Naughty Girls

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“Beautiful,” said Sean Montagne. “Just beautiful!”

He was sitting on his couch, his hair still wet from the shower, leaning back with his hands clasped behind his head, regarding with pride what still seemed like a dream, the long desired but unobtainable love of his life. “At last,” he thought, “at last.”

It had arrived yesterday, but he had waited until today, Saturday morning, to unpack and carefully assemble it, when there was no need to hurry off to his students at the college. He did it early this morning, before his run in the park across the street, and now, freshly scrubbed and relaxed, he was ready to revel in and explore its capabilities.

An eight inch f10 Schmidt-Cassegrain, with almost seven feet of focal length folded into a mere fifteen inch tube, deep blue and enclosing miraculous, crystal clear optics! He stood up and tightened the sash of his robe as he walked around the telescope on its sturdy equatorial fork mount, enjoying, indeed gloating over, his new sense of ownership. He could have asked the college to fund it, but instead he’d saved up enough from his modest salary as an assistant professor to buy it himself outright. It had been his lifelong dream, and he had resolved that it would be exactly that: his. Not that he intended to keep it all to himself; he got great pleasure anticipating the wonders that he would be able to share with the students in Space Science 102, the introductory astronomy course he was currently teaching at the college. The first outdoor field meeting was scheduled for a moonless night later in the month, and he prayed daily for good weather – well, what passed for praying with an agnostic like him.

After walking around the instrument a couple of times, touching it lightly with his fingertips, he turned and looked out the wide central window of his living room, stretching and yawning as he gazed into the large city park across the street. The first floor of his house, an old Victorian, was considerably higher than the street, so he had an extensive view into the park, particularly of the dolphin fountain directly in front of him a hundred yards away, encircled by a low stone wall that bordered the small pond around the fountain. His eye was caught by a flash of red just in front of the wall. “Ah,” he thought, “there they are again.”

As he was jogging earlier in the morning he had heard a voice behind him call out, “Hi, Dr. Montagne!” He turned, running in place, and saw three girls whom he recognized as students from his astronomy class. “Hello Lisette, Gwen,” he said. “… and Nicole.” They were all pretty girls. Freshmen Lisette and Gwen were endowed with hour-glass figures – Gwen was particularly voluptuous – and both of them had the graceful athleticism that went with being members of the football team’s cheer leading squad. Today they were wearing disconcertingly revealing, tight shorts – always the seductive teases, without even realizing it.

Nicole was, well, different. She was so changeable that it sometimes took him several seconds to recognize her. She was flamboyant and cared nothing for other people’s opinions of her, and wore unusual – sometimes outrageous – outfits that day-to-day were never the same. Today she was quasi-French: long blond hair, a tight, cream t-shirt, a loose blue skirt with a wide flounce, frilly white ankle socks and sandals, sunglasses, a green silk scarf tossed haphazardly around her neck, and a bright red beret. She also had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth – Sean knew she didn’t smoke, that it was actually chocolate; she called it her “existential look.” Although her given name was Nicole, she insisted that it always be pronounced – and spelled – Nikki. She too was pretty, but in an almost unsettling way. She was somewhat taller than her friends, and her hair seemed to be dark, but one never could tell, since it would often be dyed and either wildly unkempt or severely confined, or covered by a wig, depending on her costume du jour. Some days she would claim to be of British ancestry, sometimes French, sometimes Icelandic or Italian or Hungarian, but her eyes suggested a contribution of some distant ancestor of the Asian steppes.

Those eyes! They were always intently focused on whomever she was listening to, glinting and piercing, never wavering. She paid close attention to people when they spoke to her, always with a subtle smile. You couldn’t take your eyes off her, but also felt it wouldn’t be wise to turn your back on her. She had a coiled tension that suggested that she might at any moment flee – or pounce.

Sean had waved and then continued jogging towards home. “It’s ‘NIKKI’!” he heard behind him.

It was Nic … Nikki’s … red beret that had caught his eye now. He looked at the telescope, then back at the girls in the distance. “Why not?” he said to himself. “Be a good test.”

He set to work selecting an eyepiece from the ocular case, as well as the erecting prism attachment, and fetched a high stool from where it stood against the wall. He sat down behind istanbul escort the scope and loosened the mounting knobs to train it towards the girls at the fountain. Then he turned the focusing knob as he looked through the eyepiece.

“Oh!” he said. “Oh my! Ohhh my!”

Under magnification the girls filled the entire field of view; Lisette and Gwen lay on the grass on their stomachs, their long legs extended towards him with their enticing bottoms voluptuously displayed, but his attention was focused on Nicole, who sat between them leaning against the fountain’s encircling wall. She was facing him, and her knees were drawn up and spread apart, with the flounce of her skirt stretched between them.

He did a quick calculation: 2000 millimeter focal length, 20 millimeter ocular, giving a 100X magnification, distance of 100 yards – this meant that the view he now had of Nicole was as if he were lying on the grass three feet in front of her, looking directly up her skirt between her open legs.

“I – I shouldn’t be doing this,” Sean murmured. “It’s not …” But he couldn’t help himself. His gaze moved from her frilly socks up her shins and in to the smooth undersides of her spread thighs, then between them down to the snug crotch of her white cotton panties. They were tight – so tight! – clearly molding the shape of her young sex, which was almost visible through the translucent fabric of the tantalizing panties. His robe had fallen open, and when he looked down was surprised to see his erection arcing upward between his legs. He felt embarrassed even though he was alone, and somewhat guiltily closed his robe and retied it.

After chatting for a while the girls got up and walked out of sight into the park. Sean put the scope’s attachments away and moved it to stand by the wall. Then he sat down at his kitchen table with a cup of coffee.

“Good test,” he said. “Oh my!”

* * * * *

Sean slept late the next morning, and as he sat on the couch in his living room listening to the Sunday morning news he glanced out the window towards the fountain. The girls weren’t there – he hadn’t expected them to be – but something else caught his eye. About halfway down the walk that led from the lawn surrounding the fountain to the street his house was on there were a pair of park benches. An older man was sitting on one of them, reading a newspaper – but there was something odd about his posture. He was awkwardly holding the paper up with only his right hand, and his left seemed to be doing something in his lap.

“No! He’s not … is he?” Sean said out loud to himself. He quickly pulled his telescope to the window and trained in on the old gentleman. “Yes, he is,” Sean whispered. “Oh my God, yes, he most certainly is!” The man’s lap filled the entire field of view, in the center of which was his penis extending upward from his open fly, grasped in his left hand, which was slowly stroking up and down. Every few seconds his fingers moved to the engorged head of his erection and flicked around its rim rapidly, before returning to his rhythmic stroking. The pace of his masturbation rose with his excitement, and soon he ejaculated copiously over his twisting left hand. He extracted a handkerchief from the right pocket of his coat and wiped himself off, zipped up his fly, then got up and walked rapidly away into the park with his paper folded and his gaze lowered.

Sean stepped away from his telescope and stood up, looking through the window into the park. “What the hell?” he said. “What … what in God’s name was he looking at?” – for as the man pleasured himself he seemed to have been looking intently across the paved walkway into the woods. Sean had never really noticed anything there before but decided to have a look now. As he grabbed his jacket and headed for the door he glanced out the window again and this time saw Gwen and Lisette run out of the woods across from the bench. They were in their cheerleader uniforms, and were giggling and playfully grabbing each other’s arms. They reached the street and were out of sight before Sean descended the porch stairs of his house. Still puzzled, he crossed the street and entered the park, stopping by the bench that had just been vacated by the older man. He sat down and looked across the walkway into a little area that was cut into the woods. There wasn’t much to see – just a couple of picnic tables, a small swing and a hopscotch court bordering the edge of the wood.

“They do it on purpose, you know.” Sean turned quickly, startled. A girl had come up behind him where he sat on the bench. She had black bangs and pigtails, and was dressed in a parochial school uniform, with a short plaid skirt, a simple white blouse, and a short green necktie. Pink socks and black patent leather shoes were on her feet, and a tiny sparkly purse hung by a strap from her shoulder. It was Nikki, of course.

“Yeah, the old guys think it’s just their lucky day, but Gwen and Lisette come when they know avcılar escort guys like that will be hanging around.” She sat down on the bench next to Sean. “They like to tease them.” She looked down at her pigtails, playing with them.

Sean was at a loss. “On purpose, Nicole?” he finally managed.

“Uh-huh,” Nikki said, turning towards him. “They like to come here to practice their cheerleader routines, but instead of the short tights that go with their uniforms they wear just panties – real tight ones. Then they jump around flipping their skirts up and spreading their legs, giving the guys a thrill. They play hopscotch, too – that really gets to the old pervs, seeing their skirts flip up and their tits bounce.”

Sean cleared his throat, but couldn’t think of anything to say.

“They’re cheerleaders, after all,” Nikki continued. “Isn’t that why girls like to be cheerleaders, so they can be cockteasers and get away with it?” Sean’s mouth fell open and he blushed. “Oh!” said Nikki. “I shouldn’t have said that! Sorry.” She turned and looked straight ahead with her hands in her lap. “I have a condition, you see. A kind of tourette, I think. I just say whatever comes into my head without thinking about it first. It can be awfully embarrassing.”

Sean nodded, trying to be understanding. “Well, I’m sorry,” he said, “but now that I’m aware of it you really don’t have to be embarrassed with me.”

Nikki shot him a sidelong look. “Oh,” she said, “I meant embarrassing for other people. I’m never embarrassed!” She laughed and swung her feet back and forth. After a while she said, “How about you?”


“Yeah. Would you like to see Lisette and Gwen flashing you like that? You’re a guy – would that get your cock hard?” Sean’s eyes opened wide, and Nikki’s hands flew to her mouth, covering it. “Shit,” she said, “I did it again. Sorreeeee!” Sean shook his head, half in disbelief, half in fascination. “I was just sort of, you know, curious,” Nikki said. She sighed and looked at the sky.

“So,” she said, changing the subject, “do you live around here? You know, we saw you running here yesterday.”

“Yes,” said Sean. “In fact, I live right over there.” He pointed to his house on the edge of the park.

“Really?” said Nikki. “Wow, that’s big. Did it cost a lot?”

Sean laughed. “Actually,” I inherited it from a distant cousin.”

“So, do you have lots of kids, like? Lots of room for them.”

“No … I live alone, in fact.”

“In that big house? No wife or girlfriend?”

“Nope, just me.”

“Poor you! You must get lonely.”

“I manage.”

Nikki was quiet for a while. “They’re not virgins, you know.”


“Lisette and Gwen. They’re not virgins. So they know all about those things. Me, I still am, even if I’m a year older than them. That’s why I want to know about what gets guys hot and all. And I’d really love to see a cock get real hard! Do you get an erection when you see a pretty girl?” She moved closer to him on the bench.

“Nicole!” Sean said. “You really shouldn’t …”

“I know, I know. Sorry, just can’t help myself.”

She said nothing for a minute, humming softly. Then she waved her hands in front of her face, fanning herself.

“Whoo, so hot today, isn’t it?” she said. She grasped the hem of her skirt and flapped it up and down. “Wanna see what I do to beat the heat?” she said.

“Uh, sure,” said Sean.

She opened her tiny shoulder bag and rummaged around inside. She found what she was looking for and held it up – it was a pair of panties, tiny bikini panties, white with red strawberries embroidered around the waistband. “I slipped them off just before I got here, in the woods back there.” She spread her legs and flapped her skirt again. “Feels so nice, being open to the breeze.” Sean blushed again.

“Well, Dr. Mon-tag-nee, this has been loverly but I really must be going,” she said, getting up.

“I think you know that my name is pronounced ‘Mon-tain’,” he replied.

“Oh?” she said. “Like mine is ‘Nik-kee’?”

He laughed. “Touché,” he said.

She grinned smugly and gave him a little wave. “See you in class tomorrow,” she said as she turned to leave.

“Yes, I’ll be seeing you … Nicole.”

She shot him a look over her shoulder. “Whatever,” she said, and stuck her tongue out at him. As she walked away she gave the back of her skirt a quick flip, and Sean had a brief glimpse of the most adorable and shapely naked derrière he’d ever seen.

* * * * *

As she walked away Nikki was thinking about the chat she’d had with Lisette and Gwen yesterday by the fountain. And that big old house down on the street is actually his – huh! She giggled; if he only knew what we were talking about right there in front of his house …

“He gets me wet.”

Gwen had laughed. “God, Nikki, but he’s so old!”

“Got a nice ass, though,” said Lisette.

“Totally!” said Nikki. “Wish I could squeeze it – and I really, really want to see his cock!”

“Like şirinevler escort that’d ever happen,” said Gwen.

“Maybe if he got a hardon,” said Lisette. “Then you could see it, you know, poking out his pants.”

“Tell me about it!” said Gwen. “Happens all the time with me. Guys are such horn-dogs!”

“Yeah, well, easy for you with your T and A,” said Lisette. “You’re like a walking Viagra pill!”

“T and A?” said Nikki, puzzled.

“Oh, come on, girl,” said Lisette. “T and A – you know? Tits and ass?”

“Oh, right,” said Nikki. She looked down at her breasts and cupped them with her hands. She sighed. “Well, my tits are pretty nice, I think, but nothing like yours, Gwen. You’re so lucky.”

“I don’t know about that,” said Gwen. “Just once I’d like to have a guy look at my face when he’s talking to me!”

Lisette and Nikki laughed. “Well,” Nikki said, drawing up her legs as she leaned back against the fountain wall, “I guess I’ll just have to figure out another way to get Sean hard.”

“Sean?” said Gwen.

“Yeah, that’s Dr. Montagne’s first name. I looked it up.”

“Oh, doing research, were you?” said Lisette with a grin. “He gonna be your next class project?”

Nikki smiled. “Yes, that’s what he is, my project. But just a hardon won’t be enough. I want to see his cock out in the open, standing up hard and stiff and begging for attention! And you guys are going to teach me how to give the right kind of attention.”

“We can do that,” said Lisette, “can’t we, Gwen?”

“Oh yeah,” said Gwen, licking her lips lasciviously, “we most definitely can.”

* * * * *

Nikki smiled now, remembering the conversation. I wonder if Dr. Montagne is looking at me now – maybe he even has an erection! I better not turn around to see – too obvious. I want to see his cock so bad! I wonder if he likes me?

She sighed as she walked away, her hips moving from side to side under the short skirt.

* * * * *

Sean had a glass of wine before he went to bed that night. He lay in the semi-darkness staring at the ceiling, trying unsuccessfully to banish images from his mind that were becoming obsessive. Think about the ‘scope, he told himself … which planets are visible now? But instead of the planet Venus he had a vision of another Venus spreading her legs wide to his voyeuristic gaze, unwittingly teasing him with delicious, young sex that looked so close! And again, oh my God that maddening little ass peeking out under her outrageously short skirt! Did she know what she was doing to me, did she?

He was aware of the erection that was tormenting him now, pressing up under the blanket, sparking erotic thrills whenever he moved in his bed. He had resolved that he would avoid masturbation, certainly not when thinking of his students, that was unprofessional, he must avoid that. Come on, Sean, man up, don’t give in, you can handle this! He got up and wandered down to the kitchen for a glass of water, then picked up a book and sat reading until his erection subsided.

Once again he tried to sleep, striving to keep his hands away from his penis which was again responding to seductive memories as he lay in his bed. Oh my God, that skirt, so short, and nothing on under it! She made a point of telling me that, why, was she deliberately trying to drive me crazy? Ohhh what a little cocktease! But don’t give in – I’m so hard, my cock is begging me, but tell it to go to hell, you’re not going to give it what it wants this time, no, no more! He lay rigid, his fists clenched at his sides, determined to control his arousal.

Five minutes later he was caressing and goading his penis to an orgasm that was all the sweeter for having been denied for so long – see right up her skirt, those long legs, far apart, tight, tight panties, need this so bad, oh God oh God ohhhhhh …!

Back in bed after drying off he turned onto his side. So much for will power, he sighed. Oh well. Then he slept.


The next Saturday morning Sean was finishing breakfast when there was a knock at the door. He opened it to a young redheaded woman wearing a sleeveless violet sundress and neon orange sandals.

“Hello, Nicole,” he said.

“Hi, Dr. Montagne! Can I see your house?”

“See my house?”

“Yeah – I was so surprised when you told me the other day that you lived here, and I’ve walked by here so many times and I never knew that! Small world, huh?”

“Well, there’s really not much to see – it’s actually too big for me – I mean I don’t use all of it, especially not in the winter. I close off a lot of the upstairs.”

“Must be cold up there in your bedroom.”

“Well, I actually use a smaller one downstairs, towards the back of the house.”

“You got a big bed?”

He rolled his eyes. “It’s adequate, Nicole.”

“You share it a lot?”

“Your tourette’s showing, Nicole. That’s a pretty personal question.”

“I know, I know – I’m bad, sorry.” She looked around the room. “Hey, what’s that?” she said, pointing at the telescope by the wall. “Is that what we’re gonna use next week?”

He was glad for the change of subject. “Yes, that’s right. I’ve been checking it out, getting it ready.”

“Cool!” she said. She ran over to it, and looked into the front of it. “I can see myself!” she said. “But kind of bigger, sort of fun-housey.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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