Mr Smith’s Visit

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It’s lunchtime, and you’ve just sat down at your desk to eat. You do this everyday, but today is different. Today is Thursday…the day that Mr. Smith is scheduled to drop in to visit with your boss. He’s come in only one time before, and although the two of you hardly spoke you still felt something. A feeling that you’ve had before.

A small, very faint voice in the back of your head told you that you knew what that feeling was, he wanted you just as much as you wanted him. You had tried to immediately dismiss it, but the more you tried the more you couldn’t stop thinking about him and your brief meeting. And the more you thought about it, the wetter you got.

By the time you got home from work that night, you had gone over your encounter a hundred times in your head looking for clues as to why you got that feeling. Was it the way that he smiled at you when you looked up from your desk? No, everybody does that you tell yourself. Was it the way he briefly chatted with you while waiting for your boss? Couldn’t be, everybody does that, too.

You finally give up after hours of thinking about it. All you know is he got you hot and you want him, and you hope he feels the same. You climb into bed to go to sleep for the night, but you can’t get to sleep. He’s still on your mind, and you realize that your crotch is burning.

“This is going to be good!” you think to yourself as you reach down to play with your pleasure button. You stop to pinch your nipples just for a second then you slowly go down your flat stomach imagining it was him touching you there for the very first time…you reach your shaved mound and slowly spread your lips apart. You touch your clit ever so slightly, and it sends an electric volt through your whole body. You’ve never been this horny before, and you know you are going to be able to bring yourself to orgasm in seconds…but you don’t…instead you stop.

You suddenly remembered that he’s coming back in 3 days to see your boss again. You quickly come up with a plan to seduce him at your office. You know it’s going to be hard, but you put your orgasm off until you see him again…you want him to be able to experience it with you.

You go over your plan several more times during your lunch…tweaking things just to make sure it’s going to work. You go to the bathroom to make sure your blue V-necked dress was showing off as much cleavage as possible. You hike the dress up just a little at the waist to show off just a little bit of thigh, and even though the slit up the right side of the dress goes up your thigh pretty high, you rip the seam another couple of inches, just to make sure he gets a nice shot of your hip. You start to remove your thong, but then you realize that you forgot to bring your purse with you and you really don’t want anybody to see you walking back to your desk with your thong in your hands so you put them back on, but not before you notice how wet they are.

“mmmmm”, you think to yourself.

As you sit back down at your desk, you hear the door open, and you look up to see Mr. Smith walking towards you. You smile at him (your plan has begun), only he’s not looking directly at you, he seems preoccupied with some paper in his hand.

“Not off to a great start…this is going to be tough” you think, but you’re pendik escort up for the challenge.

When he reaches your desk he doesn’t even look at you. He’s still reading something in his hand. He just says

“Mr. Smith here to see Mr. Thompson.”

You answer with a very sexy voice

“Ok, one moment. Let me look in the appointment book”.

You lean over to pull the appointment book out of the bottom drawer giving him a very nice shot of your tits (second part of the plan), but his attention is still on the paper in his hand.

You put the appointment book on your desk, and look for Mr. Smith….yep, there it is…in the same exact spot it was the first 15 times you looked today.

“Here it is…Mr. Smith…1:30. You’re a little early, can I get you something to drink while you wait?”

“Ummm…sure…Coke…Pepsi…whatever you got”

he replies still looking at his paper. You slowly get up and walk around your desk as he heads for one of the chairs. You say

“Mr. Smith, I’m not sure what we have, why don’t you follow me to the kitchen so we can look together?”

“Ummmm…yeah, sure” is his only response.

You lead the way, hoping that he’s staring at your ass, only to find out once you get to the kitchen that he still staring at his paper.

“DAMMIT!” you think, “this isn’t working.”

You open the fridge and bend over to look inside making sure your ass is pointed straight at him.

“Is Pepsi ok?”

you ask as you stand up and turn around to face him. He looks up from his paper and looks straight at the can

“Yes, perfect. Thank you.”

He grabs the can and turns to walk back to the front to wait for his meeting. You stay behind in the kitchen wondering if you had imagined the spark between you the other day.

“He didn’t even notice that my nipples were hard when I stood up from the fridge!” you say to yourself.

“Oh well, I still have a chance when he comes out of the meeting”

you think as you walk back to your desk.

About 20 minutes go by, and he’s still in there. Normally, these kinds of meetings last about 10 minutes, but if they go longer than that, it’s usually about an hour or so before they end. Either they are quick, or they last a long time, which reminds you of most of the men you’ve had in your life as you chuckle to yourself.

The longer you sit there waiting for him, the dryer your mouth gets. You try to put it off, but you can’t any longer…you need a drink of water. You get up and run to the kitchen to get a drink, and as soon as you get it, someone walks into the kitchen and starts a conversation with you about a client that might be coming in later. You respond with obvious irritability

“uh huh..yeah…yeah….ok…gotta go.”

You walk back towards your desk calmly…you don’t want anybody to notice that you are hurrying and you don’t want to work up a sweat.

You get to your desk and you notice that your boss is standing in the lobby talking with someone and Mr. Smith is nowhere to be found. You peek around your boss’s door to see if he is still in there…he’s not.

“He’s gone, and you blew it”

you tell yourself. You head off towards the bathroom to check and make sure that you looked ok. How did he not notice tuzla escort you today?

“Look at this cleavage! How could he miss it? I must have had a booger hanging out of my nose or something!”

you think to yourself chuckling again.

As you walk by the men’s bathroom on your way to the women’s, you hear the men’s door open. You glance over your shoulder to see who it is so you can say hi to one of the many men in your office, only to see Mr. Smith standing there with a big grin on his face.

He quickly steps out and grabs you by the arm, pulling you into the bathroom. Your first thought is “WTF?”, and you try to resist, but you can’t. He pulls you in and locks the door behind you. You start to say something, but he stops you by putting a finger up to your lips.

“I know” is all he says.

Your heart starts racing, and your crotch starts burning again like it did a few nights earlier in your bed.

He turns you around and grabs your wrists, and makes you put your hands on the wall. You’re standing as if he was a cop and you were going to be frisked. He slowly slides his hands down the outside of your arms all the way to your shoulder. He slowly goes down your sides from your shoulders….his fingers reaching around your side just enough to brush up against the outside of your breasts…you gasp and have trouble getting another breath for a few seconds…you notice a rush of wetness in your crotch.

His hands go down further to your hips, and then waist. He slowly kneels down behind you as his hands goes even slower down your thighs until they gets to your flesh right above your knees. You can feel his hot breath on the back of your knees, and you let out a tiny moan as the burning in your crotch intensifies.

He starts moving his hands back up your thighs, only this time he’s inside your skirt. He stands up and lifts your dress over your thong. You feel his warm breath on your neck as he grabs the straps of your thong right where they meet the piece of floss at the back, and in one fast motion (one that you weren’t expecting) he rips the straps right off the floss.

You gasp and let out a whisper of a moan “yes! I like it rough”.

“I know” he says as he gives your neck a little bite.

You moan louder this time and your breathing picks up just a little more. He grabs the piece of floss and pulls out your ripped thong from between your legs and lifts it to his nose. He takes in a deep breath of your juices and without saying a word he reaches around and makes you smell yourself on your thong.

You moan a soft “ooooohhhhhh”.

He puts your thong in his pocket and then slowly works his hands down your sides again, slowly kneeling down behind you. He stops at the point where your lifted up dress is exposing your ass. He puts his hands on your waist and slowly traces down the crack of your ass with his tongue. He gets to your puckered asshole and traces around the outside of it making you moan louder and louder.

You instinctively push your ass into his face, but that causes him to retreat and without warning you hear the echo of his hand spanking your nice tanned ass reverberating throughout the bathroom. You let out a shocked “oh yes” as your body twitches from the pain.

He lets you stay in that position, kartal escort because you’ve stuck your ass out just enough to give him access to your slit. He bends down and kisses the spot where he spanked you. You notice the contrast of the cool of his lips against the hotness of your hand-shaped welt and you let out a little moan. He goes back to licking down the crack of your ass.

He gets to your hole again…stops and waits for you to instinctively push back….you don’t…so he continues. You know what’s coming next, and you hold your breath in anticipation. He doesn’t let you down, and you let out a long whisper of a moan as his tongue enters your ass and waves of pleasure coarse through your body.

Your lips are fully opened now and ready for him, as he licks from your ass to your slit, but he doesn’t dive right into your dripping opening. He licks all the way around your sweet spot, licking up all the juices he can and savoring the sweet smell. Just when you think you can’t take it anymore, you feel his tongue enter your sweet canal.

You feel an orgasm coming on quickly as his tongue is darting in and out of you, licking your inner walls. He spreads your lips with his hand and starts rubbing your clit in small little circles. Your breathing and moaning are now picking up speed and your orgasm comes on quick and intense. You bite your bottom lip to stop yourself from screaming as you flood his mouth with your sweet and salty tasting juices.

Your orgasm subsides but your legs are now like rubber. You wonder to yourself how you are even still standing after that, and before you can even finish the thought, you feel his hard cock entering your tight puckered asshole. You let out a gasp as he rams it all the way in.

“Yes!” you moan a little too loud.

You bite your bottom lip again to stop everybody in the building from hearing you.

You push back up against him, matching him thrust for thrust as he’s pounding your forbidden hole.

“Oh yes, give it to me….fuck my ass!” you manage to get out through your clenched teeth.

He notices your breathing has quickened, and he matches pace. You feel the orgasm you put off days earlier coming on strong about the same time you notice his moans. The two of you turn into one as your bodies spasm with earth shattering orgasms….

“YES! YES! YES!” the two of you moan together.

As the spasms subside, the two of you come back to this reality. A shiver runs through your body as he pulls out of you.

“Thank you, I needed that” you struggle to say.

“I know” is his response again.

You pull your dress down and turn around to face him, but instead you see the door of the bathroom closing and he’s nowhere to be seen. You lock the door behind him and clean yourself up a bit in front of the mirror. Before you turn to walk out, you look at yourself in the mirror and smile and think to yourself

“Oh yeah! My plan worked to perfection.”

You can almost hear his voice in your head respond with

“I know”.

As you sit back down in your desk, your boss comes walking over to you and says

“I don’t know if you talked to him or not, but Mr. Smith is going to be coming by about once a week from now on. Can you make an appointment for him for next week? Same day, same time.”

He makes a mental note of your enthusiastic

“Oh yes!” as he walks back into his office.

“I get to see him again in a week! Time to come up with another plan.” you think to yourself.

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