My Time with Roni – Awakening Ch. 02

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I don’t believe I actually introduced myself in the first chapter of my adventures with Roni. You can call me Dale, nice to meet you! In a comment on the original story the person said they assumed it to be real. It is. I have changed the names of those involved, however the content itself, is real. I hope you enjoy this installment.


It has been about 2 ½ months since Roni and I had our first night in the Castle ruin. It has been amazing. Not only is the sex the best I have ever had, but also the relationship as a whole is. We have opened up quite a bit more to each other even though she still remains painfully shy around others unless she knows them really well.

Roni had wondered out loud one night what it is like for me to see her from below as she fucks me. I told her, with a sly smirk and a wink, that maybe one night I would secretly record the scene so she could see for herself. She smiled and giggled nervously, feigning shyness and saying she wasn’t sure about that. Her tone told me she’d be more than game.

With the advent of the PC, my job has morphed since first joining the Army. I was now working in IT with an emphasis on security. Compared to today, the days around the early 2000s were not nearly as easy, cameras and early recorders were bulky, but with time, patience and some expertise, setting up Cameras was pretty doable. Of course, not wanting to miss any of Roni’s whims. I put 3 angles in the bedroom and another in the living room.

Due to my rank, we lived in a two story, leased Townhouse, in a somewhat upscale neighborhood at the end of a cul-de-sac overlooking the vineyards on the opposite hills to the southwest, across the river valley below. I guess it was somewhat large by German standards. It contained 3 bedrooms, one of which is my office, the kitchen, Living-room and a small bath on the first floor. A guest bedroom and the Master on the second floor with a big master bath filled the second floor. Other than 1 other American, who will play a later role in our adventures, all of the other six apartments housed German families.

The Living-room was on the same floor as and shared a common wall with my office. Nearly the entirety of this walls length was covered with a long, tall, German made Oak wall unit. The Top of it had some very well done carving on the full length, so finding a place to put the camera, without obstructing the view all that much, was pretty easy. It was also easy to make it “invisible” since the unit was about 9 feet tall in a room with 9.5-foot ceiling. Because Roni was only 5’4″ she couldn’t see it from anywhere in the room. Leaving enough extra cable on top of the unit allowed me to reposition it as needed to cover almost anywhere. For now, angled down to cover the length of the sofa worked fine.

Due to the way the building was constructed the bedroom was right above the Living-room. All pf the phone boxes and outlets on both floors were right above those below so running wiring was a breeze — straight down the conduit to the basement then up in to the office. Roni knew about the Camera mounted in the bedroom under the TV screen so it didn’t need to be special or hidden. It could record sound. But not the other 2 angles I had to set up with more cunning, involved a little more cost, but would be worth it.

We spent nearly every evening together, unless one of us was out of town or had to work late. We went on a couple extended weekend trips and spent hours walking and biking, going out to dinner, more time in the park and lying in bed in the dark, talking to the wee hours of the morning.

I brought up her “play time” friend during several of those talks, probing her feelings and thoughts. She always blushed and went back to her “No, I’m not bi-sexual,” but I really enjoyed that time in my life, but we were just two curious girls” statement.

I then asked, remembering the seeming ease every time she deep throats me. How can a tiny woman light you so easily take a big cock in your mouth? She explained, how she and “friend” discovered something as they watched porn and practiced giving blowjob on their dildo. Roni stated, as if describing a technical manual, “If you get the angle right, then get the feeling of yawning in the back of your throat, drop your tongue and push it forward and once we get used to the size, we could push the entire 8 inch dildo all the way in. I gulped, hard.

Enough back-story. I had felt for a while that I picking up on something she didn’t know about herself? – It was time to begin testing my theories.


We were both on vacation the next week so we decided to spend that Friday evening at home in my apartment. Well, in truth she had moved in over the course of the last month so I guess it was now “Our” apartment. Plants and girly stuff were everywhere. I didn’t mind, new love is a wonderful thing it makes up for the changes.

Over the last few months there are two things I quickly learned. The first thing being that this petite woman absolutely LOVES trabzon escort sex. Nearly anytime, anywhere, with the possible exception of the middle of the street at high noon, she is ready, willing and able. LOL. The second being that either red wine or Vodka-Red Bull will get her going without fail.

Red wine has a slow burn fuse effect on her. After 2 or 3 glasses build up inside her she can stop or keep sipping, it won’t matter. Once a few hours pass, it settles in to her blood stream, and she gets very horny, dripping wet and ready for passionate sex.

Vodka/Red Bull on the other hand, if she has more than a shot every 30 minutes or so, is a count down from 100, “shut up and fuck me now” situation. I swear Vodka goes straight from her lips to her head, then ricochets to her pussy, this makes her mouth say whatever her pussy is thinking — rather like a man — it makes her a fun, inexpensive date.

Tonight, I decided to go the red wine route. Roni got home from work right at 4:15 as usual, came in to the kitchen and gave me a kiss as I prepped the steaks and veggies for the grill. She went upstairs to take a shower and change, although I would be just fine if she hadn’t. She always dresses stylishly, conservative, yet sexy.

Today’s work choice was a tight pencil skirt, cut about 2 inches above her knees and dark blue silk blouse with the top few buttons undone, open just down to the point where cleavage begins. Her perfect Breasts, tucked nicely in to a push-up bra, added a to give a nice rounded effect. This, outfit was completed with a nice dark Blazer.

Smiling, the thought of a thick hard cock, titty-fucking her, flashed through my mind. Once done, it shot a huge, hot load of cum toward her bowed, open mouth, splashing her lips, her short brunette pixie cut and her “librarian” glasses. Suddenly I was in a cold sweat as a chill ran up my spine. CONCENTRATE!! You have work to do.

While Roni was doing her thing, I went about my tasks. I turned on the power to the living-room camera, went to the office, set the recording deck timer for 9pm, well before I thought we’d be back in and added a new 8-hour tape. I really looked forward to finding out how my plan for the night’s events would unfold.

The patio out back is perfect for grilling. A 6-foot privacy fence, on each side of the yard, is open on the back so as not to obstruct the view of the vineyards. The side fencing ran out to the edge of the steep hill that falls 150 feet or so to the river below.

Roni came out to the patio about 5:00, just as I was I loading the grill and handed me a cold beer. So thoughtful she is!

As usual, she looked stunning. Her sundress had no straps; I really enjoy this one. I call it her sexy-sausage casing. It is form fitting and tight like a long, elastic tube top. From top to bottom, it accentuated every curve, from just above her breasts, to just inches below what I know would be her soft, now freshly shaven pussy. I could tell she wasn’t wearing underwear. I could she her firm round ass in the tight fabric, the crease of her cheeks splitting it right down the middle plainly visible. – Have I mentioned my concentration abilities usually go out the window when she’s around???

We heard a few of the German neighbors starting to come out as well. They’ll stop by to say hello as always. I’ll have to be a good boy — for now. One of the American things Germans have really picked up over the years with all of the Americans around is the tradition of the weekend BBQ. Since it has been a nice, warm spring, everyone got the grills out a little early this year.

It had gotten to just above 80 degrees that day so the evening was balmy and warm. After dinner we sat in the lounge chairs I had built the year before. I am tall, so Roni could dangle her legs off the end it the leg rest was down. We talked about our day and what we wanted to do during our vacation. We also finished 2 bottles of wine and opened a third about just as the sun was beginning to disappear behind the hills. — I made sure I got the good French Red she liked — I stocked up. I could tell she was getting frisky… It would be a good night.

About 9:15, after the sun had gone completely behind the high bluffs to the west, behind the castle, we went back inside as the temperature dropped quickly and settled on to the couch, snuggling and kissing. She likes cuddling on the couch and suggested we watch a movie. I agreed — (actually, I had hoped she’d suggest doing so as she usually does, so it wouldn’t seem like my idea.) I have a projector set up for movies and American sports on AFN satellite, so I pulled down the 10-foot screen, went over, turned on the DVD player and projector and popped in a movie. She was about to get teased — bigger than life.


When it started, she snorted as she laughed. “Porn eh?” you think you need to get me horny after the wine. I feigned innocence, which of course she was having none of. She teased me for even thinking she was easy after having trabzon escort bayan some wine. I have no idea why, but Yoda popped in to my head – Yes, young Jedi, with this one is the sarcasm strong!!

I had bought a specific movie to see what her physical responses to the different scenes would be. I had seen it recently at a bachelor party and was familiar with the scenes it contained and the physical appearance of the actors in it.

The first scenes were the usual porn-y, cheesy stuff. The main actress was a petite brunette with short hair, Roni looked at me and giggled, not missing the irony. During the first half of the movie, several different guys fucked Roni’s stunt double.

Roni was very attentive in her growing red wine filled state, OK; she was almost drooling like a teen boy peering through the neighbors’ window at the local hot mom. Her breasts were rising and falling as her breathing sped up and slowed down with the pace of the sex, feeling every thrust “she” was getting onscreen. Slowly sipping her wine with a trembling hand.

When her glass was empty, she held it toward me, never taking her eyes off the screen. She would later admit to me that she had indeed replaced the onscreen stand-in with herself. Mesmerized while watching as several different guys fucked “her”, one by one. My plan was proceeding even better than I had imagined. In her drunken state, almost under her breath, she mumbled: “so lucky to have so many friends.”

Startled when I intruded in to her world, Roni flinched when I asked, acting as if I was a little confused (read: “curious”); “Didn’t you say you and your “friend” watched porn?” She responded by saying they only watched girls give blowjobs so we could learn.” I’ve never watch a whole movie before, never removing her eyes from the action.

As the movie went on, it got more involved. We were finished our 3rd bottle of wine, mostly Roni, as I wanted to keep my wits about me as much as possible, to focus on my experiment.

In one of the middle scenes, the “Roni” character meets another woman, petite, but with short reddish hair. They end up in a tent, kissing and licking each other in varying positions, to very nice orgasms. I watched Roni closely during this entire scene. Watching her breathing get labored, her lips part, her tongue involuntarily moving ever so slightly and every so often running over her lips. Roni was riveted to what was taking place. Her nipples were about to poke holes through her top. It was then I noticed a small detail I hadn’t noticed before. I don’t think she even realized, but the index finger of her right hand was gently caressing her inner thigh, just under the bottom hem of her dress. Hmm, Interesting.

The last portion of the movie was of course the big finale, for the movie and for my observation experiment.

At this point, the head actress had fucked 5 single guys and two different girls and a few 3somes with combinations of them. In the last scene, she was in a hot tub with one guy when 2 more approached. “stunt Roni” was giving the original guy, who had a nice big cock, a blowjob.

Glancing down, I saw Roni was breathing very fast. Her eyes darting quickly around the scene in front of her, mouth agape. Her nipples strained at her top. I reached over and pulled it down until her breasts popped out. I don’t think she even noticed.

The other two guys dropped their clothes and started to masturbate, both cocks engorging to a full 8 or 9 inches each, just like the one “Roni” was currently sucking. Real Roni’s breathing increased, her finger in now caressing up between her thighs, causing the bottom of her dress to be pushed up, causing its elasticity to roll up until it was no more than a wide belt at her waist, exposing her panty-less pussy.

As the scene went on and the two new guys moved forward and took “Roni’s” hands and put each one of them on a different cock, I thought real Roni was going to jump out of her skin. Her chest was heaving, breasts lightly bouncing and swaying to the rhythm of her breaths. She couldn’t remove her eyes from the scene. Instinct or primal need for some relief, her hand moved straight to her pussy. She was in her own world in her mind now, her thoughts playing out in front of her on the screen, oblivious to me or anything else. She had drunk a lot of red wine, and the slow burn effect was in high gear. The sounds of her fingers in her wet pussy was so intoxicating — I slid out of my shorts and leaned back at an angle against the arm of the sofa and masturbated with her.

She sat transfixed as her onscreen self took all three of these cocks in every way she could. When she was riding one guy, with a second licking her clit, real Roni had her first orgasm. When the angle and scene changed, “Roni” was center screen, riding a guy as he sat on a chair legs spread wide. Slowly, a second guy crouched behind them between guy ones knees and slid his cock in to “Roni” surrogate ass as the third guy stood behind the chair fucking her escort trabzon mouth. This entire time Roni never stopped beating her poor little pussy. When she saw this scene, the double penetration, with blowjob chaser, she came hard a second time.

As for me, I was now also mesmerized, here was my ultra shy girlfriend, furiously getting “live” self off watching three men have their way with her alternate self, in living color and stereo sound. I enjoyed that picture in my mind too as I knew right then that I HAD picked up on something in Roni she didn’t even know existed.

For the grand finale, all three of the huge cocks were at the woman’s face, one in each of her hands, and one in her mouth. One-by-one the sprayed thick loads of come all over the brunette’s face. At that point I couldn’t hold off any longer and I stood and shot my load all over Roni’s face just as she arched her back and screamed as she started her orgasm, hyperventilating. It was now “4D” experience. As cum dribbled down her face, Roni’s eyes rolled back in her head, and she slumped in a heap as she fainted.

Slowly, Roni came back to reality. We both smiled at each other as the cobwebs cleared from her mind. We fucked each other for the next 2 hours in every position we could.

After finally relaxing, I asked her; “So, what did you think?” She asked what I meant. Since she was still drunk I knew I would never have an better opportunity to ask her some pointed questions and get unvarnished answers, especially since she would probably forget most of the conversation.

I started by asking her about the reaction I noticed when the little brunette was with the redhead. I told her I saw how heavy she was breathing, how hard her nipples were and that her finger was caressing her thigh. She admitted surprise, but she was really turned on by it. In fact, she said her old friend popped in to her mind and she got really wet remembering how it all felt.

That was exactly what I had thought her reaction would be watching that scene. I didn’t push that thought very much, but I knew that I was right; there is a hot little bi-sexual inside Roni. I wasn’t crazy when I would see what I thought was interest in her when she would see another hot woman while we were out and about. File that thought away for later.

Next, to lighten things up I asked why she flinched when I asked her about “so many friends” comment. She said it surprised her because she hadn’t realized she said it out loud. I laughed: “Nope, full blown outside voice on that one my dear”. She laughed with me and said that the girl in the movie got more guys in the first 10 minutes than she has had in her life. I responded to her by chuckling and saying; “Perhaps we need to get you more cock then.” She smacked my arm and giggled back as if trying to let the air carry the comment of. I could tell, it didn’t; it was lingering in her mind.

She then changed the subject by saying, “for guys being with lots of girls it is different.” Like me having had a threesome with 2 girls in college. Girls aren’t like that.

I went in to more serious voice here after that statement, I was beginning to tread in to new territory.

I asked her how she honestly felt about that statement. First about the Guys do, girls don’t comment. She sat silent and just thought for a minute.

The look on her face changed a little. She said it kind of surprised that those words had come out. Now, thinking about them, she said it sounded like every hypocrite she had ever heard make sexist comments.

Roni would never be confused with being a feminist, but she is very open minded about people and their right to do what makes them happy, without judgement from anyone. This discussion went on for quite a few minutes with her finally saying she guessed it wouldn’t be a bad thing, if that were what she wants. — She then tried corrected herself — If that’s what A WOMAN wanted.

I smirked inside, she was right the first time — what SHE wants!!

Without prompting, as Roni’s mellow buzz had control of her mind opened up with a confession. She HAS found herself attracted to other women from time to time. She asked me how it felt to watch a girl I was having sex with have sex with another girl too. I told her it was very hot and explained the whole “guy thing” to her. She laughed and asked “who has the hypocrite thoughts now” with a wry, confident, teasing gotcha smirk on her face. All I could say was “Touche d’Artagnan.”

Roni asked if I could get her a glass of water, so I went to the kitchen and got one for her. When I returned, I could see the wheels were really churning in her head as I handed her the glass. I left to her thoughts as they rolled around for a few minutes.

Roni gets very contemplative when she is coming down from being drunk. In order to give her more time to solve world hunger, of figure out some of the I want more cock feeling and thoughts spinning in her head like Tasmanian Devils, I got up under the guise of having to use the bathroom. I got up, walked around the corner, closed the bathroom door before going in, then turned and peered around the corner and watched her for several minutes. In her buzzing state, I could have stayed the watching for an hour; time had no meaning for her in this state.

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