One Hot Day

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It was a hot summer day. It had to be at least 100 degrees outside and about as hot in the house. The air conditioner had a blown motor and the landlord was out looking for a new one. I decided to take a shower hoping that would cool me off. As I was rinsing the suds off my body I heard my landlord yell “It’s Brian. I got the air fixed. I’m going to wait around for a bit to make sure it starts cooling.” After hearing his voice I began to get excited. Not only will I have cool air now, but my landlord is hanging around. Maybe we can continue where we left off last time.

The first day I came to look at this house I was impressed. Not just with how nice the house was, but also with how hot the landlord was. He stood about 5’10 and had muscular arms and sexy blue eyes. His pecks bulged under his tight shirt. I made up my mind at that moment; I wanted this house and the landlord. Since I moved in I would periodically have to call Brian to fix things. Every time he came over we would flirt, but I was kind of shy so it never really went farther than that. That is until today.

I decided today was the day I was going to show him exactly what I wanted fixed. I was hot in more ways than one and watching Brian sweat trying to fix my A/C was about more then I could handle. I stepped out of the shower and quickly toweled off and ran a comb through my shoulder length hair. I wrapped güvenilir bahis the towel around me and opened the bathroom door. As I stepped out of the door I looked to see where Brian was and noticed him leaning against the wall beside me. He had a cheesy grin on his face, but I was distracted by his beautiful chest. He had been working all day without his shirt on and I was able to finally see his tight abs up close. I smiled and sheepishly said “hi” as I fought the urge to run my hand down his glistening chest. Once again my shyness was taking over, so I waited to see what his first move would be. I didn’t have to wait long; he stepped forward and softly said, “you are so beautiful.” I just smiled as he put his hand on my cheek. I felt a chill go down my back; I was thirty years old and felt like a school girl as we stared into each other’s eyes.

He leaned forward and kissed my lips. I couldn’t resist anymore and placed my hands on his chest. As I did this my towel opened up and fell to the floor. I smiled and said “oops” as I ran my hands over his tight pecks and kissed him back. His tongue entered my mouth and couldn’t resist using my tongue to dance with his. He moved his hand down to my perky breasts. By this time my nipples were swollen and wanting to be touched. I pulled my head back and smiled as I grabbed his hand and turned around. I lead him to the bedroom. güvenilir bahis siteleri I was ready to get his pants off so I could see what awaited me.

As we got to the bed I turned around and pulled him close. I began kissing his lips and worked down his neck. His skin smelled of sweat and helped to increase my arousal. I have always loved the scent of a man after a hard day’s work. As I worked down his chest towards his nipples I began rubbing my hand over his crotch. I could feel his member pulsating and yearning to get out of his pants. . I looked into his eyes as I stepped back and sat on the bed. He smiled as I unbuttoned his jeans and got a good look at his cock as it struggled to be freed. It was beautiful and I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on it.

As I pushed his jeans and boxers to the floor with one hand I took his cock in my hand with the other. It radiated with the heat of the moment as I began kissing my way up the shaft. As I got to the end I began licking around the tip before I took his whole cock in my mouth. I guessed he had to be at least 8 inches as he filled my mouth. I began sucking as he moved his cock in and out. My tongue worked its way up and down the shaft as he fucked my mouth. He let out another moan as I cradled and gently messaged his balls with my hand. His cock felt so good in my mouth I didn’t want to stop, but he grabbed iddaa siteleri my hair and I let go.

He pushed me back on the bed and I realize how wet I was. My clit is yearning for his tongue, as I hope he returns the favor as I look deep in his eyes. He pulls my legs apart and kneels at the side of the bed. I can feel my pussy swell as I anticipate what’s coming. He begins licking the outside lips and slowly works his way to my clit. As he flicks it with his tongue and begins to suck I feel my legs start to shake. It feels so good that I let out a loud moan. I can feel the energy building inside me as he works his magic between my legs. I can’t hold it anymore and yell “oh yes!” as I cum. He takes his head out from my crotch and looks me in the eyes. He smiles as I say “I need to feel you inside me.”

He crawls up and positions himself between my legs. His hard cock rubs on my thigh as he kisses my lips. He reaches down and guides his cock into me. I gasp as he begins running his cock in and out of my wet pussy. He feels so good inside me I can’t help but moan as our breaths begin to quicken. He is starting to pump harder as I feel my muscles begin to tighten round his cock. I can’t control the building energy anymore and I release the tension of my orgasm. He continues to pump and I reach down to play with my clit. This man is unbelievable and I cum several more times before he is ready. As he blows his load into me I can feel the hot liquid filling my cavity. It feels so good to know my landlord is so good at fixing things. As he pulls out I smile and he kisses my neck. We then fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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