My Wife, My Sister and Me

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Double Penetration

Attention Guys–No oversize dickies or oversized tits here. Also no anal, no revenge or other cruelty or dis-respect of women.

There is a prior story mentioned in this one. It is MARILYN DOES HER BROTHER. This and that are each stand alone stories.


I’m Jim, age 40. My wife is Donna age 38. We have been married for 15 years and have two children Steve age 13 and Rita age 11. We live in Northern West Virginia.

One evening about sometime back we were in the middle of a particularly enthusiastic love making session when Donna asked.

“Tell me the truth please. Did you ever fuck Janet?”

Startled I stopped thrusting and we lay there coupled with just an occasional involuntary thrust. “My sister Janet? What made you ask that? Of course not.” Meanwhile my past fantasies of doing just that suddenly surfaced and I became hard as a rock.

“No? Then why are you twice as hard as you were a minute ago?” said Donna as she gave me a couple of quick thrusts.

A few seconds later she added. “She is so sexy that I can’t believe that you didn’t at least try. Didn’t you ever do anything?”

“Honestly. No. I never tried. Well, that’s not exactly true. I started a pillow fight once. We were both in our pajamas. I did have an ulterior motive. As I hoped we ended up wrestling around and we each copped a feel or two. It was erotic fun and a fond memory. Unfortunately nothing happened.”

Donna and I were frank with each other on things of this nature. “I did a lot of looking though and I must have ejaculated a gallon of cum doing fantasy encounters with her.”

I asked. “What got you started thinking in that direction?”

Donna seemed lost in thought but her body reacted by riding my super hard cock faster and harder for a minute.

Then she stopped and said. “I don’t know. I’ve been watching her the last few times she was here and the way she acted around you. There was a lot of touching going on between you. I had the feeling that she was sexually attracted to you

Donna continued. “Her manner is always so sexy that she’s got me aroused and thinking about exploring my bi side. It’s been years since I even thought about doing any bi stuff but she kind of got me going. Actually when we were kids she was my first bi fantasy.”

“How about a threesome?” That popped out of me before I had time to think. I cringed waiting for the expected sarcastic reply.

“Up to you. I’m game.”

To say that her reply was a shock would be the understatement of the year. But the idea was something new and it began giving me ideas.

About ten years back Donna had owned up to a desire to explore her bi side with our neighbor Nancy Williams. We had heard that she and her best friend Beverly occasionally got together for sex.

We actually worked together to help Nancy figure out Donna’s interest and her willingness. Things seemed to be going quite well and there seemed to be an unspoken agreement between them. One night Donna brought up the subject of a threesome.

I had been attracted to Nancy long before Donna expressed any interest but did not feel any return interest from Nancy. When Donna brought up the subject I naturally thought that it was a great idea. Actually though I had no feeling that Nancy would ever consider that option even if she and Donna sinned together.

However when I responded with enthusiasm Donna immediately pulled back and in fact had seemingly lost interest in lesbianism until her recent pronouncement.

Our enthusiasm over the idea caught up with us then. We were both came and then we went at it again. In spite of that the discussion didn’t come up again for about six weeks.

That night we were eating supper when our younger son Dale popped out with. “Daddy. Did you know that Aunt Janet was coming and spending Labor Day weekend with us.”

I looked at Donna and she looked at me and winked. Suddenly I had a major hard on. Luckily concealed by the table.

“By the way.” Donna added. “I ordered that king size bed we looked at last Saturday. It will be here next Thursday. Just in time for Labor Day weekend.”

To say that I was both astonished excited would be another understatement.

My sister Janet, by the way was at that time a thirty seven year old Radiation Oncologist at a cancer center in Morgantown. She was pretty much married to her career but I did know of several sexual entanglements over the years.

After hearing of the weekend plans the rest of the evening was busy. We did not get a chance to talk about it until we were in bed together. We were both naked and having trouble keeping our hands to ourselves.

I was hard and Donna had a slippery pussy when I checked it. After I did that and we had explored each other for a minute the mood seemed right and I asked.

“Are you seriously considering that we are going to try to seduce Janet into our bed?”

Donna tightened around my finger and thrust forward a bit. My cock became very fatih escort erect as Donna responded saying.

“I really don’t know what’s come over me. I got this idea one day during Janet’s last visit. Now it’s taken a hold of me and I’ve been horny ever since.

“Since then almost every time I’ve masturbated especially with just my fingers, I’ve thought of her. Other times I’m picturing you and her together. Am I crazy?”

“I guess if you are than I am too. Since you brought it up I keep thinking of you and her together and it’s instant hardon. I’ve come close to having it come up at the wrong time on several occasions.

“The other day I saw someone in the mall that reminded me of Janet. That made me picture you and her together and I got a major woody. I had to sit down till it went away. Luckily had a package to cover it with.”

“I do have a question though. How are we going to bring the subject up?”

“Well, Janet does like to touch a lot. I plan to wear something soft and revealing and underwear. I suggest that you do the same. Hopefully we can tell from her reaction what her mood is. Also I suggest that we do a lot more touching both of each other and of her.”

“Did you know that I’ve spoken with her several times in the past few weeks?”

“Sounds like a plan to me. Let’s do it and no you didn’t tell me. What did you talk about. Do I want to know?” I waited for Donna to tell me of the talk.

“Lot’s of laughing about you and in the middle I dropped in a remark about how sexy you thought she was. She laughed and said something to the effect that you had your chance and ‘muffed it’. The only thing she would add was to say. ‘Ask Jim if he remembers our wrestling match.’ and then she got off on something else.”

We had a very enthusiastic love session discussing the possibilities the weekend might bring. Our new above ground pool in our very private back yard played prominently in those fantasies.

Janet surprised us by arriving early. In fact she arrived just as I was returning home from work an hour earlier than usual. We greeted each other in the driveway as I went to help with her luggage.

She had so little to lug in that she needed very little help. She explained. “I assumed it would be a casual weekend so I brought a minimum of clothes. If need be I’ll bum something from Donna. We take the same size in almost everything.

Janet was twisting here and there in her car seat as she gathered up things. As a result the dress she was wearing had climbed very high. Her yellow panties were in plain sight. I noted also that they were so sheer that I could see her neatly trimmed pussy.

“I was immediately hard and since my crotch was at Janets eye level as she turned back she noted it immediately. She looked down at herself and immediately added two and two. She blushed a bit and said. “I obviously caused that, sorry. Did it forget that what it saw belonged to it’s sister.”

I was quick enough to answer. “It knows that. It also knows a sexy lady in a sexy pose when it does see one. By the way ‘hello’.” With that I bent and kissed her on the lips. I deliberately held the kiss leaving the pull away decision to her. Both our mouths opened a bit. “

She didn’t break the kiss and I thought that there were about to be tongues until we heard Donna say. “Glad to see you two getting along so well. May I join the party.” We all laughed avoiding the necessity for anyone to reply and went into the house.

Donna told Janet. “You know where to bunk in. The kids are in the pool and Jim needs to change. I need to supervise for a minute. If you’re hungry help yourself. See you in the rec room in a few.”

I headed to the bedroom to get on some comfortable clothes. I was naked a when Donna came in and said. “I found your old silk running shorts and a cut off T. They will make you look sexy. Now tell me. Do I look as sexy as I feel?”

Donna had on a short skirt of some soft material and a thin halter top which showed the state of her nipples and which showed all if she bent forward. She stood tight up to me and put her arms around my neck and looked at me with obvious questions in her eyes. I replied saying.

“One, yes you are very sexy. Two, the kiss was very enjoyable. Three I suspect that something nice will happen before the weekend is over. Does that answer your questions.”

At that point I reached under Donna’s skirt to confirm my guess that she was wearing no panties. Without my commenting she said.

“You know that if I go without panties I have to wear a skirt or dress otherwise I develop a visible wet spot if I get excited.”

I went downstairs to the rec room as the phone rang and Donna answered and got involved with a friend and her problem of the day.

I found Janet in the rec room almost wearing a very brief and sexy bikini outfit which showed that she had been taking very good care of her body but was behind on getting a tan.

We caught up on family fındıkzade escort business for a few minutes and then Jan hesitated a moment and then asked. “What’s going on here?”

“What do you mean.”

“Well the nice kiss. With which I obviously cooperated by the way. The inciting clothing which approaches nakedness. Well —-I can’t pin it down but something is in the air and I suspect that it’s sex. And I can’t help feel that it is for my benefit.”

“Caught. I never could hide anything from you, almost nothing anyhow. You’re psychic as far as I am concerned..”

“What did you think you were able to hide from me? Do you think I didn’t know as we used to say that ‘you were warm for my form’ I did know that I just never called you on it. Al least until now.”

“What do you mean? Explain that to me.”

“Well let me put it this way. I often noticed your eyes on me and I noticed your bodies reaction. I deliberately teased you because I considered each hardon to be a compliment. Lastly I often masturbated over you and it would have taken very little effort to cause me to commit incest.”

“Happily, at least I think happily my common sense prevailed. Now that we are mature adults and nobody else is going to get hurt it might be time to reconsider.

“Meanwhile, what’s with Donna? Do I sense that I have an opportunity there? She is one sexy lady.”

“Let’s say that you have been the item of considerable discussion and speculation. Don’t be surprised at anything that might be offered.”

“Well just between us I still masturbate a lot. I don’t have much chance for the real thing it’s a great sleeping pill. I guess I’ve been catching psychic vibes. You and Donna are in most of my recent fantasy encounters. Which, by the way that I accepted Donna’s invitation so quickly.

“One request though.” said Jan. “Don’t spill this conversation. Let Donna and I seduce each other if that’s what is to be. OK?”

“Yes.” I paused. “How about we seal that agreement with a kiss.”

Janet looked around to see that we were still alone and then stepped close to me and locked her hands behind my neck. “Alright brother dear. Ball’s in your court. Show me what a great kisser you are.”

With that she pressed her almost covered crotch against my very hard and tented shorts and kissed me open mouthed. Our tongues interlocked and played together as our crotches wiggled against one another. My knees weakened and my body trembled.

I could feel Janets body trembling and her hard nipples under the thin fabric against my chest. We wiggled our crotches together as we made the most of our first ever significant kiss. Hearing Donna’s good-bye to her friend we parted and assumed innocent looks. Donna entered and looked at us.

“You two look so innocent that you must be guilty of something. I’ll let my imagination tell me what. Now let’s get in the pool for a quick swim. Your parents are due in about an hour and we need to get things ready for a cookout.

The parents showed about an hour later and we made short work of the food and then sat around bringing each other up to date on things.

“Suddenly our daughter Rita popped out with. “Daddy. May Steve and I go to the lake with Gram and Gramp?”

“Have you been invited.” I asked. “It’s not polite to invite yourselves.”

My father answered for her. “Well we didn’t come right out and invite them but we did hint at it. I wasn’t sure if my sprained ankle would be well enough to chase them. But yes, we would love to have them and you three might like to have a weekend to talk grownup talk.”

I looked at Donna and she nodded while doing a great job of hiding a grin. “Fine with us.” I answered. “Kids you promise to be good and follow all instructions and you may go.”

It took the kids about eight minutes to pack and stack suitcases and fishing gear by the front door.

Two hours later the kids were gone. The chores were done. It was dark. We three were in the pool naked and indulging in horse play or if you prefer grab ass. It was a great opportunity to cop a feel and we all three were doing just that.

Both women had very viewable breasts which were more or less the same size. They were topped by pointed nipples which although much smaller than my cock were at least as hard.

We formed teams and ganged up two against one and then switched teams and ganged up on another. I managed to grab Janet from behind and hold her by the tits as she fought off Donna. Later she held Donna as I gave my wife a quick finger then they both got on my case and groped my hard cock.

Never had I had so much enjoyment in a pool. I don’t even really enjoy swimming. As we continued I got a feel of each of Janet’s boobs again and even groped her pussy. As I did Janet grabbed my cock and managed to squeeze it as she gave me a wink.

Then Janet and Donna began to ignore me and concentrate on each other. I didn’t mind that at all and after a minute walked over to halkalı escort the side of the pool and snagged my drink. The girls were having a ball and were spending more time wrestling than they were splashing each other.

Then Donna was holding Janet from behind and her hands were holding Janet’s breasts with her fingers pinching her nipples. Janet had one hand behind her and I suspected she was feeling Donna’s pussy. Donna looked over at me and said.

“I’ve got her now come and have your way with her.”

“I surrender. Now do with me what you must.” With that she let Donna support her weight and her lower legs came up out of the water and were far apart. I took that as an invitation. I put down my drink and moved toward them.

I moved between Jan’s legs and we were at a perfect height that my hard dick acted as if it were a guided missile and contacted Jan’s pussy dead center. Unfortunately the pool water had washed away any slippery juices that may have been there and dickey was stopped dead in his tracks.

I took this as an omen and said to the girls. “You two look as if you are ready to quit. Why don’t you kiss and make up and I will go over there and watch.”

Neither needed any convincing and Janet turned her head around toward Donna and they adjusted their positions and they locked lips. It was a gentle kiss at first and then turned fierce as their tongues began to battle.

Donna meanwhile was pinching and rolling Jan’s nipples and judging from what I could see Jan was doing erotic things to Donna’s pussy.

We have a double lounge with a nice cushion. I untied it and placed it on the grass and then gave a shrill whistle. When they looked at me I pointed at it and they promptly got the message.

They came out of the pool holding hands and I handed each of them a towel. They quickly dried themselves and each other and then faced each other and began a full naked body to full naked body kiss.

AS I said their boobs are about the same size and they are about the same build and height. As they kissed they began to have what I thought of as a nipple fight. That is they wiggled their upper bodies around and around and their nipples were constantly touching and rubbing against the others.

Soon both sets of legs were parted. They each had a thigh between the others parted ones and were beginning to hump against them.

The thought passed through my mind that maybe I should throw a bucket of water on them but of course I didn’t. They were moaning and mewing into each other mouths and I expected them to come any minute.

I noticed that each thigh was soon glistening with pussy juice.

I didn’t masturbate as I watched not wanting to come as I enjoyed this most erotic sight. It didn’t seem to matter I still had to concentrate to prevent myself from coming. After a few minutes they Janet whispered something to Donna. Donna nodded and they walked to the cushion that I had spread for them.

Then I got a shock. I expected to see them experiment and kiss each other and gradually work their way to kissing and licking each other’s pussy and clit. But that was not their plan.

They wasted no time in lying down together but it was like they had done it before. They fell onto their sides into the sixty nine position. Quickly their heads were between each other thighs and there tongues and fingers were busy.

While I couldn’t see exactly what those tongues and fingers were doing I have a good imagination and didn’t need to see. I could see the passion sweep over them both and I could hears the sounds they made some being moans and unintelligible words and some being the sounds of passion.

Another sound can only be described as slurping. Meanwhile I was ready to let loose my cum and I kneeled close beside them. Here I could see better and I finally took my cock in hand as it began to come.

I was able to control it like it was a hose. I aimed first at Donna’s lips which were tight against Jan’s pussy. I started there and went up the line. Then on Donna’s tits and then on Jan’s tits and finally on Jan’s mouth as it and her fingers brought joy to Donna’s cunt.

Jan pulled back a little and let some cum drip down to her tongue. Then she used her tongue to work it into Donna’s cunt. Having come so energetically I needed a minute to recover. At least I thought that I did.

My dick had other ideas though. It was still ready to do something but the sight I was watching was completely captivating. How often does one get to watch the two women he loves the most in this world make love together.

So while the temptation to interject myself into the action was powerful I decided to watch and exercise my wrist. Jan and Donna were so involved with each other I don’t think that they would have noticed a cherry bomb going off next to them.

I continued to kneel and to stroke myself. I came again and my cum was again all over their bodies. I don’t think they noticed. Periodically they rolled over into a new position but remained coupled. First Donna had been on her left side. Then on her back.

Now there was something different about them and it took a minute for me to figure it out. Then I realized what it was. Usually when doing sixty nine the girl on top spreads her knees across the other’s chest.

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