Out With The Girls…Ch. 03

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Out With The Girls As A Girl Ch. 03

I dozed off, and woke to Steve kissing my lips and rubbing my cock. I moaned, thinking about what I was going to tell my wife I had done this weekend. I wondered if she had called me while we were out, or is someone from the hunting trip had called her. As if on cue, I heard the doorbell ring. It could not be her of course, that would be too much of a coincidence.

I listened as the Carla answered the door. It was Becky. Someone closed the wide open bedroom door.

“I wonder who that is?” Steve asked, “it’s pretty late.”

I was hoping it was not too late. It was a good time for me to ask myself who I was and where I was going with this. I was enjoying a whole new world, but was it who I wanted to be forever? I was lying here with an attractive man who had just fucked me, I had sucked two cocks tonight and I did not regret that, I loved the feel of women’s clothes, especially those sexy nylons.

I realized that my car was right outside of their house. Even if Carla and Heather lied about where I was, my car was right there and my cell phone was on the end table. Reluctantly, I left Steve’s embrace and went into the bathroom to clean up. Talking to my wife in feminine clothes would be hard enough, but it would be harder with Steve’s cum running down my legs. That still felt warm and squishy inside my asshole. That had been an incredible sensation and I realized that I wanted to have it again.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I knew that I could either clean up and dress up like a man, or straighten up my feminine look and go out to face her. Carla came in the bathroom to get me.

“Your wife is here honey,” she said sympathetically.

“What did you tell her?” I asked calmly.

“I told her we watched movies and went out partying, and that you were sleeping it off in here.”

“That’s sweet of you, but I think I have to face her as the woman I’ve become.”

“Look honey, that is one way of looking at it, but this is just one night, you might think you love this life, but it might get old after awhile, maybe you should hang on to your relationship now.”

“I know how it has all felt, and I’ve enjoyed it all, I enjoyed Steve holding me, giving myself to him, sucking his cock, and sucking cock while getting fucked, it was incredible.”

She smiled, touching my face, “I hoped you would say that,” she sighed, “you are a hot woman, and fun to be around,” she kissed my lips, sucking my tongue inside her mouth, “besides, that other guy has not left yet, and he was looking at your wife.”

“Well, I could tell her how good his cock Pendik Ukraynalı Escort tastes,” I said.

“That’s an idea,” Carla smiled, “let’s go see how if he’s having any luck.”

We left the bathroom into the bedroom where Steve was sleeping. Carla opened the door just a crack. The guy was talking to my wife who looked nervous.

“Are you as hot as your friends?” he asked her.

“I’m just here to pick up my husband,” she answered, sitting stiffly on the sofa, he was standing in front of her.

He sat down in front of her, “You are a gorgeous woman, out late at night, are you sure you don’t want to party some?”

“I’m not interested,” she insisted.

Suddenly he placed his hand on her knee, “Are you sure?” he asked, massaging it as he looked into her eyes. She looked at him, Carla and Mary could see fear in her eyes, but she did not protest. He massaged her knee more, working his hand up her thigh, she sighed.

“I had better go,” she said, sitting still. He smiled, moving his hand up her thigh more, she moaned as Carla reached up my skirt and grabbed my hot cock, stroking it as the stranger leaned into my wife and kissed her hard on the mouth, she pulled him to her as his hand pushed further up her skirt. He had to be putting fingers past her panties into her cunt as she began moaning. He kept fingering her, then stopped, standing to pull his rock hard cock out of his pants.

She looked like she had to have it, she was so horny. Carla was down on her knees, sucking my cock as I watched this guy push his cock between my wife’s lips. She began to suck on it, holding it in her mouth while she sucked him hard.

“She’s sucking his cock,” I moaned.

“We have to go out there,” Carla giggled.

“Just wait until they are both naked,” I said, which did not take long as they both began taking their clothes off right there in the living room. As they sixty nined, Carla and I walked hand in hand to the living room.

The stranger looked up from my wife’s pussy and smiled. I smiled too. My wife looked up, Carla and I had stripped to sexy lingerie, my hard cock was sticking out. At first, she did not recognize me.

“How do you like our new girlfriend Becky,” Carla asked as she kissed me and stroked my cock.

Becky stared, “Mike?” she asked, her face between her new friend’s hairy legs.

“I’m Mary honey,” I said in my feminine voice. Heather came out of the kitchen to join us. Carla, Heather and I took our clothes off and began kissing each other. Carla and Heather began sucking my nipples, Becky would have been staring still but Pendik Üniversiteli Escort her man began eating her pussy and she returned to sucking his cock. I broke away from Heather and Carla who began kissing each other and fondling their breasts. Heather leaned down and sucked Heather’s nipples.

I knelt down next to my wife, she looked at me with a mouthful of cock, I reached over and grabbed the throbbing member, she looked astonished as I put it to my lips, rubbing it on my lipstick, then sucking it into my mouth.

“Oh my god Mike, or Mary,” she said, “I never knew, how long have you been like this?”

“About twelve hours,” I laughed, still using my feminine voice. I handed his cock back to her, she sucked it, then I took it back, she complimented my cock sucking skills as my man moaned and came once again in my mouth, I eagerly sucked it down my throat as Becky watched.

We sat up, then began kissing each other, Becky watched as his lips first brushed mine, then his tongue pushed into my mouth as he fondled my cock. Becky lowered her head onto my cock, sucking it until it was stiff again, then she sucked her new friend’s cock. I arranged them into position, and grabbed his cock and pushed it against my wife’s cunt, she welcomed his cock into her, wrapping her arms around him, then grabbing his ass as he thrust into her.

Carla had her head next to Heather’s pussy, licking the outside, her tongue probing inside as Heather moaned, clutching Carla’s head to her cunt. Suddenly, Steve wrapped his arms around me from behind, I felt his cock wedge up into my ass crack.

“Where have you been lover?” I asked my hunk.

“Looking for you hot stuff,” he smiled, I could feel his cock stiffening. I turned to his open arms. He wrapped me in them, holding me, nuzzling my neck, “you are so hot,” he whispered hotly in my ear as he began to kiss down my chest, playing with my nipples, then sucking hard on them. I let myself relax and enjoyed how it felt to have him suck my nipples, the razor stubble of his face excited me as I felt it on my chest. He worked his way down to my hairless crotch, taking my cock into his mouth.

I relaxed and let him do the work. He fondled my balls as he sucked me. I ran my fingers through his thick, black hair. He turned me around, I was bent over. I felt his slick cock being pushed into me, he began to thrust into me from behind, this was fantastic, I was moaning my approval.

I looked over and saw that Carla and Heather were on either side of Becky, kissing her body, sucking her tits. All three of them looked over at me as something Pendik Vip Escort incredible happened.

Steve was fucking me hard, I was not even touching my cock when it began to spasm and shoot off all over the floor. I was cuming, just by being fucked. I was close to knowing how a woman felt when she came. Steve screamed as he released another load of hot cum in my ass, squirting up inside of me.

I collapsed, exhausted as I turned to see the three women on the floor, Heather was squatting on my wife’s face as Carla ate her cunt, it was beautiful.

We watched the girls finish. I went over to Becky and offered her a cigarette.

“You know I don’t smoke,” she said.

“I didn’t know a lot of things about you,” I said, lighting a cigarette and placing it in her lips. She inhaled a little, and blew out the smoke, offering it back to me.

“Go ahead, you look sexy,” I smiled.

“So do you,” she said as she took another drag. I leaned down and sucked her nipple while she inhaled. “Wow,” she said, exhaling smoke, “that felt pretty good.”

“How do you like our sexy friend?” Carla asked.

“She’s beautiful,” Becky smiled at me, leaning over to kiss me. I was even hornier as I kissed her with my make up on. As she smoked, I sucked her nipples and licked her cunt.

Steve walked over, his cock at full attention.

“This is Steve,” I introduced him to her, “this is my wife Becky.”

“Hi Becky,” Steve smiled at her with a horny look in his eye, “I hear that you suck a mean cock.”

“There’s only one way to find out,” she smiled. Carla led them to the bedroom. The stranger went too. He knelt between her legs as she sucked Steven’s cock.

“Fuck her,” I said to him. She was busy sucking on Steve’s cock as the stranger climbed on top of her, spreading her legs he slid into her, lying on top of her as she sucked off Steve. He began kissing her neck, then her cheek, finally she took Steve’s cock out of her mouth and rubbed it on the other man’s lips, he sucked on Steve’s cock, then put it back to Becky’s lips.

Heather was sucking on my cock as Carla rubbed my nipples, we laid down on the floor. I began playing with their tits, sucking, fondling, eventually titty fucking Heather.

“I’ve got to get me a pair of these,” I said, wishing to be more feminine.

“Oh yeah, you’d look sweet with boobs honey,” Carla laughed. At some point, we all fell asleep. I was enjoying my femininity, and considering taking steps to grow breasts. I knew I enjoyed my hairless body and women’s clothes.

When my friends returned, everything seemed normal. I was there with Becky, Heather and Carla having lunch.

“Since when do you smoke?” One of the guys asked Becky.

“My doctor said I wasn’t getting enough tar,” she replied, taking a deep drag. Heather and Carla laughed and I noticed that my friend was watching Becky as she inhaled. I knew what he was thinking.

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