Old Friends Ch. 1

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They had known each other for quite a while. Phone calls, emails and text messages were all part of the daily routine for Rhiannon and Steve. Despite all the communication between the two, they never really got the chance to see each other much.

Now, if anyone had ever eavesdropped on a conversation between them, one would have sworn that they were old friends, maybe even lovers. The amount of racy email back and forth could fill volumes of the finest erotic literature available. Rhiannon and Steve had to settle for written and spoken conversation because their careers and lives had them on paths that did not often cross. When they did manage to get together, their meetings always seemed too short and they always parted company feeling that they wanted something more.

Today, they both secretly hoped would be different. Rhiannon was an educational consultant and Steve worked as a marketing consultant for a liquor company. About once a month, they found themselves in the same city and this weekend they would have four days in the same place.

Friday they both had conferences and meetings for work, but had arranged to meet at the last bar Steve had to consult. All afternoon, Steve found it hard to concentrate on the task at hand. He kept wondering if she was going to show. All too many times, one of them had to break an engagement due to work.

On the other side of town, Rhiannon felt a similar distraction. She did her best to get through the lecture she was giving on the importance of computers in schools. As she finished and sat to listen to the next speaker, her mind drifted back to the last online exchange between her and Steve. It had been very hot and heavy – full of the online flirting they had grown accustomed to.

Steve had described in vivid detail just how he if he could, he would eat her pussy; spreading the folds of her labia and running his tongue along her clit. Gently pinching her nipples with his right hand as he moved his left index finger slowly around inside her. Rhiannon responded in the email how she would start grabbing his head as she got more excited.

Steve typed that he could feel her pussy drawing him into her and that his cock was getting hard. Rhiannon suggested that they virtually change positions, so she could suck him as he ate her. At this point Rhiannon remembered how she knew they were both typing with one hand – helping the other to a real orgasm.

Sitting in that lecture hall at that moment, and thinking of how Steve could make her wet with mere words had started the all too familiar warm feeling in her loins. She moved around slightly rubbing her legs together – grateful that there was a covered table between her and the audience of young teachers. As the lecture continued, Rhiannon’s thoughts once again returned to last week’s online chat. She had used that experience all week when she masturbated. Each time she relived Steve’s words, she could almost feel what he was typing. Whether it was the way he talked about gently licking her nipples or the way he described how tight her pussy felt around his cock.

She loved to write back with Steve and tell him how she would suck his cock; she would talk about texture and girth. Having actually never seen each other’s sex – Steve and Rhiannon somehow managed to paint pictures of each other that were very flattering. It came from the times that they had met she concluded. Even without seeing each other naked, the two could imagine the correct face, body type and expressions. With all of these thoughts running through her head, her left hand had started to run down to her pussy, when she was suddenly shaken back into reality.

“Do you think that our children are too dependant on online communication and will lose sarıyer escort that personal touch?” Someone from the audience asked her. “Um… no,” Rhiannon said. “It is important for everyone, no matter how much they use the internet to keep some personal – physical contact with certain people. That is how we grow our feelings as well.” It was at the moment she decided she needed to practice what she had just preached. Rhiannon could not wait to get out of the conference.

Back at the bar, Steve’s young apprentice was staring at all the girls.

“Steve, you’ve been working way to hard. This event is done in half an hour, what do you say we pick up a few of the local talent and show them what two guys from New York can do to a girl.” Gerry said.

Steve’s reply was simple, “Ger, stay focused on the job. And have a little respect. I don’t care if you do the one night stand routine at home, but never, ever pull that shit while representing my company. Always go to another bar nowhere near the job if you need to get your rocks off. I don’t want any harassment suits and I don’t want any assholes working for me. Got it?”

“Jeez, Steve – you really do need to get laid! I know the rules. There’s a strip club the next town over and I think I need to take you there. Loosen up buddy.”

“Sorry man, I came down a little hard, don’t worry about me. You go have fun – find Ms. Right Now. Anyway, I’m gonna see an old friend tonight.”

The conference had let out and Rhiannon raced to her car and onto the highway. Soon she was only 15 minutes away from the bar Steve was meeting her at and she was suddenly stuck in traffic. “Damn! Why now?” she wondered aloud.

As traffic crawled along, Rhiannon cursed herself for forgetting her cell phone at home. She just hoped Steve would stay and wait for her. She wanted so much to feel his arms around her as they hugged. She was still unsure if she could break through the mental wall and actually live out the scenes that had flashed through her head countless times before. Her mind took the opportunity to drift back to the phone sex they had the month before.

She loved to hear Steve’s breathing become more labored when he was close to cumming. She thought of how he kept talking her into an orgasm as he stroked himself on the other end of the line. Just the like the cyber-sex – she could feel what she imagined his prick to be inside her. She wanted so much to touch him, feel all of his body. With her whole being she wanted to make love with him. She wanted to touch herself right there – stuck in traffic, but didn’t want to pique too soon. Tonight, if fate would allow, she would offer herself to Steve… she hoped.

It was an hour later than Rhiannon was supposed to meet him, and Steve was starting to get worried. He kept checking his cell phone, wondering if she’d call. He looked at the phone and remembered the last time he heard Rhiannon’s voice beg him to lick her pussy. He remembered how vivid the feeling was that he could almost taste her, smell her aroma. He liked that their conversations had become so descript that his other senses could compensate for the lack of a real partner. “Maybe these virtual reality people have a point, I may have to invest…” his thoughts trailed off as he saw her come through the door. He was glad he had dismissed his apprentice half an hour ago, because Steve’s cock was instantly hard when he saw Rhiannon in a very simple summer dress.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day.” he said as they embraced.

“I can tell.” she said feeling his hardness.

“How was the conference?”

“Ok, how was the gig here?” The small talk continued only for a matter of minutes, until esenyurt escort they locked eyes. That’s all it took. As cliché as it sounded, that one look was the spark that set off years of flirting. Rhiannon and Steve had become friends who knew everything about each other. They had shared every hope, dream, misfortune and detail of their unhappy marriages with each other. Now, with that one look, all the advice, coaching and compassion gave way to what they had really wanted to do all along.

“Let’s get out of here now!” they said in unison, eyes still locked.

The bar was on the water front, which was part of the inn where Steve was staying. It took them a mere 3 minutes to make it to the room. Once inside, they just looked at each other a bit more, savoring the moment and working up the courage to go over the edge.

Steve took a step towards his friend and kissed her softly on the lips. Then as she parted her lips, he became bolder and slowly moved his tongue around inside her mouth. He wanted to take things slow, feel every inch of her.

Rhiannon had other ideas. She knew that there would be time enough for slow and easy. All day she had been dreaming of him and she wanted to get right to it. As Steve slowly moved his hands down her back, she grabbed them both – she moved his right hand to her left breast and thrust his right hand up her dress and planted it on her pussy. Then she unzipped his jeans.

Rhiannon’s boldness shocked him for a second – long enough to break the kiss, and long enough for Steve to take down the top of her dress. With her bra soon off and her breasts exposed, Steve backed her onto the bed and began paying homage to each nipple.

Again, Steve was taking too long, teasing her. She moved around and was on top Steve in seconds. His jeans and shorts on the floor and his shirt dangling off the bed, Rhiannon took only a moment to soak his body in with her eyes. She lowered her head and started sucking his cock with long slow strokes of her tongue. She could also tease.

Steve was in heaven; his friend was really as good at giving head as she had claimed. Her tongue was right along the main vein. She was playing with his balls with one hand while alternating strokes along his cock with her other hand. All the while, Rhiannon’s tongue was busy making circles on the top of his cock.

After what seemed an eternity of bliss, Steve remembered that his own tongue was only inches from his new lover’s sweet pussy. He rose his head slightly and began lick her clit up and down and back and forth. Rhiannon felt the electricity jolt from her sex right up to her mouth as she moaned around his cock. They stayed that way for a while, sucking each other and letting their hands wander. Occasionally they would roll each other over, taking care not get hurt and taking special care not stop the act.

Up and down she sucked his cock. Up and down he tongued her pussy. Faster and faster they went, building up the passion and hell bent on bringing each other release. Steve thought he could hold out, but when Rhiannon stiffened her thighs against his head and thrust her soaking twat in his face he lost all control. His balls swelled and his cock burst in her mouth. Rhiannon kept on sucking, licking him everywhere now in an attempt to get all of his cream. As he was coming, Steve sucked her faster and managed to maneuver his left hand around and insert two fingers into Rhiannon. That’s all it took.

Rhiannon’s head jerked away from Steve’s spasming penis and shrieked with delight! Her legs wrapped tighter around his head, her nipples so hard they were almost boring a hole right through his own chest. She took one more deep breath; Steve slowly ran his tongue avrupa yakası escort from bottom to top of her clit while his finger gently hit that magic button just inside her. As the orgasm swelled, she pushed back on the bed, arched her back and came all over Steve’s face.

When Steve was finally able to come up for air, he thought there would be at least a minute of rest. Rhiannon, on the other hand, had other ideas.

“Oh my, Steve. That was fucking intense!” It was the first time anyone spoke in the hour they’d been orally treating each other. “I need more… now!” She cried as she moved around and tugged on Steve’s half hard cock.

“More, now?” Steve asked as he tried to sit up.

“Oh yea,” she said with a wink as she pushed him back down. “You’re gonna fuck me now!”

Steve couldn’t believe his ears. All the time they spent writing back and forth, he knew she liked sex, but had no idea she was insatiable.

While he pondered this, Rhiannon was quietly pumping his penis back to full size. Once she got it as hard as she desired, she threw her leg around him and straddled her lover. She took merely a second to align her pussy and then drew him into her with one fluid motion.

“You are so beautiful, you’re so sexual, the perfect woman.” Steve said.

She winked and gave his cock a squeeze with her muscles and replied, “Thank you. You’re not so bad yourself. But we’ll talk more about how kind and considerate you are when you buy me dinner later tonight. Right now, you’d better fuck me so hard and so fast that we risk setting fire to the room!”

Again Steve was reeling from the forwardness he had not expected, but loved. Rhiannon was impaling her self on his cock and Steve took another minute to watch her exquisite breasts bounce slightly as she moved up and down.

As the tempo of their fucking became quicker, Steve grabbed her hips, held on and rolled over – first on their sides and they fucked in tandem. After a few more strokes, he had Rhiannon on her back, legs around him and he pushed and withdrew in slower, longer motions.

That’s how it went, slow, then fast, then slow. When it was slow, he would pull out of her completely, then gently back in. When it was fast, his balls slapped her ass.

Soon fast began to be the only way. Steve had moved her to the edge of the bed so he could stand. Rhiannon had her legs in the air, her pussy gleaming in the twilight. Her stood back and drilled her for all he was worth. She met him thrust for thrust.

“Fuck me harder! Do it! Fuck my pussy!” she cried.

Steve couldn’t speak, he was concentrating on not cumming to soon.

“Oooh, Yea. Do it. Fuck me. Make me cum. Make me cum on your cock. Fuck me. I need to come again. Fuck me!”

Steve grunted, grabbed the bottom of her feet and continued to concentrate on pleasing her.

Rhiannon looked at Steve in the eye and kept moaning and shouting, “That’s it! Oooh that’s it. I’m cumming. Yes!! Oh YES!! FUCK ME. I’m there!!!”

Steve increased his pace, his face red, muscles tense.

On one down thrust he hit it and her felt her pussy contract and start to milk his cock. Rhiannon arched her back again, lifting her ass off the bed. Steve reached out and supported her as they fucked each other like wild animals. A few more strokes and Rhiannon broke free.

“Fuck me…. Oh my…. OH my…. YEAAAAASSS! I’M CUMMING FOR YOU!!!!!!! NOW FILL ME UP!!!!!!!!”

That’s was the sign Steve needed. He gave one final thrust into Rhiannon’s overflowing pussy and filled her with his own seed. Their organs and muscles contracted in ways that for a brief second, they actually felt like one being.

They collapsed on the bed in blissful exhaustion, holding hands.

“I have never, ever had it so good.” Steve finally spoke. “You are incredible! This is what you’ve been hiding from me all these years?”

Rhiannon, drifting back to reality, blushed. “Thank you. You were very good yourself. I just need you to talk a little more.

“Maybe, next time.” Steve said with a wink as he cradled her in his arms.

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