My Time in Whiterun Ch. 02

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Havar had been cautious to get so wrapped up in one woman but he couldn’t help with one as beautiful as his own mother. She was, in his eyes a pure perfection, the perfect woman and he had to have her. He found comfort in the fact that she was not the only woman he liked though, that girl he had met at the bar was very attractive. Havar was outside walking around the town chatting with people. He walked around for some time before stopping near the market he saw Ysolda head into the Bannered Mare and decided he too would go for a drink.

When Havar entered the bar he saw Ysolda sitting at the bar having a brew, he made his way to the seat beside her and asked if he could sit.

“Do you mind,” Havar asked motioning at the bar stool beside her.

“No not at all,” Ysolda responded.

Havar sat down and ordered some Black-Briar Mead, he got his drink and started talking to Ysolda.

“Hey so are you living with anyone else,”

“No I live alone,”

“You don’t have a husband or boyfriend,” Havar asked shocked

“No why?”

“Well you’re just so beautiful,” he answered.

“Havar you don’t have to try and lie to me,” she said as she looked down at her drink.

“No türbanlı escort Ysolda I’m serious you’re fucking gorgeous,” he said as he placed his hand on hers.

Ysolda looked at him, she stared into his eyes and he was lost in hers, she looked around.

“You can’t be serious, guys just say things like that because they want to get their dick wet,” she said.

“Ysolda believe me I would love to have sex with you you’re very sexy, but I would be happy just to spend time with you,” Havar told her as he touched her chin and directed her face towards his

“You, you mean that?”

“Of course,” Havar said as he leaned in closer to her.

“Hey what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” said a voice from behind him and Ysolda and Havar.

Havar turned to see a fist heading right for him, he ducked and the man swung right over his head. Havar jumped back from his seat and staggered away from the man.

“What do you want?” Havar questioned the man

“The names Mikael, and that there’s my woman!” he said pointing at Ysolda. exclaimed Mikael

“Jesus Christ for the last time Mikael were not dating, we never were!” yelled ümraniye escort Ysolda.

“I don’t want any trouble man,” said Havar

“Well you found trouble you fuck,” said Mikael.

“Fight, fight, fight!” the bar patrons chanted.

Mikael ran at Havar and knocked him right in the side of the head with his right fist, Havar dazed stumbled back holding his head.

“You really don’t want to do this,” Havar pleaded with him.

Mikael motioned for Havar to stand up. Havar seeing that this man wouldn’t back down put his fists up to fight him. Mikael ran again at Havar but this time Havar dodged left and grabbed hold of Mikael’s arm and threw him to the ground. Havar raised his fist high above himself and then brought it down violently onto Mikael’s face, crushing Mikael’s nose and knocking his teeth loose. Havar then pulled a knife rom his pocket and held it to Mikael’s throat and lifted him up and against the wall.

“Are you done?” Havar asked.

“Ye, ye, yes,” Mikael said blood gushing from his face.

Havar stabbed the knife into the wall just beside Mikael’s face,and returned to his seat beside Ysolda.

“Where were we?” acıbadem escort Havar asked sarcastically as he wiped away the blood from his fist.

“Well you certainly know how to handle yourself,” she said looking at Mikael laying against the wall.

“Thank you, oh yes as I was saying, of course I mean it your a very gorgeous woman,” he said as he returned his attention to her and their conversation.

Ysolda leaned over to Havar and got close to his ear.

“Do you wanna get outta here? Ysolda whispered into Havar’s ear.

Havar looked at Ysolda and nodded to her.

Ysolda lead Havar to her home near the inn and they went inside. Ysolda lead Havar into her living room, she had a small home most of the rooms were interconnected and weren’t very big. He made himself comfortable on one of the chairs in the living room as Ysolda entered her kitchen. She came out with two glasses of mead for her and Havar.

“Ysolda I thought you didn’t want to have sex,”

“Who said that, and who said were having sex?”

“Oh no I didn’t mean to imply anything, I just um,” Havar explained in an alarmed tone.

“Havar I’m just busting your balls,” she said.

“Oh gotcha”

“You’re cute you know that,” Ysolda said as she gave Havar his drink and sat across the table from him.


“So Havar are you a virgin?” Ysolda asked after taking a sip of her drink.

Havar got a little chocked up and red faced.

“Um yea,”


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