My Mom Fucks My Best Friend

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The ball whipped toward the far corner of the baseline and I sprinted after it. I watched as it bounced up, right off the line, and flailed my racket out towards it, just catching enough of it to send it back towards the net.


I was immediately sprinting back the other direction as the ball tore towards the corner of the court. This time I wasn’t even close to reaching it. The ball hit just inside the line and then bounced beyond my grasp as I pulled up, out of breath.

“GAME, SET, MATCH!” Coach Tucker yelled.

I panted for a second and caught my breath with my hands on my knees while my opponent casually jogged up to the net. After a few seconds I plodded towards the net to meet him. We gave each other a bro shake and he patted me on the back.

“Happens to the best of us man.”

“Dude,” I responded, “you’re the best of us. It doesn’t happen to you.”

We shared a laugh as I trudged over to Coach Tucker and while my opponent jogged confidently.

“Carson—your backhand was on fire. Great power, great technique. Are we going to win number one singles this weekend?”

“You know it!” Connor responded enthusiastically, fist bumping coach.

“Bishop—good hustle. Maybe you’ll get him next time.”

“Doubtful.” I said.

“Hit the showers guys, great work today.”

Connor Carson and I started the walk across the high school tennis courts back towards the locker room, catching up on the day’s news at school.

“You see Kelsey Freeland today? Dude, what I’d give to see that rack…”

“Stop by my house tonight, peak through the window, and maybe you’ll get a glimpse, Gabe. She’s coming over because I need more of a workout than what you gave me out there on the court today.” Connor said laughing.

“Dude no way! Isn’t she dating Derek?”


“You’re unbelievable man,” I said fist bumping him again.

Connor Carson was my best friend. We had both just turned 18 and were beginning our senior year of high school. Last year, my parents had divorced and as a result, I moved cities with my mom and had to start at a new high school. Thankfully, I’d been pretty good at tennis at my old school, and hoped the tennis team at the new high school would help me meet people. On the first day of tryouts I met Connor. He was about 6’2, 185, was perpetually tan, had light brown hair that was casually swooped to one side, and big blue eyes. Not only was he a tennis star and a ladies’ man, but he was surprisingly nice as well. Though he beat me every time we played in tryouts (and every time since) he could tell that I was still better than most people trying to get on the team, and thoroughly congratulated me when I won the number 2 singles spot.

Standing at about 5’10, 145, I was not nearly as muscular or well-built as Connor, but I was pretty quick moving about the court and had great accuracy on my shots. Unfortunately for me, Connor’s tennis game combined quickness and accuracy with crazy power and I could never beat him. Fortunately for me, however, he took a liking to me—especially since he knew I was new to the school—and quickly became my best friend. He introduced me to lots of other people, took me to parties, and even helped me hook up with a girl. I lost my virginity to Amanda Burnett, a cute JV cheerleader, all thanks to Connor’s prodding.

Of course, I could never hold a match to Connor’s skills with women. He seemed to have a new girlfriend every couple of weeks. And, even when girls were dating other guys—like the captain of the cheer squad, Kelsey Freeland—Connor still seemed to find some way to fuck them. There was even a rumor that he’d fucked Miss McKinney, the hot young Spanish teacher with light red hair and perky tits. Though he never confirmed it, the preferential treatment he got in Spanish class seemed to be proof. Amongst the girls of the school his cock was legendary. And, unlike all of the unpopular nerdy girls who could only dream of seeing it, I had seen it repeatedly in the locker room and there was no exaggeration. It was at least 5 inches long and quite thick when it was flaccid. I didn’t even want to imagine how big he was hard.

We kept jawing about Kelsey Freeland’s rack all the way across the court, drenched in sweat and the hot, late-August sunlight.

“Maybe, if things go well with Kelsey, I can hook you up with her little sister. She’s a freshman, and doesn’t have Kelsey’s tits yet, but if you’re patient…”

“Fuck off!” I said laughing.

Just then, I noticed my mom standing near the edge of the court waving. I waved back.

“Dude who is that?”

“My mom, bro. You’ve never met her yet?”

“Definitely not.”

As we pushed through the gate in the chain link fence surrounding the court, I angled over towards my mom to say hi before I got in the shower.

“Gabe! You looked great out there!” she said.

“Sure I did. Connor killed me.” I said. I went in to hug her, but she pushed me back slightly as I came in.

“You’re really sweaty, sweetie. Maybe save canlı bahis the hug for later.” she said, looking at me with a coyly disapproving mom glance. Having just come from her job as a realtor, she was looking nice and I didn’t want to ruin her outfit. She was wearing a tight, short, white mini skirt and a sleeveless pink blouse that exposed quite a lot of her ample cleavage. Her dark brown hair was down and was tussled by the wind while her blue eyes were hidden behind ostentatious sunglasses. Though I didn’t like to dwell on it, my mother was definitely hot and she knew it. She was not afraid to use her looks to sell houses, which she did very well.

“Are you going to introduce your friend?”

Without any prompting from me, Connor chimed in.

“Hi Mrs. Bishop. I’m Connor Carson.”

In the 10 feet or so between the gate and my mom, while I hadn’t been looking, Connor had taken his shirt off and was ostensibly using it to wipe his sweat. His muscular torso was, as always, completely tan. He had massive pectoral muscles and big, broad shoulders. He didn’t quite have a six pack yet, but its contours were coming in clearly.

“Oh, this is the Connor I’ve heard so much about!” my mom said while removing her sunglasses and eyeing the shirtless 18-year-old in front of her. She extended her hand to Connor. “Technically I’m Miss Summers now, but you can call me Courtney, sweetie. Gabe, why didn’t you ever introduce us before?”

“Yeah Gabe?” Connor added playfully, “You always talk about how amazing your mom is but never introduced me!”

“Oh, do you really Gabe? That’s so sweet.” She cooed.

“Uh,” I tried to interject, but Connor was too quick.

“Oh, he talks about you all the time, Miss Summers. It’s such a pleasure to finally see the woman behind all the stories.”

“Likewise, Connor! You know, after the divorce, I was so worried about Gabe starting at new high school for his senior year, and I’m so glad he found a friend as good as you.”


“Divorces are tough on everyone,” Connor sympathized, “he must’ve been an idiot to divorce a woman like you. How have things been for you in a new city and with a new job?”

“That’s so sweet of you to ask.” She said, moving closer to him and lightly squeezing his throbbing bicep. “My new job has been great, and I’m so glad that Gabe is doing well with you here at school. It is still lonely and weird sometimes, but that’s life.”

The back and forth between them was as swift and effortless as Connor’s groundstrokes. Before I could interject Connor had already kept going.

“Where do you work?”

“I’m a real estate agent at New Day Reality! Are you in the market for a house?” she asked, playfully.

“Not yet, but when I am, do you think you could recommend someone good?”

“Oh sweetie!” she laughed, putting her hand back on his bicep and sidling even closer next to him. They were catty-corner to each other and only inches away while I was standing at a distance, feet away, looking on. “Don’t you worry Connor. When you’re ready to buy a house I’ll take good care of you.”

“I’m sure you would, Miss Summers!” Connor replied, laughing while he casually placed his hand on the small of her back.

Not shying away from his hand, my mom turned into Connor, her voluptuous breasts lightly brushing the side of his abs.

“You know what would be fun?” she asked, staring up at Connor and utterly ignoring me, “If you came over for dinner tonight! It’s been forever since it has been anyone besides just me and Gabe. I’d love to have an extra boy in the house to feed.”

“Well, you know Miss Summers,” Connor said with a mock-serious tone, “I don’t know if you can tell. I’m quite a bit bigger than Gabe over there, and I have a big appetite to go with it. Do you think you can handle it?”

She laughed, “I promise you will leave full and satisfied. It’s a money back guarantee, the same I give to all my real estate clients.”

“Well, that sounds delicious. I can’t wait, Miss Summers.”

“Oh sweetie, I told you, call me Courtney!” she said, putting her hand on his bicep once again, turning to me “Why don’t you boys go shower up, so I can get home and start cooking?”

“Sure mom,” I said with a pit in my stomach, as I turned towards the locker room.

“See you soon, Courtney!” Connor said, embracing my mom in a full-bodied hug against his sweaty torso. She didn’t seem to mind.

Untangling herself from Connor, she called out to the boys as they walked away, “Make it a quick shower, boys, I’m hungry too!”

Connor’s pace back to the locker room was noticeably faster than mine and I had to catch up to him. As soon as we were even he exclaimed,

“Dude, why didn’t you ever tell me your mom was so hot!?”

“I guess I don’t really think of her that way. She’s my mom, man. Were you really trying to hit on her back there?”

“Trying? I was hitting on her back there. Sorry if it’s weird, but she’s a smoke show. I couldn’t help it.”

“What about Kelsey Freeland tonight? Won’t she be pissed bahis siteleri if you eat dinner at my house?”

“She wants me so bad anyways, she’ll wait.”

We spent the next few minutes walking back in silence. As we dropped our towels and got into the showers, I couldn’t help but begin to feel sick as I caught a glance of the massive shaft hanging between his legs.

A couple hours later, I was finishing up my homework in the kitchen when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” my mom called out.

I got up and turned the corner into the main hallway and saw my mom pause as she walked by the hall bathroom. She ran her hands through her long black hair and then, after she had given it enough volume, she adjusted her boobs, making sure the pink blouse she had been wearing earlier was exposing plenty of cleavage and that her pushup bra was operating at maximum efficiency. I could only stare worriedly as I caught this. Seconds later, in the same outfit from earlier, even still in heels despite the fact that she was at home, she hustled to the door and I followed behind at a slight distance.

“Connor!” she exclaimed as she opened the door, “Wow, you clean up nicely. You look so handsome.”

“Thanks Courtney,” he said, as my mom went in for a hug, “you look even more gorgeous than you did two hours ago. How is that possible?”

“Oh sweetie, you’re too much.”

Of course, though, my mom was right. Connor looked as good as he always did. He was in flat khaki shorts that went about halfway down his thigh, allowing his muscular legs to flex their strength, and a tight, light blue polo that showcased his brick-like biceps, chiseled pectoral muscles and broad shoulders. I again could only watch as he enveloped my mom in a tight hug. I could see her breasts push up against his firm chest and his hands grab her lower back tightly, pulling her whole body up against his.

After an awkwardly long time, they finally disentangled themselves and Connor followed my mom to the kitchen where dinner was almost ready.

“What’s up, Gabe.” Connor said absent mindedly as he followed my mom past me into the kitchen. I trailed behind them both and by the time I made it to the kitchen doorway, they were already standing close to each other at the kitchen island near the fridge.

“What can I get you to drink sweetie?” My mom asked, lightly putting one of hands on Connor’s chest. “I’m drinking white wine, but you probably want a beer right?”

“A beer would be great Courtney,” he replied, with his hand now on the small of her back.

She smiled and went to the fridge, conspicuously bending all the way over to get the beer out of the bottom shelf. I could see Connor staring at her ass and long tan legs. Her skirt was riding up high and you could almost see her ass, but the hem of the skirt stopped just before it was exposed.

“I’ll have a beer if Connor is, mom.” I chimed in.

My mom ignored me and walked back over to Connor with an open beer in one hand and a glass of white wine in the other.

“What should we cheers to?” she asked as she passed Connor the beer, shooting him a coyly flirtatious glance that made me want to vomit.

“How about to you, Courtney. A strong, independent, gorgeous woman, raising a son and making a killing in business all by herself.”

“Oh, Connor, that’s so sweet thank you, I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

She sidled up close to him again, her breasts ever so slightly rubbing Connor’s muscular sides. They clinked glasses and drank while I, not intent on being entirely frozen out of the conversation, grabbed a glass of water and stood across the island from them. Right as I got into place, however, the oven beeped.

“Oh the lasagna must be ready! Gabe, can you grab that? Connor, sweetie, why don’t you have a seat.”

I helped my mom get the lasagna out of the oven and serve it. Once all the food was out and we were all seated, dinner actually proceeded pretty normally despite the awkward flirting that had happened before. We talked about school, tennis and the weather, and things seemed to be going fine, but Connor somehow always found a way to keep up his assault on my mother.

“So Courtney, tell me about your day at work today. How many houses did you sell?”

“Oh Connor,” she said, reaching her hand across the small table and grabbing his wrist, “you’re so sweet to ask. Gabe never does. Gabe you should take some notes on how to treat your mother from Connor here.”

Another moment came when my mother broached the subject of girls.

“So Connor, Gabe never tells me anything about his personal life. Tell me. Is he dating anyone? How about you?”

“Well Courtney,” Connor said, glancing at me wryly, “there is this one cute freshman girl named Katie Freeland who Gabe has his eyes on.”

“He’s kidding.” I said.

“As for me,” Connor continued, “I don’t know, I’ve been with a lot of the girls at school. Plenty of the cheerleaders and girls like that and…it’s just hard. I like them of course, but I just feel like I want bahis şirketleri a girl that actually knows what she wants, is confident and sure and isn’t as immature as high school girls can be.”

Connor and my mom stared at each other during this whole exchange and I watched as my mom’s breasts started heaving more rapidly in her cleavage exposing blouse.

“That’s definitely one of the reasons I’m excited for college, to meet older, more mature girls. But it’s hard when you’re stuck in high school and older girls just assume that because you’re younger and in high school that you’re an immature high school boy.”

My mom reached her hand across the table and put it on Connor’s once again.

“You’re one of the most mature men I’ve met at any age Connor. I’m sure the right woman will come along for you and will see that your age doesn’t matter.”

“Thanks Courtney…oh SHIT!”

We were nearly done with the meal. I had cleared all the food off my plate and Connor and my mom only had a couple bites left when a large chunk of what was left of Connor’s lasagna fell off his fork and onto his light blue polo.

“Oh here, honey,” my mom said, getting up immediately and rushing to Connor’s side of the table, grabbing his hand. “come here and take that shirt off.”

Connor flipped the shirt over his head, exposing his chiseled body to my mom once again. She took his shirt and turned to the kitchen sink where she started rinsing it out in cold water while Connor, shirtless, stood close next to her.

After about a minute of my mom rinsing the shirt, she turned to him, putting one hand lightly on his muscular chest.

“I think we’re in the clear, we just need to let it soak for a few minutes and it will be as good as new. But you can’t wear it out of here tonight, obviously, so we should go get you a shirt. I think all of Gabe’s clothes would probably be too small for you, but I might have some of Gabe’s dad’s old shirts up in my closet.”

“That’d be great Courtney, thanks.”

“Gabe, honey, can you clean up down here while I take Connor upstairs to look for a new shirt?”

“Sure mom,” I said. But my mom was already gone, leading Connor upstairs by the hand.

I puttered around the kitchen for a few minutes putting dishes away and tidying up, but after 5 minutes had gone by and they still weren’t back down, I suspected the worst. I was torn between my utter repulsion at the idea of my best friend and my mom, but at the same time, it held out a lurid attraction. It was undeniable that they were both attractive people. Part of me had always wondered how good Connor was at sex, and what my mom looked like naked. Against my better judgment, I quietly headed upstairs.

Curiously, the bedroom door was wide open and there didn’t appear to be anyone there. I poked my head in and after assuring myself there was nobody in the room, tiptoed in closer, angling for the door to the master bathroom. I peaked in. No one there. But, I heard muffled voices. Creeping inside, the voices got stronger. They were coming from the closet at the end of the long bathroom. The door was slightly ajar, and I peeked through.

My mom was standing close to Connor, holding up one of my dad’s shirts to his still naked torso.

“Hmmm. I think this one is too small too. You’re obviously bigger than my ex-husband, I just didn’t realize how much bigger,” she said, smiling.

“What if,” Connor suggested, “I just stay shirtless?” He grabbed the shirt out of my mom’s hand and through it on the floor. Now there was nothing but empty space hanging in the foot between.

My mom giggled. “Connor!”

Connor stepped forward and put his hands on my mom’s waist. She whispered softly, somewhat hesitantly, “Connor.” Her hands braced themselves on top of his forearms, blunting his forward advance, if only for a moment.

“But what about Gabe?” she asked. “He’s just downstairs. We can’t do this…”

“Do it for you, Courtney. You deserve this. How long has it been since your divorce? You’re a single parent, you do everything for Gabe. You provide a great living, cook his meals, and still somehow find time for the gym to keep this body tight. When was the last time you satisfied your needs? Your desires? You deserve this.”

Without much warning Connor scooped her up in his arms and kissed her. In the first breathe she took after being attached to Connor’s mouth, she squealed “Oh fuck! Connor!”

They were rapidly moving towards the door and I only had a second to hide. But there was nowhere to go. The bathroom was too long. I couldn’t run all the way out, they’d see me as soon as they emerged from the closet. The only option was to dive into the empty bathtub that ran lengthwise down one of the side walls.

I was just in time. The closet door burst open and my mom, now only in her black lace push-up bra and black G-string had her legs wrapped around Connor’s shirtless torso, her arms wrapped around his neck, and her tongue deep down his throat. Without even registering that I was crouched in the bathtub, Connor carried my mom forcefully out of the bathroom and into the master bedroom. With the danger immediately passed, I got up and crept to the bathroom door, and peered around into the bedroom to see what was happening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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