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Group Sex

It’s been a while. I was working on my new stories when I looked at where I store my other stories. It’s a short one. It was written a long time ago. I remember it was written as a warm-up to another story – I was daydreaming at my desk.

Enjoy and be well, Vic.

He stood behind and to the side of her. He was leaning over as if looking at what she was typing. He looked interested but his interest didn’t lay in what was on the screen.

He whispered into her ear as she typed. Soft words asking her to continue typing. His warm breathe teasing her skin as he lowered his lips away from her ear.

She felt him standing behind her. His face casting a warmth against her neck. She felt his words as he teased her, asked her to not stop typing. She glanced up and saw the door to her office was opened. The staff busy working.

He pointed to the screen as she continued to type. His hand lowered onto her right hand.

“Don’t stop,” he whispered again.

His hand moved up her right hand onto her arm. He glanced up and then casually lowered his head and kissed right side of her neck. He made sure his kisses was soft and light.

She closed her eyes as his lips touched her neck. She followed his lips as he kissed those sensitive areas down and about her neck. She wanted to lean back and let him kiss all over her neck.

She heard a noise then. A clicking noise. She opened her eyes then. Realizing she nearly gave in. She looked outside and recognized the sound of someone stapling.

His lips, soft and quiet, moved from her neck to her ear. Slowly he licked her ear. Letting his tongue slowly glide along the edge. Lightly circling his tongue down her ear.

His breathe and his tongue sent shivers down her as she tried to look as if she couldn’t care. She continued to type be the words on the screen weren’t recognizible. Still she clicked away so no one outside the office would think there was something wrong.

She then realized that his hand had moved from her right arm to her stomach. His hand was moving slowly, massaging carefully down her stomach.

The kissing, the licking and now his hand moving slowly across her body made her body react. She found herself breathing heavily. Her neck and ear were on fire. Her hips moved gently with the rythm of his hand.

She closed her eyes again and surpressed a moan as she heard his next words whispered teasingly into her ear.

“I want to taste you.” He whispered.

She shook her head because that’s all she could manage.


“No,” she managed weakly. “What about the bathroom?”

“I want to taste you here.”

She shivered. She wasn’t even sure if she could stand up to go to the bathroom.

“Someone might walk in.”

Even as she said it, the thought excited her even more.

“Let them. They won’t know.” He continued to tease, “Just don’t make a sound.”

She shook her head ‘no’ even as she slid her chair back a little.

He quickly sucked on her neck once and lowered himself onto his knees. Carefully, he crawled between her and the desk. Between her legs.

She glanced down and saw him kneeling there. She looked into bostancı escort his eyes as his head leaned towards her left leg. She wanted to grab his head and pull him between her legs.

His hands ran up both her legs as he kissed her left knee.

She heard someone walking by and quickly glanced at the entrance.

“Continue to type.” She heard him whisper from below her desk.

She started to type again. Staring at her screen, keeping the entrance to her office in view.

His hands moved up her legs and under her skirt.

She felt his warm hands moving smoothly up her legs. She shivered and felt herself opening her legs more.

His lips kissed her left knee once more then up. His hands moving slightly faster up the sides of her legs.

She felt his hands move under her skirt and up to her bottom. She felt him squeeze her bottom as his lips started to suck on her left inner thigh.

He loved to feel of her on his hands and in his mouth. He grabbed her bottom and squeezed. He kissed until he had to suck on her thigh. He massaged her skin with his lips a moment or two and he moved further up her inner left thigh.

He felt her move her leg, trying to give him more access.

She felt his hands holding onto her pressing her against his mouth. She wanted to feel those lips further up.

“Scoot forward and sit on the edge of your chair.”

She moved forward. As she did, she felt her skirt move up past her bottom and past where his hands still gripped her. She felt more excited, knowing she was exposed. Should anyone walk in and near her desk right now, they would see her with her legs spread. They would see her sitting on his hands, his head on her hosed thigh.

His hands let go of her bottom and slid up. He grabbed her panties and pulled at them. They slid slowly down as she moved slightly to allow them past her bottom.

She lifted herself slightly from the chair as he pulled her panties down. She glanced down and saw him looking at her face. She watched him watch her as he slid the panties off one leg then the other. She watched him as he put those panties into his pocket.

She watched him as he leaned forward. His mouth opening and his tongue moving slowly out. She watched him looking at her as his wet tongue touched her exposed skin.

She felt her eyes closing as that tingle of his tongue touched her.

His tongue didn’t touch her clit immediately. No. His tongue touched the side of her pussy. He watched her eyes close as his tongue made contact.

He flicked his tongue tip up and saw her legs tremble. He did it again.

She felt his tongue move so close. She felt his tongue slide up along her. She felt him shift.

“Open your eyes and pick up the phone.” He whispered from between her legs.

She felt his breathe against her pussy as he said that. She leaned over and picked up the phone.

“Now, dial your home phone and wait for your answering machine to pick up.”

She dialed or tried to dial as she felt his lips touch her left inner thigh again. She shivered as he kissed and sucked her thigh. She had to redial a couple of times before sancaktepe escort she could lean back.

“Listen to your messages.”

She hit the code to her answering machine. She didn’t expect any calls so she guessed it was his way of letting her lean back and enjoy. She heard that she had one message and let it play.

His hands both touched her inner thigh. He spread her gently as he leaned forward. He watched her listening to the message. He saw her close her eyes as he slid his hands down from her inner thighs. He let his hands slide under her thighs up to her bottom again. He leaned forward and slid his tongue up against her pussy lips.

She gasped quietly as she felt his tongue against her. She was listening to the message he left for her on his machine. Describing the things he would do with her. To her. With her. She loved the sound of his voice describing things he does to her. His message reminded her to keep her eyes open and look out for anyone who might enter her office.

She kept catching herself closing her eyes to enjoy the sound of his voice and the feel of his tongue moving up and down against her.

His hands squeezed her bottom again and found her pushing herself forward. His tongue met her cuntlips and slowly he slid his tongue tip in. Carefully, he ran the tip of his tongue down between her and then slowly back up. He moved like this. Up and down.

His tongue barely touching the top of her cuntlips. He breathe spread against her.

She found herself moving her hips in the opposite direction of his tongue tip. She knew he was teasing her. She wanted his whole tongue in her or against her. Still, she moved for him. Enjoying the tease. Enjoying the exposure.

He continued to move his tongue tip slowly up and down between her cuntlips. His tongue tip slowly moved up past her cuntlips and over her clit.

She gasped at the feel. She was so excited. She wanted it to last and she wanted it to end.

His tongue tip circled a few times and slowly slid back down between her cuntlips. Trailing again, slowly down and then up again.

She moved a little faster, hoping he would move his tongue faster or deeper.

He felt her moving against his mouth. His hands squeezing with her slow thrusts. He let his tongue trail up again and circle her clit some more.

She listened to him on her answering machine. He was describing the way she tasted. The way it always got him hard. How he loved tasting her. Kissing her. Licking her.

She let out a quiet gasp just as his lips pressed around the top of her cunt. His lips covered her clit and sucked gently just as his message said he loved sucking on her clit. She listened as he described the way it felt when her clit moved between his lips. The way her body pulsed against his face as she pumped herself against him.

She trembled slightly as she pushed herself against his face.

His hands moved with her. Squeezing her as she moved herself against his face.

She kept her eyes open now. She concentrated on his voice describing how he felt as she moved against his mouth. She concentrated on the way he zeytinburnu escort felt against her. The way she felt in his mouth. She concentrated on not screaming in delight.

His voice told her to move faster.

She did.

His mouth took her in. Faster.

His voice described how wet she was as she slid against his face.

She felt it.

One of his hands moved down from her bottom. Moved up under his chin.

His voice told her that he wanted to feel her cunt suck on his fingers.

She moved faster.

He moved two fingers into her as his mouth sucked her in harder.

She closed her eyes hard to keep from screaming.

His voice told her to open her eyes.

She kept them closed.

His fingers moved deep into her and out again.

His mouth pulled her clit in and held her there.

She wanted to scream.

She wanted to explode.

His voice told her he was going to slide his tongue along the bottom of her clit as his fingers moved in and out of her.

He did.

She felt his tongue sliding up and down under her clit.

His lips pressed against her. Her body pushing against his face.

His fingers moving deeply in and out of her. Her cunt squeezing his fingers.

His voice told her to fuck his face hard there in the office in front of her coworkers.

She did as she dropped the phone and grabbed his head. She pushed herself against his face harder and harder.

He slid his tongue faster and faster against the bottom of her clit. His tongue pulsing against her.

She opened her eyes and looked out of her office.

A small growl escaped her lips as she pushed hard against his face. Harder. She fucked his face hard.

He moved his fingers faster and harder against her.

She trembled.

He felt her trembling as she forced his face harder against her.

She shoved harder. She was completely off the chair and sitting on his face.

He moved his tongue still, faster and faster. This time, he let his tongue tip flick against her clit when he moved it down past her clit. His fingers moved in and out, spreading her cunt as he pushed deeply.


Flick, down.

She felt it rising.


Flick, down.

She leaned forward and placed one hand on the desk the other continued to shove his face against her. Feeling his fingers moving furiously in and out of her.


Flick, down.


She let loose. Her body trempled. She tossed her head back.

His one hand still gripping her bottom squeezed her down on his face. His lips still pulling her clit into his mouth. His fingers deep in her.

She shivered again as she let loose again.

He slowly slide his fingers out of her. His hand on her bottom squeezing, now supported her.

She placed her head down on her desk and breathed heavily.

He let go of her clit.

She moaned softly as the cooler air of the office touched her sensitive area.

His wet hand slid up her leg to her waist. Slowly he guided her back down onto her seat.

She leaned back. She closed her eyes. She felt him pulling her chair towards her desk and him.

He kissed her knee.

She opened her eyes suddenly at a knock.

“Did you call for me?”

She focused on the person standing at the door.

“Oh. No, sorry. I just dropped my phone.”

“Are you okay? Maybe you should go home early and get some rest.”

She smiled at her secretary, “Maybe I should.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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