Offering up The Wife

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Karen grunted out as her opponent hammered a forearm into her back, sending her to the mat. She grimaced when she felt her blonde hair being pulled as the large black woman she was wrestling helped Karen to her feet only to scoop the petite woman up and body slam her to the canvas with a deafening boom.

Jerry sat ringside with a massive erection in his pants while he watched the heavyset woman stomp her shiny laced black boot down on his wife’s bare midriff. “Ughh,” the short blonde groaned, rolling on her side before she was once again lifted to her feet by her shoulder length hair. Carrie the Crusher was the name of Karen’s opponent, who, at 5’10” and 235 pounds, towered over the 5’2″ 114 pound younger woman.

The Crusher grabbed the back of Karen’s sparkly blue panties and tugged them up hard, giving the blonde a nasty wedgie, before casually tossing her over the top ropes like she was a bag of litter. Karen came crashing down hard on the ringside mats; the gym was empty since Jerry had booked this private match between his wife and The Crusher. Karen had confessed she always wanted to wrestle another woman and over time the couple discussed different scenarios; Karen admitting she would enjoy getting dominated by a bigger woman while Jerry watched then to complete her humiliation she would be forced to watch the winner fucked her husband. At first the thought of having sex with some sweaty she-beast had been a deal breaker for Jerry but he had to admit watching his wife get her ass kicked was really doing it for him.

The Crusher slid out under the bottom rope and punted Karen in the ribs when she tried pulling herself up with the ring skirt. She went rolling over, clutching her side, when her opponent picked her up by her hair and slammed her face first into the steel ring steps. Karen had been genuflecting, with her hands ataşehir escort on the step, and hadn’t expected the bigger woman to stomp her boot down on the petite girl’s fingers. The way Karen screamed at this, Jerry thought she might’ve broken her hand.

“Shaddup, barbie,” The Crusher snarled and reached down to yank up on Karen’s blue bottoms, giving her a nasty front wedgie that cut deep into her pussy. Using this handful of her ring clothes, The Crusher flung Karen up into the ring before rolling in after her. Karen tried to do some offense by running to the ropes, even though she was trying to pull her panties out of her gash. The blonde’s attempt at a crossbody met The Crusher unfazed as she caught the petite young woman in the air.

Karen’s legs kicked wildly, in an attempt to free herself, but the ebony amazon dropped down to one knee, slamming the blonde across in a devastating backbreaker. The Crusher held Karen in place by her hair as she hammered close fists to the pretty girl’s flat tummy until it was a darkened red spot.

She nonchalantly pushed Karen off then stood over the prone blonde before placing a boot in the middle of the girl’s back then reaching down and pulling on her hair in a painful variation of a surfboard submission hold. Jerry was nearly giddy as he listened to his wife screech like she was on fire as she futilely tried to pry The Crusher’s fingers out of her hair while being bent back.

“I’m tired of your mouth, missy,” the bigger woman grunted after releasing Karen’s hair and letting the petite woman’s face slam back into the mat. She put up no resistance as The Crusher stripped Karen of her sparkly blue bottoms then pulled her head up by her hair once more so she could stuff the blonde’s panties in her mouth. The big brute also yanked up Karen’s matching sparkly avcılar escort blue halter top, exposing her B cup breasts, before once more throwing opponent”s head so her face smacked into the canvas.

The Crusher then sat down on the blonde’s back and secured both her slender legs under her armpits and reared back, bending Karen in half in a boston crab. Her muffled screams brought a sinister smile across the big black woman’s broad face as she made a point so her opponent’s breasts were squashed under her fat ass by rocking to and fro. The Crusher then stood and began walking around the ring causing Karen to shriek inaudibly as her tits were dragged across the mat.

Finally releasing the hold, Karen lay immobile on the mat, sobbing softly, when The Crusher got up to turn around. She latched her thick black fingers under Karen’s jaw and cinched in a tight camel clutch. Karen’s arms hung like limp noodles over her opponent’s knees as tears ran down her pretty face. Jerry then stood up, approaching the ring apron.

“You see that man,” The Crusher whispered aloud to Karen as she bent the blonde in half until they were looking eye to eye.

“Why would he want to waste his time with a skinny little bitch like you? You’re worthless, and I’m going to show you why a better woman is going to steal him,” The Crusher said and nodded at Jerry who climbed the steps and entered through the ring ropes.

“Bring that fat white dick over here, baby, and let me show this bitch how a sista can please it better,” The Crusher spoke in a sultry voice while she continued to hold Karen in the camel clutch.

Jerry was absolutely ready to bust and even though this big black woman in black one piece swimsuit wouldn’t have ever turned his head he felt himself drawn to her as if by a siren song.

Karen groaned avrupa yakası escort as she got a front row seat for The Crusher’s black lips wrapping around her husband’s cock. She felt herself get wet when she heard Jerry moan as the black woman, who was obviously skilled not only in wrestling but in oral pleasure, as she took Karen’s husband all the way in. Her lewd sucking echoed in the small gymnasium and she didn’t remove it from her mouth except to tell Jerry to shoot his load on her tits.

“Your man tastes good,” The Crusher said, now turning to look at Karen. “I don’t think you’re good enough to even suck his dick anymore, shit you probably couldn’t ever do it right in the first place. I’ll make sure you’re good for one thing, now clean up his cum, barbie.”

While keeping hold of her opponent’s chin, The Crusher leaned forward and buried Karen’s face between her dark bosom. Though she was still gagged, Karen found herself dying to rub her pussy as a strange woman rubbed her own husband’s jism on her face. She eventually was released from the hold, though Karen thought she might need a chiropractor after this match, before her hands were bound behind her back with her own sparkly top.

Karen saw The Crusher get down on all fours, she wondered if she was going to have to eat this black woman’s hairy gash, but instead saw her husband’s still erect cock barely inches from her face, as the black woman pulled aside the crotch of her swimsuit and told Jerry, “Go to town, stud, show this white bitch how her saggy pussy isn’t good enough.”

She lie there and not only watched them have intercourse but The Crusher told Jerry to fuck her in her big black ass. After he was done, The Crusher un-gagged Karen and said the only thing she was good for was clean up.

A good titty twist had Karen yelping, allowing Jerry to stuff his shitty cock in his wife’s mouth as she hungrily slurped it clean while The Crusher made the blonde’s head bob up and down with a handful of hair.

Needless to say Jerry and Karen have a strong marriage and are still looking for more women who are into cuckqueaning his jobber wife.

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