My Sleeping Wife and the Neighbor

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My wife and I live in a small, suburban community, and it’s hard to find really good friends unless you’re in the same PTA or country club. Our best friends were our neighbors, who lived across the street. We liked them a lot, and we often spent many weekend nights having impromptu wine tastings. Ben was a large, black man — a former pro football player who became a metropolitan cop. Dara was a thin Latina from New York who did health care work. They were a fun, friendly couple. We had a lot in common.

I admit, I had a thing for Dara. Ben had a thing for my wife, Dee, a woman of hearty German stock — a blonde with big breasts, nice legs and cute feet. Definitely a physical difference from Dara, but they were as close as sisters. I always wanted to create a situation where Ben and I could swap wives for an evening. I think Dee would like Ben physically. He’s a big man, in every dimension that I could see, and Dee could easily accommodate him. I am built like a linebacker, but I am not equally gifted below the equator. I know what to do with it, but no woman has ever come away with that full, overwhelmed feeling … including Dee.

That’s fine, because I have a foot fetish, and Dee loves attention to her feet. Lots of our lovemaking sessions end with her and I mutually masturbating while I rub her feet and suck her cute toes. She gets off on it, as do I.

Actually, I know Ben has a foot kink, too. Forgive this brief tangent, but this detour shows you the extent of our interest in each other’s wife.

On one previous wine tasting at their place, Dara disclosed that her husband has a fantasy of being with my wife. I laughed, as I was more turned on than threatened.

Dara said she wouldn’t mind if Dee wanted to give him a test drive. Dee declined, but I told her I was OK if she wanted to let him have some fun. She said no, but added that it didn’t matter because he was going to jack off to her later anyway, because Dara confessed that she has helped him get off to pictures and thoughts of Dee. I told her I was OK with that, and if she ever wanted to help make his fantasy come true, she should go for it. In return, I confessed that I have jerked off to Dara’s pictures on Facebook once or twice.

Dara told Dee that Ben has a foot fetish, and Dee shared that I do, too. Dara has caught him staring at Dee’s pretty feet more than once. During one gathering at their house, Dee kicked off her sandals and padded barefoot cihangir escort around their house. Ben was a very happy man, seeing her bare feet.

When it was time to go, Dee was a little tipsy and couldn’t find her sandals, so she decided to just walk home across the street without her shoes. The next day, I went to retrieve her shoes, as a favor for my wife, and they were given back to me, covered in dried streaks of cum. Clearly, Ben had some fun with her shoes earlier that morning or the previous night. I smiled when I saw. I’ve done the same thing with women’s sexy shoes, and I recognize dried cum when I see it. I love it when opportunities present themselves, especially when it’s someone you get hard for.

Ben answered the door and let me in to get Dee’s sandals, at which time I disclosed that I loved seeing Dee wearing them. He told me Dara had a similar pair in a different color, and that Dee should try them. He went to his wife’s closet and pulled them out, for me to take home — ostensibly for Dee, but I think it was an unspoken return-the-favor kind of thing, because the shoes weren’t really similar at all. However, they were worn regularly, which is a huge turn-on for fetishists like us. When I got home — Dee was at work, still — I got down to business and streaked them with my own jizz. Twice.

I returned them the next day, along with a pair of heels that Dee wore fairly often. I told him that, as long as we were doing the shoe exchange “for our wives,” she wanted Dara to try out the heels.

On it went for a week or so — us husbands trading our wives’ shoes for our personal enjoyment. I loved knowing he was jacking off to them and to Dee, and I think he liked knowing I was jacking off to Dara’s shoes and to her.

One Saturday night a few weeks later, we invited Ben and Dara over for some wine, and Dee is a bit of a lightweight with her booze. Three glasses of wine, and she’s passed out for good. We opened a bottle of chardonnay, which has a big effect on Dee, and after a glass and a half, she was giddy drunk. She went to our living room couch, where Ben was seated, and she took the spot on the opposite end of the couch then stretched her legs toward Ben.

Ben noticed. How could he not? She was poking his thigh with her bare feet and was openly flirting with him. He looked over at me, and I smiled, because I know he has wanted to touch her çapa escort size-8 feet for a long time. I nodded, and he lifted one foot into his lap and started rubbing it. I noticed he was getting hard, too — his pants were tenting noticeably. Dee started sighing because she loved the attention. The intimacy of the moment, plus the rest of her glass of wine, had her passed out almost immediately. Ben just sat there, enjoying the moment himself.

Because Dee was asleep, Dara decided go back home, across the street. Ben and I were still talking about non-sex stuff, so she told him to stay until he was ready to come home. So then it was the three of us: me, my wife, and our friend, who was rubbing my wife’s feet as she slept deeply.

Ben and I kept talking for a while, and I noticed his cock twitching in his pants. He was very excited to be touching Dee’s feet. I noticed his arousal, so I said something. “I’m sure she loves it almost as much as you do,” I told him, and the conversation turned to what we like to do in our bedroom. I told him about a recent time that I made her come in less than a minute, just by sucking her toes while she used a vibrator. He shifted in his seat a bit — this got to him, which is exactly what I hoped to accomplish. And I kept talking about her shoes and her favorite nail polish color and her feet. Ben grabbed his cock and adjusted it in his pants.

“Damn, man,” he said. “You’re killing me. You love the same stuff I do. We’re lucky to have these women in our lives, but I wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to do more with her,” nodding his head toward my sleeping wife.

I appreciated his candor, because that made it easier to make the idea of swapping come true. I told him I would love to get with Dara, but she was gone for the evening and this was an opportunity to share my wife with Ben.

I told him it would be OK with me if he indulged. Dee was deep asleep, and there would be no chance she would wake up for anything. Wine has that effect on her — which I have used to my advantage more than a few times, I told him.

With that, he pulled down his shorts, releasing an 8-inch, thick, twitching big back cock. And he started stroking it right there with his right hand as he fondled her feet with his left. Being a bit of a voyeur, I loved watching a BBC enjoying my wife’s pale, white form.

He began rubbing the tip of his cock on her erenköy escort soles, and was enjoying the sensation immensely. I couldn’t control myself, either, and I yanked down my pants and started stroking my own cock. It was like watching my own, private porno, starring my wife and friend.

He was turned on, but it was obvious he wanted to do more. We made eye contact, and I nodded toward my wife. He raised one foot to his lips and briefly sucked her toes. He let her legs fall to the couch as he got up and knelt in front of her. I repositioned myself for a better view, and so she could see me (for a sense of safety) if she woke up for some reason. Dee was wearing a T-shirt with no bra, some loose shorts and no panties — she rarely wears panties, actually — and Ben pulled the crotch to one side so he could get a good view of her pussy, which was wet from the excitement of the foot rub.

He fingered her pussy for a few minutes, and Dee started bucking her hips approvingly. She actually had an orgasm that way, as far as I could tell. Ben jerked his cock much more quickly and intensely, and fondled her tits through her shirt. Then he looked over at me. I just nodded again and said, “Go ahead.”

Ben climbed up onto the couch, between her legs and stuck his cock inside her pussy, and then he slowly started fucking her. I stood up, moved closer to them, and shot a huge load onto the carpet. It was great watching another guy fucking her, even if she was sleeping. In my mind, she just had closed her eyes in ecstasy. Ben must’ve thought the same thing, because he immediately pulled out and jerked a big load into his left hand.

He wanted more, though, and he buried his face in her pussy and began licking until she bucked her hips and had another orgasm. I love to watch her come, and the idea that another person got her to come twice was pretty incredible.

Ben stood up, cleaned his cum off his hand with a paper towel I handed him, pulled his pants back on, downed the last of his wine, and thanked me for a wonderful experience and left.

Dee slept on the couch until morning and woke up in a very horny mood. She climbed on top of me in bed, and we fucked until we both came. I absolutely filled her box with my cum. The idea that I did something Ben wanted to do did the trick for me. “What got into you?” Dee asked me, flirtily. I smiled and said to her, “I think the better question is, what got into you?” She got a semi-concerned look on her face, and asked, “Why? Did I do something bad last night?” I smiled again and assured her that she absolutely did not.

I have a feeling that we’ll be doing this again soon. Hopefully, Dara will be in a playful mood, too. But if I can watch only Ben fucking my wife, that’ll be OK.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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