Neighbors Across the Park Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Ripples

This will be more enjoyable if read in sequence from the beginning: Neighbors Across the Park. The story involves the spreading ripples from my encounter with Randy.

Just before tripping through the gate I whispered to Randy, “Your cock is still my favorite. Goodnight now.” I looked into Randy’s eyes and winked. My eyes were suddenly drawn to the sight of a discarded condom lying on the flagstones beside the hot tub. I quickly stooped to pick it up, tied a knot in it, and whispered, “no matter what, tonight stays between us, right?” then I blew Randy a kiss and ran home.

I went straight up the stairs yelling “nothing,” to my mom’s question of what I’d been doing. In my bedroom I collapsed on my bed and lay staring at the ceiling as images of the evening replayed through my mind.

Before this week I’d been totally out of touch with my sexual nature. I’d played with myself, but only in the most perfunctory ways. I’d flicked my clit back and forth with my fingers until I came, and I don’t it many times, but I’d never had an Earth shaking orgasm like Randy had coaxed out of me. I hadn’t realized such things were possible. I had, in fact, thought that sex was way over-hyped, since it amounted to such a transitory little thrill.

I mean, I couldn’t ignore the heat of my blood when my pussy swelled up and demanded attention in the night, even waking me up from a sound sleep occasionally, demanding service. But I had not understood that the pleasure of fucking—there I said the word—fucking could be so Earth stoppingly wonderfully delicious. And now that I knew—well, what of it?

As my thoughts played with the evenings impressions, my fingers found their way to my vagina without my being aware of it. My pussy was still swollen and tender to the touch, and it responded to each minute movement of my fingers with unfamiliar heat. I became freshly aware of my fingers’ activity when they found their way to my nose and tongue. I loved the smell of my juices mixed with Randy’s cum. I couldn’t help myself; I had to smell, taste and feel every element of the evening’s pleasure all over again.

After two second self-induced orgasms, something that had never happeded before, my breathing slowed and my pulse settled down. In the silence of the night, when the rushing of my blood through my veins quieted, I gradually became aware of the noise of the air conditioner. It wasn’t the newest unit and occasionally it developed a knock that went on for 1/2 an hour or more before it settled down again. Then in a flash of insight, I realized it wasn’t the air conditioner at all, but a rhythm I suddenly realized I knew quite well. I’ll be damned, I thought, my mom and dad are fucking and I can hear them thumping their bed. I felt all warm inside. Everybody’s doing it.

I thought about it. There are only 3000 adults in our town, but even if they only do it once a week, that means 428 of them are fucking every night and that’s just one small town. Way cool!

I suddenly got up and pulled my journal down off its high shelf. Once upon a time I used to write in it every evening, but it’d been years since I’d taken it down. I opened it up to an entry I’d made three years earlier. Scotch taped to the page was half of a twenty dollar bill. My best friend, Anne, had the other half. The first of us to lose her virginity was to get the missing half.


I bet! I quickly taped the used condom I’d picked up beside the bill. Suddenly I couldn’t wait to call her, but it was obviously too late.

After I left him at the hot tub area, Randy quickly picked up his stuff and made his way into his house. My words were doubtlessly ringing in his ears, “no matter what, this stays between us, right?” Randy washed off his cock in the bathroom and hurried to his room to phone Fred, his best friend—one of his D & D buddies.

“Hey man, guess what! I did it!”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Yup. I got laid.”

“Yeah, sure. Of course you did.”

“I did. I won the bet. You got to pay up.”

“I suppose I’m supposed to just believe that?”

“Don’t you believe me?”

“What was it like?”


“Of course, but tell me all about it.”

“Come over tomorrow and I will.”

At school the next day, I was so excited I couldn’t believe it. The minute I saw her, I invited Anne to the house to see my surprise but she couldn’t make it until the weekend. I almost told her right there, I was so impatient, but I didn’t want her to make a scene right in the middle of the hall so I determined to wait to tell her my surprise.

Meanwhile, that same day after school, Fred made his way to Randy’s house. Randy was coy, shining Fred on in the worst way until Fred finally said, “I just don’t believe it.”

“What if I could prove it? You already have to pay up on the bet. Want to go double or almanbahis giriş nothing?”

“Fifty dollars? I can’t afford that. Anyway, I’d want proof.”

“And if I had proof.”

“Yeah, right. You have proof. It would have to be pretty damn convincing.”

“Aha! He wants proof. Proof you shall have. Sit on the bed.”

Randy went over to his computer and woke it up. He quickly opened RealPlayer and started a film. The screen suddenly showed a bird’s eye view of the hot tub area, glowing in the blue underwater lights of the tub itself. Fred sat dumb, watching me step out of my panties and wade slowly into the hot tub, saw me hug Randy, suck his cock, get eaten by him and fuck him like a slut.

Long before the part of the tape where Randy spurted his cum into me, Fred’s hands had found their way into his pants and were manipulating his swollen cock. He wasn’t even aware he was doing it. He wondered what was stronger, his envy of Randy or the excitement his cock was experiencing from viewing Randy and me getting it on.

Randy sat as his desk splitting his view between the screen and looking at Fred’s hands feeling his cock through his pants.. Suddenly he stood and dropped his pants and took his own cock into his hands. “If you’re going to do it, do it right, Fred,” he said.

Just that fast Fred opened his fly, let his prick loose, and after just a few strokes, immediately started to come. Then he sat there, blushing, hands filled with semen as Randy continued to stroke his own cock while the two of them watched the computer monitor replay our sexual encounter to the end.

When Randy’s brother, Billy and his girlfriend showed up and got it on with us, Fred’s cock got hard again and the two guys sat side by side pumping together.

Suddenly they heard the front door open and close with a loud bang. “Ssssh,” whispered Randy. In the sudden quiet there heard the patter of feet running down the hall past Randy’s room. Holding his finger to his lips, Randy got up and changed the setting on the computer and suddenly the screen filled with the image of Billy and Martha entering Billy’s room through the door.

Billy disrobed as quickly as he could, stopping only to fondle his cock and Martha’s breasts from time to time. Martha stood by and watched him with a sly grin on her face. She held Billy’s cock in her hands and slowly pumped it a couple of times, just to be friendly. Then she began to disrobe herself, but not quickly like Billy had, but slowly, putting on quite a show.

Fred was flabbergasted. His cock suddenly grew ten inches. The bulb at the end looked about to burst and strings of precum hung down to puddle in the bedding.

Martha slowly opened her blouse and unfastened her bra, leaving it hanging loose inside her open blouse. Billy put his face inside her shirt and pulled the loose tails over his head. “You smell so sweet. I love your tits.” He sucked one then the other into his mouth. Martha smiled and watched him affectionately. She took his cock in her hands and rubbed it against the fabric of her jeans, then pushed him away and started to work at the button of her fly.

Billy pushed her hands away and opened her fly himself. Then he kneeled down in front of her and pulled her jeans down around her ankles while he reached around her legs and pulled her to him pressing his nose into her blond heart-shaped thatch of pussy hair which we could see through the opaque material that covered her pussy.

Billy’s fingers brutally pulled Martha’s fanny cheeks apart as he forced his face into the tight space between her legs. Then he duck-walked her to the side of the bed and pushed her back until she could only sit down. He quickly pulled her panties off and dove into her cunt nose first, licking his way up and down her trench with abandoned lust.

Molly hummed her pleasure. Billy was impatient. Suddenly he pushed his cock between her legs and into her. Without waiting for her muscles to relax and adjust, he immediately began to pound away at her—something that didn’t appear to bother her at all. Actually, it did bother her but it was the kind of bothering that some girls can’t get enough of.

It didn’t take long at all before Billy’s ass cheeks locked into a tight ball and you could hear him groan as he came. Martha grabbed locked her legs around his butt and wouldn’t let him go. She forced him to keep fucking him and it was at least another five minutes before her breath started to come in audible gasps and then her legs let go of Billy’s butt and found a purchase on the floor where she used them to thrust her pussy up against his cock.

Randy thought to himself, I didn’t know you could stay hard like that after cuming. I’ll have to try it.

Finally Martha seemed to be satisfied. She let Billy go and they lay down side by side on the bed with Martha to snuggling up to him as they lay entwined.

Meanwhile almanbahis güvenilirmi Randy and Fred were left with their cocks in their fists, pumping slowly and savoring the feeling. Randy looked over at Fred and felt a sudden impulse of compassion. Fred looked so frustrated as he beat his meat, knowing that his experience would be only a shadow of what he’d just seen Randy and Billy enjoy. And Martha–she sure enjoyed it. There was no room for doubt about that.

Suddenly Randy reached over and wrapped his fingers around Fred’s cock, pushing Fred’s hand away and then, after a couple of strokes released him. He looked down at Fred. “You know I’m not gay. Neither of us is,” he whispered. Then he dropped to his knees beside the bed and took Fred’s cock into his mouth. “This is just a little bit of what it feels like,” his voice rasped as he tried to whisper as quietly as he could.

Fred had already ejaculated twice, something he hadn’t realized was possible. This was good because even though the feeling was exquisite, he didn’t come immediately. But neither could he control his hips and they pumped his cock into Randy’s mouth with desperation, even as his eyes eagerly drank in the sight of Martha’s naked body lying beside Billy’s, her cunt spread open for his inspection. Then when Randy started to stroke his balls the feeling was almost too much, but even that was not enough to get him off. His cock felt wonderful but he wasn’t ready to come yet.

On the screen, the two boys saw Martha roll over on her side and start playing with Billy’s flaccid cock and balls with the flat of her hand. It wasn’t long before his cock was jutting up at an angle while his hips started to slowly flex to thrust his cock up toward the comfort of Martha’s mouth and hands.

After a short while, Billy stood up and pulled Martha up before pushing her down on the edge of the bed so her asshole was looking him in the face. In that position he spread her ass cheeks and started to give her a rim job.

Up to then, Martha had been reasonably quiet, but now we could hear her keening through the wall, as her little fanny cheeks became animated in passion. She thrust her ass up against Billy’s tongue and humped against the bed with fervor. Soon Billy spit on a finger and insinuated it into Martha’s asshole. Martha pulled her knees up and presented her ass as if offering it for Billy to fuck. Billy responded by putting a second finger in. Martha screamed and began to circle her butt rhythmically. “Oh yes, fuck my butt, Billy. Fuck it hard.”

Billy appeared to be experienced in this butt sucking, getting ready for butt fucking because he didn’t have any trouble figuring out how to get one finger into Martha’s cunt while two additional fingers worked to dilate her asshole so it could take his cock. Meanwhile Martha’s butt was circling clockwise against Billy counterclockwise stirring of the bowl.

Neither Randy or Fred was expecting it when Billy brought the head of his erect cock up to Martha’s bright red ass. They held their breath as Billy’s purple cock head disappeared up Martha’s butt, an inch at a time as he slowly widened its aperture.

Fred’s cock was shining with the goo of his precum and Randy’s spit, standing up boldly, pulsing in rhythm with his heartbeat. On an impulse, Randy pushed him back so his legs were in the air and tentatively gave his asshole a lick. He expected it to be unpleasant, but the heat of the moment didn’t allow such distinctions. It was, in fact, hot.

But if Randy thought it was hot, it was a revelation for Fred. “OH GOD,” he gasped and grasped his cock in his hand to stroke it in time with the pulsing of Randy’s tongue against his virgin asshole tissues.

“Shssh.” Randy said, but Randy was as excited by all this as Fred and his tongue quickly widened the pleasure zone by moving up to Fred’s balls and then up the underside of his cock to flick back and forth against the little “V” of the head of his penis. “Ah Ah Ah An,” Fred wasn’t exactly speechless even if he couldn’t articulate more than a gasp.

Fred’s balls were on fire. He knew what the next step had to be. After all, he’d seen the same scenario play out between Billy and Martha. But when he felt Randy’s finger begin to make its way into his hole, he suddenly felt afraid and tensed up. Randy immediately sensed it and pulled back. “Too fast?” he asked.

Fred shook his head, signally ‘No,’ even though he meant ‘yes.’

Randy sensed his concern and suddenly lay back on the bed beside Fred watching him with one eye and Billy and Martha with the other. “Why don’t you suck my dick, then?”

Am I ready for this? Fred wondered. But his balls were vibrating and this cock clearly had strong opinions on the subject that couldn’t be ignored. Fred rolled over to face Randy and then with a deep breath that was as much a statement of resolve almanbahis yeni giriş as an intake of oxygen, he leaned over and tentatively gave Randy’s cock a lick.

There are moments when ones sensory equipment operates on a different level. At other moments, the taste of Randy’s cock might have been offensive—too musky and nasty to even contemplate. But this wasn’t one of them. Testosterone was coursing through Fred’s veins and everything having to do with sex was suddenly wonderful, short circuiting anything Fred had thought or known about the subject before. The odor of Randy’s cock and the cum and spit that it was lathered with were intoxicating, not revolting. And the wonderful feeling of Randy’s cock against his tongue grabbed him against all expectations. He didn’t have to think about what to do next. He had no alternative but to take Randy’s cock into his mouth—not tentatively but quickly and to the fullest possible. Yes, he had to discover he could take it all in without choking but it was just the matter of a moment and then his thought apparatus was suddenly off line and he was driven to consume Randy’s cock with abandon.

“Whoa, slow down. Now’s the time to stretch it out,” Randy whispered, but that wasn’t an alternative for Fred and it wasn’t anything Randy could control either, so Fred quickly pushed Randy over the edge. Randy had cum several times in the past 24 hours, so there wasn’t an ocean of semen, but there was enough for Fred to discover he liked it.

“Where did that come from?” Fred asked when Randy’s hips finally stopped pumping his cock against his mouth.

“Nowhere you can control. That’s for sure.”

“Love makes the world go round.”



“Can I try your butt again? You know, like Billy and Martha?”

Fred didn’t answer in words, he just rolled over and pulled his knees under him so his ass stuck up in the air. Randy quickly scooted over to bring his tongue to bear and started the process of discovery of the nether kind. He was surprised again at how good it felt and even tasted to lick Fred’s asshole and he also discovered that his ass crack was a highway to Fred’s balls and cock and before long his tongue has lathered that crack from asshole to the head of Fred’s cock.

He was nervous about putting a finger in, but it slid in quite easily after he’d licked it enough for it to begin to dialate and even though he’d just come, Fred’s cock reacted to penetration by becoming rock hard, so that Randy had a lot of red and needy flesh to service before he was finally in position to get his first butt fuck.

Fred will never forget the feeling of Randy’s cockhead suddenly sliding into his ass. At first it seemed it wouldn’t go. Randy pushed and pushed and there didn’t seem to be a place for his cock to go, but he didn’t give up and put another glob of spit on his cock and suddenly he could feel the head of his cock sliding between the well-lubricated portals of Fred’s rectum. It held up and Randy pulled back. That felt good too. He pushed in and saw the head of his cock disappear before it stopped. He pulled back again and pushed in with the same result. He pulled all the way out and put another glob of spit on his cock head and readdressed the situation and suddenly three inches of his cock with in Fred’s ass.

Randy stopped to enjoy the sensation. He could feel the muscles in Fred’s ass pulsing against his cock. He pulled back. His cock was sliding freely now. This is good, he thought. So good, in fact, that he was content for a while to play back and forth with the three inches of movement he’d won.

Fred began to pull on his cock with one hand while holding himself up with his other. Then he leaned his head down on the bed pushing his ass up at an even steeper angle. Randy felt another inch of cock slither into Fred’s eager ass. But Fred still wasn’t satisfied. His butt wanted more cock and he pushed back against Randy’s cock and suddenly felt his huge cock sliding into the hilt, felt his balls bounce against Fred’s ass.

It was like a switch clicking on. Suddenly neither boy could act deliberately to slide in and out. Suddenly they could only pump away in a frenzy that would have felt threatening to Fred if he had been capable of thought, but his asshole wanted Randy’s cock as much as Randy’s cock needed Fred’s asshole.


“Come in me, baby,” Fred answered.

As Randy’s last spurts of semen were tickling the pink, lubricated flesh of Fred’s rectum, he happened to look up at the door. Martha and Billy were looking in with an expression of wonder on their faces. Randy put a finger to his lips—ssssh, and they quietly went away.

Fred and Randy stood side by side in the bathroom, washing their cocks and dripping assholes and wondering what to say. They had returned to the world of normal discourse and neither of them knew quite to articulate their fears and concerns about what would have seemed impossible to them a few short hours earlier.

Randy finally decided to ignore the questions and said, “I’m meeting Millie tomorrow evening. I think I’ve got an idea you’ll like.

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