One Night in Frisco

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I didn’t find out Jean was a binge drinker until after we were married. In fact, there was a lot I didn’t know about her and her various problems. That’s what happens when you marry somebody four months after meeting them.

So nine months after the wedding I was divided. Some days I deeply regretted our quick marriage and other days I tried to convince myself that nothing was wrong. All newly married couples go through a period of adjustment … right?


Jean and I had driven to Vail to spend the weekend skiing with two other young couples. They were old friends of mine who Jean knew slightly. They had skiied that day so we met them as the lifts were closing at a popular Mexican restaurant in the village.

There was a long wait for a table so we sat in the bar drinking margaritas and stoking our thirst with salty fried chips. I slowed down after my second drink and my friends were also pacing themselves. But Jean slammed down the margaritas like she was dying of thirst.

Soon she was obviously drunk. And when I whispered to her to slow down … she speeded up. Her drunken behavior got more and more outrageous … loudly criticizing our waitress, ordering and gulping two drinks at a time and flirting suggestively with a stranger at the next table.

Finally the tequila seemed to catch up with her and she fell silent, staring unfocused at the table and wobbling slightly in her chair. I thought the bizarre behavior was over, but it was just beginning.

“You don’t looove meeee,” she slurred, suddenly glaring at me with frightening intensity.

“Of course I love you,” I said, taking her hand. She jerked it away and slammed her open palm down on the table.

“No you DON’T! You don’t love me and you NEVER DID!” she growled, red-faced. One of the other girls put a comforting hand on her shoulder and got a hard shove and a curse for her trouble.

“You all HATE me and think I’m WORTHLESS!” Jean cried, drawing uncomfortable chuckles or pitying stares from everyone within earshot.

From accusing us of hating her and thinking her worthless, Jean moved on to calling herself hateful and worthless.

“I’m a stupid, ugly BITCH … no good to anybody!” she proclaimed loudly. People were trying to avoid catching her eye while I was trying to get her focused on me … to somehow bring her back from whatever brink she was teetering on. But every calming word I uttered seemed to drive her farther away.

Finally I suggested we were both tired and should head for the condo to sleep. That put a new idea in her head.

“I want to leave. I’m not staying here. I want to leave right now and drive back to Fort Collins.”

“But honey it’s late and there’s a storm coming,” I said quietly. It was true, but the storm had already arrived. The blizzard that had been predicted for 36 hours was driving millions of big, fluffy flakes against the window beside our table. We could barely see the lights of the store across the street.

The more we tried to talk sense to Jean, the louder she demanded to leave immediately for Fort Collins. Finally she screamed an obscenity, grabbed her coat and purse and headed for the door. I briefly apologized to my friends and rushed to follow.

I caught up with Jean on the street and by this time she was sobbing, babbling and even less coherent than before. It took me three tries to get her into her coat and she couldn’t navigate the snowy street without leaning most of her weight on me. Eventually we made it to our car. I considered making a last effort to get her to the condo, then realized I had no idea where it was. I sighed grimly, got Jean into the car and headed up I-35 towards Vail Pass.

The next hour provided some of the worst driving I’ve ever encountered. We crept up and over Vail Pass in a near whiteout and only made it because we followed a snowplow most of the way. It didn’t help that Jean was passed out and snoring quietly before we had been on the road 10 minutes. On the other hand, unconsciousness was less distracting than drunken babbling.

Driving all the way to Fort Collins was out of the question, so when the snowplow took Exit 203 at Frisco I followed him down the ramp. A four-story motel was the first thing I saw, so I turned in, got lucky and booked the last available room.

“This town fills up fast when the roads get bad,” said the guy at the front desk. He was amazed we had made it from Vail. “They just closed the pass in both directions.”

Getting an unconscious Jean up to the room proved easier than I thought when the desk clerk offered the use of a wheelchair kept for the use of injured skiers. I took her upstairs, got her undressed and in bed before returning for our luggage. She was out like a light.

Returning to the lobby a few minutes later, I noticed the wheelchair was already in use again. This time the occupant was a man who sat nodding groggily while one leg stuck out, encased in a thick brace. A dark-haired young woman was pleading with the desk clerk as I walked up seeking change for the vending machines.

“We’ll istanbul escort take anything,” she begged tiredly. “We’ve tried every other motel in town and you’re our last chance. He can’t spend the night in the car!”

The clerk frowned regretfully and shook his head.

“I’d like to help, but we’re full. I don’t even have any folding beds.”

I sympathized with her problem since I had nearly faced the same dilemma. Then I impulsively offered a solution.

“Excuse me,” I said, getting their attention. “There’s a second bed in our room if you would consider sharing.”

“Really?” she said, turning around eagerly. “You wouldn’t mind? We’d do our best to be quiet and stay out of your way.”

“You won’t get in our way,” I said, grinning. “My wife is sleeping like a log and I spent a year staying in youth hostels in Europe. A little crowding won’t bother me.”

She held out her hand to shake mine and I looked down at a pale, pretty face framed by thick brunette hair.

“I’m Annie,” she said, a smile easing the anxious strain on her face. “And that’s my husband Robert in the wheelchair. I’d introduce you, but he’s taken some pain killers for his knee and he’s not really conscious.”

The clerk said it was cool of me to offer our second bed and provided a couple of extra pillows to seal the deal.

I helped Annie get Robert and their luggage to the room, then took my time at the vending and ice machines while they got settled. When I knocked softly a few minutes later, Annie answered the door smiling, a hair brush in one hand, wearing a long flannel nightgown with a lace collar and a pattern of tiny roses.

Robert was in bed with his leg propped up and his knee topped with a bag of ice. His eyes were closed, his face slack and his mouth open slightly.

“It was hard getting him in bed, but we managed,” she said. “I gave him another pill to help him through the night.” Then she noticed my full hands, “Have you got goodies?”

I showed her my haul of soda, chips and candy from the vending machines. Since neither of us had eaten since lunch, we sat munching contentedly for several minutes.

“How did you like Europe,” she asked quietly. So I told her a couple of my best stories about bumming around the Continent. Then she told me how she and Robert were driving from Salt Lake City to Denver when he slipped on some ice at a truck stop in Glenwood Springs. The ER docs said his knee was wrecked, but surgery could wait until they reached Denver. Then the blizzard intervened.

Annie and Robert had actually arrived in Frisco an hour before us, but had gotten off at the first exit where there were no motels. They spent a fruitless hour looking for a room before running into me.

Finally Annie and I took turns in the bathroom and climbed into our beds. Jean was conked out on the right side of our bed, and Robert was on the left side of theirs. So Annie and I were little more than an arm’s length from each other, separated by a nightstand and a couple of feet of carpet. The room fell silent except for the low humming from the heat vent and the occasional howl of the blizzard outside.

I lay there thinking about Annie.

“What a great girl,” I thought. She seemed to be my age within a year or two … intelligent, humorous, articulate and (let’s face it) sexy. She wasn’t sexy in an obvious way. Instead her smile lit up her whole face and she had an earthy, energetic way about her that made me think she’d be a great bed partner. Too bad we were married … and our spouses were just inches away.

She was about 5-feet-4 and certainly not petite. Nor was she thick. From what I could tell from a few glimpses, she was average … nice round ass, nice round tits … big enough to be noticeable, but not big enough to sag. My dick was half erect, thinking about the the way her mouth moved when she talked. I sighed. It would be pretty obvious if I sneaked into the bathroom to beat off.

“Are you awake Rick?” she whispered.

“Yeah … not sleepy yet,” I replied.

So we talked quietly. And the conversation meandered until I explained what we were doing in Frisco and why Jean was sleeping so soundly.

“So … you think she has a problem?” Annie asked.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure. She drinks normally most of the time, having a couple of drinks. But three times in nine months she’s gotten out-of-control, blackout plastered.”

We talked about Jean for awhile … her DUIs, her spotty work history, our short courtship and hurried marriage. Then we fell silent for awhile.

“We have a mixed marriage,” Annie said finally. “Robert is really religious and I didn’t grow up that way. I thought we could work it out … move towards each other and meet in the middle. But … when I move in his direction, he moves farther away.

“It might work if Robert stayed in the mainstream, but he has strange ideas. He thinks women should obey the men in their lives … not just their husbands, but their fathers avcılar escort and brothers too! He won’t let me have a credit card and … and he says sex is only for begetting children. He actually uses the word begetting!”

A long silence followed.

“What are you thinking?” Annie finally whispered.

“About how I’d like to kiss you,” I said truthfully, and seconds later she was kneeling beside me, her face close to mine.

“I was thinking that, too,” she said softly, and kissed me. Her lips were dry and soft, but her tongue was wet and demanding. Our kiss deepened and got more intense. Our tongues wrestled and played, all those sensitive surfaces reveling in the contact. She pulled me towards her and soon we were kneeling face to face between the beds, kissing harder and harder.

I put my hands on her hips and slid them up the soft flannel, past the deep indentation of her waist to cup her full breasts. I couldn’t feel her nipples, but started rubbing my thumbs where they should be and Annie broke our kiss long enough to put her face to my shoulder and sigh with pleasure.

“Mmm, yes.”

She reached down and shifting her weight from knee to knee pulled the bottom of her nightgown up to her waist. My hands explored her feverishly, unwilling to miss a single inch of smooth, warm skin. I stroked her taught thighs, briefly felt the heat rising from her ‘V’ and delighted in the firmness of her panty-covered ass.

My hands moved up again to cup her breasts … this time touching bare skin and delightful curves. This time my thumbs found her nipples and started rubbing them firmly as they quickly hardened into thick bumps.

Meanwhile Annie’s hand slid into the waistband of my shorts and was stroking my dick, gauging its length and thickness. I gasped when her fingertips brushed tenderly against the soft, sensitive helmet. Her other hand was on the back of my neck, pulling my mouth hard against hers. Then she broke away.

“I want MORE!” she whispered in the darkness.

We got in each other’s way as she pushed my shorts down and I tried to pull her nightgown up, but we finally got it done. As soon as she was free of the nightgown one hand went back to my dick and the other supported her as she leaned down, taking me in her warm, wet mouth. Sucking. Sliding me deep. I was frozen on my knees as she bobbed her head, slurping hungrily.

“Ohmygod!” I cried in the quietest voice I could muster. My hips flexed towards her.

Then it was me wanting more. I wrestled her down until we were lying on our sides, her face at my crotch and my face at hers. I roughly dragged her panties down and off, pulled her legs wide and thrust my face into her ‘V.’ In seconds my tongue delved down, down into her thick bush where I found buried treasure. The feel and scent of a beautiful pussy filled my awareness.

I found wetness as soon as my tongue penetrated her outer lips, and more wetness as I went deeper. I explored downwards until I found her opening and drove my tongue as far inside as I could reach. Annie moaned around my dick as I penetrated her again and again, lapping up her warm, fragrant juices.

I could have spent all night drinking sweetness from her well, but I knew there was even more beauty to be had. I began sliding my tongue in short strokes down her wet channel towards the little nub at the top.

Soon it was there, a little bump cradled in folds of sweet flesh. My tongue gave it a gentle flick and Annie gasped, freeing my throbbing dick from her warm mouth. I flicked it again and felt her thighs squeeze my head. I flicked it again and her hips thrust convulsively. Then I clamped my mouth over the top of her pussy, enclosing coarse hair, tender crinkles of flesh and her little bud. She could not escape.

Flick, and she jerked. Flick, and her hands gripped me hard. Flick, and she uttered a muffled moan. Flick, and her whole body shivered.

Flick … flick … flick went my tongue, fast enough to keep her excitement building, but slow enough to keep her from exploding too soon. She now had her face buried in a pillow to muffle her rising chorus of moans. Briefly I stopped teasing her clit to again thrust my tongue inside her. Her warm, tasty juices filled my mouth and covered my face.

Flick … flick … flick the tip of my tongue brushed her swollen clit. A little faster now, barely touching each time. I could feel tension building in the muscles of her legs and ass.

Flick .. flick .. flick my tongue brushed her wet bump faster still and I knew she was close to cumming. One of my hands gripped her ass firmly, fingers deep in her crack, while I used the other to hold her legs apart.

Flick.flick.flick.flick.flick and then she was cumming … cumming with a long-drawn-out groan, squeezing my head between her thighs and thrusting her pussy again and again against my eager mouth. Annie’s whole body convulsed once, twice and then was frozen motionless while I continued to tongue her clit. She gave a low scream into the pillow.

The şirinevler escort fingers of my hand were in her ass crack, slippery with juice, but couldn’t reach her pussy. So I slid my longest finger rudely into the tight ring of muscle guarding her asshole, just past the first knuckle.

Her whole body arched suddenly like a drawn bow.

“UUUmmph ..UUMMPH .. UMMPH!” she groaned into her pillow, her body shaking and spasming helplessly.

“AAAAGH, AAAGHH, AAAARGH.” Her convulsions went on and on, her thighs clamped hard on my head and her heels beat hard on the carpet. I had trouble getting air with my face pushed deep between her legs.

After a long time her moans slowed and stopped, her legs released their grip and she pulled her face out of the pillow to gasp for air. One hand came down to push my mouth away from her too-sensitive clit while the other gripped my thigh like a vise. The only sound was her repeated whisper, “Ohmygodohmygod.”

I listened carefully, but there was no sound from our spouses.

Eventually Annie’s hand took my arm and urged me up to lie face to face. I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her deeply, our sweaty skin sticking us together. I took a breath to say something.

“No talk,” she whispered.

I don’t know how long we lay there holding each other, our legs twined. But it felt good and natural. There was softness and warmth everywhere we touched, enough warmth to cancel the chill of the room. Despite the hard floor I got drowsy and felt myself drifting off.

Annie brought me back with a kiss on my sticky lips.

“My turn!” she whispered.

She positioned me on my back with a pillow for my head and laid full-length on top, kissing me deeply. She nuzzled and nipped her way from my face to my ears and neck. Then she leaned up to dangle one breast in my face. I sucked hard at her nipple for a few seconds before she pulled it away and let me have the other for awhile. Her labored breathing told me she loved having her nipples sucked.

But soon she pulled away again and started kissing her way down my chest, briefly nibbling my nipples then moving down across my stomach. Quickly she took my dick in her mouth again, sucking me deep then slowly letting me slide from her mouth. She repeated that motion twice more, taking me in until my dick hit the back of her throat then slooowly letting me slide out as she sucked. I was so hard it was almost painful.

She raised up then and straddled my hips, one hand guiding my dick until it was firmly wedged between her pussy lips. After a momentary pause she simply lowered herself onto my dick in one swift motion. The sensation of warmth and wetness so exquisite that I gasped.

Annie rocked back and forth a couple of times, getting settled, then began to fuck me. With her hands on my chest she lifted herself slightly each time, only a couple of inches, before shoving her pussy down onto my dick. At the bottom of each stroke she rocked herself forward slightly then lifted herself again. Her rhythm was steady, neither slow nor fast, and she began to breathe deeply.

There was little light in the room, but my eyes were well adjusted. I watched her face as she fucked me … her mouth open slightly and her pretty, dark eyes closed. She didn’t need to look at me because she was getting an urgent message from between her thighs. Lift … drop … thrust she repeated over and over. Lift … drop … thrust. Her breathing was beginning to sound uneven.

Meanwhile I was in heaven. The walls of her pussy clasped my dick tightly, both sliding up and down. And her quick rocking motion at the bottom of each stroke made the head of my dick seesaw back and forth, deep inside her warmth and wetness. My hips were straining up to meet each downward thrust. I could almost feel the cum surging from my balls ready to burst out of my dick.

She began to speed up then, as her climax approached. And her growing excitement pushed my arousal higher and higher. Now she was fucking herself with my dick at a furious rate as the fertile scent of pussy filled the air.

Suddenly, frantically Annie grabbed a pillow and pressed it to her face with both hands. I knew she was about to explode and knowing sent me over the edge. I pulled her down until my face was pushed into the other side of her pillow.

“Unngh! unngh! Unnngh! UNnngh! UUUNNngh!” she grunted into the pillow, cumming hard, while I groaned through my climax with her.

“AAAH! AAAGH! MMMMAAAAAGGH!” I could feel my dick, thick and swollen, shooting jets of cum into Annie’s warm, welcoming puss. Each throb of cum was like a bolt of pleasure shooting from my balls up through my shaft.

As the first crest of our climaxes passed I pulled the pillow from between us and took Annie in a deep kiss, my tongue thrusting into her mouth, muffling our sighs and groans. I couldn’t kiss her enough, exploring her warmsweet mouth with my tongue, my fingers digging deeply into her hair. She returned my kiss and continued to milk my dick with tiny rocking motions of her hips.

In that moment, with my shaft buried completely inside Annie and her full weight on me, our tongues wrestling in sweet exhaustion, I felt closer to her than I’d ever felt to another person. I wanted the moment to last forever. The hotel room might have been a cave in the wilderness at the dawn of time, and the two of us Adam and Eve.

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