Mom’s Surprise Birthday Party Ch. 02

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Public Sex

“Matthew, I know you’ve been avoiding me since my birthday. I really wish you would call me back. We really need to talk about what happened that night. Please, give me a call as soon as you get this message.

Love, Mom”

It was true, I had been avoiding my mother for a couple of months now; she sent text after text and left countless voicemails but I couldn’t bring myself to face her. I was too embarrassed; I was too afraid.. Too afraid that if I did face her, what would happen. Although it was awkward that I ended up having sex with my mom in front of a group of her friends, deep down I enjoyed it; I enjoyed it so much that I wanted it more than anything else in the world. So I did what any rational person would and tried to bury those thoughts deep down.

To no avail.

It had been three months and I just could not get the thought of mom’s tight cunt wrapped around my cock; softly milking every drop of cum from my balls deep inside of her. What if it happened again? What if she told my father or her friends? What if she was ashamed? What if she claims I took advantage of her while she was drunk? I had so many questions with too many possible scenarios played out in my head.

I needed answers.

I decided to head up to Mom’s house in Palmdale so we could finally speak face to face and settle this. The sun was setting as I hit the freeway, Mom lived a good distance away from LA and I didn’t want to get caught in traffic. It was around 8 PM when I arrived; I slowly approached Mom’s house and parked my car across the street. Her car was in the drive way and my dad’s car was nowhere to be seen, all the lights in the house were off; I was afraid she wouldn’t be home.

I knocked on the front door; no answer. I waited around for a few seconds before trying again and still no answer. I twisted the knob on the door and to my surprise it was unlocked; I pushed the door open and yelled “Mom?”

No answer.

I walked through the living room and into the kitchen, it was dark but I knew my way around; I flipped the switch and saw a large note sitting on the kitchen table.

“Honey, I figured we could start celebrating our Anniversary a few days early.. I’m upstairs in bed face down; my ass is ready for you, just how you like it. My ankles and one of my wrists is tied down and restrained already. Finish tying me down and you may have your way with my body.

– Ari”

I could feel the blood rushing to my face; I began to get hot and my hands began to tremble with adrenaline. My cock started to twitch and grow beneath my shorts. When was my father going to be home? Should I leave or should I investigate? I drove all this way; of course I had to investigate.

I moved slowly through the house and quietly up the stairs; Mom’s door was open. It was dark but dimly lit by candle light; I approached the door way. I could see the dark silhouetted outline of Mom’s body; as promised, there she was face down, ass up. Like a deer in headlights, I was frozen; afraid to make any sudden movements, I had no idea what to do next.

“…Mom?” I spoke out quietly, so I wouldn’t startle her.

She didn’t respond or even move a muscle. I slowly moved closer to investigate the situation further; my eyes made their way up from the foot of her bed, to her feet, and up her legs until they were glued upon her fat avcılar grup yapan escort ass, just lying there waiting to be used.

She had on black lace stockings that were tightly wrapping around her thick thighs along with a black garter belt and matching black lace panties; the stockings were so tight that her hips were spilling over the top of them, accentuating the thickness of her lower body. I placed my hand on the back of her calf and softly caressed it running my hand all the way up to the back of her knee, up her thigh, until I was at the base of her ass; I cupped the bottom of her ass in my hand and rubbed it moving closer to the inner part of her thigh. I could feel the warmth from her sweet pussy already. My cock was rock solid.

Mom laughed, “Finally.. you’re home.”

She didn’t raise up or attempt to turn her head and look in my direction; I released her ass and continued up her body. Her eyes were closed tightly and she had headphones in her ears; I leaned in closely to try and hear what she was listening to. It wasn’t anything specific, just a loud vibration sound; almost as if you were in an airplane. I believe it’s used commonly for sensory deprivation in the bedroom.

Mom raised the hand that was free and twisted her wrist around in a circular motion as if she was trying to get my attention. I still wasn’t sure what to do; I had the perfect opportunity right in front of me to have Mom once again.

“C’mon.. Finish tying me down.” She said.

If you say so, Mom. I grabbed her wrist tightly and forced it down flat to the bed; I held her arm down and reached around to the bed post when I found the final wrist restraint. Without hesitation I locked her wrist into place and took a step back, admiring her body and the situation I was currently in the middle of. I could feel myself beginning lose control and once again, my instincts took over.

I stripped down completely naked and climbed onto the bed; mom was spread eagle, face down and restrained. I sat between her legs and massaged her thighs with both hands, running them up and down over and over until I made my way to her ass once more. I grabbed both ass cheeks with my hands and massaged them, as if I was kneading dough. Finally I spread her cheeks wide open and it was at this moment I realized, Mom was wearing crotch-less panties.

Her pussy was already dripping wet and leaking out onto the bed; I caught a whiff of her magnificent scent and it drove my cock crazy. Without thinking I grabbed my cock tightly and stroked it, just once; I huge load of pre-cum shot out the tip and dripped right down Mom’s exposed slit. Mom must have felt the pre-cum sliding down her slit because she started to wiggle her hips back and forth, shaking her huge ass right in my face.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I spread her cheeks as wide as possible and lunged forward allowing my entire face to be buried between them. Mom gasped and tensed up for a second; I rubbed my face up and down, around in circles in her ass and pussy just to experience and smell her pheromones. I pulled back a bit and just took in the sight of her dripping wet pussy and tight little asshole as it winked back at me in anticipation.

I shoved my tongue as deeply as I could into her cunt and licked furiously up and down her slit avcılar masöz escort all the way up to her asshole and back down; trying to swallow as much of her sweet nectar as I could. After tongue fucking her holes for quite some time I could feel her body was tense and trembling, she was ready to cum. I stopped completely.

Mom started to moan and even began whispering, begging for me to make her cum; well, I suppose she was begging my father. Regardless, I grabbed my cock and placed it at the bottom of her slit and pressed it firmly against her clit; I rubbed it up and down teasing her pussy. I gently placed the head of my cock inside Mom’s warm cunt and fucked in and out, with only the head. I pushed deeper until my cock was halfway inside of Mom and stopped; I felt her pussy squeeze around my cock, just as I had imagined it for the last few months. I rested inside her; stretching her pussy out just enough for my cock.

Suddenly I remembered the note she left on the table. Mom had prepared her ass for dad; why was I fucking her pussy? I pulled my cock out and buried my tongue deep inside Mom’s ass again before spitting as much as I could into it. I stroked the tip of my cock at the base of her asshole allowing more pre-cum to drip out for more lube. After a few seconds of teasing her beautiful asshole, it was time; carefully I put the tip of my cock inside her.

Mom’s ass was tight but I could tell this wasn’t her first rodeo; I spread her ass wider and wider as she breathed deeply. With each deep breath I could feel my cock move deeper inside of her hole; inch by inch until my cock was buried all the way inside her asshole. My balls rested upon her wet cunt; her ass clenched and tightened around my cock as I slowly pulled back before pumping forward again.

Mom couldn’t contain her moans anymore and moans turned to screams; with each scream I pumped faster. I placed both of my hands in the center of her back and help myself up; pushing her face further into the mattress. I pounded away at Mom’s ass until she started to scream, “I’m going to cum!”

I fucked her hole as hard as I could until I felt her ass clench tightly and her body began to spasm; her ass was so tight that I was fighting as hard I could possibly could to not cum. Her trembling began to slow and with it, my strokes began to slow; I reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her face from the mattress. Without thinking, I leaned forward and pulled the headphone from her ear; I bit down on her earlobe and allowed her to feel the warmth of my breath on her neck.

“Oh.. My God.” Mom said, “Your cock is so fucking thick baby.”

In the heat of the moment, the words fell right out of my mouth.

“How does it feel to have your son’s cock in your ass, Mom?”

Mom’s ass clenched tightly around my cock and her whole body tensed up again; she pushed herself up from the mattress as much as she could while being restrained and her head turned in my direction quickly.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” She screamed.

I jumped back, just as startled as she was. I was so caught up in the moment that I had forgotten Mom didn’t know it was me.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I panicked. I removed my cock from her ass and jumped off the bed. “Shit! I’m sorry!!!” I started to apologize.

“Matthew, what avcılar otele gelen escort the fuck are you doing here?!!!” Mom asked.

“I.. I got your voicemail and thought we could talk about–” She interrupted me.

“TALK? TALK? You wanted to talk so you just walk in and fuck your mother’s ass?” Mom was irate.

“Oh God.” I was stumbling over my words, “I’m sorry Mom, it’s just that ever since your birthday all I could think about was.. Well. You know and then I come over today and find you like this.. I couldn’t control myself. I don’t know what happened!”

“Look! Now is not the time, your father will be home any minute!” Mom yelled at me.

Sure enough, as soon as she said that we both heard a car door slam outside quickly followed by the sound of it locking.

“Shit! That’s your dad. You’ve got to hide.” Mom said, “Grab your things and get under the bed.”

I gathered my clothes and started to slide under the bed.

“Wait! You have to untie my wrist.”

Luckily Mom thought of that, otherwise we were sure to be caught. I slid under the bed and waited for my father to make his way up to the bedroom to find his anniversary gift. My heart was pounding so hard, I thought it was going to explode.

“Well, well. What have we here?” I heard dad say, as he entered the room. He slowly made his way over to the bed just as I had only minutes before.

“Oh, hey Honey. Do you like your present?” Mom asked.

“Hmm..” Dad answered.


“I fucking love it.” Dad said, while giving Mom’s ass a hard slap. I was uncomfortable but more jealous than anything.

I felt the bed start to compress a little further on top of me and I could feel the anger building within myself; I don’t think I can sit here while my Father fucks MY Mom. I could hear Dad moaning to himself; I assume he was playing with Mom’s ass just as I had.

“Wait..” Mom said, “Why don’t you hit the shower first. I know you’ve had a long day. I haven’t been waiting long..”

Surprisingly Mom was able to convince Dad he needed to shower first somehow; without being too obvious. I would have never been able to walk away from that ass; in fact, as soon as I heard Dad get in the shower, I wasn’t able to walk away from that ass.

“Hurry! Now, go go!” Mom whispered as loudly as she could. I rolled out from under the bed and started to get dressed quickly. My cock was still rock hard and as soon as I saw Mom’s ass, I froze once again.

Half dressed, I hopped back onto the bed and spit into the palm of my hand before coating the tip of my cock with it and started to enter Mom’s ass again. Mom, with one hand free now attempted to swat me away; afraid that my father would catch us.

“No! Seriously, we don’t have time for this. He’s going to take a quick shower, you have to leave!” Mom said, urgently.

“Shh.. I’ll only take a second.” I assured her.

A second was all I needed as I started to fuck her ass again; it clenched tightly around my cock and it only took a few deep, hard pumps before I buried it deeply and shot a huge load of cum inside Mom’s ass. I jumped up and quickly got dressed.

“I can’t believe you.” Mom said, “We are GOING to talk about this, SOON. And you better not avoid me again or I’ll come find you.”

The shower turned off and I scurried out of the bedroom quickly; Dad entered the room and leaped back onto the bed. Ready to go, he strapped Mom’s hand down and placed the headphone back in her ear.

The last thing I heard out of Mom’s mouth was, “Use lots of lube tonight, baby. My ass is pretty tight right now.”

I quietly slipped out of the house unbeknownst to my father and began my drive back to LA.

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