My Ride Ch. 01

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Now I’m going back to when I started my 14 month long bike ride around the good ol’ U. S. of A. I steered clear of the really rabid anti-gun states Illinois, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. I didn’t want to get arrested for simply having them on me.


I wound up in Lake Charles, La. my first night out. Spent a few days gambling badly. My mind was off somewhere else so I stopped. I woke up the fourth day and turned on the tv. When the weather came on it showed a cold front headed this way coming down the east coast that was going to reach almost down to Florida. “Shit, it was the end of September and I hadn’t even thought about winter approaching. I packed up and headed west back through Texas. I always take the back roads. More to see than on the fast paced interstate. It took me four days to reach New Mexico. I rode all over the state.

I would buy a t-shirt from every Harley dealer I came across to ship back home for souvenirs. I’d ship about 8 or 10 at a time. That’s about all I could carry on the bike without it getting too crowded.

I stopped to eat in Roswell at the Mc Donald’s that looks like a spaceship of some kind. Not very interesting. What was interesting was the Harley dealership. It was every motorcycle dealership imaginable. Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Victory and Indian. They also sold about every side by side and four wheeler too. I bought a t-shirt and strapped it down. When I backed the bike out of the parking place and put it in gear, I heard a strange clunk. It always clunked a little, but this was different. When I let the clutch out it sounded like all hell broke loose. Gears clashing and clattering and it wouldn’t move. A salesperson (it was a female and a pretty good specimen too) heard it all and came over and with a concerned look said, “Well, it looks like it’s time for a new bike or a new tranny one”

I said, “Yep, sure seems to be.”

She got the porters to push it to the service area. I told the service manager I was in a hurry and would pay extra if they could look at it right away. They agreed but with no extra charge since I was from out of state. Later that afternoon I was told the tranny was a total loss and it would be a few days before they could get one in and it was going to be expensive. I forget how much.

“Well then, let’s look at new bikes you have in stock.”

Another salesman heard me and came over and said he could help me with that.

I told him, “No, Sweetness is the one I need to talk to.” Hey, that’s what was on her name tag.

He grudgingly fetched her and she beamed like the sun when she approached. Her pearly whites were on prominent display and her C cups were bouncing lightly. Nice sight it was. Remembered it had been more than a month since I got laid. We shook hands and she held mine for a little longer than I’m used to but I definitely didn’t mind one bit. They were not as soft as I had thought they would be.

I told her I wanted saddlebags and that I was open to anything as long as it wasn’t a big touring bike.

She showed me the Road Kings and the Heritage first. All the while she would bend over showing me new features on the new models and plenty of cleavage, even caught me looking a few times and smiled a very delicious smile. I didn’t try to hide it either. She knew a Heritage is what I rode in on. I really didn’t like the spoked wheels and she explained that they could change them out if I liked. As a matter of fact, they could change just about anything on the bike. I settled on another Heritage Softtail Classic. Then she helped me with all the accessories. I got a Vance & Hines exhaust, opened up the air inlet, stage 1 on the computer, new forged aluminum wheels got the original tires replaced with Michelin Commander II’s. I changed about everything on it except the motor. When it was all settled they said it would take a few days to get some of the parts in. I decided to rent a bike and ride a bit and come back. I gave them my accountants number and he would wire the money to them. Mentioned that whoever called him should mention the number 7418. That would be a one time code so he would know it was legit. I told them that it was too late for him to do it today but I would call him in the morning. As soon as the money was transferred I would pick up the rental.

I asked if someone could give me a ride to a hotel, Sweetness asked where I was staying. “I don’t know yet. Any suggestions?”

“How fancy you want to get?”

“I don’t know, anything around here with an in room hot tub? I need to relax some.”

“Not sure about that, but I’ll call marmaris escort around.”

She found the Hilton had a few rooms with a hot tub.

“Do you have the number so I can reserve one. I need something to eat before bedding down for the night, too.”

“Already done.” She looked at her watch, “Hold on about ten minutes and I’m outta here. My treat.”


She walked away with that pop in her ass I like so much. First one side will pop, then the other side. Damn that’s sexy.

She returned a few minutes later and said, “You ready? Well, let’s go then.”

We climbed into a Harley-Davidson Ford pickup.

“Wow. Nice” I said.

She pulled out and I asked, “This your husband’s?” I was searching.

“Nope. Had one of them once. Didn’t like the way he tried to control me and it was like I was the only one of us that was married. Had to turn him loose.”

“Why are you so far from home without your other half?” Now she was fishing, I hoped.

“Don’t have one, never did.”

“You’ve never been married!?!?”

“No. Came close once. But it didn’t work out.”

“Cheated on you, huh?”

“Caught her the day I was going to ask her with what would have been my best man. Haven’t laid eyes on either one since. Water under the bridge.” I guess she took that as I didn’t want to discuss it further and clammed up about it. I was glad.

“Like Mexican food?”


She pulled in and parked. We sat down and she said, “This is the best I’ve found here so far. But I’m still looking.”

We ordered margaritas and browsed the menu.

“How long have you been in town?”

“Since last month. My first day on the job.”

“Really? I guess they’re proud of you with the bike sale and all the accessories.”

We ordered the food and went back to the conversation.

“Yeah, well, your old bike kinda sold it for me. I just went along for the ride, I guess you could say.”

“I thought it was a pretty nice ride myself. I figured you for a rider. Thought I’d be riding bitch to get to the hotel room” I laughed.

She laughed too. “You would have been but one is in the shop at work and the other is on a truck somewhere between here and San Antonio. I do the small stuff myself but engine work is a little over my head.”

“I thought I heard a little bit of that Texas twang in your voice.”

“Born and raised in Conroe, Texas”

“What brings you here?”

“Change of scenery more than anything else. Just got bored. Wanted a little adventure. I’m 44 and wanted to do some traveling before I get too damned old. I’m not rich enough not to work, but not so bad off I can’t go a little while without a job.”

“What a kindred spirit. What’s your real name by the way?”

She laughed out loud, “Charlene Mae. Just don’t sound right for a biker chick, does it?”

“Not really”

“So, now I’m Sweetness.”

“Then Sweetness it is.”

We finished the meal, which was actually pretty good. We mounted the pickup again and we had to search a bit to find the entrance to the hotel. I slid out of the truck and said, “Hey, I bet they have a bar in here. How about I buy you something to drink besides a watered down margarita?”

“Sure, why not. I’ll park and you get checked in. I’ll meet you in the lobby.”

I finished checking in and turned around to be greeted by those pearly whites again. I walked over and took her hand to stand and we went into the bar. We found a booth that was rather secluded and she took a seat. Then I slid in beside her instead of across from her. She put her hand on the inside of my thigh. I returned the favor and she didn’t reject it. She ordered a shot of bourbon with a coke chaser. I ordered a fireball with a dr. pepper chaser.

We danced and had a few drinks. She ordered something different every time. So did I. There was a slow dance playing and I bent ever so slightly and kissed her. She returned it without flinching. I had my hands all over her tight jeans pockets. She just swayed and moaned. I finally said, “I haven’t been up to my room yet. Why don’t we go check out the hot tub.”

She simply walked over to the booth, picked up one of my bags and waited for me to catch up. I picked up the other and we were off to find the elevator. My room was on the fourth floor. When we entered I started getting the hot tub warmed up and full. When I was done, as I turned around and said, “It’s going to a few min…” My jaw hit the floor. She was sitting on the side of the bed naked. She had a look of want and anticipation on her face. Her tits were nice with a bit of a sag but not bad and almost hot pink nipples, her pussy was marmaris escort bayan trimmed to just a landing strip of hair pointing to her clit.

I walked over and stood in front of her and she unbuckled my belt, undid the button and unzipped my fly. I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it in place. I kicked off my boots and sat down to take off my socks and she got on her knees and did it for me. Then she pulled my pants and boxer briefs down together as I lifted my ass off the bed to aid her letting my hard dick slap my belly. After my jeans left my feet she took my cock in her mouth and immediately pushed her head down to shove my cock down her throat. I almost came right then.

After a couple minutes I noticed the buzzer was going off. I don’t know how long it had been buzzing. They told me it had an automatic level control and it would buzz and stop filling when it got full.

I pulled her off my cock to her much noticed disappointment. Pushed the button to turn the alarm off and we got in the tub and turned on the bubbles. “I’m so hot I could probably get off with just these bubbles hitting my clit.”

“Oh yeah, give it a try. I’d really like to watch that.”

She turned around and couldn’t find a comfortable position. She told me to hold her up so she wouldn’t fall. I stood up and held her by the shoulders and she got in position and said, “That’s it. Hold me right there.” In less than a minute she was moving her ass and then started shaking and then tensed up and yelled out, “I’m cumming. Shit I’m cummmMMMIIIING.” After the orgasm subsided, she quickly turned and hugged me and gave me a very passionate kiss while she stroked my cock.

I helped her sit back down and started twiddling her clit and pussy lips sometimes inserting a finger or two in her pussy as we kissed and she stroked my cock from tip to balls.

We got out of the tub without thinking to turn off the bubbles and lay on the bed wet. Her nice firm ass was at the edge of the bed and I got on my knees and started licking her pussy and clit. I moved down to her feet. (Hey, I like to suck toes) I sucked on one toe at a time until all had equal attention. Then I licked my way back up to her pussy and clit. I licked her pussy lips and drove my tongue in as deep as I could. I would flick at her clit with my tongue and almost drive her over the edge then pull back. I wanted her to be begging me to fuck her. Now i flicked her clit with my stiff tongue while I was finger fucking her pussy. Then I spread my hand and shoved a lone finger in her ass and two in her sloppy wet pussy. She started to shake again and then she stiffened and produced a really huge orgasm and squirted out of her pussy all over my chest. When I realized she was squirting, I lowered my head and tried to catch it with my mouth but didn’t get much.

She finally relaxed and began clawing at me to come up to her. She said, “I want you to fuck me now”

I started licking her belly and worked my way to her nice plump tits. I sucked her nipples squeezing and pinching and rolling her other between my pussy wet fingers swapping sides at times. She begged, “Please fuck me. If you don’t fuck me now I’m gonna go fucking crazy. Fuck me now, pleeeease fuck me.”

That’s what I wanted to hear, so I moved up a bit more between her legs and slowly pushing my cock in her sopping wet hole she was grabbing and pulling on my ass cheeks trying to get me as deep as she could as quick as she could. I resisted and continued to slowly enter her trimmed pussy. When I was completely in I pulled out slowly and held for a few seconds. Then I jammed my cock in her as hard as I could. She came instantly. Then she relaxed and started humping me as I stroked her cunt with my dick slowly and easily. Then I pulled almost all the way out and slammed it in again only this time I kept slamming it in her over and over as hard as I possibly could. She was screaming as she came again then again. She went limp but kept humping me back. Then she started humping harder and harder. Another climax was rising from her insides. I pumped my cock in and out of her then just as I busted my nut deep inside, she came again. Not as strong as before but still substantial. I rolled over and she licked and sucked my cock clean.

I called the front desk and asked if someone could come change the bed that we had gotten the covers and sheets wet from the hot tub. We returned to the hot tub and really could enjoy it now that the sexual tension was out of the way.

She asked, ” Do you mind if I stay the night? It’s late and I really like morning sex.”

“Absolutely.” I put my hand on her pussy. escort marmaris “I’d like to have some for breakfast myself.”

About fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door. I asked Sweetness to get it because it was probably a woman. She got out naked and answered the door. She told the maid to come on in and she returned to the tub. When I looked up, it was the nice young man that checked me in. He changed the covers and sheets then went to leave. I asked Sweetness to please get a five out of my pants pocket for a tip. She got out of the tub and just had so much trouble finding my cash in my pants pocket. I knew she was just stalling. She finally found it and said, “There’s no five here.”

I already knew that. “Then give him a ten. He deserves it for all the trouble we put him through tonight.”

“That’s ok’ sir. I’ve had enough of a tip, believe me.”

“Bullshit” I said.

He took the ten and left.

We waited for a few moments then we both busted out laughing.

We finally went to bed cuddled up with one another and I slept like the proverbial rock.


I woke early, just like always and I hit the head and took care of some morning business. I snuck to the foot of the bed prepared to take care of more morning business. I slid under the covers and eased up between those long firm legs and started licking her pussy and clit. Shortly she started to squirm and wriggle around and finally she woke up. “Oh, oh ,oh, damn, what a surprise. I’ve never been awakened like this before.” She pulled the covers off and said, “If I could wake up like this every morning, life would be perfect.”

She spread her legs wider and tangled her fingers in my hair and pulled me closer, harder into her pussy. She was moaning, groaning, wriggling and then I hear, “ng, ng’ ng, ng, ng, I’m cumming, shit damn I’m cummiIIIIIINNNGG!!.” Then the dam busted loose and she pushed her hips upward and held my face to her pussy as tight as possible. She started squirting and I was catching it in my mouth and drinking most of it in. That’s what I was after. “Oh, damn you’re delicious.” I yelled.

I crawled up between her legs and pushed my swollen dick in her cunt slowly. She moaned and wriggled then started moving her hips to fuck me as I lay still. Then she got more animated and began humping me hard. I finally started pulling out. I stopped with just the head of my cock inside. She was humping furiously trying to get me deeper. I waited until she was stroking upwards and buried my hard dick in her as far in her as I could get. I was slamming my cock in, out, in, out, in, out, then back in and held it there. She was rubbing her clit on my pubic hair, wriggling and moaning. “Oh’ oh, oh, shit, I’m cummmMMMIIIIIINGG. I jacked in and out a couple times and filled her pussy with my cum. She was tensed and shaking and wriggling and cumming and I felt the warmth of her cum juices surround my squirting cock.

I rolled over beside her and she looked at me completely sated. I was too. We lay in silence for a moment. Then she said, “I’ve never had anyone eat my pussy so, so, …it was like you totally consumed it. And when you lapped and drank my juices, well, my orgasm was really a good one but when I realized that you were actually taking as much of my squirting juices in as you could, that really sent it into orbit.”

“Have you never had a man do that before?”

“No. I know I’m a squirter. They all try to pull away when I cum while they’re licking my pussy.”

“I’ll never understand why most men want a woman to swallow their cum, but don’t want to drink in a woman’s juice. Not when it is pumped out in a mass amount like that. I love it, and I’d say that Sweetness is the perfect nickname for you.”

“Can we get some breakfast? I think I’ve burned all the calories I had for dinner last night.”

“Me too” I agreed.

We took a shower, I fingered her cunt to another orgasm then got dressed and headed for the hotel cafe. After breakfast she drove to her apartment and took another shower and got dressed for work. While Sweetness was in the shower, I called Larry, my accountant, and explained that the dealership was going to call and to wire them the money they needed ASAP. “What’s the code? 7418, got it. Done.” Is all he said then hung up. He normally wants to bitch about things in general when I call. Must have been very busy.

After I signed all the papers for the new bike and the rental, Sweetness walked with me to say goodbye. As we stood next to the bike she said, “I hope you’re not in a hurry when you come back to pick up the bike, I’d like to treat you to dinner again.”

“Well, breakfast, wasn’t bad either, but it’s my dime next time.”

“Sorry, no hot tub this time. My apartment doesn’t have one.”

“There’s better things in life than a hot tub.” I winked, smiled and drove away.

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