My BFF Jenny

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Jenny was my best friend. She encompassed all that was beautiful and intelligent. When we met, her heart was open and her smile made me want to be forever by her side.

When the romances went sour in both our lives, we talked through the issues with a good bottle of wine and many funny stories. It was a perfect match. We shared our deepest sensual secrets and I was not afraid to tell her that I was attracted to a hot wet kiss of a girl and the hard, throbbing cock of a man.

We flirted knowing nothing would change how our friendship was, undressing in front of one another, even though she had no interest in sliding her hands between my thighs. I dreamed of her and her full breasts against mine in a sweaty tumble. I’d reveal these dreams in hopes of one day acting on the fantasies I desired. And my wish can true one cold Valentine’s evening forever intensifying and solidifying our friendship.

February 14th, a day that will live in infamy, began with a romantic homemade dinner for my boyfriend at his house. A fantastic lemon butter fillet filled our bellies and the sound of Engelbert Humperdinck played softly on the stereo. A warm fire was crackling and a soft bearskin rug was waiting for our unlawful carnal pleasures. I wore a white satin corset and fishnet stockings, my red hair curled tight to entice his cock into my pleasure palace. We began to kiss, brains humming to the tune of a bottle of Moscato wine and the sensual notes of Of ‘After the Lovin’. As our mouths engaged, he slid his hand up my plaid miniskirt and touched my moist, hard clit. I slid my hand down his pants and stroked his hard cock as he shuttered with excitement. This was the moment we had waited for all day, to reach an ultimate mutual pleasure.

‘Ding-dong’, the doorbell rang followed by a loud knock etlik escort joined by ungodly crying.

We both jumped, his pants fell to the ground, cock fully erect and I turned around, dressed for sex, and headed for the door, ten feet away. Peering through the peephole, I spotted a mess of curly brown hair, tear stained cheeks and cleavage I recognize: Jenny.

I couldn’t resist helping my friend in need. I’d be there for her, comforting and ready to help her drink a bottle of our favorite wine. So, I opened the door, fully aware of how I was dressed. My boyfriend scurried into the kitchen to collect himself and I ushered my disheveled friend to the couch by the fire.

She was so involved in her drama, she didn’t notice my miniskirt and corset. My hard nipples peaked out of the top, inviting a mouth to suck. She laid her head on my neck and I held her tight, striking her hair. She sobbed as I comforted her, assuring all will be fine. I deeply inhaled her hair, her pheromones mixing with sadness.

She raised her head, her puffy, red eyes looking into my sky blue ones. My head was swimming and I did what most loving couples do: I pressed my lips against her trembling ones and softly kissed her.

‘It will be ok, my sweet,’ I whispered in her ear. She stopped crying and returned a long, tongue kiss to show her gratefulness.

I held her in my arms, sweetly kissing the nape of her neck. I truly did care for her and this is the chance to make her feel better about herself.

I began to touch her face, moving my fingers down her neck to her bra. She began to moan, assurance of the pleasure I was going to bring her. My fingers slipped into her bra, tweaking her nipples as she bit her lip.

Mike was peeking around the corner, ankara eve gelen escort quietly watching what I was doing. He knew that I was his and was not jealous to share the way I had with my hands. After all, it was him that I would come home to, no one else.

He unbuttoned his pants again and grabbed his throbbing manhood while I stroked and teased my friend’s nipples as I nibbled her ear.

They both wanted more and I wanted to show them more.

With a flick of my wrist, I unbuttoned her jeans. We said nothing to each other as I slipped my fingers into her wet pussy. She quivered as I finger-fucked her. The look in her eyes told me that she wanted more. I pushed her gently back onto the sofa, pulling her pants off. With my mouth, I hummed around her erect clit over her white cotton panties as she licked her lips. I was enjoying the way her hips were grinding into my face, the smell of her juices was heavenly.

With my teeth, I pulled her panties aside and edged my tongue between her sweet pussy lips. I was fucking her with my tongue as I played with my own clit. We were both moaning in pleasure, unaware of time or space.

Placing my finger in her ass as I sucked on her clit made her scream. She would feel these new sensations throughout the night. It was our mission and I never lose.

I grabbed her tits as I sucked and licked her. And as I made her cum, I felt the hard, familiar pleasure of my boyfriend’s cock ramming my wet cunt. This was a double pleasure. He grabbed my hips as he fucked me hard. We were in a rhythm that included my tongue circling and sucking a hot, wet, pussy, and a sexy man polishing his knob in my tight box.

After a few mind blowing orgasims from the ladies, my boyfriend turned me around gaziosmanpaşa escort and pushed me to my knees, placing his cock deep into my mouth. My friend sat up and joined in on the tag-team blowjob. As I was sucking his whole cock down my throat, she was eagerly sucking his balls. Ever minute or so, I’d reach over, grab the back of her head and kiss her, squeezing her tits as my boyfriend waited.

Then as we both nodded to each other, knowing what we must do, I grabbed her arm and took her to the rug in front of the fireplace.

I took my boyfriend by his cock and guided it into her slippery hole. This was a fuck to remember, a guilty pleasure never to forget and we were going to make the absolute best of it.

As he fucked her deeply, I sucked on her tits, rubbing her clit until she came again. The deep moans of her orgasims could wake the dead. I loved to see her whole body shutter. I loved to see my boyfriend’s face as he hit the sweet spot in her pussy, over and over again.

We traded places on the rug, her and I, but I grabbed her ass and forced her cunt over my face. She was on her knees, her pussy over my face as my boyfriend fucked my ass. She grinned at him and he smiled at her as I came, gushing juices as I screamed in pleasure.

She fucked my face until she came, dripping into my mouth her sweetness. My boyfriend reached out to grab her tits as his cock slid faster and harder into my cunt. Would this be the best Valentine’s Day experience he’s ever had? Hell, yes!

Faster and faster, harder and harder, his slippery cock filled my tight box. Then came the clenching of his jaw, the joyful release of his cum. He quickly pulled out of my pussy lips to spray a healthy, creamy load onto my chest. My friend looked down, licked her lips and sucked the rest of the creaminess from his cock.

He shuttered and fell back onto the rug. The release of pleasure was what everyone of us needed. My friend, my boyfriend and myself were granted this pleasure that cold night. And my friend and I never spoke of that night, never letting a night of passion harm what we had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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