Pegged for a Purpose Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

If you’ve read the first three chapters, you know that male-male action was involved though in this Chapter 03 there was a foursome shared by the characters. If that’s not your thing, please find something else more to your taste. If you’re eager to read on, but haven’t read the first three chapters, you should read them first or a lot might not make sense to you.

It seemed to me that the characters would each react differently to their experiences on that first weekend. Though it is unlikely that all four would be keeping journals, I decided to write the first half of this chapter that way. I hope that doesn’t overtax your “willful suspension of disbelief.”

As the characters came alive to me, I decided to shift to each of their points-of view in the second half of this chapter when they experience another eventful Friday.


Sue’s Journal

Sunday, May 19, 2019

When you’re bisexual, you get to thinking that shouldn’t everybody be? If they’re convinced that they’re not, aren’t they just kidding themselves? I know the mind plays a big part in sexuality. Take a walk on the wild side, and you’ll find pleasures that you didn’t know existed. I think people are making this a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

I know I make a lot of jokes, and to some I seem frivolous, but I do think deeply about a lot of things.

I love Tim so much. I just wanted to open him up to what is possible.

Sucking my strap-on and taking it up his ass did really turn him on. Well, to be honest, it took him a few times to really get into it. Once he did, he initiated sex five nights in a row, and three times on Saturday. Just like Pinocchio wanted to be a real boy, it was pretty clear that Tim wanted a real cock to suck and fuck his ass. The video with close-ups of Doug’s cock head leaking precum, Doug’s hand stroking his shaft, and a dildo stretching his asshole drove him wild. And it had me ramming fingers in my pussy and stroking my clit.

Poor Tim. I let him eat me out that night, but I wouldn’t let him come. He needed to save that for Doug. Ultimate blue balls. He was definitely hanging low and heavy when Friday night rolled around.

Megan was afraid Doug might back out, but, man, he turned out to be the aggressor. The first one to strip, then undressing Tim, dropping to his knees, and taking Tim’s cock in his mouth. What a job sucking, so creative. And then when he eased Tim to the floor and lowered his hips to take Tim’s cock up his ass, an orgasm ripped through me. I so identify with that sexual hunger, that joyous lust.

Doug was always on my radar after that. When Tim sucked his cock, my eyes were riveted on Doug’s face, feasting on his reaction. I know what it’s like to driven wild like that. And when Tim buried his cock in Doug’s ass for the first time, I watched Doug’s every expression, the movement of his hips. I once again came hard, wishing I had a cock so I could do that to Doug. Since that night I’ve masturbated to the vivid memory, I don’t know how many times.

I can’t help thinking if I were a guy, I’d fuck just like Doug fucks. When Tim and I were going at it the other night and Tim was on his back, I tried to suck his cock just like Doug did. And though I was aching for his hard dick in my cunt, I straddled Tim and lowered myself to take him up my ass. I fucked like Doug fucked, mimicking his moves, his pace. It was like I was Doug.

Amid all the groping, sucking, penetrating of our foursome, whenever it was Doug’s mouth eating me, his tongue licking me, or his fingers or cock probing me, it would set my clit throbbing. He’s an artist who paints with his cock, his lips, his fingers, and tongue. And he revels in his partner’s sexual artistry and lets it flow into him.

I’m not in love with Doug. I just love everything about the way he fucks.

That’s when I knew I had to get him alone in the shower. I guess that there was an unspoken expectation that we’d do everything together, but I hungered for Doug by myself. Not exactly off limits, but a little off script, a little devious. That just made the prospect more alluring.

Oh Doug, I thought, I just need to test one thing to see if we are really alike. Not soulmates, maybe fuckmates. Duplicate Libidos. Erotic Ying and Erotic Yang. So I started drinking twice as much water as everyone else.

My nipples were so hard, and my clit was engorged as I headed in to join him in the shower. And, of course, the pressure in my bladder was intense.

He watched me as I pressed my back to the wall, mostly out of the cascading shower, squatted, spreading open my lower lips, releasing a strong jet of piss. I watched his face for a reaction, but he was hard to read. Curious maybe, surprised. Maybe intrigued.

I remembered trying that with Tim. “Gah-ross,” he said and turned away. “Do I have to start wearing shower sandals.”

It was a good long stream, and I deliberately wiped myself with my right hand and raised it to coat my lips. His eyes kilis escort never left me, but his reaction was still a mystery.

I rose and walked toward him, raising my arms to wrap them around his neck. When he grasped my right wrist and brought my piss-coated fingers to his mouth and licked them clean, I thought just maybe he is like me. Ready to ride the wave of out of bounds desires. But I wasn’t 100% sure. His response was so neutral. Perhaps he was stunned. When we kissed, his tongue grazed over my lips, getting another taste, and when he held me close, I had hope. A harsh word would have shattered me, so I took things in another direction.

“Fuck my ass,” I demanded. Bending over, standing up, just the way I love it. Take me beyond this moment of uncertainty. Fill me with your cock.

Later when I whispered in his ear, “You’re the best fuck ever,” he probably thought I was referring to his cock ramming into my ass, and later entering my pussy. He probably had no idea that I meant when he grasped my wrist and brought my fingers to his mouth.

I don’t know. I must be crazy. I made a video for him and sent it. It was a lot of work because it involved multiple camera angles and a very special effect. The lighting was tricky. Put I do love being creative—and a little naughty. Well, a lot naughty.

I sent it yesterday, but I haven’t got a text or an email back. At least he didn’t text me a “WTF.”

I have my fingers crossed.


Megan’s Journal

Monday, May 20, 2019

The idea for opening Doug and Tim up to their bi-side had come during an afternoon when Sue and I met for drinks in a cozy little bar downtown. She had open some women’s magazine and was reading off a list of things women fantasize about. We were responding to each with “Oh, yeah!” or “Possible Maybe,” “No So Much,” or “No Way, Jose.” Sue did love creating games, and by a second martini I was an enthusiastic participant.

“Watching two guys having sex,” she read and didn’t hesitate voting, “Oh, yeah!”

I did have to think for a minute. I took a sip of my drink. Hmmm. It did seem so hot.

“A definite ‘Oh, Yeah!’ for me,” I said, and we high-fived.

“Think we can get Doug and Tim to do it?”

Guys in general, yeah. Doug in particular? As I pondered my answer, I thought about how Doug got really turned on when my fingers probed his butt when I was sucking his cock. I didn’t do it all that often, but it certainly gave me a starting point.

“Yes,” I said, “I do think we can.” And then we began laying out our plans.

Sue, of course, couldn’t resist making witty remarks. “Well, if you can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink, then if you can lead a man to a cock or a puckered asshole, can you make him suck or ram his cock in it?” she asked with a straight face. As always, she had me in stitches.

To toast her sense of humor, I needed a third martini.

In the week leading up to the big day, I did worry about how it would go for Doug. So often in many situations, he has let What if’s get in his way. Well, when I led my man to Tim’s cock and puckered asshole, I didn’t have to make him do anything. He dove right in. When I saw how turned on he was and how much he was blown away by these new sensations, I knew I had done the right thing. Before that, I admit, I was a little unsure.

Well, I guess I can check “Foursome” off my bucket list, though I not sure it was on my bucket list. It was pretty intense; I wish I’d counted the orgasms that I had. After a while, it became so tiring that there were a lot of things that I wished we’d tried that we never got around to. Sue and I chatted about that. I would have liked to see the guys with their pelvises pressed together and taking turns wrapping a hand around both cocks and stroking. I would have loved trying to take two cocks into my mouth at the same time. I’m not sure if I could stretch my vagina enough to lower myself onto both, but it is fun to fantasize about. Sue said she also had some ideas for double penetration that we never got to—Tim in her cunt and Doug in her ass. She was sure that they’d have gone wild feeling the their cocks nearly touching inside her.

I’m surprised by the thing that most stands out in my mind. Doug splashing his cum all over my tits, and Tim using it to glide his cock between my pressed together breasts, shooting his cum all over my neck, face, and into my mouth.

Maybe that’s because I’ve always been turned on by the erotic eating scene in Tony Richardson’s film of Tom Jones. Doug’s only response to it when I got him to watch it was, “I can’t stand raw oysters.” There’s another film scene that has stuck in my mind. I can’t remember the title, but I man and woman were sitting on the floor in front of an open refrigerator. They were slathering food over their bodies in preparation for eating it off each other and fucking.

I did notice that Tim ordered oysters as an appetizer when we went out to dinner. His escort kilis eyes lit up when lemon meringue was a special on the dessert menu. Naughty girl that I am, I’ve been fantasizing about being on the kitchen floor or island with Tim, coating my breasts and pussy with a lemon meringue pie. Well, I’ve imagined many variations of that basic scenario, but all involve Tim cumming between my breasts, and we sharing pie, cum, and my juices.

In all my fantasies, Tim and I are alone.

When Sue and Doug were showering, Tim sat on the armless chair from Sue’s make-up table. I climbed onto his lap and mounted his erect cock, rubbing my breasts against his face. While Sue says that he is very attentive to her small breasts, he seemed mesmerized by my firm more full breasts, my large darker areola, and my long, hard nipples. The way he fondled my breasts, pushing them together so he could tongue both nipples at once and suck on them, had me trembling.

When Doug and I were later recounting all that happened, I left that part out.


Doug’s Journal

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

There have always been two sides to my sex life with Megan. Wild, affirming hours of pure lust—Fucking with a capital “F.” And an equal number of hours of slow, gentle lovemaking, which we both cherish.

It was always pretty clear that Megan’s time with other women was most definitely about Fucking—taking those delicious, hard-pounding sensations to the max. Hey, maybe some caring moments of lovemaking, but I knew she saw it mostly as Fucking. That’s why I found her affairs, if you want to call them that, so freaking hot. She’s so adept at drawing out every ounce of pleasure that Fucking has to offer.

I so glad she pushed me along to discover that bisexuality is always there; you just have to reach out and take it. Women are always other. I love to go down on Meg, and she tells me I do it beautifully, do it expertly. I know I’m attuned to recognizing the signs of her arousal; I discovered ways to bring it on and enhance it, but I can never know just what she is feeling, what her orgasms are like.

Men are same. When I sucked Tim’s cock, I knew how exactly how my sucking and licking would feel on my cock. A connection in the brain, I guess. While you can have anal sex with a woman, I think it must be different if for them because they have two orifices that can be penetrated. Therefore, they can compare and contrast the sensations After I took Tim’s cock in my ass, I knew what he would be feeling when he fucked his ass.

At this point for me, bi-sex is Fucking. It so hot, so arousing. I suppose there’s an extra kick from knowing that if you go both ways, you’re crossing the line into what some consider taboo. I know that men can have deep caring relationships. Right now though, I just want to be with someone who is just in it for the mind-blowing sensations. I can’t see me going beyond that.

I hope Tim’s in the same place because I’m seeing a whole lot of fucking in our future, be it a brief or lengthy time. I think he is.

Look at me. Coming out of an orgy and becoming philosophical.

Now for another matter.

On Tuesday, I opened a text from Sue with a video file attached. The only message was “For you.” When I downloaded it, I was surprised at the size of the file. She has a great sense of humor, so I was expecting maybe some memes or clips poking fun at our weekend activities. Not so, by a long shot.

I knew she was skilled with video, but I didn’t realize how skilled. The whole thing was shot in slow-motion, probably 120 fps, though some shots might be in 60 fps. There were multiple takes from a variety of camera angles.

The first shot shows her naked from breasts to her feet. She’s leaning against the wall of their walk-in shower. She slides down and spreads her legs wide in a squat and her face has moved into the frame.

Cut to a close-up of the fingers of her right hand spreading her lips and exposing her slit. A few dribbles of piss emerge from her urethra, and an impressive stream begins to flow. Pull back to a low angle wide shot that shows the impressive distance her powerful flow can reach. I know I was impressed when she put on that live show for me.

On the soundtrack, there is the faint sound of water running in the shower and louder splashing sounds to suggest her stream hitting the tiles. The next shot is an extreme close-up of her fingers in the stream rubbing her piss over her pussy lips and exposed clit. Cut to a close-up of a hand dribbling piss on one breast and then the other, the piss slowly coating her breasts and dripping toward her stomach. In the next shot, she pours piss from her cupped hand over her face. From her closed eyes, it flows down her nose and over her parted lips. Her tongue slowly licks her lips. She brings her fingers to her mouth and sucks them.

The next shot is a real tour de force. I don’t know how many times she had to refill her bladder during filming, kilis escort bayan but probably two or three times. She must have set up a piece of glass for this shot. The camera is centered on pussy level and a powerful jet of piss surges right into the camera. It really gives the illusion that it’s directed at you, maybe splashing in your face. What you can see of her body is quivering and there are high-pitched moans on the soundtrack that sound like she’s orgasming. I suspect she wasn’t acting. On a voiceover, she says, “I want to piss on you. Will you let me?”

The last shot is a close-up of her face. Her eyes are closed. Piss is flowing down her face (this is shot in regular motion). Her lips open, and she asks, “Will you piss on me?”

Whoa! I sat there stunned after I watched it the first time. Running time was 3:25. Fortunately, I was working at home that day. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I’d been in the office. I watched it three more times.

It really scrambled my brain. I had no idea how or if I should respond. My dick, as always having a mind of its own, got hard.

I told myself that I should delete it immediately. Which I did-after saving it to a high-capacity flash drive. One that I could plug into the 60″ TV in the den downstairs.

I left the text unanswered. A response required some thought, that’s for sure.

All the fucking we’d done had been with the four of us together apart from Sue and me in the shower. I hadn’t described what went on there to Megan and went back and forth about whether I should feel guilty about that or not. It was a given that Tim and I would be fucking again, but we’d never established whether what we’d done with each other’s wives was a one-time thing.

Sue was right. We did share a kinky streak. One I’d never acted on and had filed away in “Never Gonna Happen.” Megan found my occasional bouts of porn watching on the internet to be amusing. She’d quip, “Hope you’ll learn something.” She peeked in once when I was watching a couple doing watersports in the shower. “That’s got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen,” she said and burst out laughing. “Ain’t happening in this house.”

I guess kinky urges either float your boat, or they don’t. When they start up their engines in a corner of your brain, they don’t just float the boat—they send it tear-assing toward the horizon on full throttle. When your partner’s boat isn’t floating, it’s a submarine that torpedoes your boat, sending to Dave Jones’ locker.

I went down to den and inserted the flash drive into the TV. I dropped my shorts and stepped out of my thong. I leaned back in my leather armchair. I have no idea how many times I watched the video, sitting there slowly stroking my cock. I do know that I came twice.

All night “Yes” and “No” played a game of ping-pong in my head. It wasn’t until the morning that I typed my short response. “So hot. Yes and Yes. Don’t know how we can arrange it.” My finger hovered above Send for at least 20 seconds before I pressed the screen and sent it on its way.

The notification bell was nearly instantaneous. “That’s freaking awesome. Let me worry about the how. OOL.” Sue’s special netspeak for “Orgasming Out loud.” It was like Sue to not resist the chance to inject some humor, but the video told me that she was very, very serious.


Tim’s Journal

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

As soon as Doug took my cock in his mouth and began his artful licking and sucking, I knew how much I wanted this, how awesome and right it felt. I loved the way he took control and lowered himself on my cock. He was gentle at first; he’s very attentive as a lover, but I wish he’d just impaled me more forcefully.

My head was turned to the side. Out of my lidded eyes, I was watching the reaction of our wives—the expressions on their faces, their fingers buried in their pussies, fingertips circling their clits. Being watched added so much to my passion. Throughout all of our sex play together, I was hyper-aware of those six eyes on me.

When I briefly took Doug’s cock in the shower, but pulled back, I know he thought I was submitting to the girl’s rules of the game, but it was because I knew it would be so much hotter for me if the girls were watching.

When I finally took Doug’s ass, I loved that Sue’s hand surrounded my shaft and guided it to his puckered anus, and that her eyes were riveted on my cock sliding into him. She went beyond watching to participating with me.

I guess I learned a few things about myself. Yeah, I’m bisexual. Maybe I’m more a bottom than I top, and being a exhibitionist really ramps me up.

Thoughts of Doug’s mind-blowing sucking of my cock and the feel of his rectum sliding up and down my cock have been overwhelming me. But last night I woke at 3:00 A.M. to thoughts of pressing Megan’s beautiful breasts to surround my cock, my hips thrusting between them until I came all over her neck and gorgeous face. I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom. Replaying the scene in my mind, my hand flew up and down my shaft and soon I was shooting gobs of cum. I lingered as I slowly scooped it off my stomach and chest, bringing it to my mouth and sucking my fingers. I so want to do that with Megan again.

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