My First Tattoo

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I got my first piece of body art my freshman year in college. A group of girls I hung out with decided it would be cool and fashion forward to get some ink. Kristina Aguilera was the “it” girl at the time, and I was a cute, petite blonde, so it was my mission in life to look as much like her as possible: tattoos and all.

“We have to go somewhere reputable.” Krissy, a busty athletic blonde insisted as we ate our institutional food in the dining hall. “I’m not getting some nasty staff infection or worse from a dirty needle.” she said practically. I watched as her breasts jiggled in her bra, and it crossed my mind she would be hot with a tattoo on her chest to accentuate her cleavage. If I had her full, hot breasts I would want something eye catching there to attract men.

“Well, let’s check out the place next to Java’s.” I said citing the shop next to the coffee house we went to almost every day to chat and do homework. “It seems clean enough to me.” I told her with excitement. Finally I would get the lower back decoration I had been dreaming about for months, if not years.

“When do you want to go?” Sam, the third girl, and most practical one in our group asked tentatively.

“After dinner. Let’s do it.” I urged, vaguely turned on by the thought of having a strangers hands all over me in order to place a permanent design on my body.

“Um, I have a test I have to study for but you guys go on.” Sam said chickening out. To be honest, I never really thought would get a tattoo anyway said. Until then she had said she would, but as soon as the needle puncturing her skin left the subjective karşıyaka escort bayan to become a reality, she backpedaled.

“Ok, fine. Nobody’s pressuring you.” Krissy urged. “Just come and see what it’s like. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” she said, and soon we dumped our trays and headed to the shop aptly named “Straight to the Point.”

When we walked in the shop, an extremely hot guy named Nick looked us up and down. He was tall, blonde, and looked like a regular at the gym. He also had a tattoo sleeve on his left arm that caused my body to tingle. “Can I help you ladies?”

Both Krissy and Sam turned into deaf mutes, so I spoke up.

“I want a lower back tattoo.” I told him.

“Awesome. My favorite one to do.” he answered with a half smile indicating he liked that a lot. “Have anything particular in mind?” he asked.

“Something kind of like Christina Aguilera” I told him. Like, that size, but none of the Hebrew stuff. I don’t really want any words in a language I don’t understand.” I explained.

“Fair enough.” He stated. “You know, the lower back location is more about drawing the eye to a womans shape than what the actual design is.” he said. “Let me custom design something for you.”

He made a though examination of my shape and size then sketched few drawings. All of them were great and showed a strong amount of skill, but in the end I decided on a tribal design with a butterfly in the middle to sit at the base of my back. My friends okayed it, and soon I was in the back, face down with Nick poised over my neither escort karşıyaka regions with a needle puncturing my skin.

“Um, will it hurt?” I asked. I was turned on and scared at the same time.

“Well, you know, it is a tattoo.” he answered. “Just relax. I’ll talk to you if you want while it’s being done.”

Once he got going it was exhilarating. It burned, but the pain was almost secondary to the sexual feeling I was experiencing by having his body so close to mine and touching me not only on the lower back, my butt as he stabilized his hand during the process.

“Is this ok?” he asked a few minutes in, interrupting his talk about how he had become a tattoo artist in the first place.

I nodded my head and wished he would touch my hot snatch while he was tattooing me, but I had on my underwear and wasn’t bold enough to open my legs to see if he was open to the possibility.

An hour later, I saw my new artwork in the mirror loved the result. My friends in the waiting room complimented me so much I didn’t want to keep the bandage on three full hours before I could show it off.

I was disappointed I was the only one to get a tattoo that night, but it didn’t matter. I wasn’t sure I could have held myself off from relieving some of the built up tension if I had to wait for them to get inked too.

My friends wanted to go out to a bar afterwards, but I told them “no.” I wanted to go back to my dorm room to stare at my new tattoo in the mirror. Never had I been happier my roommate had gone home for several weeks so I could have the room karşıyaka escort to myself.

As soon as I saw my adorned back in the mirror in that cheap plywood dresser, it turned me on so much I started touching myself.

I guess it was a combination of things. There was the hot tattoo artist Nick who had teased me for an entire hour and then it was the sight of the sexy new image that turned me on. My sexual desire had built so much I lay in the bed without even taking off my shirt. Then within a few strokes of my hand had the orgasm of my life. It was almost like every nerve in my body traveled to my clit and culminated in an explosion that ended in a near out of body experience.

As I recuperated from the first massive blow to my crotch, I took off my shirt entirely and felt my tits. I ran my fingers over my delicate nipples and wished they were big enough to lick myself or that I had someone else to lick them for me. I thought of Nick’s lips. He had luscious lips and white teeth closing around them and sucking. I wanted him to tease my breasts and play with them.

Thoughts of Nick then morphed into thoughts of my friends Krissy. I thought of her breasts moving underneath her bra, and remembered how I seen them in the shower once when we were in the communal showers at the gym. I thought of what it would feel like to suck on them and put my head between them. Maybe we could even position ourselves in such a way that we could suckle on each others tits for hours while masturbating. If I could convince her to get a sexy tattoo on them like a butterfly, much like the one on my back, I would kiss it tease it. I came again to the thought of sucking my friends breasts while Nick fucked me and deposited globs of white cum all over my new tattoo.

As I lay spent in my bed, I knew that the tattoo I had just acquired was going to be the first of many, and I would work on making my sexual fantasies a reality.

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