Monsignor , Mommy

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It was a Thursday afternoon and I came home from my job a little early. As I approached the driveway I noticed the car with a particular license plate number that I knew. I wondered immediately what the Monsignor was doing at our house.

I went in the front door and mother, grandmother, and the Monsignor were all sitting in the living room having a drink. I told them hello and sat down with them.

I noticed at once that mother and grandmother had their stockings rolled to their ankles and mother was already drunk again. It was also obvious that grandmother and Monsignor had already consumed a couple of drinks. Monsignor had taken his jacket off and was in his “bib”. Mother began pulling her stockings up her legs and asked Monsignor to come over and fasten her stockings to the rear garters. She was wearing beige stockings and a black garter girdle with eight straps. Monsignor looked at her and flushed a bit, but got up and went over to her.

Mother stood up, fastened the front two garters then turned her head toward Monsignor and said “Don’t fasten the stocking to the garter in the keyhole. It will cause it to run easier.”

Monsignor fumbled at his task a little bit, but did manage to fasten the rear two garters to her stockings. No sooner had he finished doing that when Agnes, my grandmother, asked him to do the same thing for her. She too had on a black garter girdle with eight straps and as she fastened the front two she told Monsignor to fasten the rear two for her. This time he managed to fasten them quite deftly and smiled at his accomplishment. Agnes asked him if he enjoyed the feel of the sleek nylon and he admitted to her that he did. With that she quickly raised her dress up to her waist and showed him she was not wearing any panties that day. I also saw what she did and saw her gray haired belly and cleanly shaven cunt.

Agnes said, “Leo, and I’m going to call you by your given name, have you ever seen or felt a woman’s pussy before?”

“No Agnes I haven’t done either but I guess I can now say I have seen one, can’t I?” he replied.

“Well, I want you to take your right hand and run it up my thigh until you come to my pussy lips. Then I want you to take your hand and feel my hairy belly and shaved cunt lips.” she told him.

Leo said, “I can’t possibly do that. I’m a man of the cloth and it would be a sin on my part to do it.” But in the next instant he took his right hand and began rubbing Agnes’s left leg up and down with it until he reached the top of her stockings and kept going until he had reached her furry belly and clean shaven cunt lips.

“Oh my, oh my.” he exclaimed. “I have sinned unmercifully in the name of the Lord. I shall probably be excommunicated from the church for this sinful transgression.”

“Nonsense.” Agnes replied. “No one except the four of us here are even going to know about it. It will never leave this house. Now feel my pussy good while I unbutton the top of my dress so you can look at my teats too.” she said to him.

Meanwhile, as drunk as she was, mommy managed to unbutton her dress and slipped it off revealing that she was wearing only a black cut out bra besides her garter girdle and stockings. She showed Leo her coal black belly fur and pit hair as well as the black hair on her legs under her stockings. Mommy told me to untie Leo’s shoes and slip them off his feet while she began unbuckling the belt to his trousers.

Monsignor Leo seemed taken quite aback by this and put up a bit of a ruckus, but his shoes and trousers came off. Both Agnes and mommy were surprised to see he was wearing white three quarter length silk undies that looked like Directoire Knickers and it didn’t take anyone’s imagination to see that he was carrying a big package inside his drawers. Agnes had to take her hand and begin feeling around Leo’s nuts, fondling them as she did so. Mommy told me to reach up and pull his drawers down and as I did so a nice fat uncut cock came tumbling out of them.

“Holy Mother of God,” Agnes said. “Have you ever seen such a cock as that Margaret? It must be at least seven inches long and has a long foreskin over the end of it.” With that Agnes took his cock in her hand and began feeling it and playing with the tip of his foreskin. Margaret got down on her knees and when Agnes placed his cock in front of her mouth, Margaret took it in and began sucking on it.

Monsignor didn’t quite know what to do, so I suggested perhaps I freshen his Scotch and water while she was sucking him off. He nodded in the affirmative and I headed to the kitchen to get everyone fresh drinks. When I arrived back in the living room with drinks for everyone, Leo’s cock had come to complete attention and mommy was moving her mouth back and forth over it sucking him off.

In the meantime, Agnes had moved very close to Leo and had placed her teat in his mouth. Agnes had teats with very long nipples that stood out about an inch from her teat, so it was easy to get a hold of a ümitköy escort nipple and suck on it. As he nursed her teat I watched Agnes’s eyes roll back in her head as if she was in complete ecstasy.

Just about that same time I saw Monsignor Leo stiffen up and knew he had blasted a load of hot semen into mommy’s mouth. I looked down and she was sucking his cock furiously, trying to get every drop of semen that she could from it.

Suddenly the phone in the kitchen rang and I went to answer it.

Daddy was calling from the city to let us know he would be spending the night there. He wanted to know who was there and I told him that mommy, grandma and myself along with Monsignor Leo were here. He wanted to know what the Monsignor was doing and I told him that Agnes had invited him for dinner. He asked to speak to mommy so I went and told her daddy was on the phone. She had just swallowed the mouthful of semen that Monsignor had shot into her mouth and needed a swallow of beer to clear her mouth out.

She took the phone and more or less just answered yes or no. She did ask daddy what was going on that he needed to spend the night. He must have told her that it was a big business deal and he needed to have dinner with the group of people he was working with and that he would be home late tomorrow afternoon.

Mommy just told him she hoped he had good luck and closed the deal and would see him when he got home. She knew the so called business deal was fucking his black haired girl friend he had on the south side of the city, but she didn’t mind because that left her free to fuck around too.

She hung up the phone and went back into the living room where we found Agnes kissing Leo and telling him that he needed to go upstairs with her. She let him know he would be eating dinner with us but to also plan on spending the night. She told me to get the Scotch bottle and a pitcher and bring it upstairs to them along with some ice.

She took Monsignor Leo by the hand and started to go upstairs when mommy asked Leo if he wanted to hear her or watch her piss. If he wanted to hear her she would sit on her chamber pot and piss. If he wanted to watch her she would go out on the side porch and piss.

Monsignor thought about it for a few seconds and decided he would like to hear her this time. Mommy went to the stairs and I helped her sit on her potty. She spread her legs wide open and the roar of the waterfall began. All the beer she had consumed the past few hours came gushing out of her pee hole and sounded like Niagara Falls as it hit the bottom of the pot. She must have pissed for at least two minutes until it finally subsided into a trickle. Mommy stood up and handed Monsignor a tissue and told him to wipe her wet pussy with it. I thought he was going to die from shame, but he managed to wipe it dry for her.

Agnes and Leo headed upstairs and I told mommy that we would give them two minutes then we were going to go up and see what was happening. I knew both of them had to piss so I was anxious to see what was going to happen.

We quietly headed up the stairs and as we reached the landing at the top I heard Agnes tell Leo to just lie down in the tub and she would stand on the edge and pee. I knelt down and mommy stood up and we watched through the crack in the door as my sixty four year old grandmother deftly climbed on the edge of the tub in her stocking feet, pulled her cunt lips open with one hand and began pissing all over the Monsignor. I couldn’t believe my eyes and all Agnes could say was “I’m going to give you a fucking drink and don’t spit it out. We’ve got plenty of Scotch to wash it down with you old fucker.” With that she aimed her stream right at his face and told him to open his mouth. Leo just gulped her piss down and kept from choking as she kept pissing on him.

After about two minutes the stream began to subside and Agnes then moved up along the edge of the tub and told the Monsignor to lick her pussy.

He opened his mouth and stuck his tongue right in her big gaping cunt and began licking her.

Then she told him to change places with her so she lying in the tub and he too straddled the tub and began pissing all over Agnes, never pulling his foreskin back while he pissed. He stuck it up near her mouth, then pissed on her belly and hairy cunt, and finally all over her stocking clad legs. Then, he moved back up to her mouth and stuck it in her mouth and told her to suck his cock off. Agnes sucked him for about two minutes then told Leo they needed to get her wet clothes off, shower, and have a drink or two and fuck.

Monsignor unfastened her garters and peeled her stocking down her legs, then pulled her girdle down off her body and pulled the shower curtain.

Mommy was playing with my cock and fondling my nuts after seeing what her mother and Monsignor had just done. I turned around to face her, still kneeling down, and she had my cock in her mouth instantly, sucking avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort on my foreskin.

We heard the shower come on and I told mommy we should take the Scotch bottle, water, and ice and put them in Agnes’s room. That way she would know we probably saw what was going on. She thought it a good idea and let go of my cock as I stood up. Then I could hear Agnes yelling at Leo “You old fucker. You’re soaping my fucking cunt and making me horny again. I might just have to suck your long uncut prick if you don’t stop.”

Apparently Leo stopped because we heard Agnes say “Now that’s better. When we get finished in the shower, we’ll go to my bedroom and have time before dinner to play with each other. You know you are spending the night here with us don’t you?”

“Well, I was beginning to get the idea that I was going to do that, but I wasn’t quite certain about it. I think before we bed down for the night perhaps John and I should go to the rectory to check and see if there is anything I need to do or calls to return. Then we can come back and relax until early morning.”

Meanwhile, mommy had picked up the Scotch bottle. took off the cap and took a good healthy swig of booze from it. As I looked at her legs I could see the inside of her thighs were wet as well as the tops of her stockings.

“Are you pissing again?” I asked. “Your fucking thighs are wet and so are your stocking tops. What the fuck is going on with you? Furthermore you don’t need anymore Scotch. You’ll be so fucking drunk you won’t know what the hell you are doing.” I said.

Mommy replied that she wasn’t drunk and that if she wanted some Scotch she was going to have some. I decided to run my hand up around her cunt and could feel the warm piss dribbling out of her pee hole. I said “You need to get control of your bladder and stop pissing right now. You’re going to have your fucking stockings soaking wet before dinner, then we’ll have to change them for you.”

I wiped her thighs with my hand and told her to follow me into Agnes’s room so we could put the Scotch, water, and ice on the table. As we went back by the bathroom I could hear Agnes tell Leo she was going to give his cock a good suck before they went to her room.

Mommy and I headed downstairs with me holding on to her so she didn’t stumble and fall. When we got downstairs I asked her if she wanted to piss again and she told me she really did need to go . So she sat down on her potty and I could hear her stream gushing out of her pee hole again.

When she finished she just got up and we headed into her bedroom. She got onto the bed, spread her legs wide apart and told me she wanted me to stick my fucking uncut cock into her as far as it would go. I could feel my foreskin retract up along my shaft as I slipped my cock into her very wet cunt.

Mommy shrieked and squealed as I shoved my cock up to her cervix. “Leave that motherfucker up there you motherfucker.” she said. “I need that monster cock to give me a good fuck and breed me. You know I want to have another baby but your fucking father doesn’t want me to. He can be such an asshole sometimes. Maybe if my mother gets enough of the Monsignors prick I can even have him fuck me tonight.”

It didn’t take me long to shoot my load of hot semen into her big cunt and she told me to just leave my fucking cock up inside her till I began to go flaccid. When I took it out of her cunt, she wanted to suck it clean. I got a pair of sheer black panties from her lingerie drawer and as she lifted her ass off the bed I slipped them on her legs and pulled them up tight against her hairy cunt. She took my cock in her mouth, pulled the foreskin back and began licking and sucking it clean. Satisfied with that, she pulled the foreskin back over the head of my cock, then sucked that clean too.

I told her to lie down and take a nap while I went out and finished fixing dinner. About thirty minutes later I went back into the bedroom and she was sound asleep lying with her legs spread open. I looked in the crotch of her panties and clearly see they were soaked with my semen leaking out of her cunt. I wanted to suck one of her big nipples that were sticking out of her open cup bra but thought better of it. I went back out and headed upstairs to see what was going on with Agnes and Leo.

Agnes’s bedroom door was partially open and I heard Leo tell her he couldn’t imagine doing what he had done today. Agnes just told him to enjoy himself and eat her pussy some more because when he ate her he made her climax and she could feel her cunt get soaking wet from it. But, she told him she needed another Scotch and water so he needed to fix one for her. I saw him get off the bed and looked at his hanging cock and wondered whether he had any idea of what he was going to do when he had come to the house this afternoon.

Monsignor made the scotch and water for Agnes, took urfa escort the glass back to her and climbed back onto the bed heading right for her gaping cunt. He stuck his tongue out and dived right into her vagina then clamped his mouth on her clitoris. Agnes screamed with delight again and again as he sucked her off.

Agnes said to him “Leo, move your fucking mouth down to my pee hole so you can suck that too. If you are good I might give you a little taste of golden nectar while you are doing it.”

I watched for a couple of more minutes then went downstairs to finish dinner. Mommy was still sleeping and I took another look at her wet panties. I could see my semen has flowed all the way down the gusset and was at the back of her panties. I would wake her in a few minutes and give her a fresh pair to wear at dinner.

I went out to the kitchen, checked the roast and baked potatoes which were nearly finished, and set the table. Then I fixed a tossed salad, and finally put some long green beans on to cook.

I went upstairs and knocked on Agnes’s door telling them dinner would be in fifteen minutes and could hear a muffled response from Agnes of “OK”. I took a quick peek in the room and she had Leo’s cock stuffed into her mouth sucking him furiously for all he was worth.

I went downstairs and wakened mommy out of a sound sleep. She told me she needed to piss and needed me to help her. As she put her feet on the floor I took her very wet panties down and off her legs. She sat down on her potty and the flood began. To say she had to piss would be the understatement of the day. She flooded her potty. I thought she was never going to quit pissing. I decided she needed a clean fresh pair of panties so I got a pair of sheer white nylon panties from her lingerie drawer and as she finished pissing I slipped them over her feet and pulled them up to her cunt as she stood up. Of course, the crotch was wet immediately because she hadn’t wiped her pussy after she finished peeing, but I could see all of her black pubic hair through the sheer material of her panties.

I went back upstairs to tell Agnes and Monsignor that dinner was ready and when I reached the top of the stairs I could see her bedroom door was open and was taken aback by what I saw. Monsignor had put on a white six strap garter girdle and brown full fashioned stockings as well as a sheer white bra and one inch heels. He was standing beside the bed while Agnes was sitting on the edge holding his cock in one hand and her drink glass in the other right under the head of his cock. Monsignor was pissing in her mouth in spurts and she was drinking it down with the excess falling into the glass. She apparently had retracted his foreskin because the helmet of his cock was showing he was pissing. I stood watching them for a minute until it appeared that Monsignor was finished. Agnes took the glass and put it to her mouth and drained whatever amount of piss was in it. I quietly approached the bedroom and told them dinner was being served.

Monsignor said “I hope you aren’t shocked by what you see. I don’t know what has come over me, but I am enjoying it. I only hope the Bishop doesn’t find out about this or I will be fired. I do plan to spend the night and will probably fuck your mommy too.” As he is telling me this, Agnes is busy sucking his cock and getting the excess piss off of his head.

I told Monsignor not to concern himself about today and tonight. No one was going to inform the Bishop and his secret would be most safe with us. As I was talking Agnes got up and asked me to check her seams and informed us that she needed to pee pee. Her seams were nice and straight and I told her to wait until we got downstairs and she could go out of the side porch and piss.

“Good idea.” she said and took Leos hand and headed downstairs.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs I went into mommies bedroom. She was awake and getting out of bed. I checked her seams, found them to be nice and straight and asked her if she wanted another clean pair of panties.

“No. Just let me brush my hair and put on some lipstick and I’ll be ready for dinner.” she said.

After she brushed her hair and put her lipstick on she applied some rouge to her nipples, which grew darker at once. “I want Monsignor to nurse me later tonight and he needs to see my nipples all dark.” she said

I took her hand and we headed for the kitchen where Leo was fixing a pitcher of gin martinis.

He poured four and we had cigarettes and chatted before dinner. After a second round of drinks Agnes informed us she was going to go out onto the porch and piss and if we wanted to watch her we certainly were welcome to do so.

We all went out onto the porch and Agnes leaned against the railing, spread her legs wide apart, and proceeded to piss a long, arcing stream about four feet in front of her. She must have pissed for nearly a minute until the stream began to subside, then finally went to a trickle, and stopped altogether. Leo went over, knelt down, and stuck his mouth right in her wet cunt and began sucking the excess piss off of her cunt lips.

We went back inside, ate dinner, and had cognac and coffee, and another cigarette. I could see mommy beginning to get drunk again and Agnes’s eyes were beginning to get the glazed look about them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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