Pleasant Interruptions

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The doorbell. Damn. You were just combing your damp hair out. You look at the clock, 11am. On Saturday. Hmm. You grab your robe and throw it on. It barely closes to cover your nudity. Tanned flesh peeks through. You tie the belt, dimly aware that you will still need to hold it closed.

You hurry down the stairs, short robe flying up, exposing feminine secrets for all to see. How fortunate that the house is empty. You reach the door and make certain your robe is closed up. Peeking through you see him, the neighbor. Twenty years old and what a hottie! Now you remember, it’s time to mow the lawn! He’s got an informal contract with the landlord to mow the lawn every two weeks.

You open the door. “Hi, Steve.” you smile at him. He looks you over and flushes crimson. Not bad! At 34 you definitely still have it. He is old enough, you ponder the possibilities.

“Uh, hi, Kate. Um…I need to get the lawn mower from the basement.”

“Oh, right.” You open the door further and let him in. In doing so, your hand leaves the seam of the robe, allowing it to slip open more. He glances at you, eyes widening. As he passes and head down into the basement you look down. He managed to get a very good look at he round orbs of your 34Ds. You hear him opening the storm door to the yard and push the mower out.

Grinning evilly, you take the robe off and casually walk back to your room, passing several windows. You don’t even bother to look out. You just hope he’s watching.

Back in your room, you continue to comb out your hair. On hand slides over your mound and plays idly with your lips. Slippery fluids seep out, coating your fingers. You set the brush down and retire to your bed. You lie back and spread your legs, both hands attending eryaman escort to your needy sex.

You close your eyes and imagine him, sweaty, smelling of cut grass, hovering over you and pressed against you. The sound of the mower intrudes briefly as cuts the grass outside your window. It’s distracting and it dampens your mood slightly. You sigh in frustration.

The sound of the mower recedes as he goes around the side. You look at the clock. You’ve been playing with yourself for 40 minutes! Forty minutes and no orgasm. You must be losing your touch.

You throw your robe back on and run the brush through your hair a couple time to straighten it. Donning your brief robe, you head back downstairs to the kitchen for a drink. You head into the kitchen and pull a glass down and fill it with iced tea from the refrigerator.

Mmmmm, you take the cool glass and run it between your breasts, enjoying the contrast against the summer heat. A noise behind you causes you to turn. He’s standing there, looking at you. Looking at all of you. The turn has allowed your robe to fall open. He stares at your breasts, shaved mound, long legs and slick lips visible between your legs.

Surprised. You set the glass down. “Steve.” You follow his eyes and realize that he has taken all of you in. Belatedly, your hands close the robe and you look up at him. His shirt is off, his well toned body covered with sheen of sweat. The bulge in his shorts attest to the effect you’ve had on him. From the prodigious size, a profound effect.

His hands drop to his shorts and push them down. The hunger on his face apparent. Smoothly, in what seemed like a practiced move, he stepped out of them. His young and perfect cock, bobbing and pointed in your direction. sincan escort Rock hard.

You blink and step backwards, hands up as if to ward him off. “Steve.” you say again. He steps forward, you match his step backwards and find your backside hitting the kitchen table. You look behind you and while your attention is away, he has crossed the distance to you.

His hands slip under your arms and lift you onto the table. They slide across your breasts and down your stomach to your thighs which they part. He kneels. His smooth face plunges between them and his tongue darts out to taste you. You feel it, just the tip, sliding up and down your lips. Your hand pushes on the back of his head, trying to push him away. He lets you, slowly. Almost reluctantly.

He stands. He looks into your eyes. You know what this young man is going to do. He pulls your legs towards him, sliding you so your ass is just over the edge of the table, and steps in. His cock, that steel rod covered in velvet brushes your pussy. You put a hand on his chest to try and stop him. The other keeps you from falling back on the table.

He steps closer. The head separates the folds of your pussy. You are wet. Still wet and getting wetter. He pushed. Gradually, the head sank deeper into the channel of your sopping cunt, filling you nicely.

He lifted your legs over his arms and started thrusting into you. His cock slammed home over and over again. So hard, you couldn’t believe how hard he was. You started making small noises. Uncontrolled signals of your pleasure escaped you.

Still he pounded into you, his face a mask of pure lust. Each thrust forcing his pelvic bone against your clit, pushing you closer to the inevitable. It was too batıkent escort much and gradually you let yourself fall to the table. Each stroke causing your tits to bounce across your chest.

Pulling you closer to him, he folded your legs further up and reached out, grabbing those dancing globes. He squeezed, fingers sinking into the tender flesh. He held them hard as he pushed into you. You could feel yourself reaching that peak. You wanted it now. Why? You didn’t know, or care really. He had taken you. You had been wanting this. Him or probably anyone with enough will to do it. Your resistance had been token, you both knew it.

Your moans and cries were louder and fully expressed your pleasure. He smiled and drove in hard. He grunted, pouring himself into you. NO! You weren’t done! He sighed in release and held himself within you. Hands still gripping your ripe tits. As his orgasm faded, he pulled his still hard cock from you and stepped back.

As his cock withdrew from your wanton pussy, a large glob of his cum fell from you and landed on the kitchen floor with a loud “SPLAT”. He pulled you upright, grabbed you by the back of the neck and kissed you on your lips. His tongue forced itself into your mouth and you found yourself moaning.

He released your lips and pushed down on your shoulders. You looked up at him and he said, ” Clean me.” Simple. No niceties, no courtesy. You were his to be used. You opened your mouth and accepted his slimy cock. It was covered with sperm and cunt juice. You dimly thought that it was fortunate you were on birth control. You just weren’t ready for a child.

You sucked. Still his erection refused to abate. His hands wove themselves through your hair and soon he was stroking in and out of your mouth. But, it seemed he had little patience for that. All too soon, he pulled out and looked down at you, “Go to your room.”

You stood and proceeded up the stairs, his leavings sliding down the insides of your thighs. What was next?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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