My Naughty Neighbors Ch. 7

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After my little role-playing game with Cindy I waited for her to take her revenge. But for awhile nothing happened, nothing like that. I still had about 5 hours of tape to fill and fill it we did. We fucked in the shower, on the kitchen table, in a dressing room at the Gap. We did it 69, we did it standing up, we did it coated in canola oil. It was fucking incredible, every minute of it. And it was almost over.

On a Wednesday night Cindy told me to shower and come up when I was clean. I did as asked and Cindy told me to strip and come to the bedroom. Buddy had the camera on a tripod instead of holding it himself. He too was naked, his enormous dick half-erect. “Stephanie can’t make it tonight,” he said, referring to the girl that he was fucking, just as Cindy was fucking me. “So I’ll join you, if you don’t mind.”

Did I mind? Uh. “What are we going to do?”

“You,” Cindy said, “are going to stand here, facing this way.” She pointed me right at the camera. She unfolded a dark blue beach towel and stretched it in front of me. Just to my left was their full-length mirror, angled so I could see behind me. And that’s where Cindy went, kneeling down on a pillow Buddy set behind me. Then he knelt behind her.

“What are we going to do?” I asked, a bit nervous.

“Bend down a bit,” she said. She reached under the bed and produced a tube of lubricant. She filled her hand with the slippery gel. “Now, I want you to grab your cheeks and pull them as far apart as you can.”

“Why?” I moaned, already knowing the answer.

“Let’s find out, huh?” I did as she ordered. I looked up at the black eye of the camera staring back. I looked left and saw Cindy’s blonde head lean forward, her pink tongue sticking out. She let it gently touch my anus, moistening the puckered hole, and my cock bobbed up and down with my heartbeat. She stopped my cock by reaching between my legs and grasping my shaft with her right hand, covering it with lubricant from tip to base. “Oh, God!” I groaned.

She wrapped her left arm around my legs and began licking me more forcefully, her agile tongue creating a storm of pleasure that was totally unknown to me. I never knew how much pleasure I could get from my ass and it unnerved me. I always equated anal with gay, but there was no denying the fantastic sensations Cindy’s tongue was giving me. Her slippery hand pumped my penis, her nails gently scraping the tip, her fingers so slippery, the friction absolutely delicious.

I heard Buddy grunt behind me and saw in the mirror Cindy arching her back so Buddy could mount her from behind. He began fucking her with rapid thrusts, each thrust forcing Cindy’s tongue deeper and deeper in to my rectum.

The pleasure totally unmanned me. I began gurgling and stammering like a loon, totally lost in the pleasure. I looked down between my legs and saw Cindy hand jacking me off and felt her tongue inside me and I lost it.

“Guh! GRUPLEDOWFUD YOOWBLEABBLE” I bellowed as my semen sprayed out like a fire hose all over the floor. I understood now why Cindy put the towel in front of me. Well, as I came I was quite incapable of rational thought. Her fingers were still caressing my penis, her tongue still swirled around my anus.

I was almost hyperventilating, I thought I might faint. At last Cindy released my cock from her slippery grip and extracted her tongue from my ass. I turned around and saw Buddy fucking Cindy like a jackhammer. Cindy eyes were squeezed shut and her lips were twisted in a grimace of rapture. “Push it, push it,” she moaned, and Buddy yelled, “Oh, yeah!” and came all over Cindy’s back. My reeling mind was somewhat pleased to see that my ejaculation went further than Buddy’s. My come would have been in Cindy’s hair.

When it was all over and everyone caught their breath I said, “Well, you sure got your revenge on me.”

“What, you think THAT was it? Oh, baby, that’s not even close to payback.”

Damn. And I felt worse when Cindy said, “Don’t worry, we’ve got everything planned for Saturday night.”

“That’ll probably be the last time,” Buddy said. “Tape’s almost full.”

“Don’t worry, honey, I’m sure you have a few vacation days you can use to recover.” She laughed and went to the bathroom to wash Buddy’s semen off her back.

“If I was you,” Buddy said, putting on his robe, “I’d be worried.”

I was, I was. I wasn’t very productive the rest of the week. What was she going to do to me? The mind boggled.

Saturday arrived. Cindy and Buddy were out all morning and all afternoon. I tried calling them all day but no luck. By seven o’clock I was a nervous wreck, and when the knock sounded from the door I jumped six inches. I opened up and there was Cindy smiling at me, dressed casually in jeans and a fuzzy pink sweater.

“I have a surprise for you, close your eyes.”

I did NOT want to close my eyes around her right now, not when she had vengeance on her mind. “Come on, don’t you trust me?” she pouted. “I promise you’ll love it.”

“OK,” I said, not quite convinced. I shut my eyes. I sensed escort bayan adıyaman someone slipping through the door, a body moving next to mine, and I tensed. Suddenly lips were pressed against mine, and a hand stroked my crotch. My eyes popped open and I took a hasty step back.

“Surprise!” Sylvia said. I couldn’t believe it. Sylvia was a good friend of Cindy’s, and not too long ago she and I had enjoyed a brief but extremely pleasant little fling. “Miss me?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah,” I growled, kissing her again and feeling her breasts through her dark blue blouse. She looked great. Still very tan, still slim, her blue eyes and long legs and sharp nails still getting my cock hard as a rock.

“Go ahead, get reacquainted,” Cindy said. “We’ll get ready upstairs.”

Sylvia took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. She started taking her clothes off and I eagerly did the same. We diddled with each other a bit, naughty fingers exploring each others privates, touching and fondling and stroking. She ran the water and when it was good and hot we stepped in together and let the delicious spray soak our bodies. Sylvia filled her hands with suds and ran them all over my chest, my arms, my stomach, my cock, until I was thrusting my hips in and out of her foamy fist.

“So, how have you been?” I asked through gritted teeth, getting really close to shooting all over her.

“Very well. My husband and I are getting along very well.” She gave my testicles a slippery caress.

“So why are you here?” I let my thumbs tweak her nipples.

“Cindy told me you were her newest boy toy, and I couldn’t resist the chance to play around with you again.”

I was on the verge. “Come on, let’s fuck.”

She released my dick and I groaned. “No, we have things planned for upstairs.” She slid her soapy fingers right up my crack and I arched my back in ecstasy.

I turned her around and tried to slip myself inside her from behind. Once I got inside there was no way she’d tell me to pull out. But she swiveled her hips and I missed my target. She turned the water off and got out, and I reluctantly followed. We dried each other off and then Sylvia took me by the hand. “Come along.”

“We’re going up like this? I asked, pointing to my hard-on to further illustrate my nudity.

“No, you’ll wear this.” She took a small envelope from off my dresser, an envelope Cindy or Buddy must have left while we were in the shower. “I’ll put this on you.” It was a blindfold. “Uh, I don’t know.” Like I had a choice. Sylvia put the soft felt around my head and tied it tight. I really couldn’t see a thing. I held out my hand for her to guide me, but instead I felt her cool fingers close around my cock. “Follow me,” she said, and I did.

We walked upstairs to Cindy’s apartment. It was deadly quiet. “Hello, anyone home?” I called out. Dead silence. Sylvia tugged at my penis and I followed like a horse, walking down what I figured was the hallway to the bedroom. Still not a sound to be heard. We stopped and Sylvia let my cock go. But for just a second. And then her hot mouth, the mouth that made me come like a burst dam the last time closed around me, her lips forming a tight seal around my cockhead and her quick tongue began flailing all around me. I grunted and slowly raised my arms in the air from the pleasure of it.

Two pairs of hands seized my wrists like striking cobras, and I felt cold metal close around my wrists and a loud clicking noise. I jerked back, my penis popping out of Sylvia’s sucking mouth.

“What the fuck?” I demanded, twisting my body left and right. I was hanging from something, bound by handcuffs.

“What the fuck indeed?” I heard Cindy say. The blindfold was untied and pulled away. I room was brightly lit. I looked up to see that I was shackled to a metal rod. The rod was attached to a base that straddled the king-size bed. I could almost kneel on the bed, but I couldn’t quite reach.

“One of the advantages of being a welder,” Buddy said. “I can put together all sorts of contraptions. Like it? Made it to Cindy’s specifications. Put all your weight on it, it won’t bend. Thick steel. Disassembles too.”

“Nice work,” I said through clenched teeth, trying to pull the bar down. No way, it was like a fucking I-beam.

“I said I wanted revenge,” Cindy said, “and now I’m going to have it.”

My dick was limp as overcooked spaghetti. Cindy walked up to me and kissed me, her tongue playfully teasing my lips. “I’m going to have my revenge, and I’m going to have you.”

She went to the big cabinet that held their TV, porn movies, and other toys. She pulled open a drawer and took out what looked like some kind of harness, it had a number of tight straps criss-crossing each other. She stepped into the harness and pulled it up to her waist. It had a soft leather patch covering her pussy, and the patch had a small slit cut in it. And that’s what it hit me, what it was.

“Oh, no, you’ve gotta be totally fucking kidding,” I said as Cindy escort baya nakkent picked through the drawer, looking for something, and then her face came alight with pleasure as she found what she was looking for. It was a dildo. Not a big one, maybe 5 inches long and not much thicker than a pretzel rod, but to me it looked like a Louisville Slugger. As she inserted the dildo through the slit it shook and jiggled, like it was jellified. It looked plenty hard to me.

“I’m going to fuck you, Nicky, the way you fucked me that one time.” She walked over and let her nails carve red marks on my ass. “I’m going to make you beg. Maybe you’ll beg me to stop. Maybe you’ll beg for more. But, by God, you are going to beg.”

I really, REALLY tried to pull myself free. “Please, no, Cindy, I only played with you a little. This is something I don’t want to do.”

“Then why,” Sylvia asked, “is this thing in the shape it’s in?” She batted my now rock-hard cock.

I couldn’t think of an answer, other than the truth, which was that this DID excite me. I didn’t want Buddy or any other guy fucking me up the ass, but the idea of Cindy doing it, filling me up, stroking it in and out of my ass…it made my knees knock.

“Let’s get him ready,” Cindy said. She knelt behind me and Sylvia took the front. Both their tongues touched me at the same time, on my pucker and my pecker. I twisted around to see Cindy’s blonde head buried in my crack, and then looked down to see Sylvia’s nose buried in my crotch.

“Buddy, help,” I said in a small voice.

“Ha, you’re fucked now. Or, later.”

Sylvia wasn’t deep-throating me, she was slowly sliding her lips up and down my cock, keeping me nice and hard. Cindy, however, was rimming me with such force and hunger that I almost forgot about what was happening to my dick. Her tongue in my ass felt so fantastic that I wished it would never stop.

Which, of course, it did, at that very minute. Cindy stood up and threaded the dildo through the opening in the harness. Sylvia stood and wiggled her bronzed backside. “You’ll love it Nick, I love getting fucked from the rear.”

“It’s not quite the same for a guy. We’re not built for it.” I was still looking at Cindy. She was smearing lubricant all over the dildo.

“Don’t knock it till you try it,” Sylvia said.

Cindy spread my cheeks and coated my asshole with lube. It was warm, which surprised me. She inserted a finger inside me, slowly, greasing me inside as well as out. It felt absolutely delicious and I was scared to death. I couldn’t deny the truth to myself-I wanted her to fuck me in the ass. “Cindy, please stop,” I begged.

“I’m ready, Sylvia,” Cindy said.

Sylvia reached back and circled my cock with her fingers. “Come on, put him where he wants to be. I took a few tiny steps forward and slowly centered it on Sylvia’s opening. I felt her wetness close around my tip and I pushed my hips forward, her pussy engulfing me. I started to pump in and out but on the third stroke Cindy put a hand in the small of my back and stopped me. “You fuck when I say you fuck.”

I felt the soft, firm head of the dildo probing around my ass. It pressed against my anus, and then Cindy put her left arm around my waist and pulled me back while she forced the dildo in my ass. She moved slowly, but she didn’t stop as I stiffened, until every inch of the dildo was buried inside me. It hurt, a bit, but mostly I felt the fullness, the hardness. I gasped, invaded in this way for the first time in my life.

Cindy slowly pulled back. “You lean back, you pull your cock out of Sylvia…” I did as she instructed, “And then you THRUST,” she buried in the dildo inside me, forcing my own hips forward and my cock back into Sylvia’s pussy.

“Oh, no!” I whimpered as Cindy fucked me. It felt so good and so wrong at the same time. My cock was sliding in and out of Sylvia’s pussy, she was moaning as I fucked her, while my ass was split open by Cindy’s remorseless prong. I was totally under their control. I was getting it from both ends, with no way to help myself. I started to cry, really cry, tears of pain and shame and absolute ecstasy.

“Do you love it Nicky?” Cindy demanded.

“Yes,” I sobbed. “Please stop.”

“Beg me.”

“Cindy, please, please stop fucking me. I love it but I shouldn’t. Please, I beg you, I’m begging you.”

She grabbed my hips and really started screwing me, fucking me like Buddy fucked her the other day. “Please stop!” I screamed, but Cindy only pounded me harder. It took me a second to realize why. I’d inserted a word between “Please” and “stop”. The word was “don’t”.

She withdrew the dildo and I would have collapsed with relief had I not been cuffed to the bar. My cock was still inside Sylvia and I wanted to finish inside her. But Cindy wasn’t done with me yet. She only stopped to spray water on the lubricant and get it slippery again. The hardness pressed against my ass again and forced its way between my cheeks.

“Please!” I groaned.

“I’ll escort gaziantep anal yapan bayan stop when you come,” Cindy said. “”When you come, I’ll take it out.”

“Come on Nick, come in me. I’ve been dreaming of you filling me up again.”

To fuck Sylvia, to REALLY fuck her, meant impaling myself on Cindy’s dildo The faster I fucked the faster I was fucked. A Catch-22 that had me squealing like a pig. I started to fuck Sylvia faster and faster, Cindy put her arms around my chest and let her nails tickle me and hold herself inside me.

“Tell me you love it, Nicky,” Cindy said.

“I love it.”

“Say it loud, like you mean it.”

“I love it!” I screamed, getting close.

She was really excited now. “Say you love getting fucked in the ass!”

“I love getting fucked in the ass!”


“I LOVE GETTING FUCKED IN THE ASS!!!” I was about to spurt now, Sylvia moaning as she came, that damned dildo sawing back and forth inside me.

“Oh, fuck me, ream me, yes!” I came. My prostate, excited beyond belief by the dildo, spasmed and what felt like a full liter of semen flooded into Sylvia. I kept coming as the dildo ravaged me, come pouring out of me, my cock churning my sperm into a thick white froth that oozed out of Sylvia’s vagina.

I slowed, then stopped. I was breathing like a hummingbird on crack. Cindy wrapped both arms around my chest and kissed my back. “Was it wonderful?” she asked.

“Yes. Please, please take it out of me now, please.”

She did, pulling the dildo out of my ass. If felt so good not having that thing shoved up there that I sighed with delight. I pulled out of Sylvia.

“And that’s a wrap,” Buddy said. “A fucking fantastic finale to the tape. Man, wait till you see your face when you come. I thought you were going to have a coronary and drop right there.”

“Wait, that was it? You mean, we don’t get to do, um, this again?”

“‘This’?” Cindy teased. “You mean fuck? No, six hours is all I get. Right, honey?”

“That’s right. Tomorrow is my last time with Stephanie, and I’m gonna miss that pussy till my dying day. What a fuck!”

“Buddy!” Cindy scolded.

We cleaned up, Cindy let me go to the bathroom and clean all the goo around my ass. I was bleeding, a bit, but nothing serious. I farted a couple of times too, as quietly as I could. My ass felt as bad as I feared it might. I wasn’t looking forward to going to the bathroom.

Cindy and Buddy and Sylvia were going out to dinner and asked if I wanted to go, but I begged off. I just wanted to be alone right now. Getting fucked up the ass can make you feel that way. And knowing that I would never have sex with Cindy again was profoundly depressing.

I went home, showered for an hour, made myself a bowl of cereal, and conked out on the couch. I woke up to a knock on the door. It was Sylvia. “I’m leaving, honey, my flight is at noon. I just wanted to see how you were, and say goodbye.”

“I’m fine.” I said. “Sore. Humiliated. Ashamed.”

She playfully slapped me. “Don’t be. Sex is sex, if it feels good, do it.”

She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. “Um, I wanted to tell you, last night was the last time we’re going to do that too. My husband are getting along better, we’re not going to mess around any more. I was allowed one last little fling, and this was it. When Cindy told me what she was going to do to you I had to join in. It was worth it.”

I must have looked hurt because she hugged me again and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll find someone soon, someone to get serious about, not just some dirty old ladies!” She kissed me again, said good bye, and was gone.

Monday night, after a long day at work, I decided to stop at the bar and have a beer. Or two. I was working on my third when Joe, the owner and bartender supreme, called out, “Hey, Steffi, you working overtime?”

“No, just heard the bartender was cute, thought I’d stop in for a drink.” She sat down next to me. It was Stephanie, Buddy’s girl, the fuck he was going to miss for the rest of his life. Holy shit. Long black hair, feline blue eyes, lips like rose petals, pillowy breasts that floated inside her tight T-shirt, a stomach you could bounce a quarter off of. I guzzled my beer and kept my eyes on the TV, not wanting to stare.

“So how’s Buddy and Cindy?” Joe asked.

“Fine,” we both said.

Stephanie turned my way. “You know them too?”

I nodded, forcing my eyes to avoid her breasts. “My upstairs neighbors.”

“Wait,” she said, suddenly interested. “You’re the guy downstairs.”


“Now, that’s interesting, that’s very, very interesting,” she was smiling from ear to ear. “You know, we have something in common.”

“Let me guess. We both like Rolling Rock?” I lifted my bottle.

“That, and something else. I think you know what I’m talking about.”

“I think so.”

“It’s funny, you don’t look kinky, but I guess appearances can be deceiving.”

I know I blushed. “How much did they tell you?”

“Enough to let you buy me a beer.”

I ended up buying half a rack of Rocks and we closed the bar. On a school night. Kinky indeed.

The next morning there was a loud knocking at my door at 10AM. I groaned, said a bad word, and got out of bed. I’d already called off work, so it wasn’t my irate boss coming to fire me. I got up and put my black silk robe on and answered it.

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