Paying your Dues

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“So what are you in for?” The woman speaking was nearly six feet of former two time Miss California state. A golden bronzed half Chinese half American with a dazzling smile that some how outshone her model like body. She looked completely out of place in the amongst the other inmates with the top half of her orange jumpsuit tied around her waist so only the tight fabric of her white undershirt strained to contain her breasts. Stretched thin across her bust the shirt was almost completely transparent. The pant legs were rolled up to just beneath her knees revealing her still tanned and toned calves.

“I don’t want to talk about it Michelle.” The new girl mumbled staring around the tiny room. It was even smaller than she’d imagined. The two beds lined against the all were just over six feet long, just enough that Michelle could lay comfortably but she couldn’t stretch out in the beds. Right at the foot of the bed was disgusting combination of a sink and toilet that would offer no privacy from prying eyes. There were also two boxes beneath the twin bunks for their various belongings, which was limited to two books, an unlimited amount of letters and up to two boxes of candy.

“I’m going to find out sooner or later Nikki.” Michelle crooned curling her body and turning to look at her new roommate. Nikki wasn’t the beauty queen that Michelle was but few women were, that said she was far from hard on the eyes. Half African American and half German she was a few shades darker than Michelle with dark blondish hair that naturally curled frustrating her and her friends alike a sharp contrast from Michelle’s jet straight sable tresses. She stood about five and a half feet with just enough weight that her curves looked natural on her unlike Michelle’s seemingly fake jugs. “So you might as well tell me what you’re in for.” Michelle sat up and patted the bed next to her.

Nikki tried to look away from the beautiful Michelle but it was hard in so small a room. Michelle seemed to just fill the room with her presence somehow and no matter what Nikki did she could feel Michelle’s gaze on her flesh and finally she submitted walking over and sitting next to Michelle. “You first.”

“Of course.” Michelle crooned Beylikdüzü escort pretending to stretch but and at the same time she managed to wrap an arm around Nikki’s shoulders and get one of her legs over Nikki’s coaxing them apart. “I’m in here because my boyfriend thought he could pimp me out. He was going to let his landlord use me to cover the rent one month.” Nikki’s eyes widened as she listened. “So I took all his stuff piled it in his brand new Mustang and lit it on fire.” She crinkled her nose up half amused and half ashamed at the last part of her own story. “And it also took out several near by cars by accident. So what about you?”

The memory of what had happened instantly crushed down on Nikki sinking her shoulders nearly to her belly. There was no way around it though she had to tell Michelle because like she said she’d find out soon enough. “Murder. ” She replied then whispered the rest of the story in Michelle’s ear.

“I’m so sorry. That doesn’t change anything though. Round here things work a certain way and you’re the new girl so you gotta pay your dues.

“Excuse me what?” Nikki squirmed suddenly aware that the spider already had her.

“Don’t play stupid. It’s not very cute, now this can go one of two ways. You can play nice or I can play rough.” Michelle snarled tightening her grip on Nikki’s shoulder.

There were a number of reasons why Nikki made the decision she made. The first was that Michelle was bigger and probably stronger, she couldn’t fight her. More than that she didn’t want any trouble she was going to be in jail for the rest of her life, the less trouble she got in the better. “I’ll play nice.”

“Good you can start by getting out of that jumpsuit.” Michelle purred releasing her prey.

Nikki briefly contemplated running away but the absurdity of that idea made itself immediately clear when she looked around the room and remembered that even standing in opposite corners of the room she’d still easily be within reach of the Amazon she’d been caged with. She did as she was told unzipping the jump suit and letting it fall to a puddle around her ankles. Nikki didn’t need to be told that the rest of it had to go, she crossed her arms across Beylikdüzü escort her torso and lifted her shirt up and off and then leaned over pulling the plain cotton panties off and left them all in a heap at her feet.

There had never been a reason for Nikki to be ashamed of her body, even after having four children she’d always managed to keep herself in shape but the nearly flawless Michelle who had stripped at the same time she had made her self conscious. She knew better than to cover herself but she was wriggling uncomfortably under the beautiful woman’s gaze consciously fighting the urge to cover her self. “You are beautiful.” Michelle gasped bringing a hot blush to Nikki’s features. “Minx.” she said leaning forward to read a tattoo on Nikki’s inner thigh. There was another of her name across the small of her back in a tribal pattern. “You’ll do nicely. Ever been with a girl before Nikki?”

Nikki nodded her head. She’d been with a few girls, including one just days before she’d been arrested. She preferred men but there was always something about the softness of a woman’s touch that turned her on. “Then get to it.” Michelle leaned back on the bed and spread her legs almost the splits without trying. Nikki sank down to her knees and buried her nose in the soft patch of hair above Michelle’s slit and inhaled the delicious aroma of an aroused woman and then let her tongue go to work she started of very slowly just teasing at Michelle’s lips occasionally moving to her inner thighs to tease her but she always returned.

“Not so gentle, you won’t break me I promise.” Michelle whispered wrapping one leg around Nikki’s shoulder to pull her closer. There was an immediate response as Nikki’s tongue started jabbing into Michelle’s folds wriggling around inside and then her fingers came up. One pair slipped into Michelle’s cunt working along side the tongue already jammed into the tight hole. The other pair went lower to tease Michelle’s asshole, just moving around in slow circle not quite moving into the tightly puckered hole instead her entire energy was focused on licking and kissing Michelle’s sweet flower.

Michelle felt like a marionette as Nikki plucked her strings and made her Escort Beylikdüzü dance on the bed. Her tongue darted, swirled and dashed and with each move Michelle twisted, groaned and arced. she wasn’t in control of her body at all, it was almost frightening how little control she actually had over her own body while Nikki played her like an instrument. She didn’t want to be done yet, there were still things that she wanted to do but she couldn’t make herself tell Nikki to stop. Nikki had complete control her body to the point of she wanted to say stop but instead she screamed “Don’t stop!” That single word completely changed the meaning of her sentence and the result.

Instead of stopping Nikki increased her tempo. Plush lips cinched down around Michelle’s clit gently tugging it out from it’s hiding place while her tongue lashed it like a whip. Michelle hissed haggard breaths through clenched teeth struggling not to submit completely to Nikki. She’d never truly known what it was like to be enslaved by her body but the merciless whipping of Nikki’s tongue was a fast teacher. She was quickly learning that she wasn’t in control of anything at all, certainly not her body. Her body was controlled by a wriggling tongue and dancing tongue and that thing Nikki had put her.

It started like a cramp. It was almost painful the way it cramped her guts but the feeling spread until it forced Michelle’s legs to crimp down around Nikki’s skull until her thighs began to ache. Her fingers twisted in Nikki’s hair and her hips pumped against the invading tongue over and over again. Michelle couldn’t resist the energy building inside her , that was what was truly controlling her body and it grew a little more with every single movement of Nikki’s tongue.

Until it detonated. Michelle had felt orgasms before but nothing like what Nikki had brought her to. With Nikki it was like the entire world had shattered for a moment. For that instant the world didn’t exist. Michelle didn’t exist, there was just her pussy and the twisting appendages assaulting it. When that blinding moment passed her entire body was on fire from head to toe and when that passed she saw only Nikki.

Nikki’s face and chin were soaked with Michelle’s juices and twisted into a lecherous smile. “You’re delicious.” She purred. Even if she’d wanted to resist she couldn’t. When Nikki beckoned her forward with her pursed lips Michelle heeded and kissed her new roommate tasting herself in the kiss.

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