New Friends_(1)

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New Friends

Let’s start off with some history my names Mike and I’m in my early fifties, my wife Chris is in her late forties we’re both a little over weight, have just seen our last child off our hands and had decided to living life again after raising our sons.
I drove to the airport the morning of the flight booked the car in and boarded the bus to the terminal. On arrival at the terminal we went straight to book in, only to find only one other couple at the desk. We both booked in and were told to go straight through to departures.
Once on airside we went in search of a coffee and something to eat, but found all the tables taken except one in a corner. This one had been taken by the couple from the book in desk. The woman looked up and said that these chairs were not taken if we didn’t mind sharing. As we sat the two women started talking, she introduced themselves as Sam and Ben.
Ben and Sam both in their mid forties, Sam was blonde, decent breasts and a good figure, Ben was about my height 6ft and looked in quite good shape.
As the wives talked I noticed Ben keep glancing at my wife’s breasts, which are natural 38F’s in her scope top blouse. I had to smile inwardly as I think they are her best asset. It worked out that they were going to the same hotel as us, as they too had just seen their youngest off their hands.
We were then called to board the flight and agreed to meet up at the other end. Whilst on the flight my wife and I talked about Sam and Ben and the things we had in common. I didn’t mention that Ben had kept looking at her breasts as Chris was a virgin when we first met and I have been her only lover.
On arrival at the hotel we found Sam and Ben had the room next to ours. As we began to unpack we heard moans coming from next door, Chris and I looked at one another and then said someone’s started their holiday with a bang, smiling as we looked at each other.
After a quick unpack and a wander around the hotel we returned to our room to find silence from next door. However there was something in the air between Chris and me, we were soon stripped naked, kissing, touching and licking one another. Chris then began telling me what she wanted and began to become louder in her instructions.
After showering and dressing we headed down to dinner, Sam was seated by the restaurant entrance on her own, Chris asked after Ben. Sam said he was at the desk asking about playing golf. The doors opened and we headed in to dinner Chris asking if Sam and Ben wanted to share a table. Ben entered shortly afterwards and joined us.
Drinks were ordered our drinks and after several glasses of wine, both Chris and Sam were showing signs of becoming free with their conversations as a result. A comment was made about starting a holiday with a bang! Sam reddened and asked if we had heard Ben and her, Chris said we had but not to worry as we had also got it on later. Sam said that they were sitting on the balcony when we had got back and had heard us too. This made us all laugh and said that it wasn’t a competition.
After dinner Ben asked if we fancied a drink in the bar but both Chris and I said we were tried and were off to bed, Sam replied not for round two she hoped, smiling at Chris and giving me a wink.
The next morning after breakfast we all met at the pool and sat sunning and reading, then mid morning Sam said she was off for a swim and did anyone want you join her Chris stood up and off they went. What a sight to see, both women in one piece swimsuits, Chris with her large breasts just held in and her lovely arse swaying as she walked. Sam also in a one piece, hers was cut low at the back and cut away at the sides giving hints of her breasts and the dimple just above her escort kocaeli arse. Ben and I just watched as they both walked away and got into the pool.
A while late Ben got up to join the girls, I stayed and watched as they soon got into a game of catch. They soon got a little noisy and began grabbing one another. This went on for some time before the girls got out both sporting erect nipples and rosy cheeks, Chris looking quite flushed. Ben stayed in the pool and swam up and down for a while.
When Chris got to me she said she was going up to the room to change before lunch, we said good bye and headed up to our room. No sooner had the door closed then Chris was pulling my shorts down and sucking on my rapidly hardening cock, we fell onto the bed where I found Chris was absolutely soaking wet. She demanded that I fuck her straight away and dam hard you bastard. This was so out of character.
That night as Chris and I lay in bed again listening to Sam and Ben next door Chris said she had to tell me what had happened in the pool, she began by saying that it was great fun and at first thought Ben had touched her by accident. But he had then got his hands on both her breasts and squeezed, this she thought a little too friendly. Chris then went quiet for a while before saying that whilst grabbing for the ball she had grabbed Ben’s cock. She smiled and said you know he feels a lot bigger then you. I asked her how she felt about what had happened. She replied didn’t what happened when we got back to the room tell you anything. Or was it the thought that it was Ben she was fucking, Chris gave a smile, which answered my question. By now my cock was rock hard and as I slid it into Chris she was absolutely soaking wet.
The next morning I awoke feeling somewhat under the weather, so decided to lie in. Chris went to breakfast and on her return announced she would be with Sam and Ben at the pool and to join them later.
I awoke mid morning to giggles from next door and could hear Sam and Ben talking, then a moan. I got up and moved to the balcony to listen better. After a while the action next door started to heat up. I don’t know why but I decided to get the camcorder and see if I could catch Sam and Ben at it.
As the auto focus finished all I could see was the curtain, it had been drawn part way across the window this would making seeing the camcorder slim but gave me only a limited view of the room.
As I adjusted the camcorder Ben came into view at the end of the bed, he was naked but was sucking and licking at Sam’s pussy from behind. At this point Sam said something but it was unclear, Ben then told her to keep cumin baby, I’ve never had such a wet and juicy pussy, then there was movement and Sam came into view naked except for a pair of panties her firm beautiful firm looking breasts looked absolutely stunning.
Sam asked Ben if he was ready to fuck, he nodded as he was really sucking on this other pussy. Ben stood as Sam came behind him; she grasped his cock, guiding it into the other pussy. He then began a slow thrust in and out with what liked like a fair sized cock whoever was on the receiving end was really getting a good fuck. Ben then started to speed up his cock going into the balls and almost coming all the way out with each thrust.
Whoever was receiving this was really moaning now and Sam just gave Ben encouragement to give her a real good fucking. After 10 minutes Ben grunted pushed his cock in as far as it would go and pumped several times into this lucky girl.
Ben pulled out his cock dripping a mix of juices. I then heard Sam ask so Chris was it all that I said it would be. Was this my wife Chris the voice that answered was indeed my wife Chris. Yes she replied, that is one beautiful kocaeli anal yapan escort big cock he has and he’s pumped what feels like a gallon of spunk up my pussy.
I turned the camcorder off and went back and sat on the bed, reliving what I’d just heard.

Chris’s side of the story
Just a little something about Mike and me, I first met Mike whilst I was in 6th form, he was tall, dark haired, good looks and a great body and a wicked sense of humour. Mike had just come out of a long relationship although still young. I found this out a few weeks after going out with him. One night he said we needed to talk (I’m being dumped I thought). But no Mike said he had found something special in me and wanted to be honest from then on, and he has been ever since. I’ll skip through the rest as I know Mike has already done that and start with Sam, Ben & I playing ball in the pool.
It started off with just Sam and I getting into the pool to cool off and just swim a couple of lengths, then Ben joined us with a ball that he had found by the poolside. It was suggest a game of catch, which after some time and encouragement by Sam and me for Ben to get the ball off of us. Well as you might expect there soon began to get a little physical (Ben grabbing for the ball but missing and grabbing the person). Well Ben had grabbed me a couple of times and it had not registered, but then when I had the ball Ben was wrestling with me for the ball and he cupped my right breast and squeezed. I didn’t say anything, any way seconds later we were again wrestling but this time Ben cupped both breasts and then pulled me against him. It felt wrong that someone other than Mike was doing this to my breasts but also good. My nipples hardened and I felt a tingle in my pussy. Not to mention a large cock being pushed against my arse, but once again let it slide. It happened again shortly afterwards but this time Ben’s cock was defiantly longer and harder, now I called time and got out of the pool. Ben said he was going to swim a couple of lengths, needlessly he needed to let that hard on go down.
After saying I was going up to our room to change (I needed to clear my head and make sense of what had just happened). But I was so horny and as soon as Mike and I had closed our door I was all over him (I don’t thing he knew what had come over me, but thought fuck this is great).
That night lying in bed listen to Ben fuck Sam next door all I could do was imagine that it was me Ben was fucking with that big cock of his. I then turned to Mike and told him what had happened in the pool. Mike questioned me about the event and finished by asking would I like to be fucked by Ben? I know the look on my face gave me away but Mike didn’t get angry. And as Mike then fucked me I didn’t think any more that night.
Mike and awoke the next morning and Mike said he was feeling under the weather and was going to stay in bed so I went down to breakfast and found Sam sitting alone. Ben had gone off to play golf. Sam and I talked about Mike and Ben for a while and then there was that awkward silence. Sam looked at me and asked if something was wrong, me face must of said it all. I began by telling her what had happened in the pool but blamed it on me. Sam smiled and said Ben had told her what he had done last night and why he’d gone to play golf, as he had felt awkward as well.
Sam said it would be better to go to their room and talk properly, I agreed knowing Sam and I could talk freely without Mike or Ben around when we got to Sam’s room I sat on the end of the bed and looked at Sam not knowing what to say, Sam could see my discomfort izmit yabancı escort and asked if she should start I nodded.
Sam began by telling me that Ben and she had never fooled around with anyone, they had often played out some of their fantasies during role play but neither had strayed I replied that it was the same with Mike and me.
Sam then went on to say that the night before the pool incident she had asked Ben what he thought of you, his reply was short and honest I’d love to see Chris’s big tits bare and I know I’ve never felt this way before but I wouldn’t mind fucking her from behind why from behind, because of her big juicy arse. Sam said she had agreed with Ben that I did have lovely tits and my arse was better than hers I blushed at what Sam had just said, but Sam quickly added that she wasn’t hitting on me.
There was a moments silence and I found I was able to talk, I told Sam that I had felt Ben’s cock hard against my arse and that it had been both enjoyable but messed my feelings up too as I loved Mike and wouldn’t do anything to hurt him or cause Sam and Ben any problems Sam smiled.
Then without warning the bathroom door opened and Ben stood in the doorway a towel wrapped around his waist, Sam asked what he was doing there he replied he’d just had a bath as the golf shop was closed so he was unable to play She asked what have you heard? Ben looked at the floor and replied he’d heard everything I blushed bright red and Sam just stared at Ben.
I don’t know why but the next thing I was looking at Sam and asking for her to let me see Ben’s cock, I saw his towel twitch and a smile begin to appear on his face. Sam looked at each of us in turn and asked if I was sure to which I said yes. You only had to look at Ben to get his answer; Sam just nodded her agreement, but added it would just be the two of us.
Ben dropped his towel, what a cock he had and it wasn’t fully erect. He asked me what I wanted; I just beckoned him to stand in front of me. Ben stepped towards me his cock growing and swaying as he moved towards me I removed my top reached back and released my bra, my tits now on full display. My pussy began to get wetter and Ben’s cock was now at full mast his balls were shaved smooth and he must have been 9inchs in length and 4inchs in girth.
I was still seated on the end of the bed Ben took a step forward so that his cock was between my tits and began to move his cock up and down between them. I heard Sam moan. She had removed all her clothes except her panties and was rubbing her tits as she watched Ben fuck my tits as his head appeared with each upward thrust I stuck out my tough and gave it a lick, my pussy getting wetter by the minute.
Ben pulled me up and turned me round, then slid my skirt and panties down, now we were both naked and I felt that huge hard cock press between my arse cheeks. Ben began to run his fingers along my crack, my only thoughts now was for Ben to enter me. My pussy was so wet and ready to be fucked that there was little resistance when he pushed his cock head against my hole, my juices were flowing so much that they were dripping from my pussy onto the bed.
Ben grunted and pulled back a little before pushing back in and I could feel more of his beautiful big cock slide back in. Then I felt Ben feed his full length into me and my body orgasming immediately, completely betraying me. I gave a loud moan. He felt so different to Mike his girth and length stretched me so much more. It was probably only 10 to 15 minutes but when Ben finally pushed in as far as he could and grunted he filled me with so much cum it felt like it was filling me right up.
I collapsed onto the bed Ben falling gently onto me his cock shrinking inside me. I then become aware of where I was and what had just happened Sam was at the foot of the bed kissing Ben. I then dressed kissed Ben and Sam on the cheek and went back to my room, with a smile on my face and a pussy full of Ben’s cum.

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