My Family Ch. 06

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Anal Sex

This is a fictional story based on my fantasies about a show I watch in my language. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 18. I prefer stories with a plot that get us involved in the story and leads to sex rather than stories with just wild sex. My stories are bit lengthy and usually have everything like gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, groupsex and mainly incest. If they do not suit you please give these a pass. Enjoy the story. If you haven’t read the previous parts, I would suggest to read it first before getting to this part as this is a continuation. But you can enjoy it by itself too.

So far we have covered how kartik saw his parents having sex, which introduced him to the world of sex and how he fell in love with his mom and how he fucked his first girlfriend Mouni. Then we saw how he ended up marrying Deepa and how he trained her to have a threesome with his ex-girlfriend mouni. Then we saw how he seduced his sister-in-law sravya to have sex. Then we saw how he had threesome with his wife and brother and then groupsex with his wife, brother and sister-in-law. Then we saw how sravya helped him in fucking her own mother.


Mom: “Alright. It’s ok. I can understand. Guys at your age would like to explore and experiment many things. So what else have you guys been doing?”

We were relaxed, as we realized she was not angry at us. But I dint understand what she meant by what else we have been doing? I was trying to think about it and then realized maybe she wanted to know what else we having been trying in sex.

Me: “Not much mom. After we swapped our wives, we started exploring things like threesomes, groupsex, double penetration.”

Mom: “I know that. It’s the obvious next step to wife swapping. But I dint mean that. I meant something else.”

It stuck me then that she must have seen me and sravya having sex while we were roleplaying as mom and son. To be precise as Soundarya and Kartik. I dint know what to say. I was both happy and tensed where this was going. Either she was going to hate me for it or I could finally fulfil my dream.

Me: “About what mom?”

Mom: “I know you know what I mean.”

Me: “ummm… I am very sorry mom. It’s just that I always had a crush on you. I love you more than anything else in my life. I have seen you and dad have sex once and ever since that day I have been dreaming about you and about having sex with you.”

Mom: “so you make sravya act like me and imagine me while fucking her?”

Me: “ummm… sorry mom.”

Mom: “when I first saw you guys having sex with each other’s wives, I was shocked, but then I thought you are my kids after all and if you wanted to have some fun maybe there is nothing wrong with it. But while having sex with sravya, when I heard you shouting ‘Mom, I wanna fuck you bad’, ‘Soundaya, my bitch I am going to blow your mind away’ and sravya replying, ‘yes my son. Fuck me like crazy.’, ‘show me the heaven your father couldn’t’ and others I was blown. My mind went blank and dint know what was happening.”

Mom: “when I first heard that I got very angry on all four of you. I was pissed. I wanted to barge in and set you right. But when I saw the way you were passionately making sravya happy, something changed. I slowed down and just kept on staring. When I saw your cock and for how long you could go on, I was actually quite impressed.”

Mom: “I was still angry that you were thinking about me while fucking her. But I started thinking if you could do that much while just thinking about me, what you would do to me if you really had a chance. At first I cursed myself for having such thoughts but then I went searching on internet and found it was quite common for parents to have sex with kids. It’s just that it is so frowned upon in the society and that’s why no one really talks about it.”

Mom: “As I started digging into it more and more, even I became quite fascinated with idea of getting fucked by my own sons. After a lot of thought, I finally decided why not give my sons what they desire and fulfil their dreams.”

Both of us were shocked hearing this.. I have been planning and thinking about so many ways to seduce my mom over last few years but in the end it was my mom who opened up and offered herself to us. I really couldn’t believe rize escort what was happening. Was not sure if it was dream or reality. I slapped myself to test. She was shocked to see me slapping myself.

Me: “sorry mom. I just wanted to check if this was a dream or reality. I have been dreaming about this day, since I was 15. And I can’t believe that it’s really happening now. I don’t know what to say.”

Mom: “Then don’t say anything. Just do something. Which you always wanted to.”

That’s all I had to hear before I pounced upon her. My brother was still in a state of shock. He was just looking at what was happening in front of him. His brother giving his mother a liplock and running his hands all over her body. After a few minutes, he gained his senses and wanted to get in the action but I asked him to wait for some time as she was all mine at least for some time. He dint say word and moved onto the other couch giving us space.

I kissed my mom for good 5 minutes before letting her go. I immediately unzipped her dress and slid it over her body. She was standing in front of me in her bra and panty now. I rotated her 360 degrees to get a good view of her. Then I unhooked her bra and let her boobs free. They were just like the way I remember them. Just increased a bit in size and a little saggy. But otherwise perfectly shaped with big brown areolas.

Me: “They look just like the way I remember mom. I have waited all my life to feel and suck on them at least once.”

Mom: “haha. You used to suck them all the time when you were a kid.”

I kept on sucking the boobs, biting her nipples, licking them in between, while I was kneading the other boob with my hand. I kept switching between them. After sucking for good 15 mins, I realized I was never going to get enough of them. So I decided to go down on her and removed her panty. It was the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen as I had come out from it. I kissed it, then licked it. She let out a moan indicating she was enjoying it.

I started tongue fucking her, and then started fingering as well.. After giving her an orgasm and licking all her cum, I couldn’t hold any longer. I got her into the position on the couch itself and pushed my cock into her slowly.

Mom: “Oh yes son. Let it in. I think it’s the biggest I have taken. Fuck me like crazy.”

I was shocked to find out that she had taken other cocks too other than my dad’s. But I dint lose my focus and kept stroking gently in the beginning and gradually increased the speed. I gave her another two orgasms before I ended up cumming all over in her pussy.

Mom: “wow. You are really good at it. In fact the best I have ever had. No wonder, Deepa and Sravya are going crazy.”

Me: “Don’t worry mom. You are going to get all my attention from today. I am going to make you beg me to stop fucking you.”

She took my cock into her hands and started licking it, cleaning all the cum on it. It’s then I realized that probably my mom is not as innocent or a conservative woman as I thought her to be. Looked like she had good experience, even with other guys other than my dad. I wanted to wait before I talk anything about it as my brother was waiting eagerly with his both hands on his cock. As I went and sat on the other couch my brother took over and fucked my mom. He was not as great as me but he improved a lot since the day he fucked deepa for the first time.

After getting thoroughly fucked by both me and my brother my mom was very exhausted and we moved to bedroom and all of us lied down on the bed with mom in between us. I was playing with her boobs as I was still not satisfied.

Me: “Mom, so how was it? You enjoyed it? Did we do well?”

Mom: “oh yes. My son. It was wonderful. The best sex I ever had in my life. Now I definitely don’t regret getting fucked by my sons. I wish I had done it much earlier.”

Me: “Oh mom. That would have been fantastic. I would have loved it. Can I ask you something mom?”

Mom: “yes son. Anything you want?”

Me: “Don’t get me wrong, but did you have sex with anyone else other than dad?”

Mom: “ummm… I don’t want to lie to you guys, so.. yes. I did.”

I was shocked. I never expected that from her. My mom cheating on my dad was something I could have escort rize never imagined. But I have been fucking every girl I met including the ladies in my own family. So who am I to judge? But I wanted to know more.”

Me: “ummm.. Would it be ok, if I asked who or why?”

Mom: “umm.. It’s alright son. I have given myself to you guys. There is nothing more to hide in our family. How do you think we have become so rich? I had to do a few favors to a few people to get us the contracts and other stuff. Initially I dint want to.. but your father convinced me. After doing it with a couple of guys, I dint mind it. And just like you my son, I have a huge sexual appetite too. As your father couldn’t fulfil all my desires, I started doing it with other guys every now and then. But now I have my two amazing sons to fulfil all my wishes and desires. So I don’t have to look for anyone else.”

We were again shocked to hear this. That my father knew about it and he was the one who started it.

Me: “So dad knows you had sex with other guys?”

Mom: “haha. Not just knowing. Sometimes he would be present in the room and would enjoy watching his wife get fucked by others. I felt it was awkward in the beginning but I got used to it after a few times.”

I had too many shocks in one day and it was getting overwhelming. But the idea of my father being a cuckhold was the most shocking thing I heard. And just thinking about that I got an instant boner again.

Me: “so mom. Does dad know about this?”

Mom: “No. he doesn’t have to know about everything.”

Me: “ummm… actually I want him to know. I want him to watch while I am fucking you. Just the way I watched him fucking you, when I was a kid.”

Mom: “what? Are you crazy? Your dad might be many things but I don’t know what he would say about you fucking me in front of him. Ok let me see what I can do.”

Me: “Thanks mom. You are the best. I love you.”

At this time my stiffened cock was rubbing against her leg. She understood that I was waiting to go for another round. So she moved down and started stroking my cock. She started stroking even aditya’s cock with other hand. Then she took my cock into her mouth and started sucking. She alternated between mine and Aditya for a good few minutes. Now both of us were ready. I asked her to ride Aditya which she gladly accepted. And I got into position over her and slowly inserted my cock in her asshole and started stroking her.

After sandwiching her between me and Aditya, both me and Aditya were simultaneously stroking to give her utmost pleasure. And within a few minutes Aditya, mom and me orgasmed in the same order. Both of us filled both her holes with our cum at exactly twelve in the night. The best gift any sons could give their mother. We then wished her happy birthday. Next day we were in our just born suits all day and had amazing sex the whole day.

After coming back to our home in Hyderabad, we told deepa and sravya everything that happened. They were really happy that I could finally fulfil my dream. We had great sex next couple of days. But after 3 days, I was missing my mom already. I was not getting a chance to fuck her as dad was always around whenever she was home. I was looking for solutions. She called me after couple of days.

Mom: “umm… so I convinced your dad.”

Me: “woaah. That’s amazing mom. I love you. You are the best. Was he ok with it?”

Mom: “he wasn’t initially but he dint have much of a choice. So he gave in.”

Me: “so when is it going to be?”

Mom: “This weekend. The four of us can go to our home town.”

Me: “No mom. This is family. We won’t have secrets. Let’s do it here and also include Deepa and Sravya. And let’s do it tonight.”

Mom: “What? You want to involve Deepa and Sravya too? Wouldn’t it be weird?”

Me: “No mom. It will be fine. See you in the evening.”

I couldn’t stay any longer at work. Reached home early and made arrangements for the night. Everyone came by evening. I ordered some food. All of us gathered in the hall. I poured some drinks for all six of us. I and Aditya sat on either side of mom on the couch. Dad was sitting in an individual chair. Deepa and Sravya were sitting on another couch. I proposed cheers and after having rize escort bayan our first sip. I started talking..

Me: “So dad. How’s it going? I heard some interesting things about you. So you like watching your wife get fucked by others?”

He was silent. I could see he was not very happy with the events happening around him. It appeared like he dint want to be there but I wanted him to see while I fuck his wife.

Me: “Today you are going to watch the best thing out there dad. I am going to fuck your wife like you have never seen before.”

With that, I put my glass on the table in front of me and started undressing my mom. Deepa and sravya were enjoying the show. Aditya initially hesitated to do anything in front of dad but after seeing me, he got brave and started helping in undressing mom. Within no time, mom was standing completely naked in front of us. I started playing with one boob and Aditya with the other. Both of us were sucking both her tits at the same time. She was enjoying it. After few minutes my mom got into action and got us both undressed one after another.

She then took both our cocks in one hand each and started stroking and sucking alternatively. My dad was in mixed moods. He was angry at what his wife was doing to their kids but also aroused at the scene of it and started rubbing his cock. Deepa and Sravya also were excited and were rubbing each other’s pussy. After getting our dicks sucked by our mom for a bit we changed the position. Mom was lying down on the sofa. I got into position between her pussy and inserted my cock in her pussy and started stroking gently. On the other end mom took aditya’s cock into her mouth and continued giving him a blow job.

Deepa and Sravya were very aroused by now and joined us by taking each of mom’s boobs into their mouth and sucking them. They were alternating between biting the nipples and licking them. I was kneading one boob each of Sravya and Deepa and Aditya was doing the same with other boob. It was a sight, you could only dream of – Mom on the bottom with both of her boobs being sucked by her daughter-in-laws, giving a blowjob to one of her sons and getting fucked by the other. All of this was giving mom extreme pleasure and she orgasmed at least two times within quick succession.

After that Aditya ended up cumming in her mouth which she swallowed completely and I followed shortly by cumming in her pussy. I got up to give my cock to mom for cleaning and licking my cum, and the girls changed their position to their mother-in-law’s pussy to lick it clean of our cum. Looking at all of this dad got super excited and by this time he got completely naked and was stroking his cock vigorously. It is then I understood that I have gone after mom and Aditya on dad. Taking pity on him, I asked Deepa and Sravya to satisfy him which they gladly accepted. He was elated hearing this.

While me, mom and Aditya were resting and playing with each other’s boobs and cocks, dad was enjoying, taking turns to fuck deepa and sravya. He cummed within few minutes as he couldn’t hold the excitement of fucking two girls at a time. That too his daughter-in-laws. I and Aditya joined him in order to satisfy the girls and give them an orgasm.

All of us were a little exhausted and had our dinner completely naked together. I took a bowl of ice cream and dropped it on my mom’s boobs and started licking it. After we were done with dinner and got some rest there was one final thing I wanted to do before we called it a day. I asked my brother to sleep on the bed and asked mom to ride him like a cowgirl and I got behind her and inserted my cock in her asshole. We were double penetrating her.

My dad was looking at us and mom a little surprised when, I asked him to join us and give mom his cock to suck. He did as he was ordered and my mom was loving it. Her three holes filled with her husband and sons. She was having the best 5 minutes of her life. After giving her a good orgasm all three of us ended up cumming all over her body. Deepa and Sravya were ready to clean by licking our cum. All of us were tired and fell asleep together with me hugging mom.

From that day the environment in our home changed. I usually would start my day by fucking mom. All of us would be naked only post dinner at home. Anyone could fuck anyone whenever they wanted. Added to the three ladies at home, I had mouni and bhagya also who I had to satisfy atleast once a week. I could never be bored of fucking my mom, but if I was bored of other ladies, I would flirt and seduce the nurses or other girls I met.

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