Natural Inclinations Pt. 02

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NOTE: This is a work of fiction. All individuals are 18 years or older.

Natural Inclinations — Part 2

By: Deana Bard

Chapter 5

Peter began undressing for that long overdue shower. Still under the influence of alcohol, it was done as if on autopilot. Instead of thinking about what he was doing, the previous four hours were replaying in his head.

Recalling the brief but tender kiss she gave him as he was leaving to say thanks for “being such a good helper” sent a fresh wave of warmth through him. Of course, that kiss was nothing compared to that very first kiss. The one that made his toes curl and his heart do summersaults. He had never imagined that kissing could cause such physical reactions and emotional delight. He liked those feelings. He liked them A LOT!

That Janice was twice his age didn’t matter one bit. In fact, it kind of excited him that an older woman would want to kiss him like that.

Thoughts of the two of them possibly kissing again was making his dick stiff.

Standing naked in front of his mirror, he admired his rising boner. Visions of Janice’s sexy body and recollections of how great it felt touching her bare midriff sent waves of lust through him. The way she had urged his face and lips to hers. That tingly sensation when his tongue touched then jousted with hers.

By now, Peter’s erection stood proud and fully engorged. Turning from side to side and posing for himself in the mirror, he couldn’t help thinking to himself, “Damn! What a great looking boner. I wonder what Miss Janice would do if she ever saw this baby?”

While waiting for the hot water to come up in the shower, he checked himself out in the bathroom mirror again. Even though his erection had begun to subside, he still found pride in his appearance. Quietly, he said to himself, “Hey! All you guys that called me a loser… Well, this loser has a mature woman for a girlfriend.”

As steam began filling the room, a faintly familiar fragrance did also. But Peter’s mind was too preoccupied to allow that to distract him. Still admiring the manly specimen staring back at him, he noticed that his chest seemed to be peeling. He picked and brushed several flakes of some sort that were only lightly attached to his chest and belly. It wasn’t until his fingers got down to the fine curly hairs that surrounded his privates that caused him to look more closely. That’s when it clicked. Sure enough, it was the dried yet unmistakable residual evidence from much earlier in the day. From chest to toe, the front of Peter’s body showed the dried flaky remnants of sperm.

Suddenly he flashed back to that morning. Peter’s mind filled with a jumble of recollections. An assortment of thrilling discoveries, exciting challenges, and euphoric pleasures followed by horrific terror and panic, culminating in… OH … MY … GOD!!!

A wave of embarrassment more massive than he had ever experienced in his life rocked him to his core. Involuntary shivers raced up and down his body. Recalling how he had run naked out of the house, potentially exposing himself to the whole neighborhood was terrible enough. But then, to top it all off, he remembered coming to his senses about the lack of any danger. But instead of running for cover, he blithely stood in front of his new neighbor — without a stitch of clothing on! And he had done so for an interminable amount of time. Possibly worst of all, she had to have seen the very same traces of cum that clung to his body. While it was still wet and glistening!


By now, the mirror had fogged over as steam had fully enveloped the room. That strange but recognizable aroma was also much more intense now. That steam had reactivated something else that Peter had otherwise forgotten about. Pee! He was still wearing a thin coat of pee. His entire body was coated with it. And had been for hours. Not only was he wearing visible traces of cum, he now reeked of urine. He had only just met, then spent several hours working around and for Miss Janice, all the while still well basted in his urine. As if it was even possible, his humiliation intensified.

So why was his dick still at half-mast?

Ignoring that, he adjusted the water, then stepped in and immediately set about scrubbing himself from head to toe while wondering why he hadn’t showered sooner. The smell of fresh urine had to have been obvious. How the hell would he ever be able to look her in the eye again?

But why, he pondered. Why hadn’t he returned home to clean-up? The more he thought about it, fuzzy recollections began coming into focus. It was all coming back to him. Right after getting the TV situation straightened out, he had caught a whiff of himself and knew he needed to get out of there. Peter let out an involuntary shout. “That’s right! I did try to leave.” Suddenly his memory of what happened came back to him.

The fact was he had tried to make a quick exit, abruptly backing out of providing Miss Janice with any additional help. But then, almost as quickly, somehow, his reason for leaving was erased from his mind, and he agreed to stay. But what caused that to happen? Peter tried and tried to figure that out. But the reason for that about-face completely eluded him.

Just then, using both hands, he began spreading the soapy lather on his tush. It sent burning, tingling sensations through him. There noticeable differences in the way each cheek felt to his touch and the electrical messages being sent as he massaged each globe.

Without a mirror in the shower, he could not visually inspect his hindquarters leaving him to rely on touch alone. The right cheek was smooth with only the slightest burn under his fingers. But the left cheek felt entirely different. Instead of its usual smoothness, it seemed to have small welts all over. Also, the nerve endings were raw and super sensitive. And there was something else. While rubbing it, those nerve endings were sending a different sort of electrical message, not so maltepe escort much to the brain, but to his dick.

Fascinated by his body’s responses, Peter alternated between massaging the right ass cheek and the left. While both cheeks felt a degree of relief from discomfort, aside from the soothing effect, rubbing the right side did little more. However, each time he returned his attention to the left cheek, the more he kneaded and massaged, the harder his dick became. What the hell was that all about?

At that very moment, Janice was uncorking a new bottle of wine and doing her own reminiscing. “What a perfect ass he has.” she thought to herself. “Damned if he didn’t look so adorable laying over the arm of the sofa, buttocks exposed, as I paddled that sweet little behind.” Janice mockingly scolded herself for pulling his pants down just so she could get a good look at it. “It was just begging to be spanked.” and she let out a chuckle. “Then again, he did need to learn not to take anything for granted. Not in my house.”

To add to his punishment, “since he was taking it so well,” she had spun the rings on her fingers so that the stones and other projections were on her palm side to add an extra degree of pain. She felt no remorse for the few times she broke his skin. “He may or may not remember getting spanked, but he will never forget who is in charge.”

Janice wondered about something. Once she had finished spanking the boy then held and comforted the re-emerged child in him; what if instead of pulling his pants up, she had pushed them down all the way? Would he have pulled away in anger? Or would he have remained in her embrace while continuing to gently sob? She desperately wanted to get a better look at what he was packing between his legs. What she’d seen on the front porch was completely opposite from the lump she felt pressed into her pubic area. She reasoned by what he showed on the front porch that fright had scared the life out of his cock. She felt sure that under normal circumstances, he must be a grower, not a shower’ because, as they hugged, she was sure it had to be much, much larger than what she’d seen earlier.

Giving him wine instead of water to quench his thirst was a stroke of brilliance. Even though he is only eighteen, it was legal in a private residence. Still, she knew it was a bit risky, but it paid off in a big way. It really got him to open up. Not only did she learn so much about him, but it also provided her with several fresh ideas for ‘games’ to play with him.

Most importantly, his suggestibility was remarkable. Within moments Janice had him under her spell, readily following her commands.

It was astounding to learn of the teen’s lack of sexual experience. Oh, was she going to have fun with him. Simply by the way he responded to her kisses would work as a backup tool in keeping the youth under her spell. Just then, Janice blushed, forced to admit to herself that even she had felt something special when they kissed. That was something new. Of all her previous submissive subjects, she had never experienced any emotional feelings one way or the other.

While pondering the significance of this disquieting development, she queried her phone for the nearest pizza shop and placed an order for delivery.

Peter, too was going through his own kind of mental exercises. Why was rubbing his left ass cheek stimulating his penis in such a profound way? And what had happened to cause the rash? But just because he was unable to figure out the what and why for it, he wasn’t about to let a good erection and a soapy hand go to waste. So with his left hand rubbing his ass and his soap slicked right hand pumping up and down on his hard-on, it took no time at all for him to orgasm.

Peter had learned at an early age how to pleasure himself. Even so, almost seven years ago, since that very first “wet” orgasm, he never tired of the wonderful feeling rubbing his dick provided. The bonus was watching the white cream flowing from his pee hole.

Toweling himself off until he was dry, he shuttered with regretfulness. Why had he been so open about the dearth of his sexual experiences? Only then to go into what he had been doing before she knocked on the door, spouting off in detail like he made a regular habit of these things? Private things. Oh well, what’s done is done. At least she didn’t seem to be put off by what he told her.

Back in his room, he put on his usual sleepwear: Pajamas over tighty-whities. (Wearing men’s briefs was pretty much a 24-hour thing.) On his way to prepare something for dinner, he passed his parents’ room. Remembering that he had never cleaned up the shower floor of evidence from that morning’s ‘adventure,’ he took care of that first.

Once that was taken care of, he headed down the stairs just in time to see through the sheer curtains a pizza delivery car pull up in front of Janice’s driveway. Closing the heavy front room drapes, he turned on the TV before going into the kitchen to fix dinner.

Even though he had never had any lunch, he wasn’t especially hungry. So he simply fixed a small pot of soup — some broth and freshly chopped vegetables. For years now, Peter would often fix dinner for the family. His mother had taught him so well that he eventually became a better cook than her. Leaving it to simmer, he returned to the family room and turned to his favorite channel: The Cooking Channel.

It was only 6:30 when he finished eating and returned to his bedroom to spend the rest of the evening at his computer. For some reason, tonight, he couldn’t get into any on-line games. What’s the alternative for a young guy to do? PORN, of course. On his go-to website, he paged through some of his favorite blogs. If he found a blog with its owner on-line he would try to strike up a conversation. Some were more talkative than others. When things got slow, he would check to see who had liked or re-blogged stuff from his blog.

Returning to the “FEED” he could see what others had recently added to their blogs. First, mamak escort he noticed that one of the bloggers he was following had batch posted a slew of cum pics, GIFs, and videos. Cum on girls’ faces; A girl showing the camera that her mouth was full of cum; A few of guys masturbating and cum shooting from their cocks; and cum dripping from a recently fucked pussy. (Creampie pics were a recent favorite.) Peter never tried to figure out why, but he just couldn’t resist opening each and every cum posting.

Once he came to the end of those posts, the very next thing he came across seemed like it was just a freaky coincidence. Either that or it was Karma.

What he had stumbled across was a series of MILF pictures. This was something that any day prior he would have passed on by. But this time, for some inexplicable reason, he didn’t. Many of them were in seductive poses, trying to look alluring. But some were in truly pornographic situations of one kind or other. Mostly those were with one and sometimes multiples of men. To be honest, a majority of those women didn’t look all that sexy to him. On the other hand, some women were scorching hot. But in Peter’s estimation, few could compete with Miss Janice.


Chapter 6

The next morning Peter awoke with a raging hard-on pressing against the confines of his briefs. All night long, his dreams were of him being naked while surrounded by a dozen beautiful women. Beautiful naked women. And every one of them wanted to lay hands on him while begging him to kiss them, deeply and passionately. The odd thing was that they were also all older than him, not that that seemed to matter.

As if on a slowly revolving platform, his attention moved from one of these lovely sirens to the next. While his lips and tongue were being kept busy kissing, his hands were gently placed on various parts of her nude body. Gleefully he caressed and massaged each lady’s breasts. Breasts of every shape and size. Taking extra delight in fondling and pinching their nipples.

Not so surprisingly, some of these women in his dream had strong similarities to Miss Janice. Oddly though, as the platform moved to the next wanton female. Eventually, one of those beautiful, lustful nudes was his Sr. English teacher, Mrs. Darcy. Then his own mother stood before him, also naked and offering herself to him. None of this hampered his dream in the least, delighting in roaming his hands over her soft skin while passionately kissing her lips and tonguing her mouth. And as with the rest that came before, she returned his passion.

After cycling past every woman at least once, the action got heavier. Now he got to finger every pussy. Many were shaved, while others were either trimmed or completely natural with a full bush. He was too enamored to have a preference.

Round three advanced to oral activities. (As he had never come close to ever actually doing any of these things, it was strictly up to his imagination as to what the feel, smell, and taste would actually be like.)

A soapy hand was the closest point of reference he had for imagining what it might feel like to have someone’s mouth on his erection.

As this was a dream, he was able to cum over and over again. Every one of these women heaped praise on how beautiful and stiff his cock was. How much she loved holding it in her hands and how good it tasted. Each begged for him to cum in her mouth so she could swallow his thick cream. Even his Aunt Diane made a showing for this part. But it was his mother who made the biggest fuss over his steely rod, enthusiastically sucking and swallowing a massive load of cum then praising its deliciousness.

But before his dream ventured to the next level of losing his virginity to any of these dream girls and imagining what having his dipstick inside a vagina might feel like, he woke up.

The need to pee was undeniable. Bouncing out of bed, he made a beeline for the bathroom. As he lifted the seat, his erection reminded him that conditions were perfect for doing what he had promised himself to try again.

Stripping off his nightwear, he climbed into and laid down in his tub. The chill on his back of the tubs’ cold surface increased the urgency. This time he would, right from the beginning, aim his stream directly into his mouth. Naturally, this involved some hit and miss. The misses covered his face burning his eyes, but he persevered to get his first mouthful. As he swallowed the first mouthful, he dared himself to see just how fast he could swallow and start catching more to lose as little as possible down the drain.

After seven good mouthfuls, his stream dwindled until it could no longer reach his mouth. Now there was just enough pressure to cover his chest and belly before trailing off to a dribble and quitting. He felt a strange sense of pride at breaking what he now considered to be a ridiculous taboo. Piss drinking was good. And strangely, it made him feel wide awake. He also felt like it had given him extra energy.

Something else he noticed, both times now, after drinking his pee, he retained the erection. Was there something in urine that acts like an aphrodisiac, he wondered? Or was it simply the childish act of rebelling against social norms?

Ignoring his hard-on for now (he’d save that for a good beat off session later), he took a quick shower to rinse off. The welting on his backside had greatly diminished, as did the pain that had accompanied it. Done showering, he returned to his room to get dressed. After throwing on a t-shirt then a pair of baggy shorts over his usual tighty-whities he wondered why he had even bothered to dress. After all, he had no plans to go anywhere today. He could have just as easily decided to spend the day naked. Oh well, it’s done now. Maybe tomorrow.

Eating his morning bowl of cereal, he heard the faint sounds of music outback. Looking out through the glass slider, his view of the back yards on either side we’re obscured by the tall wooden fences that sectioned off each ankara ofise gelen escort yard property. He went up to his room to see if he could do better from there.

He was in luck. His bedroom window was in the corner of the house closest to his new neighbor’s house. Sure enough, Miss Janice was lying in a lounge chair in the sun listening to music while reading a book. Peter’s breath caught in his throat. She was wearing a small bikini; its triangular cups and crotch piece were just big enough to make out that it was aqua colored with blue swirls. Damned if her body wasn’t every bit as fine as he had imagined. Possibly even better.

Transfixed, he stood there at the window, his mouth agape. At least he didn’t have to worry about her seeing him. On her head was a straw hat with a wide brim, probably to block the sun from her eyes while she read. His dick also took notice as it too was pointing in her direction. If only he hadn’t been such a jerk yesterday. Streaking in front of his new neighbor. What a dumb thing to do. She had to think he was the stupidest kid in the world, and she had the unfortunate luck of buying the house next door to him.

These thoughts were depressing enough to cause his dick to settle down again. Just the same, he decided that he wouldn’t let those thoughts prevent him from enjoying the show. He watched as she reached for something before her hand disappeared under the brim of her hat. How lucky could he be to have this perfect balcony view of his delectable neighbor?

All of a sudden, a loud and unpleasant noise came from the bedside table. His cell phone was vibrating and blasting its ringtone. Scrambling to silence it, forced him from the window. As he slid the button up the screen to answer the call, he moved back to the window. Putting the phone to his ear, he heard, “Instead of gawking from up there, I think you should come over where you can get a better look.”

How? What?! “Ahhh…” He had been found out. His face turned beet red as he stuttered, trying to find the words to say. “I was… I wanted to see… I wondered where the music was coming from.”

“You can tell me all about it when you are over here.” Peter wasn’t so sure. After what he had done. Why would she invite him back? He began to make an excuse when she cut him off. “Peter. I just told you to come over to my house. So get a move on.” Peter was taken aback by how she was speaking to him. His hesitation in acknowledging her directive prompted the words, “NOW, Mister!” to blast from his earpiece.

Her tone and that phrase were all it took. “Yes, Miss Janice. Be right there.”

Even at eighteen, he was powerless to resist the commands of a determined woman. In no time at all, he was once again inside his next-door neighbor’s house. Only this time, it was with his tail between his legs. The sliding glass back door was open. Sliding the screen door open, he stepped out into her yard. Quickly yet timidly, he moved to her side. “Now, that is much better. Wouldn’t you agree?” Without waiting for him to respond, she asked, “So tell me, master Peter, do you like what you see?”

Peter suddenly felt ashamed for ogling her the way he had. Drooling over her like she was meat on a hook. Now he fixed his gaze strictly on her hat. She raised her gaze into his eyes and noticed his resistance to look elsewhere. Putting her book down, she then removed her hat and adjusted her chair to the fully reclined position. “Here. Is what you wanted. Go ahead. Look it over and then give me your honest opinion.”

Oh crap! She really does want him to view her, like some sort of specimen to be lusted after. No longer able to resist, he did just like she said — he sized her up. His eyes studied her body, every detail.

From her short curly hair and sculpted eyebrows; her pouty lips; the medium-sized breasts that were leaking from the sides of her bikini top, her well-sculpted abdomen, her narrow waist, the small bump her pubic bone made in her bikini bottom, those shapely thighs and calves, all the way down to her lovely feet with painted toenails and even the tiny ring that adorned the little toe of one foot and the middle tow on the other.

After what felt like a very long time yet somehow not long enough, he spoke. “Miss Janice. You told me to be honest, so I hope this doesn’t get me into trouble, but…” He took a deep breath, “Miss Janice, you are so incredibly beautiful. You have about the most perfect body I have ever seen.”

“Well, thank you, Peter. That was very kind of you to say that. Even if it’s not the truth.” Those words sent shock waves through him. He wasn’t entirely sure why but he knew that he hadn’t lied to her about anything.

“Oh no, Miss Janice!” he couldn’t get the words out fast enough. “I am telling the truth. I swear.”

Janice smiled to herself. Last night’s spanking was indeed having a lasting effect. “Really, Peter? You honestly think I have a beautiful body?” Again he emphatically confirmed that what he said was the truth. “Well then, I think you should stay for a while. Pull that other chair over here next to me. We can sunbathe together.”

Peter began moving the chair, then said, “If I’m going to get a suntan, I should go home and put on my bathing suit.” and turned to leave.

“Stop right there!” Janice said sternly. Reflexively, Peter froze. “Get back here and look at me.” he did as told. “There is no reason to go home. Just take off your shirt and shorts.” He looked at her like she was talking crazy. “If I know your type, your bathing suit is a pair of board shorts with legs even longer than the shorts you have on now. How are you going to tan your legs with them half covered up? Just take that stuff off and lay here with me. You’ll see. It’ll be much better than wearing a bathing suit.”

“But Miss Janice, I only have underpants on under my shorts.”

“That’s okay. No-one but me is going to see them. So who cares?” Peter was still unsure about laying out in just his underwear. “Look around, Peter. There are no other windows near enough to look into this yard. Only yours and you are here.” Sure enough. Looking around, only his own second-floor bedroom window was visible. The next closest house was a one-floor bungalow. Meaning that the only thing anyone could possibly see was that top of his head whenever he stood up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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