My Glasses

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I hate my glasses. I really do. I’m beyond legally blind. My vision is in the realm of science fiction. I’ve worn glasses or contacts all my life, well, since I was 5 anyway. Upon recently learning that I was a candidate for LASIK vision correction, I jumped at the chance.

The downside is that I have to wear my glasses for two to three weeks. The upside is that apparently, they work well for the sexy librarian look.

I walk into the room, wearing every insecurity I have, on the bridge of my nose. I’ve never liked my glasses. I’ve never liked the way I look in them. But, then I see you sitting there, watching me, and you give me this smirk as I reach up and touch the frames of my glasses. The look on your face makes my stomach do funny little things, and makes my pussy contract and I can feel how wet I am already.

I walk to the desk and put down my computer bag. I pull my laptop out and after plugging it in, I turn on the power. I sneak a glance in your direction and see you watching me, but then you turn to watch the television. Figuring that I can play that game as well as you can, I pull a book from my bag and ease into the chair in front of the desk and curl my legs up underneath me. I open the book to the pages marked by the presence of smaller sheets of paper. From where you are sitting, I know it appears I’m reading some novel, but from where I sit, I’m reading some of my more recent stories, the ones I have chosen to keep to myself, not even letting you read them. I can feel my pussy get wet from just being in the same room Trabzon Escort you are, but the stories in front of me don’t help. I drop the book to my lap, and push my glasses back up my nose as I lean across the arm of the chair to enter my password to allow my computer to finish booting up. I make sure I lean just right so that you can see past the hem of my skirt to my bare ass, to see that I’m not wearing any panties.

I settle back into my chair, and continue reading, playing with my hair and sneaking another look in your direction. You’ve now given up on the television, and you are staring at me. You lean back onto the bed and give me a look that you know sends shivers down my spine. I want so badly to come over and climb on top of you, feel your body beneath me, but I duck my head to suppress my desire, and continue reading, or trying to read, I can’t seem to focus on the page.

I look over and see the my computer is ready and waiting for a command, so I again place my book on my lap and lean over, this time, uncurling one leg and moving so that my skirt is pulled up nearly to my waist. I look over my shoulder and see you watching the hem move higher and higher, so I reach around and pull it down primly. I make sure I turn back around before you see me smile.

I hear you leave the bed and walk up to stand behind me. I move my fingers lithely across the keyboard, replying to an e-mail that really needs no reply. I try to keep myself busy as I feel your hands drop to my shoulders and gently begin massaging. I Escort Trabzon want to let you continue, but I’m determined to win this little exchange. I shrug one shoulder as if to shrug your hands away, but you only let your hands drop down to the front of my shirt to lightly move across my nipples. I know my game is given away when even though my shirt is primly buttoned all the way up, I’m not wearing a bra underneath. You take advantage of the missing undergarment as you caress, then pinch my nipples until they are hard and begging for more attention. I swallow my smile, and try to keep up the act by sliding your hand away from my now aching nipples.

“Excuse me, I’m trying to read,” I say as I look over my shoulder at you, then pick my book back up and open it, forgetting the extra pages sneakily stuck in.

“And what are you reading?” you say as you pull the loose pages out from in front of me.

“Stop it,” I say, standing up and turning to face you. I place my hands on my hips in a highly offended pose.

You drop the pages to the floor, and you reach to unbutton my shirt. I keep my hands on my hips, pretending indifference. I keep it up until you’ve undone every single button and begin teasing my nipples again with your fingers. I bite my lip trying to keep from moaning my pleasure. Then, you bend down and begin flicking my nipple with your tongue, and then, I can’t stop myself. I give in to the pleasure you are sending like lightning bolts through my body. I bring my hands up to hold your head in place, sliding Trabzon Escort Bayan my fingers through your hair, and my knees give out.

You turn me around, moving me towards the bed. My now eager hands have abandoned holding your head in place and are now desperately trying to remove your jeans. Succeeding in opening them enough to reach my hand in and wrap it around your dick, I sigh in success, and take the opportunity to enjoy the feel of your hot flesh beneath my fingers. I look up into your eyes, and lick my lips, impatient now for you to fuck me.

I pull your shirt up and over your head as you pull your jeans completely off. You push me back onto the bed and my skirt bunches completely up at my waist and my shirt falls off my shoulders and pools at my elbows. I reach up to push my glasses back up to the bridge of my nose, and watch you look at me.

“What are you waiting for?” I asked, “A written invitation?” and smirk at you.

As you cover me with your body, pressing me down into the mattress, I wrap my legs around you, and move one hand to again wrap my fingers around your dick and guide you slowly into my wet and waiting pussy. As you slide in, I move my fingers up to press against my clit once, then twice, and then I throw my head back and revel in the orgasm that rushes through my body.

“Oh, wow,” I smile as I reach again to right my glasses that can’t quite seem to stay in the right spot.

As my breath returns to normal, I reach to take my glasses off, knowing that without them I’m blind, but they are requiring more attention than I want to give them at the moment.

“No, leave those on,” you whisper in my ear as you grab my hips, then slide my knees up over your shoulders and begin to fuck me hard, deep and fast. And with that, my glasses are the very last thing on my mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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