Playing with Brother

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I huffed out a breath of disappointment at having my wonderful dream interrupted by the phone. I stood up just as the machine kicked on.

“Lex, it’s me, come open the door.” My brother’s voice spoke out of the machine.

I rubbed my eyes sleepily and walked towards the door. I opened the door to find my older brother standing there with a box in his hands. He pushed past me, followed by two of his friends also with boxes in hand. I search my memory; my mother had said something about my brother when she left on Friday. Then it hit me, he was moving back home this weekend.

I moved away from the foyer and went up to my room. I decided I wouldn’t have the chance to fall back into my dream and decided to relax in the pool for a bit then. I changed into my bathing suit and made my way down the backset of stairs that lead into the kitchen. When I reached the bottom my brother was there grabbing a few beers from the fridge. We didn’t speak to each other.

I made my way out to the pool and got onto a raft and pushed away from the side of the pool and just floated. I closed my eyes and tried to fall back to sleep. It didn’t work, the sounds of the guys traveled out to the pool area, I opened my eyes to see at least five of them coming out the back door. They sat around a table and kept right on talking and laughing with each other paying no mind to me. So I lay back down on the raft and drifted in the pool.

I guess I fell asleep on the raft because the next thing I know some one is jumping into the pool and I was being splashed with water. I cursed and slid off the raft into the water and went under. When I came back up I was face to face with Tom. He smiled and winked at me before he started to swim some laps.

I climbed out of the pool and headed into the house to dry off and get changed. While up in my room I look out the window and see Tom swimming. From up here he looks a lot like my dad when he was Tom’s age. I’ve seen the pictures and my dad was very handsome when he was younger, well he still is handsome.

I start to watch Tom swim laps and marvel at the way he moves in the water. He’s slim but built solidly. Solid muscle that is, and from this view of him, it’s a very nice build. Like my father Tom has a full head of wavy black hair that he keeps a little longer on top but short on the sides. They both have dark brown eyes and very defined facial features. Mmm and lips that beg to be touched.

I shake the thoughts from my head and finish getting changed. I slip into a pair off old, worn out sweat pants and an oversized t-shirt. I plan on having a nice quite night curled up on the couch watching a movie. A Brad Pitt movie to be exact. A pint of Half-Baked waiting for me in the freezer. Yes a perfect night planned.

When I get down to the entertainment room I pick the DVD out and place it into the machine. The Brad Pitt movie is Legends of the Fall. I head over to the kitchen to grab the ice cream. When I walk in Tom is standing against the counter, with my pint of ice ataşehir escort cream in his hand and a spoon sticking out of his mouth.

“Why are you eating my ice cream?” I try to control the tone of my voice.

“I was hungry and it was there. Never said it was yours.” Tom moves the pint around in his hand to simulate looking for a name.

Fine I’ll just make popcorn. I go to the cabinet to grab it, but there is none left, there was popcorn left last night.

“My popcorn too?” I turn to face him, pissed off look on my face.

“The guys wanted it.” He shrugs and head out of the room with my ice cream still in his hand

I grab a bag of flavored pretzels and head into the media room to watch the movie. I curl up on the couch and hit play. I’m not even ten minutes into the movie when Tom walks into the room and falls into the lazy chair. He makes a comment under his breath about the movie.

“Well if you don’t like it why are you in here? There is a whole house you could be infecting with your presence why must you be here?”

“Wanted to watch a movie.”

“You could watch one in your room or another one of the other rooms with movie watching capabilities.” I sat up and looked at him. “Why must your ruin the my weekend?”

“Aww and here I thought we were having a good time.”

That was it; I had it with his smart-ass comments. I threw a pillow at him. Before I could blink the pillow came flying back at me. With the movie and snacks forgotten a full-fledged pillow fight emerged. With in minutes we were laughing and screaming as we fought on the floor.

Before we realized it I had Tom pinned on the floor and I was sitting on his chest. I had a couch pillow raised over my head threatening to bring the heavy pillow down hard on his head if he didn’t give up. But before I could follow through with my plan he reveres and pushed the pillow back, which knocked me off balance. I wasn’t able to rebalance myself before Tom flipped the position and was sitting on top of me.

He didn’t give me the chance to give up before hitting me with a pillow. The only problem was I was hit with the zipper and left a small cut above my right eye. Tom panicked as if he hurt me really bad. He pulled his shirt off and used it to apply pressure to the cut, because as any wound to the head it was bleeding more than should be.

Tom removed his shirt from my head and brushed his thumb over the wound. He then surprised me by leaning down and giving me a light kiss on the cut. That kiss left his face only inches from mine. That odd feeling like something is going to happen but you really don’t know for sure, suddenly washed over me. It was like we were going to kiss but we both knew it wasn’t right.

I guess it didn’t matter because in the next moment his lips cam down hard on mine. We were locked in a kiss that had both our bodies responding. The kiss didn’t last long, as for the second time that day I was interrupted by the phone ringing. With a groan Tom got up off kadıköy escort bayan of me and went to answer it.

The phone was for me. Girl emergency. My friends would be here to get me in twenty minutes. I was thankful that I would be getting away from time for the time being. I needed time to think on things. It was one thing to dream about someone and a very different thing to act out a fantasy. It scared me that those same feelings from a dream could be felt in reality. I excused the feelings off to a long day and the dream and pushed it to the back of my mind as I left for a night out with the girls.

I got home around 2 am. The house was dark and quite. I crept into my room and got changed for bed. As much as I tried to push the events of earlier out of my mind I couldn’t. I could feel Tom’s lips lightly grazing the cut on my forehead. And when I thought about the kiss we shared my body remembered the feeling and responded. It wanted to feel that way again. Who am I to deny the wants of my body? I gave in.

Tom was sprawled out on his bed in only a pair of boxers and the sheets twisted around his body. I didn’t want to wake him so I quietly walked towards his bed and lifted his arm. He rolled over and said something in his sleep. I got into bed next to him, rolled over so my back faced him and fell sound asleep.

The sun coming in through the curtains woke me up. During the night Tom had rolled over and wrapped his arm around my waist and our legs and twisted around each other’s. It felt nice so I didn’t move my position I just closed my eyes again. Unlike my dream the day before about my father this was real. I was really lying in bed with my brother wrapped around me.

Tom started to wake up. His arm tightened around me and his lips brushed against my ear. “Mmmm you smell nice.”

“Tom it’s me. Lex.”

“I know. You do smell really nice.” His lips were on the back of my neck now. Chills went down my spine. “You were in my dreams all night, so this just might be another one of my dreams.”

I rolled over to face him. “What were you doing in your dreams with me?”

“A little of this.” He kissed me lightly. “And a little of this.” He pulled me close up against his body. “And a whole lot of this.” He rolled me a bit so I was under him then closed him mouth hard on mine and kissed hot and passionately.

I responded back by kissing him and wrapping my arms around his back. Things just progressed from there. His moved to spread my legs apart and pressed his growing cock against me. He started to lift my nightgown up to my waist. He hands roamed my legs.

Slowly we both became undressed and pressed against each other. Tom gave me the option of backing out of what was happening. I turned him down; there was no backing down now. I was aroused and I wanted him in me so very badly. And he didn’t let me down.

Tom slowly slid into me. His movements were slow and tender. His kisses were soft and sweet. Slow movements in and out, light kisses escort maltepe placed over my exposed upper body. Soft moans escaping from my mouth. We went on like this for what felt like forever.

“Stop teasing me.” The words seemed to fall out of my mouth breathlessly.

Tom leaned down and lightly bit my lower lip. He pulled my hands up above my head and pinned them there as he began to move faster in and out of me. My hips rose up to meet his movements. I was moaning louder. Shortly I was nearing my peak. Tom slowed down.

“Not yet.” A playful smile curled his lips. And he meant it, moving at a slow and steady pace until I begged.

“Fuck me Tom.” I took a few deep breaths. “Make me scream.”

That’s all I had to say. He pounded into me. I came screaming. It was one of the most amazing orgasms I’ve ever had. Once I calmed down Tom pulled out and rolled off of me. I grabbed him and pulled him back towards me.

“I’m not done with you yet.” I pulled Tom down onto the bed and rolled over on top of him.

I pushed a hard kissed against his lips. I lowered myself down onto him and started to ride. As much as I need to come myself I needed to feel him come inside me even more. Which he did with a moan deep and almost animal like.

Pulling me down he captured my mouth with his and embracing me with a kiss. Tom trailed the kiss down my neck. I sat up and laughed. I rolled off Tom and ran out of the room. What was I thinking?

Tom caught up to me in the hallway. He grabbed my hand and I pulled it back. I ran into my room and closed the door behind me. This was wrong, so wrong. Yes I’ve dreamed about my dad. But I never imagined I would be sleeping with my brother. But damn he made me feel amazing. Against my better judgment I threw all the thoughts of wrong doing aside and left my room to find him.

I was going to find Tom and make the best out of this day. One day of living in sin was worth it. I was going back to school tomorrow and this will just be a memory. I ran out of my room naked and wet again for my brother.

“TOM!” No answer. I ran down the steps and called again. Still no answer, the house remained quite. I looked out back; he wasn’t in the yard or the pool. I ran to the front of the house, his car was gone. I was deflated. I went back to my room, grabbed my robe and then headed down to get breakfast.

I was just finishing eating when I heard the front door. A minute later Tom walked into the kitchen. He was carrying a paper bag. I placed it on the counter and pulled out a pint of ice cream and a box of popcorn.

“For you.” He smiled.

Without thinking I stood and I untied my robe dropping it to the ground. “For you.”

Then as if my dream from the day before had come true Tom opened the ice cream and pushed his finger through it. He walked over to me and held his finger out. I took it into my mouth and sucked the ice cream off.

He pushed his finger through the ice cream once more and brought it to my mouth again. This time he let the ice cream drop and drip down my chest. My nipples responded to the coldness and perked right up. Tom lowered his head and licked the ice cream off my body.

I had it set in my mind to play out my dream. Here in the kitchen with my brother and the pint of ice cream.

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