My Dad’s Girl

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Jake screeched to a stop outside the front of the house and jumped out of his open-topped sports car. A deathly slience pervaded the exclusive gated neighbourhood the instant he turned off the engine, cutting the screaming rock song off mid-note. He jogged up the few steps and into the house. “Anyone home?” he called, he didn’t particularly expect a response, it wasn’t often that anyone was home during the day, sometimes maybe the cleaning staff or the house keeper, or the hot chick who cleaned the pool, but not always. Jake immediately went into the kitchen to ferret about in the fridge to find something to eat, a beer maybe.

“Hi,” a voice behind Jake startled him.

“Shit,” Jake hissed, he spun around holding a hand to his chest. “Give a guy a freakin’ heart attack, why don’t you?” he growled. “Who are you?” he asked, a spark of interest ignited somewhere way down his body.

“I’m Cerys,” the blonde announced. “And you are?” she asked, with one eyebrow raised.

“Jake,” Jake replied. The eyebrow lifted even further. “Jake Andrews, it’s my dad’s house,” he explained, feeling the need to add details, it was as if that eyebrow had compelled him to. “Why are you here? Do you work for my dad?” he asked.

“No, silly,” Cerys’s giggle tinkled like cut glass and danced along every one of Jake’s nerve endings. “I’m his girlfriend,” she replied and stepped closer to the fridge to find herself some juice.

“Yo-you’re my dad’s girlfriend?” Jake stuttered, his eyes almost popped out of his head. “Have you even graduated high school?” he demanded.

“Of course,” Cerys replied with another soft giggle. “I graduated last year, I’m a freshman at OSU,” she informed Jake proudly.

“Oh my God, you’re the same age as me,” Jake breathed, more to himself than to her. “What the fuck is he thinking?” he asked of no one at all. “Have you met my sister?” he demanded, his eyes narrowing a little.

“Abbie?” Cerys asked with a smile. “Of course. She’s a darling,” she sighed.

“Did she let you borrow her Barbie dolls?” Jake mumbled. “Dad, what the fuck?” he added under his breath. Jake turned and looked at Cerys, addressing her seriously. “Look, I know my dad is loaded and since he and my mom split he’s been lonely, but please, what the fuck do you see in him? He’s more than twice your age, what are you doing with an old man?” he asked.

“Your dad may be more mature than any boyfriend I’ve ever had before,” Cerys replied, her tone harsher than it had been before, as though she was sick to death of justifying her relationship, “but he’s a man, a true man and he does things for me that no one has ever done before, that boys my age don’t even know how to do,” she said, breaking off when she saw the look of disgust on Jake’s face. “What? You don’t know what to do with girls either? Is that it?” she asked. “Maybe boys are more your style,” she suggested in a very quiet voice.

“Oh I know what to do with girls,” Jake replied, defending his manhood. “And do you even know where my dad is today?” he demanded, he was pissed off with talking to this little girl, she should just fuck off back to the playground and let his dad come to his senses, Jake had thought – hoped – that his parents were close to reuniting.

“He’s visiting your sister in the hospital,” Cerys replied, trying to sound superior as though she kept Noah Andrews’ calendar updated and knew where he was every minute of the day.

“Well, that’s weird, because I just dropped Abs off at her friend’s house for the day, they’re having a pool party and a sleep over,” Jake informed Cerys, deliberately casting doubt in her mind. “So, where is my…oh, of course,” he sighed, as if understanding and realisation had suddenly dawned on him. “You know what today is, right?” he asked with malicious glee. “It’s their wedding anniversary,” he said, as he leaned over to pick up the phone. “Hey mom, is dad there?” he asked when his call was answered. Jake stared Cerys straight in the eye as he pressed the speaker button.

“Sure, Jake,” Ruth Andrews sighed breathlessly. “Here, it’s Jake for you,” she said, her voice becoming fainter as she obviously passed the phone to Jake’s dad.

“Hi Jake, wha-what’s up?” Noah asked, just as breathlessly as his ex-wife. “Where are you?” he asked. “Beer,” he called to the even more faint voice in the background. “No, up here, I don’t want to go back downstairs,” he answered, he sounded like he was smiling and still a bit short of breath.

“You sound out of breath there dad,” Jake teased, “been running?” he asked with a smile. “You’re getting old, old man.”

“Screw you, Jake,” Noah laughed, because he knew that Jake would know exactly what he and his ex-wife were up to, what they always did on their anniversary even though they were divorced, because deep down, they still loved each other, they just didn’t always live together so well.

“I know you’re with mom and I know you’re fucking her like there’s no tomorrow, so, question bakırköy escort for you, do you want me to stay out tonight?” Jake offered, sliding up behind Cerys and covering her mouth with his hand. “With Abs out of the house too, you can get really adventurous,” he suggested, “but please, make sure you clear up the condoms this time, don’t leave any in my bathroom like you did before, that shit’s just gross,” he insisted.

“What can I say, your mother likes water sports,” Noah answered with a grin. “And condoms are a thing of the past, finally had that vasectomy that she’s been badgering me about since Abbie was born. Be good, son, love you,” he called, then he obviously turned to someone and started kissing them with the reciever still in his hand, their moans and giggles could be heard till Jake ended the call.

“Heard enough?” Jake asked the distraught girl. She nodded, the back of her head rubbed against his chest. Jake felt rather than heard the sob that she tried to control. “Oh, hey, I’m sorry,” he whispered into her hair, holding her tight against him, his arms wrapped around her. Jake felt like a real asshole. Why had he done that? Was he jealous? Yes, the answer popped up in his head before he even realised he’d asked himself the question. “Are you ok?” he asked.

“Mhm,” Cerys replied, she still hadn’t moved, she felt sure that if she did try to step away from this strong, secure body, she would just shatter. “Who the hell was I kidding?” she asked herself. “I knew he only wanted me because I look good on his arm, but how many people have asked to be introduced to his daughter when we went out? I must be so stupid.”

“You’re not stupid,” Jake reassured her.

“Crap,” Cerys whispered. “Did I say all that out loud?” she asked, Jake nodded. “I thought it was in my head,” she added, embarrassed all over again. “I suppose I better go pack my things, I don’t want to be here when your dad gets home tomorrow,” she informed Jake and tried to move away, but she couldn’t, she was held in his tight embrace.

“No need to rush,” Jake murmured, he sniffed her hair appreciatively, she smelled gorgeous, she felt gorgeous against him, just exactly the right height, right shape, just right. Jake ran his hands down her sides and back up, then again and up to cup her surprisingly full breasts. Jake felt the rise in his dick and pushed against her a bit more, Cerys gasped and braced her hands on the countertop but didn’t object. “Did you ever do it in here with my dad?” he asked into the back of her neck, Cerys nodded. “Want to wipe those memories from your mind? Make some new ones?” he suggested, again Cerys nodded. “Cool,” Jake murmured then spun Cerys around to face him. “Let’s just be clear on this, we are doing this with the full intention of my dad catching us tomorrow, right?” he clarified, again Cerys nodded. “And then when he kicks your ass out of here,” he said, leaving Cerys to finish the sentence.

“I’ll move back home with my mom,” Cerys sighed, slightly tearfully. “I really don’t want to, but I don’t want to stay here either and maybe it will appease his ego if he’s the one to throw me out rather than come home and find I’ve gone, but this is definitely going to be ‘fuck you, Noah’,” she thought to herself. “Fine if you want to go screw your ex, it’s cool, it’s your choice, but don’t fucking lie to me about it and don’t use your kids in your lies,” she added silently, it pissed her off because her dad had done that the whole of his married life, right up until he’d left her mom for a twenty year old sales assistant when Cerys was just a sophomore in high school. “Well, Jake, are you ready for the time of your life?” Cerys asked him, oh yes, the son was going to reap everything that the father had spent the last three months cultivating. Tough fucking shit that he was going to miss the harvest, she was going to do everything that up until now, she had refused. Everything. And fuck the condoms, Noah apparently thought that, so why shouldn’t she?


Jake’s head was pressed back against the sofa cushions, he drew in a deep, ragged breath as he tried to hold on for just a few more seconds, he looked down again at the blonde head bobbing up and down, felt his dick hit the back of her throat, heard her gag and cough. “That’s it baby, suck it down,” he hissed and thrust his hands into her hair, holding her head still while he pumped his hips up. “Stick your tongue out,” he ordered and loved the sound she made when she gagged a bit more, he felt the drip of her saliva on his thighs, he knew her eyes were watering, her make up was wrecked, she looked like she’d been ten rounds with his best friend and occasional fuck buddy – and closet lesbian – Jenna. “Maybe I should call Jenna,” he thought as he thrust even harder, “she’d fucking love this, little Miss Thing, what the fuck is her name?” he wondered and groaned as his dick went even deeper into her throat, Jake forgot that he’d forgotten her başakşehir escort name. There was something that was niggling Jake just a little, it seemed like he was having to lead her, guide her, as though she didn’t really know what she was doing. “She hasn’t got a fucking clue, and she says she’s been with my dad for months? Yeah, right,” he thought. “Either she’s lying or my dad’s lost his touch with the ladies.”

Cerys pulled back, she couldn’t take anymore, her eyes and nose were streaming, she really wasn’t into this extreme shit, not like Noah’s son seemed to be getting off on. Really, she had only just started to let Noah put his dick in her mouth as a tiny part of foreplay, and only for a few moments, she didn’t like it when she could taste him, she hadn’t yet let him come in her mouth or on her lips for that matter. Cerys felt inadequate, immature and inadequate. She so wanted to be open and blase about sex, she wanted to be all modern about it, but who was she kidding? Nobody. She couldn’t make herself be uninhibited, she couldn’t force herself to relax and just go with it, that’s why Noah was getting pissed off with her, she just wasn’t giving him what he was used to, what he wanted, what he needed. Obviously his ex-wife was.

The honest truth was, if she hadn’t bumped into Noah at the tennis club just a few minutes after arguing with her mom about her deadbeat boyfriend, Cerys didn’t think she would have ever even entered this house, never mind moved in with a man before marriage. It was messing with her head that she’d had sex before marriage. In truth, if she hadn’t argued with her mom, Cerys would never have come to his house, Noah was an old friend of her dad’s, not someone who moved within her circle, she would probably have never even met him…but she did, when she was extremely vulnerable and Noah had taken advantage of that. Noah would likely have taken even more advantage but Cerys just couldn’t allow herself to loosen up enough. No matter how much he pushed for it, Cerys didn’t think she’d ever be ok with a guy shoving his dick up her ass, or with a threesome. Or a foursome, which Noah had also suggested. Cerys had loosened up enough to sleep with the guy and to have sex with him, something that she still struggled to come to terms with, but as for the rest? No, Cerys couldn’t do it and Noah was on the verge of asking her to leave, she knew that already, she knew that he wanted her out so that he could get on with his life without her in it, but Cerys couldn’t admit that to Mr Freakin’ Gorgeous, now could she? Cerys just liked to be held. Actually, she just liked to love, to be loved, she liked gentle, she liked gentlemanly, she wanted to stop. “Enough,” Cerys cried weakly, she sat back on her heels, “enough,” she repeated and burst into tears.

“Oh, baby,” Jake murmured as he pulled her close, up into his arms, onto his lap. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled into her hair beside her ear. “Fuck this, I am not having fucking blue balls, not for anyone,” he thought angrily. If giving the stupid bitch a little bit of TLC meant that he was going to get his rocks off, he could do it, Yale’s drama department had taught him well. Jake picked up his dicarded shirt and wiped Cerys’s face with it. “Do you want to take a shower with me?” he asked gently, throwing the sympathy at her. “Will that make you feel better? Help you to relax?” he suggested and stood with her in his arms when she nodded like a helpless child. “Good, because the power of that showerhead will take the fucking nipples off you,” Jake thought with a pleasure he couldn’t ever have imagined.

Jake carried Cerys up to his room, the one he used when he stayed here with his dad. “Here you go,” he said quietly as he pushed the bathroom door open then set her on her feet. “Let me just take that,” he added and then left to answer the phone. “Hey,” Jake said to whoever was on the other end. “No, too busy right now,” he said and shook his head, he glanced towards the bathroom, through the open door to the beautiful blonde who seemed to be entranced, she stood there, staring back at him, mesmerised, waiting for him. “Jenna, I’ve got to go, stuff to take care of,” he said and then hung up almost before he’d said ‘bye’. “Oh, baby, let me take those off you,” he whispered as he helped Cerys out of her clothes. He dropped his own remaining clothes to the floor and then turned to set the temperature and the pressure of the water.

Cerys allowed herself to be led into the huge walk-in shower stall. It was state-of-the-art, no expense spared, totally decadent and absolutely amazing. “Wow,” she breathed as the water alternately pummelled and soothed her, came at her from all different angles, touched parts of her that were so incredibly sensitive.

“Good, huh?” Jake asked as he stepped up behind her, his engorged dick pressed into her backside. “Open your legs,” he urged and pressed against her foot with his foot, he widened her stance. “Oh, baby,” he bebek escort crooned and pressed his fingers to the thin strip of trimmed hairs that showed him that she perhaps wasn’t quite naturally blonde. Jake’s fingers slid to her slick, hot entrance. He pressed his hips forwards again, she automatically pushed her own hips forwards, which in turn meant that Jake’s fingertips breached her entrance without him even trying. “Baby, you’re hot for this,” he groaned into her damp hair. “Just tell me what you want honey, tell me what you like,” he encouraged.

Cerys groaned and spun in his arms, she wrapped her own arms around his neck and plastered her lips against his. This was what she liked, the hugging, the kissing, even the wet bodies rubbing against each other. Actually, now that she thought about it, she really liked the feel of his smooth body against hers. That’s what felt different, that’s what felt nice, he was nice and smooth, not rough and hairy. Cerys trailed her hands all the way from his shoulders, right down to his groin to feel how smooth and hairless his chest and pubic area was. Tentatively she pressed a kiss to his nipple, and then with a little more confidence, sucked it into her mouth. Cerys’s hand wrapped around the stiff, seductive flesh of his erection. She couldn’t believe how different this felt in her hand, she loved it. She loved the way it pulsed, she loved the way it grew, she loved that she couldn’t quite touch her fingers and her thumb together. Cerys had no idea how she had managed to fit all that in her mouth, but she was damn sure it was not going to fit into her tiny little foo-foo. Even as she thought that, Cerys rolled her eyes at herself. Here she was, a grown woman, in the middle of a relationship, a love affair even, with an older man, now about to cheat on that man with his absolutely freakin’ drop-dead gorgeous son, and she couldn’t even call her vagina a vagina in her own head!

“Bend over for me,” Jake whispered as he pressed in the middle of Cerys’s back, urging her to lean over. “That’s it,” he murmured once she was in the optimal position for him to slip his dick right up inside her. “Perfect,” he groaned as he did so. Jake groaned again when she shuddered, the spasms rippled through his agonisingly sensitive dick. “Fuck, jeez,” he sighed and held his breath. No way was he going to shoot his load right now, not after only five seconds inside her. Jake calmed himself down and then rocked into her, rocked his hips tight up to her juicy ass, pressed his hips into her, felt her squirm, she was so tight, so tiny and so tight, God she was awesome and she had no idea. “Crap, I wish Jenna was here,” he thought as he increased his pace. “She would suck on that clit, she would love to lick all my junk out of that sweet little pussy,” he told himself and almost brought about his own ending when he actually pictured Jenna’s dark head buried between Cerys’s pale thighs. Jake growled as he sped up even more, set such a blistering pace that his lungs were burning, his balls were slapping loudly against her thighs, he felt, for a second, he felt like his dick had grown to monster proportions. “Fu-u-u-uck,” he yelled as the first shot of his ejaculation blasted from the end of his dick. “Shi-i-i-i-t,” he cried as he pulled back from her sharply so that the rest of his ejaculation could splatter up her back. “Where’s the fucking condom, asshole?” he mocked himself silently and prayed that Cerys was on the pill, or if she wasn’t he prayed that she wouldn’t realise what had happened.


“Are you sure it’s ok to stay with you tonight?” Cerys asked sleepily, as they relaxed in Jake’s huge bed. Jake had so far managed to make Cerys come a total of seven times, she wasn’t entirely sure that she would be capable of walking if he told her that she had to get out.

“Baby, you are going to be so exhausted by the time morning comes,” Jake promised and then rolled her over onto her stomach again. For the third time, Jake was going to attempt to introduce Quinn to the pleasures of anal sex. He bent to kiss the perfect globe and smooth it with his hand, he gave equal attention to the other cheek. “Mmm,” he sighed and buried his face between them. Cerys was too tired to protest. “Finally,” Jake cheered inside his head, when she didn’t try to buck him off once his finger had penetrated slightly, up to the first knuckle. “Jeez this is fucking tight,” he thought as he pushed a little more, dripped a long strand of saliva onto the puckered orrifice.

“Ohhh,” Cerys sighed, the strange, pleasure-pain sensation was all encompassing, so totally empowering. Cerys lifted her ass up a little. Why had she refused this before? She couldn’t even imagine why she had refused to allow this before. She reached for the brownie on the nightstand to take another nibble.

“That’s right, eat up, baby, there’s more where that came from,” Jake told her huskily as he shifted position, moved to allow him to replace his finger – eventually – with his dick. “Let’s try two,” he murmured and forced a second finger into the oiled, lubricated aperture. “Oh, baby, that’s freakin’ awesome,” he sighed when they were in. “Can you feel this?” he asked and pushed two fingers on his other hand into her vagina, he wiggled the fingers of both hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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