No Going Home

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As the wars wound down the Department of Defense decided they simply couldn’t charter for individual flight’s full of returning soldiers. It was understandable. There just weren’t enough soldiers to justify their own birds.

So that’s how it came to pass that I was boarding a standard Lufthansa flight for the second leg of my trip home from Afghanistan. We were stuck in Camp Virginia, and Ali Al Salem Kuwait for a week, out processing and just waiting. An insane wait. Seven days with nothing to do but wait for your turn on the next flight home.

After 7 months downrange with too much death and destruction and no rest, no beer, and no pussy I — and every other soldier there — was raring to get home. Unfortunately, I was headed home to a precocious youngster and a very pregnant wife. The R ‘Lil Jack’ was deep red-purple, overly excited and in need of release. I hit the shower. In the midst of a truly long and hot shower— my first in many months— I jacked my cock for the 100th time since leaving home so long ago.

Standing beneath the blast of super-heated water I closed my eyes. I imagined Siobhan’s bahis siteleri tiny body in the shower with me, her pretty plum hair slicked down her neck. First she sucked me to hardness. Then she slid behind me to massage my cock and balls as her tiny diamond hard nipples grazed my back. She kissed the scars on my back, her tongue dancing on my spine as she reached around to fondle me. My long, hard shaft drooled precum as she worked it with her little hands. I turned, pulled her up to me, grabbed her by her thick thighs and lifted her up to me. Her hands wrapped around my neck. She probably weighed less than my duffel bag; my strong biceps held her up, with hands simultaneously holding and spreading those soft curvy ass cheeks. Our mouths met, tongues intertwined, and then I gently set her back down onto my shaft. Her shaved cunt accepted me slowly, until I pressed both our bodies against the shower wall and rammed it home. Her mouth went open as she looked skyward; she shook with her first orgasm…and ribbons of cum jetted from my cock and hand onto the shower floor. ‘Well, that was short-lived,’ I thought.

A canlı bahis siteleri two-minute fantasy in the shower was nice, but left me wanting so much more. But I wasn’t sure I had the guts to go through with it. War was straightforward — go there, kill bad guys — in some ways easy even. Women, notsomuch.

I lay on the bed for an hour. Relaxing. Relishing the feel of real sheets, a real bed, and real central heat on my naked body. My body clock was all jacked up and I probably fell asleep. But I was fortunate to wake up in time to dress for dinner. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much to wear. I had another pair of khakis and a casual button down shirt. Not much need for fashion in Afghanistan. All I had was enough to get me home in an emergency. ACUs would not do.

I got dressed, and primped a bit. I couldn’t hide the wisps of grey in my hair. As I combed through my hair with my fingers my wedding band flashed in the mirror like a beacon. I was starting to rethink this whole dinner thing. I called Siobhan’s room but got no answer. So, on schedule, I went down to the lobby level to look for her at the canlı bahis main restaurant.

I peeked into the Sèvres restaurant to see if she was already seated. No such luck. I asked the maître d if he had seated a pretty girl with lilac hair already. Again ‘nein.’ It was ten after six o’clock and I was beginning to wonder when I heard her Irish brogue come up from behind me.

“You looking for someone, mister?”

I turned to see a dark angel approaching. Siobhan had far out-dressed me. With the exception of her hair color, she was almost the spitting image of Paramore’s punk princess Hayley Williams in “The Only Exception ” music video. Just like Hayley, Siobhan’s purple hair was French braided with wisps of bangs across her forehead. Her lips and eye shadow were dark, almost black with just a hint of red. Her neck and shoulders were bare and beautiful. She wore a black strapless leather dress that showed off her almost translucent skin. Unlike Hayley’s dress, there was no big bow and this one ended well above the knee. Siobhan also showcased her legs in Cuban nylons with a trace of red at the feet and pencil thin red lines all the way up the backs. Her black heels were shiny patent leather, taller than the ones she wore on the plane. She held a small red clutch purse. She was like a Luis Royo Malefic vision come to life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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