Perfect Storm

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We curl up on the couch, a warm coco in one hand and you in my other arm. It is raining outside, and I can hear it pattering against the bay window that overlooks the Melbourne harbor. A small fire is going I realize this is one of those fleeting moments when all is right with the world. It is Saturday day morning and we woke up late. We had spent the previous evening at a party and then made love to the wee hours of the morning when we got home. Now it is time for relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

I am wearing some old comfortable pajama bottoms, and you are wearing the matching top. Both our hair is still a little disheveled, but you are still very beautiful to me. You snuggle in closer to me and I can still smell the remains of your perfume from last night. I pull my arm around you closer and can feel you breast pushing against my arm through the thin material of the pajama top. Mmmm, it is so soft and you feel and smell so good. My relaxed cock now starts to stir and move along my leg. I place my empty cup on the side table and then slide that hand under your arm and around your waist pulling you tightly into me. I hear you give a little satisfied moan and I smile. As I hold you close I bend my head forward and start to give you small kisses on the back of your neck. Immediately I can see the goose bumps rise on your bear legs. I smile.

I continue kissing my way around your neck and start to nibble on your ear. This causes you to take in a sharp breath. And although I can’t see them, I know your nipples became immediately hard. Your hand has now started to massage my leg. And though you may not have seen the subtle stirring of my cock earlier, you can’t miss it now as it starts to tent up along the legs of my pajama pants.

“Humm, didn’t I satisfy you enough last night?” You fain a pout.

“I can never get enough of you,” I whisper as my hands come up and cup your breasts over the pajamas. My hands confirming your nipples are as hard as my cock is quickly becoming.

“Mmmm” You moan, “Don’t stop.”

Your hand has found my now almost fully erect cock and is tracing lines up and down along its outline through my pajama leg. Now it is my turn to let out a low moan.

“Like what you find there?” I ask. My hands now actively rubbing and massaging your breasts.

“Mmmm Humm.” you reply. You then pull my hands away from your breasts and push your self up away from me off the couch. Before I have time to complain, you turn around and kneel in front of me.

“Looks like it’s time for my harmonica lesson.” you tease.

“Practice, practice, practice.” I tease back.

You reach out and open the two buttons holding my fly closed. I watch your hand disappear inside and a moment latter emerges with its prize. You rap your fingers around as best you can, and slowly start to stroke up and down my length. Oh God, it feels so good. You look up at me from your position, and I see a look in your eyes; a smoldering that betrays the innocence of your lovely face. You keep stroking me till a drop of pre-cum appears bursa escort at the tip. You lean forward and snake out your tongue, dragging it up along the underside of my cock, over that sensitive spot just under the purple head, and draw the bead of clear fluid into your mouth.

I love watching you giving me head. I can tell you really enjoy it and that makes it all the better for me. Still holding my cock in your grip, you purse your lips and give the head a kiss. But your kiss lingers, and as I watch the head starts to disappear between your lovely lips. Now that the head is home, your hand starts its rhythmical pumping up and down the shaft.

I can feel your tongue working on the head of my cock as you continue to suck and stroke me. Knowing I am watching, with your free hand, you start to slowly unbutton the front of the pajama top you are wearing. Soon it hangs open and I can look down and see your beautiful breasts hanging proudly from your chest. The sight is intoxicating for me and I start to moan and grind my hips slowly. You are the only woman who has ever been able to make me cum with your mouth, but it takes a long time. And although you could spend hours sucking on me, you can feel how wet and empty your pussy feels. Reluctantly, you pull my cock from your mouth and slowly stand.

You are so beautiful standing there in the soft light from the overcast sky outside the window. The firelight adds a beautiful glow to your skin. Or is the glow coming from within? Either way you are so beautiful I feel like I’m looking at a painting from Renoir. Your silky brown hair cascades over your shoulders and disappears behind your back. The pajama top hangs open, but now clings to your erect nipples. My eyes continue down. There is a small tuft of brown hair just above the start of your sex. You keep it trimmed and neat but not shaved. I can just see your swollen lips as your legs are slightly parted. And the aroma, God I love the smell your desire. The sent gets me even more aroused if that is possible.

You take a small step forward and wrap your hands around my neck, pulling yourself up on the couch and kneel over me. Slowly you lower yourself down. I take my engorged tool and aim it towards its favorite place. Not that it needs encouragement, it almost always finds its way home on its own. As you slide down over my sex I can hear the air being forced out of your lungs. Down, down, down you slide, our sex joined as if they were always meant to be together. Once you are all the way down you rap your legs around my back. We sit motionless for a long time like this, just reveling in the completeness of the moment. My arms are around your back and hold you firmly, and you still have your hands around my neck.

Slowly we draw together in a kiss, our lips soft against each other’s. I can still taste the coco on your breath, its sweetness just adding to the moment. I have not shaved this morning and you can feel the stubble against your smooth skin. You like the feeling, it somehow adds to my maleness. You feel so safe bursa merkez escort and secure sitting here on my lap our bodies intertwined and my sex filling you completely. Our kiss starts to get more passionate as our tongs start to explore the other’s mouth. I love the way you kiss; there is gentleness to it with an undertone of raw lust. A hunger that needs to be fed often. And I love feeding time.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, you start to grind your hips on me. Very slow circles that cause my cock to churn deep inside of you. You can feel the head rubbing across your cervix as you continue to move. Our lips have not parted, but we are both breathing harder now. As your hips start to accelerate their motion I gently bite and tug at your lower lip. My hips have now started to move as well, as you continue with your circular motion I start to thrust in and out. My hands start to lift your ass up and down on my thick pole. The combination is wonderful, and we moan into each other’s mouths.

Never interrupting the wonderful symphony of motion we have developed, I turn so that I am now parallel to the length of the couch and lie back. You now are seated on me, your legs straddling my hips as you continue to grind yourself against me. I love to watch you fuck me like this. You lean forward, your hands on my chest, the front of your pajamas hanging open giving me a pricless view of your brown caped breasts as they dance before me.

“Like what you see Mister?” You ask coyly, knowing very well I love the view.

“It will do in a pinch” I tease.

“I’m sure I could find another bloke who would appreciate them more.” You tease back.

“No one could love this more then me.” I say with earnest. My hips starting to thrust hard up into you.

You give me a gentle smile, with all the teasing you know what I said was true. Leaning all the way forward, your hands on my chest, you give me a loving kiss. Your tongue lingering in my mouth, filling me with affection. Sitting back upright we start to grind our hips into one another again. We fuck like this for some time, never hurrying, just enjoying the feeling of each other. Our grindings comes to a gentle halt, and I revel in the feeling of your damp warmth surrounding my trudged tool.

God, I can’t believe how good we are in bed. (Or on the couch as the case might be.) I have never had a lover who knew me so well, who seemed to sense my every desire and long to fulfill it. I can only hope she feels the same. Regardless I know I will always treasure these moments we steel from heaven.

You have somehow turned your self around without dismounting me. Yes, you are a gifted lover. You have also shed the pajama top, and now have your back to me. I can watch your beautiful ass starts its up and down circular movements again. My God what a sensual site, I can see my cock disappearing and reappearing into you velvet lined tunnel. Watch the curve of your back as it arches forward, your hands grasping my lower legs for support. I notice that the rain has bursa sınırsız escort increased it pace on the window, matching our building intensity. My senses are overwhelmed and I feel my balls start to tighten under me. I know if you keep this up I will cum soon. I will fill your sweet tunnel with my thick seed surly as the rivers are now swelling with the rain. Yet I am enjoying this too much for it to end now. I reach up to pull you back down to me. You resist at first, you want me to cum. You want to feel my cock expand like an over inflated balloon and then have the end rupture, dumping my seed deep into you.

But I am insistent and reluctantly give into me, surrendering to my arms as I pull you back. I lie back down with your back against my chest, the naked skin against my chest. I wrap my arms around you, holding you tight. I am still buried deep inside of you and love the feeling of closeness as I wrap you up in my arms and you wrap me up with your pussy. My arms are crossed and I cup a breast in each hand. I love the feeling of them as they fill my palm. They, like all of you, seem perfect for me.

You love the feeling of my hands on your breasts as well. I hear you moan softly as I kneed them. We once again start to grind our hips as before. But now there is urgency to our movements, and I start to take longer, more deliberate strokes. My right hand moves down from you breast and starts to explore you neater regains. I can feel how wet you are, feel my cock sliding in and out of you. Your pussy lips wrapping around my tool in a perfect fit. I can feel them moving as they conform to every bump and vein on my engorged tool. I bring my hand up a little and feel your clitoris standing up. I gently drag my fingers over it. You respond immediately by first thrusting you hips up to meet my hand, and then driving back down to impale as much of your self on my shaft as you can. We repeat this again and again.

I know you are getting close, as am I. My urgent thrusts pushing my cock deeper and deeper into you.

“Yes!” I groan.

Soon you will feel me explode deep in your womb. Your thrusts are matching mine now, and I tweak first one nipple then the other between my thumb and forefinger. They are tick and rubbery, just like my cock. You can feel my cock starting to swell, getting ready for its release.

“Oh yes.” You moan, “Fill me with you cum. Let me feel it shoot deep into me.”

“Oh yeah, baby, I’m going to fill you. I’m going to fill you so full of my cream. Yesssss” My voice ragged with the approaching wave.

My hand is now a blur over your mound as I stimulate your clit. My hips thrusting so hard I am literally lifting you with my movements.

“Oh Fuuucccckkkkkkk,” you yell “I’m going to CUMMMMM!”

I can feel your pussy start its familiar quivering. God no matter how many time I feel you cum around my cock can never believe how incredible it is. Your contractions are like a vise and milk my cock with a feeling no other lover has ever given me.

“AAAGGGGHHHHH!” is all I can say as I explode deep in you. My cock twitching and convulsing like it had a spirit of its own.

I lie exhausted under you, and you totally spent over me. My arms are wrapped around you again in a gentle embrace. Off in the distance we hear thunder, applause from the heavens for our performance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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