Pearls of Desire Ch. 04

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In one swift movement, you lay back on the bed, pulling me with you. You whisper your pleasure in my ear, and the feel of your tongue, flicking in and out suggestively, makes me squirm. I feel you smile against my ear as I wiggle closer, my body aching with a need only you can fulfill.

As I lay on my back, you lay beside me, your head resting on your hand, looking down at me with open admiration. Our eyes meet and you smile; not an ordinary smile, but one promising devilish delights. Shivers of desire chase up and down my spine. My hips move of their own accord, calling out their own wants. You aren’t even touching me and I can’t help but respond to you, especially after how turned on I got from kissing you. Your smile widens and I long for you to put your mouth to better use.

A moment of charged silence lays between us, as if we are both waiting to see who will make the next move. And then, you reach out and pick up the strand of pearls laying discarded on the bed, studying them for a moment as if deciding what to do with them. My mind races with possibilities while my heart beats faster still. You let the pearls drip from your fingers, leaving them to hang just above the hollow in my neck. With a gleam in your eye, you lower them until they are barely touching me, just a whisper really.

With deliberate slowness, you let the smooth, cool beads roll across my heated skin. I can tell by the look on your face that you know how aroused I am. I want so much more than this, but the look in your eyes says, “Patience, my dear. Patience.” And so I settle back to enjoy your sensual assault on my body.

I close my eyes and feel the pearls slide between my breasts. I ache to feel them against my nipples. Instead, I feel them pool in my belly button. Just when I think you are about to move them, I feel your tongue slither between them, making me jump in surprise and delight. istanbul escort You swirl your tongue there for a moment. Who ever thought a navel could be so erotic?

And then your warmth is gone, and I’m again left with only the cool spheres traversing my skin, a stark contrast from the warm wetness of your tongue; a reminder of how much more I want. The pearls almost mock my desire, except for the knowledge that you are using them to tease me, to heighten my desire for you.

I feel the pearls slip downward, along the indent next to my hip bone, over the top of my thigh, almost down to my knee, where you reverse directions. I can’t help but spread my legs a little further as I feel the strand of beads caress my inner thigh, working their way closer to the place I most need your touch. Opening my eyes, I see you looking at me, the most intimate part of me. I wonder if you can see the wetness that awaits you there.

Pleasure shoots through my body as you drag the strand of pearls across my folds, the friction exquisite. I buck my hips, begging for more, and you oblige me by letting the pearls slide back down between my legs, then dragging them upward again. The touch is enough to drive me crazy, but not enough to give me true satisfaction. I squeeze my legs together to increase the friction, trying to hold them there as I feel them slipping away.

I watch in awe as you lift the pearls to your mouth, sucking each one delicately, savoring the flavor of my juices on them. I stir restlessly on the bed, wanting more, needing more. Instead, you take your time, a look of rapture on your face as you taste each bead as if it is the best dessert you’ve ever had. You are watching me as well, entreating me to imagine that it is my bud you are sucking on, not just a pearl. That image has me reaching for you, but you gently push my avcılar escort hand away.

“Patience,” you whisper. “Let me savor you.”

Heat spirals through my body. This man wants to feast on me, who am I to rush him? I close my eyes again to block out the image of you, to keep hold of the fragile reigns of my control. I feel you lay the pearls against by lips, dragging them sensually back and forth before you skim them over my cheek, down my neck, coming to rest at the place between my breasts. I hum my appreciation as you drag them across one breast and then the other. The feel of the pearls being wound around my swollen nipples causes me to suck in a quick breath, holding it at the intense sensation. I bite my lower lip as you pull the tight loop tight around my nipple. Just when I don’t think I can take it anymore, your tongue lashes out and licks the exposed tip. I groan at the exquisite torture of it all and clench my fists in the sheets to prevent myself from grabbing your head and holding you there.

As I writhe on the bed beneath you, you tug the pearls free, leaving me at a loss for the contact of them. But then you are wrapping them around my other nipple, your tongue bathing its tip, my body shaking with need beneath your ministrations.

This time when you pull the pearls from my nipple, you wrap them around three of your fingers and drag your beaded hand down my abdomen, coming to rest on my pubic bone. The sensation of those cool pearls dusting my sensitive skin makes me shiver.

“Open for me,” you say.

Obligingly, I spread my legs. I feel you shift your weight to poise between them. And then you are coaxing my knees to bend, spreading me even wider for your viewing. As you kneel before me, I feel your eyes on me. I imagine my clitoris, blushing pink, peeking out from its hood; my lips swollen and parted for the taking; şirinevler escort my entrance, weeping hot tears of desire. In that instant, I feel the fluids seep from me, and your groan confirms that you’ve seen it too.

I feel the pearls fall like rain against my eager clitoris, which swells even more in search of pleasure. My breathing labored, my body begs for what it needs, seeking more contact with the pearls, with you, with anything. But you are very good at this game you play, keeping me on edge, raising the stakes. The pearls slide away and I feel their absence to the bottom of my soul.

“Touch me¸” I plead.

“Keep your eyes closed,” you whisper, and in that moment, my excitement doubles. I wait, breathless, the absence of being touched charging my nerves.

And then, I feel them. The strand of pearls, wound around two of your fingers, stroking my entrance, seeking entry. I lift my hips and open wide for you, silently pleading for you to slip them inside, to let me feel them caressing me everywhere. I cry out as I feel your pearl-laden fingers slide inside of me, the pearls bathed by my own juices. I move against your fingers, my walls tightening around the pearls, my heart racing. The pearls rub against places I had no idea existed. The exquisite sensation makes my nerves dance in anticipation.

I open my eyes to see you watching as you slide the pearls in and out, and in that moment, I lose it. I feel my orgasm approaching like a runaway train. I begin to shake and tremble. And then, your mouth envelopes my clitoris, sucking it in, my cries of rapture surrounding us. The pearls dancing inside of me, your lips and tongue stroking my clitoris, and my hips, bucking wildly against you, send me careening over the edge. Pleasure sears my nerves as a blindingly intense orgasm echoes across every cell of my body. The build-up of your barely-there touches has me writhing in ecstasy longer than I ever thought possible. As my orgasm peaks, I try to pull away, overwhelmed by the intense sensations. Instead, you gently nip my clitoris, your teeth causing me to peak higher and harder than I ever thought possible. I scream out my climax, writhing against you, your name on my lips.

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