Porshe’s Escapade Ch. 05

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I’m walking through the crowded hotel lobby looking like a slutty school girl hooker, everyone’s eyes are on me, and I’m being led by Jeff who is slightly in front of me holding my hand. We head to the elevator and step in just the two of us. I’m a little relieved yet now I start to get nervous of what is to come.

On the way up the elevator to the penthouse suite, Jeff filled me in on the party. He told me they had basically been drinking and partying all day and it now was a little after 9pm. There were two strippers already at the suite. There job was to dance and strip for the guys and my job was to tease and flirt with them. They were however all informed that no girl was to be harassed or attempted to have sexual contact with. The strippers on the other hand could have sexual contact and would be putting on a lesbian show.

I was to lightly touch the guys, flirt, act sexy, give lap dances, lightly kiss them but nothing extreme. Jeff also told me the girls think I am from just another agency. He would be there for our support and to have a good time too.

I was still very nervous as it seemed the elevator took forever to get to the top floor. The room was going to be full of a bunch of drunk horny guys.

Ding, the door opened to the penthouse suite with party music, smoke, boos, strippers and the men. About 14 or 15 guys looked our way as Jeff and I, hand in hand walked out. The girls were dancing and stripping and the guys cheered at me. Jeff announce that my name was Porsche and they all said, “Hi Porsche.”

Jeff took me around to meet all the guys, not that I’m going to remember all their names. I gave a lot of hugs and kisses on the cheeks, and a few hand shakes. I met the groom lastly, he was a tall, studly well built guy.

Tom the groom gave me a drink which I greedily slurped down to try and ease the nerves, it was pretty strong so it worked well.

I floated around as the girls were dancing, doing as much flirting as I could. Lightly stroking guys thighs, kissing on their necks, tapping their asses, basically making them more horny and in the mean time I was receiving some touches and grabs that I tried to slap away but I was also having a few more drinks too.

The girls started their lesbian scene so all the guys sat around with full attention. I became the beer bitch as I got them all drinks and each time I would then flirt with them and I started to give each guy a lap dance; pushing my big tits in their faces, kissing on them a little, grinding into hard cocks all the time the strippers were putting on a hot show. I also had to slap hands as my thighs were getting rubbed, my ass touched, my tits touched, fingers got into my ass and onto my clitty. I had to keep saying, uh uh, no touchy.

But it hardly worked. I was a bit turned on, partly due to the hands groping me and partly to the alcohol. In a strange way I wish I could go further but I would hate to think what if the men found out I really wasn’t a women.

Meanwhile all the men were whispering back and forth, and cheering and yelling, didn’t know if it was for the lesbian show, or for me, or maybe both.

I got to Tom, the groom next and decided I’d try to give him a little extra special lap dance. I straddled him and looked him right in the eye giving him my sexiest smile. I started grinding into his crotch and what felt like a large hard on. He grabbed my ass nice and hard and I whispered in his ear, “don’t be a bad boy Tom, no touching.”

With that his two fingers snaked into my ass hole and being hot and a little sweaty his fingers sank inside me. In a little shock, a slight groan escaped my mouth. I tried to pull away and he then said to me, “its my party and I’m the groom so I can break the rules.”

Feeling a little scared and trapped I wanted to get up as I felt him insert a third finger inside me, I then stood up with more force, turned around and sat back down on his lap, grinding into that big hard on.

Then Kurtköy escort bayan Tom grabbed and stroked my thighs with his strong hands as I arched my back into him, letting him do that to me. He rubbed up my stocking clad thighs till he ran out of stocking then his fingers made it to my pierced clitty and rubbed it.

It felt so nice, another moan and sigh escaped my mouth, I didn’t think about my issue being a little more tipsy now after quite a few cocktails. He then brought his hands to my big tits as I continued grinding into him. Suddenly he kinda pushed me up, saying thank you baby. I think he was about to cum and probably didn’t want to waste a load into his pants.

The party continued, the lesbian show finished, everyone kept drinking and talking, flirting, having a good time.

I had to go the bathroom so I walked through one of the bedrooms, opened the door and walked in only to see one of the strippers sitting on the vanity getting fucked hard by one of the guys.

“Sorry, I just had to pee.” I said, and turned to leave.

He slammed the door and told me just to do it then. They kept fucking.

I started to sit down on the toilet trying very carefully not to expose myself, and pulled my panties to my knees and sat on the toilet seat.

I finished peeing, wiped, started to stand up and pull up my panties.

He had pulled his cock out of her pussy and pushed it into my face.

“Here Porsche, suck her juices off my cock before you leave.”

I slid his hard pussy juice covered cock in my throat without any hesitation and sucked it up and down.

He pulled away and went back to fucking her, opening the door so I could leave.


I was going to leave the bedroom and go find Jeff, before I could I saw Jeff and Tom arguing across the hallway and Jeff stormed away.

Tom turned and walked toward me, grabbing me by the arms pushed me to the wall and slid his tongue into my mouth. We were kissing deeply as he started to feel up my ass and my thighs. He started feeling up under my skirt and as he was sliding his hand down the front of my panties I tried to resist and pull away but he is so big and strong.

He felt my clitty and nothing else, felt I had no pussy as he definitely thought I was actually a women.

He stepped back and he swung, knocking me out, I don’t remember anything else but a shot of pain.

When I came to my head was throbbing and I had no idea the time and felt very disorientated.

I couldn’t talk because I had a ball gag in my mouth, my hands were bound to the end of the bed to each bed post and I was on my knees facing the bed but my legs were spread apart with a bar that was attached to my knees. The bar was also attached to the base of the bed so I really could not move much at all.

Next I realized that all I had on were my thigh high stockings and heels and my bra. I then realized all the guys were coming into the room and staring.

I felt a body leaning on me and then heard Tom’s voice in my ear.

“I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but payback’s a bitch. I’m not going to let you make a fool of me!”

“If we take off your ball gag you will suck cock.”

“Don’t even think of making a noise!”

With that I felt Tom’s big thick cock forced into my little hole, I felt some lube dribble down my crack as his cock went deeper inch by inch.

Without stopping he forced his cock deeper and deeper until I felt the base of his cock. With his cock buried all the way inside me he pulled the ball gag out of my mouth and some guy slid up on the bed and laid in front of me and pushed his cock in my mouth.

I took that cock in my mouth and started sucking it as I was afraid of Tom and what might happen if I didn’t cooperate.

As I sucked the cock in my mouth Tom started fucking me with his big thick cock.

In and out Tom fucked me real hard.

I sucked the cock in my mouth real Escort Kurtköy good and then it was replaced with another guy, then another guy, and another guy. They just continued to rotate a different cock into my mouth every couple minutes and Tom just kept on fucking me.

My God that guy can fuck, in and out he thrust me forward and just kept going and going.

I started loosing track of how many cocks I was being forced to suck as Tom kept fucking me.

Then the next cock which was kinda small pumped into my mouth for a little while and came down my throat.

Right after that I felt Tom spasm and shoot his load deep inside me.

As Tom pulled his cock out he was replaced with another cock. Not as big as Tom but who fucked me hard and fast as well.

Again a cock was forced into my mouth.

Over and over and over again cocks were forced into my mouth to be sucked and I continued to get fucked hard and fast.

As another guy came inside me he was replaced by somebody different.

This went on for hours, I felt so used.

They made me that slutty school girl hooker.

Every once in a while a guy would come in my mouth but it seemed they all saved themselves to cum inside my hole.

No cock was as big as Tom’s but they all fucked me hard and fast.

Then it was suddenly over after what seemed like so many hours.

I heard Tom again in my ear as he replaced the ball gag.

“Payback bitch!”

Then he left, the lights went out and everyone was gone.


What the fuck!

Everyone was gone!

They left me here, panic set in but I could not move an inch and nobody could here me with the ball gag back in my mouth.

I finally passed out.

I woke up to a couple Hispanic maids cleaning the room, and snickering or laughing at me, not totally sure.

I was trying to figure out in my head if the girls set me up, or if somebody was trying to get back at me or play a joke on Tom.

I just didn’t know. I did know I was bound to this bed in the penthouse suite and the maids just finished cleaning and left the suite.

How long would I be stuck here as part of Tom’s payback?

I hear the card swipe and the door unlock again. It’s been a couple of hours.

I hear a few men speaking Spanish and can’t tell how many but they are behind me. I feel their hands on my ass and legs, then spit on my hole and again a cock forced inside me.

They take turns switching back and forth, fucking me over and over and over.

It isn’t too long and one comes in me, then two comes in me and then the third comes inside me.

Again they leave and silence.

A few minutes later the maids come back, this time they come over to me. One says to me in broken English, “we have come to give you water and relieve you, if you make noise we just go.”

Then they left and again I was alone. I drifted off to sleep as I couldn’t help to wonder how long I would be held captive.

I was awoken again out my sleep to the door opening and men coming into the room. I heard what sounded like four or five black men talking in some slang. They got closer to me and from what I could see and smell they worked in a kitchen.

I then heard in my ear, “yo bitch we gona take this gag off so you can suck our dicks, don’t think about makin a noise.”

My gag came off and it was replace by a big flaccid black cock. He pushed it in my mouth, it filled me up even though it was soft, so I started licking and sucking. Slowly it got bigger, and bigger, and bigger. It no longer fit in my mouth, God it was long and big. He forced it into my throat as I took as much as I could down my throat. He pulled it out and got off the bed.

The next guy pushed his semi hard black cock into my mouth. I sucked on it as he slid it in and out, it too getting bigger and bigger, as he slid it back in and down my throat, gagging me. I took it all as my nose was buried Kurtköy Rus Escort in his groin, balls pushed against my face. He wasn’t as long as the first but just a little fatter. He pulled out and got off the bed.

The third guy got pushed his hard cock into my mouth and I started to suck it back and forth, but it too got bigger and bigger yet, stretching my lips wider and wider. My God he was so fat, my jaw hurt stretching to take his fat black cock. It was shorter than the other too but was too fat to fit down my throat so he fucked it in and out of my mouth, then got off the bed.

As the fourth guy pushed his big black cock into my mouth I felt a cock enter my hole, must have been the first, his cock went so deep in me as he fucked it all the way in and out. God I couldn’t take it any more.

The fourth guy was so massive, he had to be part animal. It wasn’t quite as wide as the third so he pushed it down my throat and as I choked and couldn’t take any more I saw there was still plenty hard black cock left. He had to be 20 inches long, oh my God!

As the fourth pulled out of my mouth the first pulled out of my hole and they started a circle as the first came back and fucked my face and the 2nd pushed his fatter cock in my hole in one thrust burying it balls deep and splitting me open so wide.

I was scared to get fucked by the third and fourth guy who were the fattest and longest cocks of the bunch.

Again they rotated and the third started to push into me as the second fucked my mouth. It hurt so good as my hole stretched to take in his fat black cock. Oh God I thought I would pass out. Slowly he slid in deeper and deeper splitting my wider and wider.

Just as I thought i couldn’t take more the fourth beast started to fuck my hole, bigger and deeper he kept pushing in more and more big black cock. I thought it was in and then more and more, I couldn’t possibly take all that cock into me.

I thought of the fourth as Kong and he started to really fuck me harder and harder and as he did I took another inch and another inch.

My mouth was getting fucked by giant cocks as they kept rotating as Kong fucked me harder than I ever could imagine. Then I felt his balls against my ass as Kong came deep inside me.

Kong didn’t stop though, his humongous hard cock stayed that big and he pulled it almost out then slammed the entire length back into me.

I passed out, for just a minute though.

When I came to Kong was fucking into me with renewed strength and the first three continued fucking my mouth.

Each of the first three came into my mouth as I swallowed as much of their cum as I could.

As the third’s fat cock came in my mouth Kong again buried his entire length into me and came for the second time.

They replaced the gag in my mouth, got dressed and left.

I now truly felt like a used slutty schoolgirl hooker!

One after another continued coming into the room for what seemed like hours. I truly lost track of how many or any notion of what time it was. The maids also came back on occasion to help relieve me.

Many now came one at a time, mostly businessmen or at least well dressed and in suits.

Most just stuffed my mouth full of their cock making suck and swallow loads of cum.

A few still filled and fucked my little hole and filled me up with more and more cum.

Then I got a few more kitchen workers, luckily not Kong and his big dick black friends.

It was like everyone that worked in the hotel were stopping into the room to fuck me. Maybe the key was just being passed on one to the next.

Tom was definitely giving me payback, making me into that slutty school girl hooker.

I passed out again.

I woke to Tom’s voice in my ear, “How was your day you slut?”

Tom pushed his cock in my mouth and sucked it nice and hard. He pushed it in and out faster, fucking my face and forcing his large dick down my throat. I deep throat-ed it like the little slut I was becoming, hardly even gagging any more.

I sucked and sucked and sucked Tom’s big dick till suddenly he blew a huge load down my throat, swallowing every drop.

He pulled out of me and then a sudden pain again, everything going black….

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