Peggy Sanford Helps Son Pt. 02

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Note: This story serves as a bridge to another story that I guarantee will get your juices flowing for all of you who fantasize about incestuous relationships. Myself and another writer on Lit are teaming up her Father/Daughter with my Mother/Son in Part 3, but for now, the Sanfords are on the move … Oz


Because it has been some months since the initial submission of the first part of this story, I thought a short summary of Part I might be helpful. I, Peggy Sanford, am a 46-year old widow; my husband had been CEO of a manufacturing company founded by his father and uncle, based in the Chicago area. That company is now being headed up by my son, Todd, a hunk of a young man at 26 years of age.

I am a tax attorney, who, following my husband’s death and shortly after Todd took control of the family firm under the tutelage of his grandfather, accepted a position as a tax attorney with a law firm on St. Simons Island, Georgia. My professional reputation, initially established in the Chicago area, had now flourished throughout the southeastern coastal area of the U.S.

When Todd and his firm ran into a challenge from the IRS, I rushed to his defense and successfully won a victory back in the Chicago area. The case ended quickly and abruptly, allowing me to spend a week in my son’s home. Following a celebration of that triumph, my relationship with my son spiraled into a raw lusty sexual consummation of our previously very proper mother/son relationship; well, it was proper no longer.

With the realization that we both wanted to move forward with our forbidden and illicit love affair, we needed to look for ways to move physically closer to each other, if not into a living arrangement similar to husband and wife.

Part II

So from our initial commingling following my assistance with my son’s legal problems, we had pledged to each other in the throes of passion our unending love for each other. Now some practical matters had to move to the forefront, if we were to be together instead of over 1,000 miles apart.

Having set up a substantial amount of money in a sinking fund account to handle what was anticipated as an extensive and expensive legal defense of the IRS recent attention, Epic Synergistic, the family firm headed by Todd, enjoyed a cash rich position. Now that the defense was no longer necessary, this cash resource represented a tool for potential expansion of that enterprise. Additionally, the last few years had generated fabulous surpluses for this rapidly growing manufacturing firm, resulting in a significant sum of cash on the books. Ah, cash on hand! The magical ingredient for a business to allow for flexibility for expansion!

The law firm where I was employed on St. Simons Island, GA, was seeing an increasing number of referrals from companies in the Raleigh/Durham area, many of them specializing in high technology. So many companies specializing in high tech were located in this geographical area that it was nicknamed the “Silicone Valley East.” With many of these companies having a substantial portion of their upper management migrating from northern cities, my firm began to explore the possibility of locating a regional legal center in this area, while tapping me for both a partnership and a leadership role in this new office. I am sure that my Chicago background was an important factor in making this decision.

Meanwhile, in Chicago my son Todd was getting increasingly frustrated having to work with outside software consulting firms for the engineering needs of Epic Synergistic. Not being a part of Epic, these outside consultants seemed to be just that – outside. In dealing with one of these firms that happened to be based in Raleigh, a discussion arose and the suggestion made that perhaps it would be better to have this technological knowledge in-house. From that genesis came the idea of approaching the management of this consulting firm to gauge their interest in a potential buyout of their firm to bring them under the wing of Epic Synergistic Enterprises, Inc.

Todd made a number of changes in the ensuing months. Epic did in fact acquire the software consulting firm along with the beautiful office building in which they had previously only been a tenant, and proceeded to move a significant portion of the management team of Epic down to Raleigh, making this their new corporate headquarters. Meanwhile Epic’s primary manufacturing facilities remained in the Chicago area. The workforce included a number of highly skilled workers in the manufacturing area. Their expertise was largely responsible for the success of this brilliantly performing company. Todd wanted to retain this talent and assured the employees that their positions were secure and would remain in the Chicago area. A new Vice President of Manufacturing Operations was designated to represent senior management at the Chicago location.

Because of its many satisfied clients, the new software consulting department was able to retain many of its clientele, which afforded new opportunities for expansion of Epic’s escort kartal customer base into the southeast. The synergy created by this horizontal expansion was unreal, resulting in Epic’s earnings leapfrogging to new heights.

Once Todd had completed the acquisition and relocated to his new headquarters, he suggested that it would only be proper to provide me with a “personal” tour of the new headquarters. While he was settling into his new space, few others were, resulting in what appeared to be the herding of cats, as people were being moved into their new offices creating a resulting whirlwind of activity. While most people were dressed casually during their relocation, the boss was not at all.

With his chiseled body, his dusty blond hair and those crystal blue eyes, Todd was just so fucking handsome in his $1,000 suit adorning his towering 6’3″ frame. Dressed in my customary charcoal pin striped suit, full fashioned stockings and 3″ pumps, we did make a very becoming couple that caught more than the occasional gawking stare from his co-workers. I’m not sure if it was just that our admirers were impressed with the boss in their midst or if my long toned legs peeking out of the slit in my mid-thigh skirt was catching their attention. I was very comfortable with the leers of many men, but standing at 5’7″ in my bare feet, when I donned my 3″ heels I had become used to admiring glances as pretty much the norm.

The last stop on our tour was his spacious and beautifully appointed office, with a massive cherry desk acting as the centerpiece. Typical of a powerful CEO’s space, there was also the beautiful leather furniture in a more relaxed sitting area, a separate work table, beautiful cherry bookshelves, ornate lamps and overhead canned lighting strategically placed. There was also an expansive en suite personal bathroom, complete with a shower, dressing room and whirlpool to act as an escape from the stress of the long days Todd put in while managing this ever expanding enterprise.

As we entered his new digs I heard the door lock behind me, though I didn’t see my quick-thinking son do it. Todd removed his suit coat as he invited me to have a seat on his soft luxurious leather couch.

“That was a long tour. I think perhaps a nice foot massage might be in order,” he said, as he handed me a glass of a wonderful Cabernet Savignon,

“It was kind of long,” I replied, as I removed my heels and stretched my legs across his lap.

Todd’s hands moved to my left stocking clad foot; he then kneaded the arch with his manly hands. Working his thumbs and fingers with great care the entire length of the sole of my foot, over the top with individual attention to each toe before proceeding up my ankle. I melted into the soft leather couch, while sipping my wine and luxuriating in the loving exploits of my son’s strong hands.

He made his way north, providing his loving touch to my toned calf, up the outside of my thigh and then to the inside of my thigh, from my panties over my exposed skin above the top of my stocking and down to my knee, as my legs naturally parted. Damn his tender touch felt fabulous!

I could feel the moisture from the aroused core of my sex gathering in the crotch of my panties.

Todd then proceeded to give the same erotic attention to my right leg and foot. By this time my skirt was gathered rather restrictively, riding high on my hips.

“Todd, I would like to get more comfortable and remove my skirt, so it doesn’t get wrinkled.”

“No problem, let me help you,” he said, as he unzipped it and slid it down the length of my legs. While doing so, with a sly look on his face, he hooked his fingers in the waistband of my silk thong and removed it at the same time. Without warning, Todd spread my fully exposed legs and buried his face in my already well-lubricated cunt. He licked me from the bottom of my creamy slit, the full length of my outer lips to just below my clitoris. He teased me then, circling the engorged nub, never coming in direct contact, as I thrust my pelvis in response to my building climax.

“Oh Todd, honey, please,” I pleaded. But he continued with my sweet torture, teasing and tormenting me as my passion climbed. “Fuck me!” I thought! But Todd would not give me immediate release; rather keeping me on the edge, increasing my arousal with continuous stimulation, seemed to be his immediate goal. This was so fucking hot, to have sex in his new office with a bevy of activity taking place just on the other side of the walls of his office, as people were moving into their new headquarters.

“My sweet angel, I’m going to give you pleasure like you have never felt before,” Todd promised, while continuing to tongue-lash my sensitive pussy. He had spread my labia open and had now begun to torture the front wall of my pussy with two fingers strumming an unrelenting rhythm on my oh-so- sensitive G-spot! Finally, following close behind his finger’s invasion of the core of my womanhood, Todd torpedoed my engorged clit, taking it between his soft lips and strumming maltepe escort a chord of arousal as his tongue repeatedly lashed at the nub.

“Oh my gawd Todd,” I yelled as my pelvis humped at his face like a cheap whore and then the mounting wave of pleasure hit its crescendo and rocked my body starting from deep within my womb and spreading outward racking my body with its release as one orgasm flooded my body, with another lapping over the first and then the second and third release in rapid succession. “Oh shit, oh damn, holy fuck!” I screamed as I almost lost consciousness! During this mind-snapping event, I released a torrent of sweet sticky cum, soaking Todd’s face and shirt!

When the last vestige of pleasure made its escape, my eyes fluttered open. There above me, with a very pleased smirk on his wet face, was Todd, my son and my lover; he seemed so pleased with himself as he had rendered my body to the consistency of a rag doll. “Oh my God, Todd you motherfucking bastard! I have never experienced anything close to that level of ecstatic bliss!” I felt like I had just experienced an “orgasmic Disneyland!”

With my body spent as it was, Todd then moved up and began to remove my blouse and bra. I had no idea why, as I knew I would be unlikely to be able to assist in any further activities, but if that’s what my boy wanted, I could offer no resistance. While I drifted in the afterglow of my pleasant release, Todd was removing all of his clothes, as he had ideas of continuing the carnal christening of his new office.

With my legs lewdly splayed open, he then knelt on the couch between them with his raging hard cock leaking seminal fluid. My sweet hunk of a son then lowered his taut body to bring the head of that wonderful piece of man-meat to my quivering quim. Taking the shaft in hand, he painted my vulva with his precum, lubricating the path he planned to follow for what I took to be his own selfish delight. Well yes, he would fulfill his incestuous goals of once again flooding my cunt with his sperm, but little did I think I could gain additional stimulation; how wrong I was!

Once the head of his cock was coated with a mixture of my pussy juice and his precum, Todd began to push the head into my honey hole. Inch by glorious inch sunk into my center, as my throbbing pussy clutched and released his manhood until I felt his pubic hairs upon my landing strip and his cock-head pushed into my cervix. Todd held us in place, joined oh so deliciously in this most un-motherly/son manner. My head swung from side to side as the feeling of being filled so wonderfully overpowered me.

I was again overwhelmed with unspeakable pleasure and I wondered if I could possibly continue. “Todd, darling,” I groaned, “I don’t know if I can take any more …”

“Mother dear, just relax and enjoy,” his manly voice spoke softly in my ear through clenched teeth. “You will remember our first day in my new office your whole life and relish our sinful incestuous fucking forever! How I made you feel like a lusty slut, lost in the pleasures of me spending my seed in your clutching cunt!” I was totally lost in my passionate state, almost unconscious from our coupling.

Our rhythmic movements steadily built from a slow pace until Todd was pounding my cunt with his throbbing cock. With a roar of pleasure, he unleashed a torrent of his man juice in spurt after spurt, painting my womb with his seed, as my contracting vagina milked him dry.

Finally spent, we lay in a cuddling embrace as I felt his hard invader soften to a flaccid state and we enjoyed the afterglow of our erotic initiation of his new office. We both knew this would be the first of many wicked acts to be repeated in this now sacred space.

+ + + + + + + +

Meanwhile my law firm did in fact expand by creating a new regional law center based in Raleigh and tapped me to head up this office. I also was looked upon as the primary rainmaker to generate a growing number of clientele, due to my professional reputation in tax law disputes. With the building that Todd’s firm acquired, being larger than necessary to house his company’s corporate headquarters, my partners agreed to lease the entire first floor from Epic. Additionally, the Board of Directors of Epic Synergistic Enterprises agreed to place our law firm on retainer and to act as their legal representatives. Talk about a plan coming together!

Once my new office was set up, I felt it only just that Todd and I break in my office in similar fashion as we had his office. Only this time it would be Peggy as the orchestrator and Todd as the prey of the seduction. So on the first day that I moved into that luxuriously detailed enclave, after a long day of organizing the legal team and office staff and detailing the functions and responsibilities of all concerned, I dismissed everyone for the day at lunchtime. Once everyone was gone, I called Todd and asked that he descend from his penthouse office and join me in my new office.

As Todd entered, he just naturally locked the door behind pendik escort bayan him, suspecting what he and I were about to do. I was sitting at my expansive desk, pretending to be working on my computer. I appeared to be frustrated and told him that I was pretty sure that something under my desk had not been set up correctly. I asked if he could remove his suit coat and maybe take a look. He obliged me while I stood up to give him room and walked around the desk. Once he was down there I quickly removed my skirt and panties. I wanted my hot son to see me only in three inch patent leather heels and black sheer thigh highs. I walked back to my desk, sat down in the chair and moved my spread legs apart under the desk, effectively trapping Todd with what I knew he would quickly recognize as his view of heaven. “Oh my God!” I heard from beneath my desk.

“I think this is going to be easy to work on mother dear. I have the problem well in hand and I think I have the perfect solution,” as I felt his strong hands begin to caress my legs. His hands and mouth then began to slither up my legs, rendering touches from my ankles up my calves, moving slowly but persistently to the tops of my thighs instinctively seeking out the area where he would undoubtedly provide wondrous pleasure to my leaking slit and throbbing clit. Todd grabbed both cheeks of my sweet ass and pulled my pelvis forward to the edge of my chair and buried his handsome face into my pussy. The scent from my wet hot snatch filled the room as he lavished the attention of his tongue, lips and then his talented fingers on and into his own mother’s cunt.

I removed my top and, in the absence of any bra, began caressing my breasts and tweaking my nipples until they stood up like hard little pricks. Todd was hitting all of my pleasure points, knowing all of the perverted hot buttons to push on his mother’s lusting body. My hips were moving back and forth like a well-oiled cylinder, thrusting into my loving son’s oral attention. A fire burned within me and spread from my center through my torso and to the far reaches of each of my limbs. The slut whore that I had become for my son was never more evident.

My body was his to use as he pleased. And use me he did! “Fuck! I can’t stand it any longer,” I moaned and then insisted, “I need your cock inside my cunt! Now!”

He pulled away from my center and told me to sit on my desk. He clamored out from beneath my desk as I was climbing up to sit facing the desk chair, which he moved out of his way as he adeptly lowered his trousers freeing his glorious cock from its confines. Pulling me to the edge of the desk, Todd thrust his phalanx into his mother’s depths in one graceful motion.

I had not yet come down from the pleasures he had given me orally and within about five minutes of hard fucking, Todd reached his climax, filling my uterus with his semen, releasing his billions of little swimmers deep in my womb! Simultaneously I writhed in the strongest orgasm ever as repeating waves of pleasure coursed throughout my sinful body. Again, my pussy released a torrent of nectar coating Todd’s pelvis with its fluid and pungent aroma.

We had learned from our numerous episodes of office sex since becoming incestuous lovers to keep a change of clothes in a closet in our private offices. We both found it amusing that the workers who performed the remodeling always wondered why a spare closet was needed in our offices. In those closets we always kept a complete change of clothes for each of us. Our personal assistants also have wondered why there were women’s clothes in Todd’s closet and men’s clothes in mine. Oh well, let them wonder. On more occasions than not, these replacements for our soiled outfits proved useful. Today would be no exception.

Following Todd’s release, I could only lay back on my desk, as my body recovered from my emotional and physical delight and his cum was oozing out of my pussy. Todd sat in my chair and just stared at my totally exposed and spent body, now leaking the mixture of our sexual fluids. His hands continued to rub and caress my thighs and legs splayed so wantonly like a cheap tramp before him. I so thoroughly enjoyed his appreciation and attention to what he always told me was his particular fetish, my legs. Even more, I loved exposing my body to my son in the most lewd fashion. I loved being an exhibitionist for him!

At this juncture one additional merger was in order and that was accomplished when Todd and I took up residence in our new home in a quiet suburb. The home was a fairly new brick home on a cul-de-sac in an exclusive area of town. We managed to create a wonderful sanctuary in this secluded and gated neighborhood.

All of these events took the better part of the year following the first time that Todd and I made love. From the time of that initial coupling, I gave Todd uninhibited access to my body. My sweet loving son could flat out fuck, and we never lost an opportunity to enjoy our raging need for each other. Simple economic and time constraints, however, frustrated our efforts to be together as much as we would have liked; we managed only a regular monthly weekend get-away, where would could rendezvous and fuck in every conceivable position from the Friday evening inception until the dreaded decoupling romp on early Monday mornings.

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