My Lucky Day

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I’d been having problems over young Grant for some time, in fact almost since the first time my son Reg brought him home to play video games. I mean, a woman can tell when a guy is getting horny over her, especially a young guy because they’re not so good at hiding it.

Of course I’d heard that young guys like getting it on with older women, but at first I didn’t really believe that Grant could possibly fancy me, a forty year old woman. In the end I had to believe it because he kept hanging around me looking like a hungry puppy dog and I could see his erection trying to escape from his pants.

As you can imagine I enjoyed the effect I had one Grant, and what woman wouldn’t if like me she was stuck in marriage that had long since lost any passion?

I think that what really got to me was that Grant was such a nice looking but shy boy, well young man really because he was nineteen, and I could see the struggle he was having trying to keep his eyes off me, and failing. If I looked at him his face would flush and he’d glance down at the floor.

I think it was partly his awkwardness that roused the maternal instinct in me, but it wasn’t the only instinct it aroused. It got to the point where I only had to think of Grant and my vagina was in full flood and the tops of my inner thighs were uncomfortably wet.

The problem was that whenever young Grant visited, and he came calling quite often, either my son Bruce or his dad was around, and often both were around. Had they not been around I could guarantee that Grant would have left the house a lot happier than when he arrived. Come to think of it, I’d be a lot happier too.

I used to think, “God what wouldn’t I give to have that boy’s hot penis inside my vagina just once, spurting his young cum into me instead of the miserable dribble I got about once a month from husband Don.”

It was a bit like waiting for a bus that never seemed to arrive, but then one Saturday I struck lucky. I was going drearily about the routine jobs in the kitchen – everything seemed to be routine those days – when there was a knock on the back door. I called out “Who is it,” and a voice answered, “Grant.”

“Come in,” I said, and in he walked.

“Er is…er…is Bruce around?” he asked diffidently.

“No,” I replied, “He’s gone to look at second hand cars with his dad. We’ve decided it’s time he had wheels.”

Grant seemed to hesitate before he said, “Oh, well, I suppose I’d better be on my way.”

“Got something on, have you?” I asked.

“No…no…nothing in particular.”

“Then why don’t you stay for a while; we can have a chat.”

“Oh, I er…er…I don’t want to interrupt, not if you’re busy,” he mumbled.

I could already see the now familiar lump in the region of his groin, and I could also feel my familiar response to it, but I decided not to rush things because having a middle aged woman coming on strong might be a bit scary, even when you do fancy her.

“Sit down,” I said, “was there something particular you wanted to see Bruce about?”

He sat down on a kitchen chair and said, “Oh no, I just thought I’d drop in and say hello.”

I knew damned well he hadn’t really come to see Bruce, he’d come to get another eyeful of me in the hope he could get a look down my cleavage. I usually made sure he got a good look plus a view of the tops of my thighs if I was wearing a short skirt.

It happened to be a warm day and that morning and by chance I’d made a happy choice; I was wearing a very short skirt with a loose shirt with several buttons undone so he got a good view of my female assets.

Being the way he was I new I had to play it low key, so I sat down near him and said, “Well, here we are.”

“Er yes,” he replied, “her-here we are.”

“Those two will probably be gone all day, knowing what men are like over cars. I thought I was going to be alone all day, but then you turned up.”

“I…ah…yes, I ter-turned up.”

“This is the first time we’ve ever been alone together isn’t?” I asked.

“Is it…er…I mer-mean, yer-yes I think it is.”

The poor boy, I could see all too clearly what he wanted to do, but he didn’t know how to go about it, not like the old roués who eyed me off in the street, or those grotty mates of Don he brought home to have a beer and play cards.

I decided to take a slightly bolder approach and said, “You know Grant, I’m very fond of you.”

I saw his face flush and he did his habitual look down at the floor.

“Oh, der-do yer-you…I mer-mean are yer-you?”

“Yes,” I replied, “very fond.”

I gave my skirt a hitch up to make sure he got a good view of my panties as he looked up at me and said in a hoarse whisper, “And I’m ver-very fer-fond of you.”

I think he wanted to look down at the floor again, but he couldn’t drag his eyes away from my panties, and so I opened my legs a bit more to give him a better view.

“Well,” I said, “I suppose that makes us friends.”

“Yer-yes, I ser-suppose illegal bahis it der-does…I mean yes it…it…”

His voice trailed away as I put my hand over his and said, “I’d like us to be very good friends, would you like that?”

I could see he was trembling so I leaned forward so that the top of my shirt flopped open to reveal more of my breasts. I wasn’t wearing a bra – I don’t usually wear one because I don’t need to – and I could see his eyes refocus from my panties to my breasts.

I knew I was torturing him and I really did feel sorry for him because he was in such a state as he stuttered, “I…I…very good…yer-yes I’d ler-like er…that.” I have to add that I was inflicting torture on myself as well.

I was struggling a bit by then, I mean, most young guys his age would have had my panties off by now, and I’d be on the kitchen floor with them pumping their seed into me, but Grant’s sexual timidity seemed to make him all the sweeter.

The odd thing was that from things Bruce had said I knew that Grant wasn’t entirely without sexual experience; at high school he’d apparently been quite popular with the girls who had been only too willing to drop their knickers for him. Bruce in his crude way – I’m afraid he takes after his father in that respect – said that Grant had a “big tool,” and that was why the girls chased after him.

For a moment my confidence wavered. Was Grant’s reticence with me due to my age? Had I been mistaken all along, and he really didn’t fancy a woman my age, or just me in particular?

But no, I couldn’t have been mistake, the signals almost from day one had been too clear, and so I plunged on.

“If we’re going to be very good friends,” I said, “I suppose we’ll do what very good friends do for each other.”

“Yer-yes, I ser-suppose ser-so…er…what?”

I was getting a bit shaky myself and so trying to steady my voice I said, “Oh, you know, look out for each other, helping each other out, wanting to make each other…er…happy.”

I was starting to feel I couldn’t stand much more of this. My vagina was saturated and my clitoris had that ticking sensation, and my whole body seemed to be screaming, “I need fucking…I need fucking.”

I took the chance, if it sent him running from the house so be it, but I had to get it over with.

I laid my hand on his penis and said, “I know how I could make you happy.”

That did it. He looked down at my hand and then he looked up into my eyes and said almost inaudibly, “Oh yer…yes…I love you Jenny…I love you.”

Love I hadn’t counted on; lust yes, but not love. It had me confused for a moment, but then I thought that love was probably a bonus and it would turn a sexual intercourse with him into love making and not simply fucking. Right or wrong, that was how I reasoned, insofar as I could reason at that stage.

It was all the way now, and so saying, “I know what you’ve wanted to see for a long time,” and I undid the rest of my shirt buttons and let him see my breasts.

There was a long pause as he gazed at them and then he gasped what any woman would love to hear, “Oh Jenny, they’re so beautiful.”

I hitched my chair closer to him and said, “Why don’t you touch them?” and to make sure he did I took his hand and placed it on one of my breasts and pressed his fingers over it.

“There,” I said, “is that what you’ve wanted to feel?”

“Yes,” he breathed.

He didn’t squeeze it or try to screw my nipple off like Don had in earlier days; he just gently stroked it from its base to the nipple.

It was such a lovely sensation that I thought, “This boy really does love me,” and I was rapidly coming to the conclusion that I loved him.

I put my hand under my other breast and extended its nipple towards him saying, “Suck me Grant.”

He didn’t need a second invitation, my nipple was in his mouth, in fact he’d taken as much of my breast into his mouth as he could, and was sucking greedily. I couldn’t help comparing Grant with Don, and I was tensing up waiting for it to happen.

Back in the early days of our marriage Don had the habit of sinking his teeth into my nipples making me shriek with pain. Often my nipples were left bruised and sore, and I thought that all men were like that over nipples; but not so with Grant, and as he gently sucked my nipple and stroked my breast I felt waves of love flow through me.

I managed to undo the front of his trousers and pushing down his underpants I took hold on his penis and started to stroke it – not too fast because I didn’t want him to come until I had that beautiful manhood in my womanhood. It was warm and seemed to pulsate in my hand and I could feel his sticky precum coating its head and starting to drip down its shaft. Bruce had been right, it was big, or at least I thought it was, because I’d only ever known Don’s penis and Grant’s was certainly bigger than that.

I was getting beyond the point of no return myself, and so, with some difficulty, I separated my breasts from illegal bahis siteleri Grant’s loving attention and standing I said, “I think we’d better strip off.”

Grant suddenly looked doubtful and he said agitatedly, “Bruce and his dad, they might…”

I cut that one off saying soothingly, “No, no, they won’t be home for a long time yet, we’ve got plenty of time.”

But Grant wasn’t finished. “Suppose they find out?”

“Darling,” I replied still in my soothing voice, “this is between you and me and they need never know.”

That seemed to settle Grant, and I started to strip off. Having only my skirt, shirt and panties to take off I was ready quickly, but Grant stood looking at me as if mesmerised.

He was trembling and breathing heavily but he managed to say, “You’re so lovely Jenny.”

It was a long time since anyone had said that to me; in fact I couldn’t remember anyone ever saying it to me. In other circumstances I might modestly have denied that I was ‘lovely,” but if Grant saw me that way I wasn’t going to argue, after all they do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Grant was looking at me with the eye of love.

He was trembling so much I had to help him get his clothes off and when he was finally naked I could have returned his praise and said that he was lovely, but I wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to say to a young man. Instead I said quite truthfully, “You’ve got a great body Grant.”

That seemed to give him a confidence he’d not previously had because he put his arms round me and kissed me as if he wanted to eat me. Our tongues tangled for a while and while still kissing me he put his hands under my buttocks and lifted me on to the edge of the table.

I’d never done it on the table before, but I went with the flow and spread my legs for him. I thought he was going to penetrate me and it took me by surprise when instead he knelt down in front of me.

It may sound strange coming from a woman my age, but I had no idea what he was going to do.

At first he put his fingers on the lips of my vulva and parting them simply stared at what was revealed. I was so confused I thought I must be imagining it, because the one time Don had looked at my genitals he’d made a sound like “Ugh,” and the said, “It’s bloody ugly,” and he hadn’t even opened my lips. As you can imagine that didn’t do much for my female ego, and he never looked again.

If I was confused by Grant looking at my genitals, then I was even more confused when he nuzzled up to them and started to lick and suck. I was afraid that he’d hate my smell and taste and so I tried to push him away, but he wrapped his arms round my thighs so I couldn’t escape, and so I gave myself up to him.

Then it began as he found my clitoris with his thumb and was gently circling it, and as his tongue penetrated my tunnel I felt my heart started to pound and my breasts were rising and falling as I gulped in air. Tension started to build and I knew this was going to be an orgasm unlike any I’d ever experienced.

I became frightened and begged Grant to stop, crying out, “No…no…I don’t want to…don’t make me come…stop…no…no…”

This shy boy was now relentless, without mercy. It came, my orgasm, with all its pain and pleasure, shaking me as my cries changed, and I was begging him not to stop; “Yes…yes…don’t stop…don’t stop…”

I seemed to be in a world of bright flashing lights and for a moment I was so overwhelmed with my orgasm’s intensity I thought I was going to faint. Slowly it passed. It was like coming down from a storm tossed mountain top to a plain of tranquillity.

Grant rose, his lower face saturated with my juice and I took his face in my hands and kissed him, smelling and tasting myself. Our tongue tangling kiss went on as he stood between my still parted legs and I felt the head of his penis probing for the entrance to my vagina. I reached down and guided him into me. It was then our kiss ended as he groaned, “It’s wonderful, oh God I love you so much Jenny.”

As he thrust deep into me I felt the head of his penis reach the top of my tunnel, and my vagina began to flex round his length. He groaned again and one of his hands enclosed my breast. He moved slowly at first, as if trying to hold back from ejaculating, but the poor boy was so overwrought I knew he couldn’t last.

I had my arms round his neck the side of my face pressed to his as I whispered, “It’s all right darling, don’t hold back, let it all go.”

He started to move faster and then his tongue was in my mouth, moving in rhythm with his penis in my vagina. I felt the first surge of his sperm into me, and to my amazement I was starting to come again.

We were clinging to each other and I wanted to cry out but his tongue was still in my mouth, smothering me.

He seemed to pound a constant stream of cum into me, but even as I sensed he’d finished he still went on until I had finished my orgasm. We were holding on to each other, breathing canlı bahis siteleri hard, his penis still in my vagina. We stayed like that for several minutes, and I started to wonder about the girls who must have taught him, but I decided I didn’t want to know.

The head of his penis must have still been nerve sensitive because as he finally withdrew from me he gave a soft moan. As I slipped down from the table my legs almost gave way under me and Grant had to steady me.

I think I must have been slightly delirious because I said to him, “Can you come again?”

“I think so,” he said hoarsely.

“Then sit on the chair.”

He looked at me questioningly but nevertheless he sat. Now it was my turn to kneel between his legs. His penis was covered with our melange of sexual fluids and I could feel his sperm starting ooze out of my vagina.

His penis was still partially erect and so I started to stroke it. Slowly it rose again and when I judged that it was fully erect I took its head into my mouth. At least I knew about this from experience, because Don in his coarse way used to say, “No suck, no fuck,” but I’d never let him come in my mouth. I knew to my cost that if he came in my mouth there would be no fuck anyway; Don never had the sexual energy to come in my vagina once he’d dribble his pathetic load into my mouth.

I kept stroking his penis with my hand as I sucked on its head. I felt his hands come round behind my head to hold me gently to him. I was tasting and smelling myself and him and as he drew near to ejaculating he cried out, “I’m going to come Jenny, I’m coming.”

He was warning me to withdraw from him, but this wasn’t Don, and I started to suck harder, at the same time I stopped stroking him with my hand and took as much of his length into my mouth as I could manage without choking.

As he started to come in my mouth I heard him moaning and sighing, “Mmm…mmm…ah…ah…ah…oh…oh Jenny…Jenny…ah…ohaa…”

My mouth was full of his sperm but as I started to swallow it I ran my fingers along the underside of his penis, squeezing the last drops of his sperm out of his urethra.

I felt his penis become flaccid and so I removed it from my mouth. I hadn’t been able to swallow all is cum and so some of it was hanging round my lips and dribbling onto my chin. To my amazement Grant put his hand under my chin, and raising my face to his, he kissed me, tonguing me again.

I think it was then I fully realised just how much this young man loved me, because that kiss just had to be born of love.

That scared me a bit because what could we do with our love? How often would we be lucky enough to be alone together? What I did know was that I had to have him again; what we had done had been too beautiful to let it be a one off.

The thought about being alone again gave rise to a thought about our present situation. “Darling,” I said, “I think we’d better get dressed just in case Bruce and his father turn up sooner than I expected.”

As we dressed Grant said vehemently, “Jenny, I’ve got to be with you again.”

I knew exactly what he meant and I was thinking hard about how it could be arranged. One way was for him to drop in any time in the hope we’d be alone, but based on past experience that was no good because this had been the only time we had been alone.

The answer when it came was simple. “Listen Grant,” I said, “if I’m absolutely sure I’m going to be alone for any length of time I’ll call you on your mobile, and if you can make it then come to me.”

We left it at that and sadly I urged Grant to leave me. After he’d gone I cleaned up the sperm that had dribbled from my vagina onto the floor, checked that there were no other signs of what been doing, showered to get rid of the smell of sex, and not long after that Bruce and his dad arrived.

Grant did drop in on a casual basis from time to time, but it was a couple of weeks before I could give him the all clear on his mobile. That’s how it was; we came together only intermittently and we used my bed rather than the kitchen, but both of us agreed it wasn’t enough – not nearly enough.

I’d never been an everyday lady with Don, but I had a strong feeling that was just what I would be with Grant given the chance.

He suggested that we go away together a number of times, but I argued against it, pointing out that there was a wide age gap between us. Grant said that this didn’t matter because he loved me and wanted to be with me all the time.

Reluctantly I had to take a practical line, pointing out that I had no money, and as he was still engaged in his university studies he was unlikely to have any money for a long time. He did try to argue against this, but he knew I was right. And so we agreed we would carry on as we were.

There was however, a glitch in our plan, and one I should have foreseen. I became pregnant.

My carelessness had its origins in my sex life with Don. In the days when we were still more or less sexually involved with each other the plan had been to have another child. Obviously that meant no contraception. There had been no pregnancy and eventually I had decided that there would be none, and so we continued without the use of contraception.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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