My Daddy, the Spy

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Hello everyone, this is my first story.

I’m terrified. I’ve never written a story about incest, let alone finished one. I’m usually doing the reading. I’m certain there are grammatical errors, and it may seem too lengthy for some. For my first, considering this story was birthed in my mind and, it took a while for me to put ‘paper to pen,’ but I wanted to share this with all of you who enjoy stories just as I do. Please be honest on how you feel in the comments, but don’t be complete asses. Constructive criticism is appreciated and welcome. And, as always, don’t forget to vote.


Disclaimer: All persons are over 18, and any names/places are not based on any person but entirely coincidental.

Let’s get to it…


Chapter 1

As I lie here, basking in the aftermath of a vigorous round of fucking, I think back to before. Before my mom caught my dad plunging his cock in and out of my pussy. My name’s Jenny, and this is how it all started.

I was 18, legally an adult, but I still had a month to go before school was done and I was off to, well, whatever the future held for me. I walked home after school, just like any other day, when it was just any other day. As I rounded the last corner before my house, I noticed both my parents cars were home, which was never a good sign. I knew they were having problems, all married couples do, but I didn’t know how badly those problems were. Mainly because parents want to protect their children from all the difficulties of being an adult.

Let’s face it, if we knew what we were in for, we would never want to grow up either. So, shrugging it off, I continued up the path to the door. You could hear them “speaking loudly” to one another, and all I could do was just roll my eyes in frustration.

Just before I could open the door, I heard something that would change my life, and the lives of my parents, forever. My mom was currently screaming at my dad about his extensive porn collection. Except, it wasn’t your average porn collection. It wasn’t even really porn. My dad had pictures and videos of me. In bikini’s, pajamas, naked. I realized my dad had installed nanny-cams all throughout the house. In the bathroom, mainly in the shower. In my bedroom, from several angles.

I stood there shocked, scared, embarrassed.

My father knew I masturbated to fantasies of him eating my pussy and fucking me hard. He knew that I fantasized about him fucking me and mom walking in. But, they were just harmless fantasies. Until now.

As I stood there, eavesdropping on their conversation, I debated on what to do. Do I just walk in nonchalant and pretend like nothing has happened? Or, do I walk in and join in on the conversation? I didn’t know what to do. So, I stood there. For what felt like forever, and waited.

Not much time had really passed when I heard my mom’s voice get closer to the door. I was starting to panic. I could only do what came naturally to me, and that was to wipe all expression from my face and act as if I was just getting home.

“Hey mom, hey dad.” I said as I walked in the house and headed upstairs to my room. I needed space, and I knew I could get it here. I knew my mom had to be to work in a few hours as she works the night shift for the toll service’s here in Florida.

Since I knew my dad and I were going to be home, alone, all night, I started planning. I could assume since he was collecting videos and photos of me naked and masturbating to fantasies of him and me, that he wanted to fuck me. Just the thought of that made my pussy flood. I considered pulling out my vibrator and fucking myself to a screaming orgasm, but I wanted to tease dad just a bit.

So I set down my bag and started searching. Looking all over my room for the tiny video camera he was using to spy on me with. I didn’t know which angle the video’s were from, so I didn’t really have a starting point. I could only start with the most logical, and if he was watching me fuck myself, then he was probably watching from an angle that looked straight up my pussy.

So, I started with the stuffed animals, the one that stuck out the most was the one he just gave me on my 18th birthday. I picked up the stuffed bear and saw it almost immediately. The tuxedo suit it wore had bağdat caddesi escort buttons, and one of those buttons was actually a nanny-cam.

I didn’t know if it recorded sound, so I picked up the bear, looked straight into the camera and said “Dad, I know you’ve been watching me. I know you have video and pictures of me masturbating. Once mom leaves for work, you are to come to my room, understand? And if you’re curious as to what is going to happen, here’s a very good clue.” I set the bear back in its place, stripped naked after locking my bedroom door.

I started caressing myself. Running my hands up and down my body. Tweaking, pinching and flicking the nipples on my 34C breasts. I rubbed my labia, feeling my pussy juices ooze out, causing my hairless pussy to glisten. I could feel the tremors and shudders coursing through my body. I was going to cum so hard. I was going to make my fantasies a reality by the end of the night. In the mean time, however, I was horny and waiting was only going to make it worse. I pulled out my vibrator, licked the tip and slowly brought it down my body until I could feel the vibrations through my mound. I almost came right then, but I wanted something in me. Something that I could clench.

Not waiting another minute, I shoved the fat rubber cock deep in my pussy and pinched my left nipple. I was so close to cumming, it only took thrusting the vibrator back in to my pussy that had me almost screaming over the edge of my climax. It felt like all my bones had exploded. I had never came so hard in my life.

My pussy felt like it was on fire for cock. I quickly looked at the clock. 5pm. I still had 2 and a half hours to go before mom had to leave for work. With a sigh, I flipped my ass out my cum spot and got on my hands and knees with my ass facing the camera, I started thrusting the vibrator in and out of my pussy again. My pussy was so wet, each thrust brought forth it’s own squelching sound. If I hadn’t been so horny, I would have tried to be quiet, as it was, I was burning up with lust.

After my third orgasm erupted, I fell forward with the vibrator still deep in my pussy and groaned. I needed hot, throbbing cock. That was going to be the only thing to sate my pussy.

While I basked in my orgasmic state, my mom was out back furiously smoking at the drastic turn her life had taken, and my dad was in his office, watching me fuck myself. Unbeknownst to me, my dad had heard what I said and was just biding his time until my mom left for work.

My dad isn’t your typical looking dad, since my dad and my mom had me when they were 17, he was still young and sexy. At 35, he was fit but not overly muscled. He had black hair with a touch of silver at the temples, just enough to make him look like a dashing Mr. Sheffield, and brown eyes. My dad works as a book editor, so he doesn’t have to actually go to an office, he just works from home. Which is so going to work in my favor!

As the clock neared 7pm, I turned off my vibrator and stretched enjoying the way my body felt weightless. I staggered to the shower to rinse off the scent of my sweaty afternoon and to shave everything once more so it was perfectly smooth. I washed my long black hair and finished quickly enough so I could go downstairs and eat dinner really quick before coming back up and finish with my preparations.

A girl just can’t seduce her daddy unless she’s nicely scented and silky smooth.

Chapter 2

I was just rubbing the last of the lotion into my skin when I heard my mom, “I’m off to work, Jenny. I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you!” I could feel the lump that settled in my stomach. I quickly replied back, “I love you too, mom!”

I was excited, and scared. And the nerves! I wanted my daddy to fuck me, but I didn’t want to hurt my mom, did I? I thought quickly, maybe dad and I could fuck behind mom’s back. They say ignorance is bliss, so no one will really get hurt that way, right?

I sat on the edge of the bed and waited. It wasn’t long, maybe 5 minutes when I heard the tentative knock at my bedroom door and my dad whisper “Jenny?”

I had put on my sexiest bra and panties with the silk robe I had gotten for Christmas. The teal brought out the blue in my eyes. I had tied it just so it revealed bahçelievler escort teasing glimpses, and my hair was a tumbling mess of curls and waves that made you think I had just crawled out of bed.

I called to my dad to come in, and looked at him. Did I want this? Could I do this? As I watched my dad come in, I looked him up and down his body. I could see his cock hardening beneath his jeans. He looked delicious. I decided that I could and would do this. That I wanted to feel daddy fucking my little pussy.

I uncrossed my legs, leaned back slightly, shaking my hair behind me, and recrossed my legs. With a voice I hardly recognized, I asked “like what you see, daddy?” I could see him swallow. He quickly looked up into my face, and what he saw there must have told him more than words could.

He started to close the door, but I told him to leave it open. Who would know? We were home alone.

The only words he spoke to me before fully coming in my room were, “are you certain? There is no going back.” For once, my voice failed me and all I could do was nod. He slowly walked towards me, in nothing but jeans gone white at the stress points. “I need to hear you say it Jenny, are you certain?” I swallowed quickly and as he reached out to run a finger down my chest, across my breast and nipple, I moaned “yes daddy!” I could feel my pussy soaking my panties. I wasn’t going to last long, and I think he knew it.

“I don’t think you should call me daddy, baby. Why don’t you call me Mark?” I was pouting a little, I was turned on by the idea of calling him ‘daddy’ while he was deeply seated in my pussy. “I’ll think about it, ok… Daddy?” I could see the effect I was having on him, and before long he leaned down towards me and pressed our bodies together. No part of our bodies were not touching. We couldn’t stop pressing, and rubbing our bodies together. I needed to feel him, my daddy, all of him. I pressed my lips to his and soon, his hips were thrusting against mine, matching the pace of our dueling tongues.

I didn’t want to wait any longer. My body wouldn’t let me. I pulled back slightly, and ran my hand down my dads chest, across his abdomen. I could feel his turgid length throbbing against the fly of his jeans. I cupped my hand around him and gently squeezed, running my hand up and down his length. At this point, I was so wet, you could have blew across my clit and I would have erupted. I started unbuttoning his jeans, pushing them down over his hips.

His cock was swollen and and throbbing. I could tell he had been aroused a while as his cock was purple and angry looking. I’m no pro at measuring, but he was around 8″ and as thick as my fist. He was going to fill and stretch my pussy.

I shuddered as a mini orgasm swept through me.

He untied my robe and slipped it off of my shoulders, caressing my skin any where he could reach with his lips and fingers. As we moved up the bed, articles of clothing were being removed. As each item was removed, daddy would pay homage to each newly revealed area. He cupped my breasts, using his palms to arouse my nipples to stiffened peaks, “God, baby. Your nipples look like raspberries!I just want to lick them.”

I felt my body flush with pleasure, he loved how my body looked. Daddy pinched my nipples before flicking my right nipple with his tongue, sucking it into his mouth. Lightly scraping his teeth across the sensitive bud. I couldn’t help but moan. I wanted more.

Using his other hand, daddy started tweaking my left nipple, rubbing small circles around it. Raising it to a stiffened peak of arousal. All this, while I rubbed my mound against his hard cock. Thrusting my naked pussy against his cock was going to get me in trouble, I knew it. But I didn’t care. I wanted that fuck stick in my pussy. Daddy switched his mouth to my left nipple, showing the same amount of attention as he did my right.

Soon, I was a writhing mess laying in a puddle of my own pussy juice. As daddy slowly started kissing and licking down my belly, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came all over his sexy face.

I didn’t like not having his cock between my legs. I could feel my pussy weeping for that monstrous cock to thrust inside me.

As I lay there, whimpering and moaning, I feel bahçeşehir escort daddy’s tongue flick my clit and I erupt all over his face, screeching as my body is thrust into an oblivion of cosmic lust. Daddy has buried his face in my weeping snatch and is slurping the juices as face as he can with his tongue.

I can’t take any more. I need my daddy’s big fat cock in my pussy. With each flick of his tongue, I shudder. I reach down and grab his shoulders and beg him, “daddy, please fuck me. I need your cock in my pussy.”

It doesn’t take much encouragement before he’s crawling up my body, lining his fat cock head up with my pussy and thrusting home, we both groan mutually at the pleasure of how he feels inside me. There’s something about the taboo of it, the knowledge that the cock that made you is now inside of you.

Daddy paused once he bottomed out in me. I could feel my pussy stretched tight. I clenched my pussy walls around his fat daddy dick and then he started thrusting. This was no gentle love making. This was down and dirty fucking. I pulled my knee’s up to my chest to give him a better, deeper angle to fuck me with. I was so close to cumming again, I just needed his cock to hit that spot deep inside of me one more time and I would erupt.

Daddy pulled out of me and flipped me over onto my hands and knee’s. Then he was thrusting back in my pussy, my juices squelching around him. I couldn’t do anything but moan, “yes daddy! Fuck my pussy! I want you to cum in my pussy daddy!” It seemed to spur him on, he was fucking me harder and faster. You could hear the slap-slap of his balls against my mound.

We were so caught up in our own world of incestuous bliss, that we didn’t hear the car door close. Or the front door open and shut. Just as we were reaching our mutual climax, I heard my mom scream “what the fuck is going on!?” It didn’t really register at first. Daddy just kept fucking my little pussy until I yelled “I’m cumming daddy! Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

I could feel my pussy lock down on his cock, milking it. I was cumming on my Daddy’s dick. It only took one more thrust from Daddy before I felt his cock swell in my pussy and erupt, rope after rope of his daddy cum bathing my unprotected womb. We collapsed together, falling to the side.

Hearing mom say “I swear to God, you two had better explain what is going on here!” broke us out of our stupor where we crashed back to earth after floating in orgasmic bliss. I froze. I couldn’t do anything but scramble for the covers hoping to regain some decency. My dad had jerked back and fallen off the bed, muttering a quick “shit!”

We had literally been caught with our pants around our ankles, and playing with ourselves.

The one thing I didn’t want to happen, happened. I had hurt my mom. As I looked over at her, all I could register was the angry tears rolling down her cheeks as she stood there in her work uniform. With her world falling down around her.

I had just experienced a great high, and a great disappointment all at the same time. My mom didn’t wait for an excuse. She just grabbed her purse and ran back out of the house.

Chapter 3

We didn’t see her again. I won’t say she vanished. It was 6 months later that dad received a divorce decree. She had emptied the bank accounts, we had almost lost the house. It took a lot of scrambling to come up with the money just to cover the mortgage and rest of the bills.

It took a while for us to overcome the feeling of guilt we mutually felt. We had wronged mom. All because we did the greatest taboo. A daddy and his daughter fucking.

I had finished school, graduated and had a full time job of pleasing daddy by making him happy. I kept the house clean, cooked all of our meals and let daddy fuck me all the time. We’ve never been happier.

We knew the consequences of fucking without protection, but we couldn’t bear the thought of using condoms, or taking pills. Daddy didn’t like the idea of a vasectomy as it wouldn’t allow him to have sex with me for a while. That it could compromise his erections.

We knew the consequences, but they didn’t overly concern us. It was a year to the day that we first fucked that I found out I was pregnant. I guess being filled with daddy’s cum all the time will get a girl that way.

Daddy and I packed up the house, sold what we didn’t want and moved to an area where we weren’t known. Daddy continued editing and I continued pleasing daddy and making babies.

Maybe this was wrong, maybe it was right. Who knows? We only know what’s right for us. And I still can’t get enough of his cock in my pussy.

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