up in the Present pose, legs well apart, hands on thighs. She cannot escape the blunt torment beneath her. God how it fills her up the middle! In her Present pose she has full view of Alexa’s charming form as the lovely girl kneels with her head down. Her bottom is red from the gentle flogging Arlene gave her, and now Arlene is dipping Alexa’s black butt plug in the warm oil.

Arlene with an oily finger gives Alexa a quick docility test, sliding a finger smoothly in until her fist presses the girl’s soft pubis. No move from Alexa whatsoever.

“Alright, little Alexa,” Arlene says softly. “This can be easy or hard. I’m going to hold the plug right at your back door. You decide how fast or slow it goes in.”

“Back door,” Lenore cracks. “Is that correct medical terminology?”

Aphrodite and Arlene laugh. “You can say poop chute,” Arlene says, holding the oiled butt plug firmly against Alexa’s stretched crease. “Or bunghole or brown eye.”

“I always cracked up at chocolate starfish.”

“There’s always Hershey Highway, or turd pincher,” Arlene says with a chuckle.

Aphrodite and Lenore groan.

“No doubt about it,” Lenore chuckles, “women are definitely lower than men.”

Alexa meanwhile is wagging her rump in small circles, getting a feel for the blunt thing that wants to get all intimate with her nearly-virgin rectal passage.

Aphrodite speaks up. “Remember, you two little cows, about your first experiences with docility training? Your goal was to show no reaction when someone sticks a finger up your hind end, even someone you don’t know. This might happen when you suddenly have a new Owner who wants to test you, and you must be ready. Now you must also know that a new Owner or even an acquaintance might decide to give you the gift of a bigger butt plug without the slightest notice.”

“Or lubrication,” Lenore says ruefully.

“Yes. Docility training is a big step in becoming sweet and submissive. It is to take away all a woman’s personal privacy. When a little cow loses the privacy of her own body, then she will be known as completely submissive and everyone will love her. Being submissive prepares you for your most important role. Do you know what that is?”

Neither Marilee nor Alexa can answer.

“Motherhood on the Farm,” Aphrodite whispers. “That is your destiny.”

This waiting is too much for Alexa, who at that moment gives a warlike cry and jams her rear end onto the rude black plug. It takes Arlene by surprise, so it doesn’t go all the way in. Alexa is frozen to the spot, hissing through her teeth with her anus stretched to maximum. Arlene reacts by shoving in hard. The plug savagely dominates Alexa’s ass, penetrating far enough to let the girl’s stretched anal ring slither down the narrow waist where it convulsively gulps at the unfeeling object.

Alexa screeches and cannot prevent the tears that follow. Arlene quickly lifts the girl up, embracing her with soft cooing sounds and kissing her as convulsive sobs settle into calm.

Watching Arlene’s deep tonguing of Alexa’s mouth brings for Marilee a stab of jealousy, followed by a sudden understanding of what love is. When Arlene kisses her, the kiss is just as warm, loving, and meant for her as Arlene’s kisses have always been. She knows Arlene wants to lie with her, kiss her, fondle her breasts and suck sweet pussies with her until they both scream. Marilee knows she wants the same with Arlene. She knows that her dear friend Alexa fully deserves that loving with anyone, including Arlene, whenever both of them desire each other. She knows she loves them both the same, and they both love her.

When the two little cows are calm again and both kneeling at Present, Lenore and Arlene kneel beside Aphrodite in the same pose. The five are quiet for a time.

“Good job, ladies,” Arlene says. “You both approached it in your own way, and both of you were successful. Very good. You need to be prepared, for this will happen to you again, perhaps many times. It might be in public, or in private. It could be at the supermarket, if your Owner swings that way. It will never be because someone wants to hurt you. It will always come because someone cares about you very much, and wants your submissiveness to be complete.”

Aphrodite’s calm voice returns them to the here and now. “Marilee, please put your body in the Present pose. Alexa, please kneel behind Marilee.” After the girls have shifted, Aphrodite’s voice comes again. “Alexa, what do you see?”

“I see my sweet love, Marilee, sitting perfectly at Present. Her body is so sublime I wish to hold her in my arms and fondle her everywhere with my mouth. She also has this black golf ball where her anus used to be. I liked the anus better, so ripe for licking. But the black ball tells me she is Owned by someone, and happily so.”

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