My Pregnant Wife’s Anal Cravings

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Let’s paint the round, beginning picture: Nora was a few months pregnant at the time of this story, just enough to have a small, albeit not insignificant bump underneath most of her clothes. That had resulted from a month’s trial of “natural birth control,” which really just ended up in my cumming in my Nora’s tight pussy regardless of her ovulation cycle. If we learned anything from the conception, it was that we were bad at self-control. Very, very bad at self-control. You would be too, given Nora’s round, plump ass, and I’m talking pre-pregnancy Nora, but we’ll get to that post-pregnancy treasure in a minute. For now, know that Nora’s pre-pregnancy sex drive resulted in this tiny baby bump that caused this entire tale, but it was probably the added hormones that caused this string of ass-tastic encounters.

Nora’s figure was impressive pre-pregnancy, a short frame stacked with plump, suckable breasts and an ass that swayed just right as she walked from room to room in our home. Her curly brown hair fell just right across a pale, expressive face that often made it very clear when she needed pleasure. Her looks didn’t kill; instead they would often invigorate, harden, and thrill in that order.

Pregnant Nora had all of those features accentuated and more. She had also taken it upon herself to surprise me with sexual encounters more than ever before. Making dinner was often interrupted with a quick, fierce fuck against the countertops; morning routines were interrupted with vociferous demands for me to eat her cunt, though I would be rewarded later on in the evening with a to-die-for blowjob, sometimes ending in the surprise, but certainly desired given her new ample assets, titfuck. We had always been a sexually open couple, but the diversity and surprise encounters pendik escort were new and exciting.

The first hint of the many anal encounters occurred on my way home from work when I realized I hadn’t heard from Nora all night. Usually I’d receive a text if she was off work and I was working, but I hadn’t heard a peep from her since I’d left her filled with me this morning. I was expecting to find her asleep on the couch (falling asleep to food shows was a favorite pastime of her’s) but I ended up coming across something altogether different:

Nora, dressed in a tight romper/jumpsuit getup that was entirely black and white stripes, leaned against the wall while rubbing her pussy in earnest. I did the only thing a sensible husband could do, which was stand in awe and drop his coat to the floor as he stared.

Nora’s getup was meant to be worn with pants or shorts, but instead it looked like the sexiest one-piece bathing suit imaginable. Her perky breasts pressed against the fabric, revealing pert nipples that were…wait, were they leaking? Nora smiled as I noticed, explaining that she had been massaging them and pumping them in her spare time to generate milk a little earlier. We had always discussed lactation when we first got together, but here it was, leaking through her H&M top.

The true gold was revealed as Nora slowly walked toward the bedroom, which caused her bubbly ass to sway with the curves of the jumpsuit. My mouth couldn’t form words, so I merely followed the sway into our bedroom where Nora mounted the bed on all fours, slightly moved the fabric covering her pussy and ass, and told me to “Take it.”

Needless to say, I buried my face in her warm, wet crevice. My wife, as I mentioned before, has always had a tremendous sexual appetite, but her tuzla escort cunt was dripping this evening. I swam my tongue around her pink, hard clitoris and alternated suckling and tracing it with my tongue. The taste was sweet, but there was so much moisture that my mouth was covered in her. I lapped at her greedily, drinking it in.

I pulled my cock and positioned it at her entrance. Sliding into her had never felt better. Even a few strokes in I could see her juice clinging to and spreading all over my shaft. We were just getting into a rhythm of me plunging into her when—

“Take it out,” Nora commanded. “Shove it up my ass.”

“Wh-what?” I stammered. I was a bit taken aback, as her pussy tightened around my cock.

“I’ve been dying to have my ass fucked all day. Stop fucking around and do what I tell you.”

You never refuse a pregnant woman her cravings, as I had learned over the past few weeks, so I slid out of her velvet pussy and positioned the head of my cock at her tight bud. Before I could ease in, she pushed back and engulfed my cock with her ass. She grunted with a pleasurable “Fuck!” as I pushed back, shoving my throbbing rod deeper inside her plump ass.

Anal was typically a gentle affair for us, with a little clitoris stimulation while she got adjusted to my spreading of her ass, but Nora was not having the tender treatment tonight. She bounced her ass to-and-fro, sliding my cock in and out of her ass as I held on to her hips. I attempted to reach around to her clitoris, but she was already violently rubbing it to her satisfaction, so I reached up the garment and squeezed her breasts, feeling the milk pour through my fingertips onto the already wet fabric. I took my dripping fingers to her mouth, where she lapped at her own milk hungrily. kartal escort My cock hardened in response, which made her smile around my fingers.

I attempted to focus on the sway of her ass to distract myself from how well her insides were gripping my cock. Her ass is typically vice-like, but the enthusiasm with which she was bouncing on it was wild. She eventually came with her clitoris, which caused her to grind my cock deeper into her ass as her pussy pulsed with pleasure. My balls swinging and bouncing, stimulated her even more, but that only served as an avenue for post-orgasm Nora to torture my endurance.

She reached between her legs and cupped my balls in her hands, fondling them gently.

“Someone has a lot to give,” she cooed. Nora loved triggering that blinding explosion of semen inside her. It was her favorite pastime in our relationship, apart from her own blinding orgasms. I grunted a non-verbal response as I continued to endure the ass assault she was delivering on my quivering cock.

She laughed, got off my cock, and positioned herself on her back with her legs held up. I first demanded that she take off the suit, which she agreed to. I planted my cock at the rim of her ass and plunged while grasping her breast with my mouth. She toyed with her pussy while I drank from her, slurping milk as my cock became more sensitive, harder even.

In the end, it was the tiniest whisper that caused it. A soft murmur of “I want that load in my ass” resulted in spurt after spurt of seed being shot in my wife’s warm, inviting asshole. I sucked desperately at her breast, filling myself just as my balls were being emptied. It was that exact kind of bliss she delivered that resulted in her breasts and belly being filled in the first place. I had no complaints.

Later, as we sat entwined in each other’s arms, letting the cum leak out of her, she gave me another boner-chilling whisper:

“I’m still craving.”

It was going to be a pleasurable few months for us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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