Oh Susie

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Alina Li

John fell in love with his daughter Susie the day he and his wife, Lisa, adopted her. She was only twelve years old, sweet and beautiful. She was the shyest and smallest girl in the teen group home. Even though she was Mexican, she had soft pale skin that blushed bright red when he approached her to say high. She had deep brown eyes, and a face that reminded him of Selena Gomez when she looked up from her book. She had the voice of an eight year old girl, when she whispered “Hi.” Her long dark hair was pushed back with a white satin headband, which went perfectly with her schoolgirl uniform. She was the little girl he wanted.

Susie had become the ideal daughter. The moment she came home, she clung to her new Daddy’s side. She was at the breakfast table with her new mother every morning, helping her serve breakfast at John. She begged him to drop her off at school every morning, since the bus was too crowded and she didn’t like the way men stared at her when she wore her little plaid skirt. When he came home from the office every evening, she was in his study, finishing her homework. He came into her room every night, tucked her into bed, and kissed her on the forehead. “Night, baby,” he would coo in the loving voice she loved so much. “Night, daddy,” she smiled and cooed back.

By the time Susie turned 18, she had developed all she was going to and looked amazing. John noticed her tight and tiny body, with firm A-cup breasts and a soft flat tummy, as she climbed out of a swimming pool in her floral print bikini one summer day. He couldn’t help but stop and watch her take time to curl every lock of her long dark hair in the bathroom every morning. She acted unconcerned; she just blushed and looked down at the sink.

He loved how Susie had sort of burst out her shell. Once upon a time, she would blush and stand still as John hugged her. But now she anxiously awaited a hug from him and melted into his arms. The brown eyes that used to shy away from his gaze, would now lovingly stare into his.

John wanted Susie, in a way a father shouldn’t want his daughter, adopted or not. But his desire for Susie was stronger then his judgment. It started off with settle and small gratification of his curiosity. Searching through the piles of silky panties she kept in her underwear drawer. Rubbing her arms and legs for too long as he tucked her into bed at night. Taking tons of pictures of her at family outings, just so he could stroke his cock to them late at night in the same ankara escort study he and Susie spent quality time in. The late night masturbation sessions weren’t enough, and he knew he wanted Susie stroking his cock instead. He just needed the perfect opportunity.

One afternoon, John came home early from work with Susie’s favorite dinner, cheese pizza and cookies and cream ice cream. Since Lisa was once again working the late shift at her job as a nurse, he figured he could have a little alone time with Susie. Dinner and dessert, snuggling and watching the Discovery Channel on the sofa in the study. He loved wrapping her in his arms, just the thought of holding her close and breathing in the sweet scent of her made him hard as he put down the pizza.

“Oh, Susie!” he called as usual. “Daddy’s home!” Usually he heard the sound of Susie’s Mary Jane heels clicking against the hardwood floors towards him. But no response. “Susie,” he called as he walked to his study, where she usually was doing her homework or reading. He arrived at the study door, which was cracked open. He could hear a whiny girl’s moans inside, man grunting, and soft gasping. He didn’t know what to think as he softly cracked open the door.

Susie was sitting at the computer desk, her back to him. She was twisting around in the black swivel chair, her white lace panties on one side of the chair, grinding her little thighs together. She was softly panting, rolling her neck to the side. He wasn’t too sure what she was doing at her first, until he looked at the computer screen to see a skinny girl in pigtails, legs spread, being fucked by a stud. He couldn’t believe it. He was in absolute astonishment. His sweet, shy, innocent little girl, who shook like a leaf when she stepped outside in a bikini, who blushed if even a kissing scene popped up on television, was masturbating to porn.

He was so breathless, he barely said “Susie?” When she heard him speak, her eyes widened, she gasped, quickly closed out of the video, and hopped up. “Daddy,” she yelped fearfully and pulled her undone blouse together. “I-I-I,” she stammered in the feeblest voice he had ever heard from her. “I’m so sorry,” she cried out and burst into tears. She pulled her short plaid skirt down as far as it would go, sunk her head down, and sobbed like a baby.

He just exhaled and touched her bouncing shoulder. “Don’t be mad at me please, I’m so sorry, please don’t be mad at me,” she sobbed and collapsed into his arms. He wrapped escort ankara his arms around her, rubbed her back. “Oh, Susie, don’t cry. Oh, don’t cry, baby. Daddy’s not mad at you,” he said. She pulled her little head off his chest and sniffed. “You’re not,” she wept. “No, of course not. Daddy still loves you and you’re still his little bunny,” he said wiping tears from her under her beady red eyes. “Really,” she said. He nodded. “I’m just upset, that you didn’t come to me about this,” he said.

“I was too embarrassed,” she whispered and looked down. “Well you don’t have too. I’d rather you do it yourself, then have some inexperienced little boy doing it,” he said. She blushed and looked down. “But we do need to talk about this, sit down,” he said assertively, pointing the chair. Head sunk low; Susie sat back down, as John grabbed another swivel chair and sat down next to her. He stared at her for moment, visualizing how it all began. The video beginning, her fondling herself, grinding her thighs together, stimulating her little pussy.

“What kind of porn were you watching?” he asked. She didn’t answer. So he turned to the computer and looked it up in the history. “Sexy teen schoolgirl fucks hot older man,” he read. “Why did you choose that one,” he asked. “I, just did,” she mumbled, fiddling with her fingers. He put his thumb on her chin, pulling her face up to meet his gaze. “Do you like older men, Susie?” he asked. She nodded. “Even someone like me?” he asked with curiosity in his voice. “Y-y-yess,” she stuttered. “Your daddy,” he asked. She looked down and turned bright red again. “You don’t have to be embarrassed. That’s good. An older man, can do it right, and teach you, and treat you how you deserve to be treated. Especially your daddy, because daddy can teach you how to do it right,” he said.

He took her hand and kissed it. “You can?” she whispered. He nodded. “Come here,” he said softly. They rose from their chairs, and he sat her down on the sofa. He got on his knee before her, placed his hand on her knee. “Can you spread your legs for daddy, so I can see how far you got?” he asked. “I, I don’t wanna get in trouble,” she said apprehensively. “Well if you do what daddy says, I won’t tell Mommy, and this will be our little secret,” he assured her.

She nodded, and slowly pulled her legs apart, to give her father a full view of her glistening wet pussy. John’s mouth began to water at the view. “Wow, you’re really wet, honey,” he said, running a finger down ankara escort bayan her clit. She flinched at the cool touch of his finger. “I am?” she said biting her fingernail. He nodded. “How do you please yourself, honey?” he asked. “I just rub my legs together really tight and it makes my pussy feel good,” she explained, breathing quicker as he pressed down harder on her clit.

“You don’t ever rub it, or stick your fingers in there?” he asked, running his fingers around it. “Oh no,” she shook her head and pulled her blouse closed. “I don’t know how to stick them in there and I was too scared to find out,” she admitted. “Well Daddy can do it for you if you want to,” he said, hoping she would say yes. “Okay Daddy,” she said. He grinned up at her, as he used his thumb to start rubbing her clit. She gasped at the sensation, and instantly became wetter from his touch.

She softly moaned as he pressed his thumb on her clit harder and started rubbing faster. “Oh Daddy,” she moaned as he rubbed her inner thigh and continued to rub her clit. “Ow,” she whimpered as she felt her Daddy’s finger slide right in her. “Just relax, baby, just relax,” he said looking up at her. She slowly slipped his finger in and out of her dripping wet pussy. She moaned louder, so he kissed her thigh and slid in two fingers. “Oh my gosh,” she gasped in ecstasy, and rubbed her chest.

“Mmmm, squeeze your tits for Daddy, Susie,” he said running his free hand up her body, pushing her shirt away from her tummy. She obeyed, cupped each breast in one hand and squeezed them. He watched her white lace trimmed bra crinkle as she squeezed her breasts. He lifted her ankle on to his shoulder. “Oh, good girl Susie, good girl,” he whispered to her as he began grabbing his crotch through his pants. “Good girl.”

He used three fingers and began to penetrate harder. He shoved his hand in his underwear and began stroking his cock with his other hand. “Oh Daddy, oh Daddy, oh Daddy,” she moaned over and over as she pushed her bra cup away. “Oh Susie,” he said pulling down his pants and underwear and stroking himself faster, spreading his precum all over his cock. “Oh Susie,” he moaned. He wanted his hard on to last forever, but he was so excited, fingering his little girl. He knew he couldn’t last any longer.

He fingered Susie at full zeal speed and stroked himself faster. “Oh Daddy, I love you Daddy, oh Daddy,” Susie moaned at the top of her lungs. “Oh Daddy,” she shrieked as her body released the most powerful orgasm she had ever had, and so did her father, all over her belly. “Oh Daddy,” she whispered as her Daddy stroked out every drop of cum. “Oh Susie,” he whispered. He kissed her forehead and stared lovingly into little Susie’s eyes.

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