Neighbors No More

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Matt looked out the window, ever since he could remember he and Lexi (next door neighbors daughter) have been friends. They pretty much grew up together; Matt was only a few months older than her. Once junior high hit though that all changed. Their bodies started mature and they started to grow closer than just friends.

By high school they were know as “an item” and were even voted the cutest couple three years in a row by the yearbook. It was their senior year when they kissed for the first time. Neither exactly knowing what to do, they were clumsy Matt’s mouth almost ended up on Lexi’s nose.

The third or fourth night they were making out they had turned 18 and were starting to explore, her mom caught them and kicked Matt out of the house. He was told he could never come back. He was upset; their relationship was already on thin ice because the parents could never seem to get along.

Matt walked into that house that night, dejected.

“What’s wrong sport?” His dad Bill asked. Matt hated his dad calling him this. But he never said anything. Matt’s mom left them when he was young, he didn’t even remember her. Since dad has tried his best to play both roles of a parent and has had to keep several jobs going at once, and Matt respected him for that.

“Joyce threw me out of the house,” Matt answered dejected. Bill sighed deeply, looking out the window.

“Sorry we had an argument this morning, her damn dog shit on our yard again,” Bill explained.

“No it’s not your fault; she caught me and Lexi kissing. She told me I could never come back,” Matt explained. Bill nodded, but didn’t say anything.

“Look, Joyce has trust issues. I’ve been neighbors with her since before you were born and she still doesn’t trust me,” Bill replied glaring out the window. “Who knows maybe this is for the best sport, there are other fish in the sea.”

“I guess,” Matt mumbled. Matt was very tall almost 6’02” with brown hair buzzed short, and was very skinny; but he had been the captain of the basketball team this year and broke the school record in points. A lot of girls were lined up after games hitting on him. But none of them seemed to strike his interest. He had known Lexi for so long he couldn’t imagine being with someone else.

Lexi watched Joyce pace back and forth. “What were you thinking?!?”

“I’m sorry mom,” Lexi tried. Lexi was average height at about 5’06”, she was average build and just grew into a C cup bra size. She had long straight blond hair, and very dark brown eyes.

“Sorry?!? Sorry doesn’t cut it missy,” Joyce shouted. “I forbid you to see him anymore.”

“What…why?” Lexi asked.

“Because his father is an asshole and that stuff gets passed on,” Joyce explained.

“That’s not fair,” Lexi complained.

“Life isn’t always fair; you’ve wasted enough time on him. What are his plans for college besides basketball?” Joyce asked.

“He’s going to for computer programming,” Lexi answered.

“Still he’s done, no more got it?” Joyce ordered.

“NO…I DON’T GET IT,” Lexi shouted. “I don’t understand why you don’t like them.”

It was a mystery to Lexi why Joyce and Bill could never seem to get along. They were so much alike. Lexi’s dad had left shortly after she was born, and the same had happened to Bill so you’d think they would understand each other; but every time they talked it turned into an argument.

“DON’T YOU YELL AT ME!” Joyce shouted to match her daughter’s tone. “You are grounded.”

Lexi rushed into her room, crying.

Two days later

It didn’t take long for word to spread around school about what happened. Rumors spread like wild fire that they were done. Girls were coming up to Matt constantly asking if he wanted to go to the next dance with them. He politely turned them down; he had to talk to Lexi again.

Lexi was at her locker the final bell had just rung, she was shoving books in her locker taking only the ones she needed for homework.

“Hey pretty lady,” She heard Matt say from behind her.

“I’m not supposed to talk to you,” Lexi answered, trying not to face Matt.

“Why, your mom isn’t here,” Matt reasoned. It was true; there was little chance she would find out either. “We live next to each other; it wouldn’t be that odd of an occurrence for us to be walking close to each other…possibly get home near the same time.”

Lexi smiled sweetly as she nodded in approval and they started the walk back from school.

“Has your dad said anything about this?” Lexi asked.

“No, just said your mom doesn’t trust anyone,” Matt replied

“My mom said she thinks you’re going to turn into an asshole,” Lexi joked. Matt snickered briefly.


“Cause she thinks Bill is a major asshole,” Lexi answered. “I just don’t get why they can’t get along.”

“I know it’s weird,” Matt replied. They were only a block or so away from home, once they turned the corner, Lexi noticed Bill at her door talking to Joyce they seemed to be talking civilly which was rare. After giving a quick wave Bill küçükçekmece escort turned and went back to his own house.

“What was that about?” Lexi asked. Matt shrugged in reply

After putting his school stuff away Matt headed out to the garage where his dad’s workshop was. His dad was making benches today and had the saw going. It was on the tip of his tongue to ask why he was at Lexi’s house today but instead turned to get started on homework.

Lexi on the other hand rushed into the house, not even bothering to drop her stuff off and rushed up to her mom.

“What the hell mom?” Lexi asked. “I thought you said Bill was an asshole.”

“Watch your language,” Joyce warned. “Yes I did, and yes he is.”

“Then why was he over here?”

“He came to complain about Betty (their dog) again,” Joyce explained.

“He seemed like he was being nice about it,” Lexi tried.

“Yes, one of the rare times he was.”

“I want to see Matt again,” Lexi begged. “I love him.”

Joyce looked very troubled by this. Her eyes teared up as she pointed. “Go to your room.” Is the only thing Lexi heard. Lexi rushed down the hall and slammed the door of her bedroom.

Matt was working on homework when he heard tapping on his window. He turned and saw Lexi standing outside waiving. Her glow was enough to make Matt smile and open the window for her.

“Where’s your dad?” Lexi asked.

“He’s in the garage working with his tools,” Matt answered.

‘Good’ Lexi thought, she wanted to be alone with him right now. She did have feelings for Matt, but she wasn’t sure if what she was about to do was because of her feelings or out of spite to get back at her mom. She leaned in and kissed Matt.

This was their first passionate kiss where tongues were involved; both exploring each other’s mouths freely. Matt felt his heart beat quicken, and he started to get an erection. Instinctively Matt’s hands started exploring, feeling Lexi’s chest.

As soon as she felt where Matt’s hands were, she started to gasp as the thrill she was feeling; it left her short of breath. She started to feel excited and a tingle between her legs. She took her hand and started to feel on Matt’s legs but when she got to his thigh area she felt something hard.

She pulled back briefly as she looked down as she rubbed her hand over and over again where the hard spot was in his jeans. Matt groaned as he started to reach for her breast again.

“Het sport,” Bill started, as he opened the door to Matt’s room. They had been so caught in the moment they didn’t even notice the tools weren’t running anymore. Lexi and Matt both turned, as Bill looked back and forth between the two. Bill closed the door quickly

“Lexi go home,” Bill ordered softly through the door. Lexi turned to Matt who gave her a pleading look to stay; she shrugged and kissed him one final time before exiting out the window. After the window closed, Bill re-entered the room.

“I thought you two broke up,” Bill said.

“NO, we didn’t,” Matt said. “I love her dad.”

“Look, I tried to be cool about this, but I don’t want you to see her anymore,” Bill ordered.

“WHY?” Matt demanded raising his voice.

“Because I said so.”

“Just because you and Joyce hate each other that doesn’t give you the right to run our lives.”

“Matt,” Bill started. Matt turned back to his homework ignoring his father. Matt’s mind was made up, he and Lexi were going to be together no matter how much his dad said no.

Lexi was sitting on her bed reading a magazine when she heard tapping on her window. She knew it was Matt. She opened the window as he climbed in.

“Was your dad mad?” Lexi asked softly.

“A little,” Matt admitted. “Now he’s forbidding us to see each other.”

“Maybe my mom was right he is an asshole,” Lexi complained.

“Maybe,” Matt agreed. They sat for a few seconds before Matt leaned over to kiss her. This time they paid better attention to their surroundings, when they heard the phone ring they stopped for a second and heard Joyce answer the phone.

“Hello,” Joyce answered. “Christ what the hell do you want….WHAT?!? No way Lexi is in her room…fuck you Bill, and tell Matt to keep his hands off.” All that was heard after that was Joyce’s bedroom door slamming.

“Maybe I should go,” Matt suggested. They were in enough trouble as is and he didn’t want to cause any more.

“NO,” Lexi harshly whispered. “Fuck them, we’re adults we can make our own choices.” Matt nodded as they started to kiss and feel each other again.

The next day was Saturday, Matt got up earlier than usual though heading out for breakfast. Bill was at the table in his work cloths, must be going out to repair something.

“Sport, we need to talk,” Bill started. “I know you weren’t in your room last night, did you go over to see Lexi?”

“Yes,” Matt admitted not able to think of another excuse.

“Look I know you like her, but Joyce doesn’t want you there,” Bill tried.

“It’s kurtköy escort not just Joyce, dad you’ve been just as bad. You know we’re both 18,” Matt argued.

“I know you are, though you may not believe it, Joyce and I are just trying to look out for what’s best for you two,” Bill explained.

“If you really want what’s best for us, leave us alone,” Matt exclaimed and rushed out the door.

Lexi was coming out of the bathroom, and jumped when her mom was waiting.

“Lexi, now that we’ve both had time to calm down I want to talk to you about Matt,” Joyce said. “I know you like him, but I don’t want you to mistake a childhood crush for something it’s not and do something you’ll regret. I know you think I’m being a bitch now, but trust me I was there once.”

“It’s not a crush mom, I’m old enough to know the difference,” Lexi grumbled.

“You two haven’t had sex have you?”

“What?!? No!” Lexi exclaimed.

“I know you want to have sex, it’s natural for you to be curious about this. But it’s not something you need to rush,” Joyce spoke calmly.

“I just don’t know what got into you, you were fine with me and Matt until a few days ago,” Lexi questioned.

“I didn’t realize how serious you two were getting til I caught you kissing,” Joyce said. “Your father was my crush in high school. We had sex early and thought we were in love. After you were born, we drifted apart. I don’t want to see that happening to you.”

“It won’t I wish you would just trust me,” Lexi pleaded, and rushed out the door.

Lexi was walking at a brisk pace trying to put as much distance between her and mom as possible. She noticed Matt walking towards the park so she picked up the pace to catch up to him.

Matt turned as he heard footsteps, getting ready to argue more with dad he turned violently but found Lexi standing behind him.

“Hi,” Matt said softly, even though he was still mad.

“Hi,” Lexi returned and took his hand in hers, they felt warmth go thru their bodies, all the anger they felt seemed to melt away.

“Come on,” Matt suggested and tugged Lexi who willingly followed giggling with excitement.

He took her the nearby park with a small wooded area and led her down a man made path, their hands never separated as they made it through the trees and shrubs to a small opening. Once they were out of the view of people, he gently tugged her forward to kiss her.

Lexi melted as she felt Matt’s tongue brush gently against hers. Slowly she reached down to where his penis was and sure enough it was getting hard again. She pulled the zipper of his jeans down and reached inside to touch it. It was weird, it was semi soft and squishy when she put her hands in but that was slowly changing as it was growing and getting more and more hard.

Matt moaned at the touch of her soft skin. “You want to see it?”

Lexi paused this was what her mom warned her about. ‘To hell with her’ Lexi thought and nodded. Matt slowly pulled his penis out of his underwear. Though she had nothing to compare it to, Lexi found it extremely large and growing by the second. She was also surprised at how thick it was getting.

“Does it hurt?” Lexi asked.

“A little when it gets really hard,” Matt said.

Lexi wasted no time and grabbed Matt’s hard dick. Matt was the only boyfriend she had, but she had seen movies so had some idea what to do. She gently started to massage back and forth. When she did she noticed Matt rocking with her.

“Can I see you?” Matt asked.

Lexi blushed as she took off her t-shirt revealing a white bra underneath. She stalled but then removed the bra; her round breast bounced a little as she tossed the bra to the side. She had huge areolas, but really tiny nipples. Matt reached and placed one had on the side of her breast squeezing gently. Matt was amazed at how soft they were, they seemed to mold around his hand.

Matt backed away a bit, causing Lexi to lose grip on his cock, as he bent down to kiss the nipples. Lexi’s head fell back on impulse of his mouth and tongue on her nipples. Small pools of saliva were left where Matt had kissed. Every time the breeze picked up it would make Lexi’s whole body tingle.

She noticed her crotch getting tingly and wet. She wanted Matt to touch her there too, but a rustling of leaves was enough to snap them in reality. Lexi quickly pulled her bra and shirt back on; Matt stuffed his dick in his pants, just in time as a couple walking their dog came through next to where they were.

“To be continued,” Lexi smirked as she kissed Matt and walked home.

Matt rushed past his father to his bedroom, His penis was aching as soon as it came out Matt started stroking it, Matt closed his eyes and imagined Lexi touching it. As he got closer and closer to his climax, he started to picture her taking her shirt and bra off again and the bounce of her breast. His undoing though was when the image of him touching her breast, remembering how soft they felt. “AHHHH” Matt cried as he exploded maltepe escort shooting his cum all over the place. Quickly Matt jumped out of bed to clean the mess up.

Later that evening, the image of Matt’s cock was starting to get Lexi all moist and tingling again. She peeked out the door to find mom heading to bed, they hadn’t spoken to each other since this afternoon. After she was sure her mom was in bed, Lexi crawled out of her window and jogged across the lawn. Matt’s light was on and she could see him on his bed reading a motorcycle magazine. After a moment of hesitation Lexi tapped on the window.

Matt jumped at the surprise, but turned and saw Lexi at his window. He motioned for her to give him a second and sent out to see if Dad was still awake. He was passed out on the couch surrounded by empty liquor bottles. Jogging back to the window, Matt opened it to let Lexi in.

“Your dad sleeping?” she asked.

“Yes, he’s out cold,” Matt replied.

“About this afternoon,” Lexi started. “Were you as excited as I was?”

“I don’t think I’ve felt so alive,” Matt answered. Lexi smiled as she kissed him. Matt accepted the kiss, pushing forward to make the kiss more assertive. Soon their tongues were intertwining. Their breathing became rapid as Matt started to softly squeeze Lexi’s breast again.

Lexi untied Matt’s shorts and they fell to the ground. Surprised he wasn’t wearing underwear; she took her hand and started to stroke him for the second time that day. This time there was no hesitation, no fear.

“I want to see how it feels in your mouth,” Matt whispered. Lexi looked down hesitantly, how would that fit in her mouth?

“Okay,” Lexi agreed and bent down. She just put the head in her mouth and sucked. Getting braver she started to put more in. About half way down she started to gag, it was too big to fit all the way in. She wrapped her hand around where she couldn’t reach with her mouth and began to stroke.

Matt’s hips started to move back and forth, he would get more and more into it until he heard a gagging sound from Lexi then would back off for a bit. But he could feel his muscles getting tighter and tighter he was going to come soon.

“Lexi I’m getting close,” He called. “If you don’t want me to cum in your mouth stop.”

Lexi heard the warning but kept going, wondering what it felt and tasted like. The women in the movies seem to like it. “Go ahead.” Matt heard, this was it he couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Oh god,” Matt moaned as he sprayed his load all over Lexi’s face and mouth. It wasn’t like she thought; it looked disgusting but tasted awesome. The next time she’d have to make sure it all went in her mouth.

“That was great…ah that felt so good,” Matt kept moaning. His moaning and hip flexing caused the tingle to reappear in her crotch, and without thinking she glared up at Matt

“I want your mouth on me now,” She ordered. “Kiss me all over.”

Matt nodded as Lexi stood taking her shirt, which had a few of Matt’s juices on it, bra and jeans off. Still a little shy she left her black bikini cut panties on, though they were getting soaked. She sat on the bed as Matt gently pushed her back.

He started by kissing her and tickling her arm up and down. Each swipe was getting more and more moans of pleasure and excitement from Lexi. She felt close to an orgasm and Matt was barely touching her, she was wound that tight.

Matt moved and brushed her hair back and started to kiss and lick her earlobe, then her neck, then her nipples, navel and now he was down by her panties. The smell coming from them intoxicating, without thinking Matt grabbed her underwear and pulled them off with one swift motion; almost like he had done it a million times.

The heat coming from her shaved pussy was intense, he could feel it and his face was still a foot or so away. Matt leaned down and gently kissed her. He went to move but Lexi grabbed his head, not allowing it.

“Right there, do that again,” She ordered. Matt bent back down and started to kiss her again. He pretended like he was kissing her mouth, is tongue coming out and exploring uncharted territories. Moving in a circle motion, Matt was about to pull away when she pushed his head back. “Oh don’t stop, please don’t. I’m so close.”

So he went back to his tongue dancing on her pussy, he noticed she started to jerk around, and cried “OHHHHH.” Lexi felt every muscle in her body tighten as she had an earth shattering orgasm. Once it started her body contorted in positions she didn’t even know possible. When she finally calmed down she found Matt standing by her. His erection had returned.

“I want to fuck you,” Matt said.

“Okay,” Lexi agreed.

It was scary seeing his erect penis move closer and closer to her hot pussy. She closed her eyes and when it was put in her, she swore she felt something tear. When she looked down she found he had only put it halfway in.

Slowly pulling back and forth with his hips, Matt started inching in and out of her. Lexi found once the initial penetration feeling subsided she was really enjoying it. “Put it all the way in.” Lexi ordered.

“Okay,” Matt agreed and pushed further into her until his ball sack was resting on her anus. Lexi started breathing deeply; once Matt started she never wanted him to stop. It was more incredible than she could imagine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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