Nursie Ch. 03

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I spent what remained of my duty in a more or less constant state of arousal. I had given Simon a spectacular orgasm and I had enjoyed the intensely erotic experience of him coming all over me. But I was desperate to have an orgasm myself – I tried to keep busy to take my mind off it but as I walked around the ward with no knickers on every squishy step was a reminder of what we had done. Late in the evening I finished my duty and went home, opened a bottle of wine, and masturbated furiously! I came three times in quick succession but somehow still didn’t feel satisfied. I could not get images of Simon’s penis out of my mind, the huge size and thickness, the feel of its massive weight in my hands, the gushing streams of pee and semen that spurted so copiously from it. I ached to feel him inside me once more and spent a restless night debating with myself as to whether I should be sensible and leave him alone or give in to my temptation. I eventually fell asleep with no decision having been made.

The next day I had to work another late shift. Nothing particularly eventful happened and the evening began to drag on interminably. There were two of us on duty and I spent some time chatting to my colleague Nicky, but all the time I was picturing Simon lying in his bed with an enormous erection under the bedclothes. Just after midnight a buzzer sounded and the flashing light indicated that Simon was calling for assistance.

“I’ll go,” I said, hoping that I didn’t sound too enthusiastic, “he probably needs the toilet”.

Nicky smiled at me and I detected a knowing look dart briefly across her face. As I went to Simon’s bed I wondered whether I was not the only randy young nurse to be infatuated with him. Perhaps we were all giving him hand-jobs! Simon did indeed need the toilet and I accompanied him to the toilet, undid his pyjamas and got myself very turned on holding his penis while he pissed an enormous stream into the bowl. I was careful not to squeeze him or stimulate him this time but after he finished peeing his cock started a slow surging rise. I made an attempt to get his pyjamas done up over it but it was hopeless, it looked as if he had a tent pole in there. I think Simon had ideas of a repeat performance from me but there was no way I was going to get myself that turned on again without getting any satisfaction for myself.

A foolish plan that I had considered the night before, istanbul escort and dismissed, now suddenly seemed more feasible. On the way back to the ward we would have to pass the room that the clean bed linen was stored in. This room was lockable to prevent theft, which is always rife in a hospital, and I had a key! It was late at night and provided there were no emergencies it should be possible to pop in there for a few minutes without anyone noticing. Simon was definitely hoping for something and tried to kiss me while we were still in the toilet cubicle. I told him to be patient and led him down the corridor, his cock leading the way like some obscene divining rod! The coast was clear and I opened the linen room door, pushed Simon in, and locked the door behind us. I knew we had to be quick so I quickly undid his pyjama bottoms and they dropped to the floor. I undid the buttons of my uniform and stepped out of it. Simon watched spellbound as I whipped my knickers off.

His erection had diminished quite a bit but I knew what I could do to bring it back! I dropped to my knees in front of him, lifted his pendulous cock up with both hands and placed my mouth firmly over the end of his huge glans. I sucked hard and pumped him vigorously and sure enough, he swelled rapidly into a state of magnificent erection. I left him briefly and moved some of the piles of sheets that were on a low table. I hopped onto the table.

“Simon, come here! Quick!” I sat on the edge of the table and pulled Simon towards me so that he stood between my spread legs. The table was the perfect height; his cock was level with my crotch. I grabbed hold of him, tilted my pelvis and rubbed the massive head quickly up and down against my pussy. I was already soaking and within seconds his glans was liberally coated with my juices. I held my pussy lips apart with one hand and positioned him. He didn’t need any urging and thrust against me, the broad head nuzzling against my vagina. He pushed again but made no headway. It seemed impossible that he could get that enormous thing into me but I knew it could be done. I wet my fingers with saliva and spread it over his glans. I held him in position and he pushed and pushed and suddenly the tip went in. I stifled a moan and lay back, lifting my legs high and wide.

“Yes, avcılar escort Simon, that’s it, yes, yes!”

I reached down beneath my bottom and pulled myself open as much as I could while Simon thrust his hips, entering me a few millimetres more with each thrust. God, it was wonderful! I looked down, feeling weak with lust as I watched his enormous cock slowly entering my tiny body. It looked as if he should be doing me permanent damage but I felt no pain, only an indescribably intense thrill as I was stretched impossibly wide.

Simon paused. “Sue, will you take your bra off?” I had been so eager that I hadn’t thought about taking it off. I quickly removed it and Simon groaned as he saw me before him, totally naked. He resumed his steady thrusting and I leaned back on my elbows, my breasts jumping up and down as he pushed. Simon’s eyes were glued to my breasts and when I raised my hands and tweaked my nipples into hard points he groaned loudly and increased his rhythm. I looked down; only half his cock was inside me, I wanted more, could I take more? I tried to relax, I breathed deeply and rotated my pelvis, working him into me; willing him into me.

Slowly I felt him sinking deeper, I looked down, with each thrust I saw my belly swell, I placed my hand flat on my stomach, I could actually feel him moving inside me! I felt a twinge of pain, I looked down again, there were only two inches of cock still to go! I was covered in sweat and so close to orgasm – I touched my clit and felt the ecstasy surge. I lay back and frantically rubbed my clit, Simon responded with a series of long, slow thrusts that pulled and pushed at my crammed pussy so deliciously. I grabbed a pillowcase nearby with my free hand and stuffed it into my mouth as I started to come. I felt my pussy trying desperately to tighten on his cock but I was so stretched it was impossible. I whimpered and squealed and gurgled and came and came over and over until I thought I would pass out with the intensity of it. Tears streamed from my eyes, and I sobbed into the pillowcase – how was it possible to come so hard, and so quickly?

Gradually I came down from my peak. Simon was grinning at me; he obviously loved being able to reduce a poor girl to such a quivering wreck. His hips were still going in a steady rhythm and I marvelled at his staying power. I had never known any man şirinevler escort keep going as long as him – was it because his cock was so big he had difficulty coming?

I had lost track of time but I knew we had to hurry. I remembered what I had done to make him come on that first occasion and that was to talk dirty! I decided to try it again. I cupped my breasts in my hands. “Oh, Simon, that’s fantastic, oh yes, do it like that. Oh, your cock is wonderful, its so big! Fuck me, Simon, fuck me harder, make me come again!” His grin faded instantly and his hips jerked faster. For a moment I saw how comical we must have looked as he stood with his arms immobilised in casts, his pyjamas at his feet and his hips going like a steam hammer. “Oh, Simon, yes, fuck me with your big cock, I love it, I love it!” He started to groan and I noticed that I was taking almost all of him inside me; for the first time I could feel his balls slapping against my bottom. I had intended to make him come but I found myself soaring into another exquisite orgasm.

“Simon, Simon, I’m coming – oh yes!” I flopped back on the table as I came and I heard him gasping, “Sue, Oh God, me too!” My legs were lifted high with my feet on his shoulders and I reached for his hips and pulled him against me, he jerked spasmodically and ejaculated so deep inside me – I cried out with delight as I felt his cock throbbing as it spewed. His hips pressed hard against me; I had every inch of him inside my ecstatic cunt! We panted and moaned as our orgasms subsided. I wanted to keep him in me forever, just lie there and be fucked over and over again, but eventually a small voice of reason made itself heard. I motioned for Simon to withdraw and watched as he slowly pulled inch after inch of glistening wet cock out of me. I couldn’t believe that I had been able to accommodate him completely, his cock seemed never ending. Then the head popped out and a flood of semen poured out of me, splattering noisily onto the linoleum.

I used the pillowcase to wipe us dry and did my best to clean up the mess on the floor. I checked my watch; we had been in there for twenty minutes. How would I explain to Nicky if she asked why I had been gone so long? I dressed, my hands were shaking and I had to make several attempts to do my buttons up. Simon stood watching me, still breathing heavily. I tidied him up and I kissed him, “Simon, you were wonderful!”

I cautiously unlocked the door, and looked out into the corridor. The coast was clear. What I would have done if someone had been there I do not know. I led Simon back to the ward. Nicky looked up from the book she was reading as we passed by. She smiled at me and I thought she gave me a little wink!

I felt myself blushing – did she suspect what we had been doing?

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