Preacher’s Sinful Daughter Chapter 6: Sinning for the Cameras

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Becoming Daddy’s Good Girl
Chapter Six: Sinning for the Cameras
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

Discovering my preacher father was a hypocrite had awakened me to the sexual desires I had suppressed. As I watched him through the window of his church office at Thousand Oaks Methodist fucking the redheaded Donna Paxtor, married to Deacon Bill Paxtor, I realized how the adults in my life had lied to me. They told me sex outside of marriage, and in it strictly for procreation, was sinful. It was a chore to create new life not something to be enjoyed. It was the Devil itching my vagina and urging me to masturbate. It was the Devil making my former-boyfriend’s cock hard and forcing him to beg me for relief.

And then I saw the pleasure on Donna Paxtor’s face as my father reamed her. The exaltation in my father’s eyes as he flooded her cheating cunt. If the Right Honorable Reverend Gary Powell enjoyed sinning, why shouldn’t his eighteen-year-old daughter? Why should the lying adults in my life keep me from this joy? So I embraced it. I sucked Deacon Bill’s cock, I tempted my father into sinning in my body, I blew boys at my school for $1, fucked my teachers for good grades, danced naked at the Pink Velvet Club, and sold lap dances for $10, fucking up and down on the patrons hard dicks.

And finally, on Saturday, I had my deepest desire granted—a threesome with my hypocritical daddy and a woman.

I just never expected that woman to be my mother. My prim and proper mother. The woman who daily lectured me to be pure, to not even masturbate. The woman who Deacon Bill thought was a tight ass, a frigid bitch. I always assumed Daddy cheated on her because she didn’t give him any sex.

I was wrong. My mother was the biggest hypocrite of them all. Seeing her bound naked to the hotel bed, Daddy’s cum flooding out of her cunt, hearing her talk like a filthy whore, had shattered the last of my illusions. Everyone was a hypocrite. I heard her admit how she led Daddy into fornication. She cheated on him on their Honeymoon, and he caught her, watched her with another man, and was forever lost.

They tried to keep me from being lost, the hypocrites. They hid who they truly were from the world. Like all the adults. The all pretended to be good and righteous, and they were all so ready to sin behind closed doors. And when Mother realized her daughter was just as much of a whore, that she failed to keep me from this decadent life of embracing my sinful desires, she didn’t get angry, she didn’t try to deny me any more chances to fuck.

She was too wanton. She kissed me. She urged Daddy to fuck me. Later, she licked Daddy’s incestuous seed out of my cunt.

And it was why I was in bed with her on a Monday morning in the middle of summer break. Daddy had already left for the church office, maybe to work, maybe to screw one of the sinful women of the congregation who hid their depravity beneath perfectly coiffed hair, conservative dresses, and innocent smiles.

The air of my parent’s bedroom smelled of hot pussy, the combined musk of our two sinful holes. I had my head pillowed on Mommy’s breasts—I loved calling her Mommy, twisting the childish word into something naughty. She stroked my blonde curls spread about her large tits. I had inherited mother’s curves and gorgeous body.

“And how did you know Daddy wouldn’t be angry when he caught you with the cabana boy?” I asked Mommy as she told me about her courtship with Daddy. “It was your honeymoon.”

“It was a mistake,” she laughed. “I loved your father dearly. I do love him, but I have needs that no one person can ever satiate. I cheated on him all through our courtship. It took me months to even get him to have sex with me after our engagement. That day, I thought he would be gone the afternoon, and I so wanted Jorge. His golden-brown body made me so wet, Being caught was part of the plan.”

“And Daddy couldn’t resist watching his sinful, new wife writhe beneath another man when he caught you,” I giggled.

“I was so scared and so horny all at the same time when he walked in,” Mommy purred, her naked body shifting, thighs pressing together. “But Jorge was in me, on me, pumping away, and I couldn’t stop. I let your father see my true self. The whore.”

“You stopped being a hypocrite.”

“I guess so.”

“I wish none of us had to pretend. Why can’t we all just do what we want and not be shamed by everyone else?”

“I don’t know.” She stroked my hair. It made me feel so warm and happy even with the dollar bill lying on the nightstand with which she paid me for this morning. “People can be so mean, so evil, searching for any reason to belittle you while they secretly have just as depraved desires. It is sad. I’m glad you know about me. I was so afraid that you would find out and hate me.”

“Is that why you always harped on me about sex. Hoping I wouldn’t realize how amazing it is and have to live a double-life hiding my true desires?”

“What mother wants her child to suffer.” She laughed, a sultry bubble of delight. “But you… Oh, my, you give your own mother a race for being the biggest whore, Alexandra. The things you’ve already done.”

I blushed, squirmed, and said, “So you were scared that Daddy would be mad at you for being a whore. For cheating on you. That’s why you hid it?”

“Oh, he was mad. After he watched, after he jerked his cock while watching, he punched Jorge in the face.” Her smile grew. I imagine Daddy, such a sexy man, punching someone. I smiled too. “And then your father fucked me hard. Hate-fucked me. I think he was angry at himself for enjoying watching me as much as for my behavior. But I could see the love, too. And he had to experience it again. That rush of catching me with another man unlocked something in him. We explored it. First I cheated on him with men, letting him catch me, and then I started bringing women to our bed for him to enjoy. I pointed out those women at church he could seduce until he was doing it all on his own. We would tell each other about our conquests before fucking each other so hard.”

“And I never heard you?” I gasped.

“Peel back the wallpaper and you’ll find cork lining our bedroom’s walls,” Mommy laughed. “Your father soundproofed the room. You had no idea the things we did in this room.”

“Wow,” I said. I had never been proud to be her daughter. But I was now. She was my idol. “And how did you two seduce Carolyn?” There was a touch of heat in my voice. The bitch had almost gotten me in trouble at school.

“It was before she stole your boyfriend,” Mommy reminded me. “We haven’t touched her since then. Not after she made you cry so much.”


“Oh, well, I noticed her at one of the school events staring at your father the way a young woman does at an older, sexier man. I saw the signs of bludgeoning lust, and I exploited them. It was hot holding your father’s cock, guiding it to her virgin pussy, watching him pop her cherry, and then making her eat my pussy afterward. Your father greatly enjoyed his anniversary present.”

“I bet,” I laughed, picturing the black-haired Carolyn. She dated Ricky, my former boyfriend. She seduced him from me with sex. Maybe if I put out back then, he would have stayed with me. But then again, maybe I could do better than Ricky.

I sucked his cock now, but he only saw me as a whore, which was hot, but I disgusted him at the same time. He could never love a whore like Daddy could.

“So, tell me what it’s like dancing at the Pink Velvet,” Mommy purred. “I’ve only been there once, and I didn’t dance.”

“Oh, it’s the…” My words trailed off as I heard movement downstairs. I glanced at the open bedroom door. “Is Daddy home?”

“Oh, that’s the milkman,” she purred. “Every week, while you’re in school anyways, he delivers more than the milk.”

“Mommy, you big slut,” I laughed as I heard the footsteps creep up the stairs.

“You wanted to try a Black man,” she whispered in my ear. “And trust me, Earl will make you squeal for joy when he rams his monster in you.”

Her tongue licked my ear, making me squeal. I turned, shifting atop her, our pillowy breasts pressing together. Our nipples caressed, tingling delight racing down to my wet pussy. My hot flesh clenched as the footsteps thudded up the stairs, growing closer and closer. Mommy’s legs parted, mine settling between them, grinding my clit on hers as we writhed together.

“I didn’t expect you to leave the sign today,” a deep voice boomed as it came down the hall. “I’m glad you’re back to paying…”

The man’s words trailed off. I rolled off Mommy onto my back, my large breasts jiggling as I stared at Earl. I smiled at the tall, Black man, his eyes wide, his tongue licking thick lips. He wore a white uniform with a matching cap on his shaved-smooth head. He had ebony skin, his eyes so dark. His uniform almost glowed about him, so bright compared to his skin.

“Andromeda?” he groaned, his eyes flicking to Mommy. “Mrs. Powell, what?”

Mommy rolled over onto her hands and knees, her large breast jiggling, her loose, blonde hair falling about her face as she crawled across the bed. I smiled, staring at her ass and her blonde bush peeking between thighs as she reached the end of the bed.

“My daughter is helping out more around the house,” Mommy purred, reaching out, seizing him by the pant loops, and hauling him forward. “And so she volunteered to pay for this week’s milk.”

I shuddered. Mommy paid for the milk with her body. Of course. Ooh, I loved it. She was such a sinful, wanton whore. And now I got to pay. I parted my thighs, rubbing at my wet pussy as Earl flicked his eyes to me.

“But she’s only eighteen,” he groaned.

“And so tight and wet and juicy,” Mommy moaned, her fingers unzipping his white pants. She reached in, and my eyes widened. Daddy had the largest cock I had ever fucked, followed by Peter, a nerd from school whose virginity I took and who bought my blowjobs whenever he could. But this cock… It was a monster. A thick, black shaft thrusting from his crotch, Mommy’s pale fingers wrapped about the dick.

She leaned down, licking at the crown, her hands stroking up and down it as she wiggled her hips. She locked her mouth about the tip, sucking hard, making Earl groan as he swept off his hat. His head gleamed, reflecting the bedroom light while he stared at my fingers plunging into my depths.

“Yes, yes, I’m paying you,” I moaned, watching Mommy open her mouth as wide as possible and barely suck the tip past her lips. Juices leaked down her thighs.

“Damn, what a day the Lord has brought me,” Earl groaned.

Mommy popped her mouth off his dick. “Earl is very popular with a number of wives. He always delivers such thick, tasty, creamy milk.”

“I bet,” I moaned, my eyes wide.

“Eighteen,” he groaned. “Damn, she is a lovely flower.”

And then he pushed Mommy out of the way as he came to me, still clothed, entranced by my beauty. Mommy stretched out beside me as Earl mounted me. No foreplay. No licking my pussy or even sucking on my tits. He was on me in a heartbeat, grunting, growling, overcome with lust for my barely legal cunt. His cock’s thick tip prodded at the lips of my pussy while his right hand squeezed my ivory breast.

“Ready for my monster, slut,” he growled. illegal bahis “All you White women get so wet for my cock. S’why your small-dicked men are all afraid of us.”

“Yes,” I gasped, humping against him. I had to feel him in me. He was huge. “Fuck me!”

“Yes, fuck my little girl. Ram your dick deep into her snatch.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Earl grunted and thrust.

My eyes widened. It was like my first time all over again. His dick was so huge as it rammed into my tight pussy. I groaned, shuddered, my toes curling as his thick shaft reamed me. My flesh stretched about his girth. My toes curled. I groaned, arching my neck as his hand clenched about my breast. Pleasure rushed through me, the friction intense.

He stabbed so deep into me. I could feel in my belly. My eyes rolled back into my head as he drew back his monster dick, my cunt clinging to him. He grunted on me and slammed in again, driving his cock even deeper into me.

“Lord, yes, what a tight, hot cunt,” he grunted. “How do you like it, whore? My big, Black dick reaming your cunt?”

“Love it,” I gasped. “Oh, Lord, yes. What a cock. Better than Daddy’s dick.”

“Of course the Right Honorable Gary Powell’s fucked his daughter,” he growled. “What a whore you raised, Mrs. Powell.”

“She takes after her mother.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I do,” I screamed, my fingers clawing at his white uniform as he rammed his huge dick over and over into my cunt.

My flesh clung to him. It was amazing. A Black man fucked me. This was so taboo. It might even be illegal. There were laws in some places against interracial coupling. And that just made this hotter. I loved forbidden sex. It was what made fucking Daddy and Mommy so hot.

And Mommy was with me, her lips nuzzling at my ear, whispering dirty, filthy words as I gasped and writhed beneath Earl and his mighty thrusts. He fucked me with all his strength, the headboard crashing into the wall, his dick ramming over and over into me. The pleasure swelled in the depths of my cunt, grown by his shaft’s plunges.

“How much do you love his big, Black dick, whore?” she hissed. “How much does my sinful daughter love a Black man’s cock?”

“So much, Mommy,” I gasped, my pussy clenching on his dick. “I love it a lot. Oh, yes. Oh, Lord, Mommy, he’s in my cunt so deep.”

“Are you going to cum on his cock, little harlot? Is your sinful, wicked, slutty hole going to explode on his big, Black dick?”

“Yes,” I hissed, my fingernails scraping across his back, my pussy clenching on his monstrous shaft.

“Do it. Let Mommy hear you howl!”

I turned my head, staring into my mommy’s blue eyes. My body trembled. My fat nipples rubbed against his shirt as he plunged into me. He grunted above me, working that wonderful dick over and over into me.

The pressure swelled in me. Stars burst in my eyes. I clenched my cunt down on his dick, absorbing every bit of the pleasure as I saw the mad lust in Mommy’s eyes. She wanted her little girl to cum on the Black man’s huge cock.

So I did.

“Mommy!” I screamed as my pussy convulsed on the huge, thrusting dick. “Yes, yes, yes. His dick is amazing. I’m cumming so hard on it. Oh, yes. Oh, Lord, Mommy. I’m such a whore. I love his cock. I love it so much. It’s making me cum so hard. Watch me be a whore, Mommy. Watch me be a slut. A complete, wanton hussy!”

“I’m watching,” she hissed, her breasts jiggling. I realized she was masturbating to her daughter fucking a Black man, both hand plunged between her thighs, pumping fingers in and out of her sinful hole. Her eyes burned as she stared into mine.

I thrashed beneath Earl, savoring his girth, the pleasure boiling through my thoughts. his dick kept hammering into me. Huge, monstrous, reaching into my guts. I groaned as my tight flesh ached about his dick.

“Shit,” he grunted. “Shit, this is tight, hot cunt. Oh, damn, Mrs. Powell, your daughter is a dirty, filthy whore.”

“She is!” Mommy’s face contorted. Her blue eyes squeezed shut. She came, thrashing beside us. “She is such a filthy whore!”

A second orgasm exploded through me. I loved it. My pussy milked Earl’s cock as he reamed into my pussy. He grunted, shuddered, and then rammed his cock deep into my depths. As I quivered in absolute delight, his cum spurted into my cunt. The Black man’s seed splashed inside of me. I gasped, loving it, savoring how depraved this was.

And then Mommy kissed me. Our tongues brushed each other, sharing our passion at this wonderful moment. I spasmed and trembled. Earl groaned atop me, his dick spurting a final time. And then he was pulling out of me, standing up, putting his dick away.

Mommy kept kissing me.

“Ma’am, Miss Andromeda,” he said as he put on his hat. “Pleasure delivering you milk. I’ll be back next Monday.”

And I knew I would be waiting to help Mommy pay. It was so wicked to prostitute ourselves for milk.

Earl left as Mommy and I shared in our lesbian, incestuous delight, my body buzzing from my first experience with a Black man. I knew it wouldn’t be the last. I was a preacher’s sinful daughter that had to fuck every cock, regardless of race, I could.

Especially the big, Black ones.


I paid Earl the following Monday and the one after that. At first, Mommy and I found it hard to balance our household chores with fucking each other while Daddy was at church ministering to his flock. But we found it by the first Friday, making sure we cleaned the house before we enjoyed an afternoon of naughty fun. That night, Mommy came with us when I danced at the Pink Velvet. She even followed me on stage. The men loved her, and we gave lap dances together.

Emmy approved. He enjoyed fucking Mommy’s ass as much as mine.

After the second time Mommy danced at the Pink Velvet Club, I noticed Daddy talking to Emmy. They both glanced at me as I worked my cunt up and down a customer’s dick, dancing on his lap for the $10 bill clutched in my hand. Their looks made me suspicious. Something was up. Something exciting.

Like my first gangbang?

All week, I pestered Daddy and Mommy like the eager daughter I was. I wanted to know what was going on. They told me not to make plans on Saturday, that we had special “mission” work to do. I just knew it had to be my first gangbang, but they wouldn’t admit it. Mommy just gave me these teasing smiles and told me to weed the garden or sweep the kitchen or set the dinner table.

I would catch her on the phone, talking in a low, sultry purr, her true voice and not the airy one she used to pretend to be a prim and proper housewife. It had to be my gangbang. I couldn’t think what else it could be that was so special about Saturday.

And time dragged. It was the worse. Not even sex with Mommy, enjoying one of her many lovers during the afternoon, helped past the time. Apparently, Mommy entertained plenty of gentleman while I was at school and after she had finished cleaning the house, the wicked slut. At night, Daddy enjoyed me whenever he wanted, especially right in front of Mommy. Once even in the middle of dinner.

Well, I was rubbing my foot on his crotch beneath the table.

But he wouldn’t tell me what the plan was. I had an itch that nothing would scratch.

When Saturday finally came, Mommy set out a typical school outfit for me, long skirt, knee-high socks, a conservative blouse. My underwear was equally plain and boring. A simple, white bra to contain my large tits, and a pair of boring panties. No interesting cut. No lace. Nothing. She put my blonde hair into pigtails complete with pink ribbons like I was a little girl. And very little makeup. Just a touch. No bright-red lips or smoky eyeshadow. It made me look girlish and innocent.

“Why like this?” I asked.

She just smiled at me.

“For the gangbang?”

Another smile, so motherly and mysterious. “Trust me, Alexandra, you will remember this day for the rest of your life.”

I tried to wheedle it out of Daddy during breakfast, sidling close to him, stroking his thighs. He was so stern and tall. When he said, “Stop asking, Andromeda. I will not spoil the surprise.” I knew he meant it. He was such a sexy man with the wings of gray streaking through his black hair. A monstrous cock, like Earl’s, wasn’t everything a man needed. There was plenty of other things that made them sexy.

But a big cock did help.

We left after breakfast, piling into the Buick, mother in her normal, conservative dress, her hair coiffed like Jackie Kennedy’s. I sat on the bench seat between them, bouncing as Daddy backed the Buick out of the driveway, and we were off to LA like we had gone so many times. We passed the Sunset Tower, the hotel where we had our first threesome as a family, and entered the seedy part of the sunset strip, passing the adult bookstores and the Sunset Playhouse. I smiled, remembering the glory hole and the cocks I sucked after watching my first stag film. And then Daddy pulled up at the Pink Velvet. There were a surprising number of cars parked before it at 9 AM. The club didn’t open until 3 PM.

It had to be a gangbang.

I was so nervous as I walked between my parents, Daddy in his dark suit, me in my schoolgirl clothing, Mommy dressed like a normal housewife. You would never know how depraved our family was just by looking at us—we were such hypocrites. It made my pussy so wet in my plain, boring panties. Daddy led us into the club, and I could hear a loud buzz of noise.

Men were in here.

A lot of men

“There she is, the star,” Emmy—the short, Greek owner of the club, his shirt half-unbuttoned, showing off a hairy chest—said. “Andromeda, I hope you are ready.”

“For what?” I asked, feeling a little nervous. Men crowded the club. Men I knew. Earl the Milkman; Mr. Thompson, my teacher who caught me blowing boys behind the school; other teachers I had seduced; Principal Miller; Coach Murphy; regulars from the Pink Velvet and Sunset Playhouse; kind-hearted Dom who ran the local ice cream shoppe who gave me treats for sucking his dick; Deacon Bill Paxtor, the first man I ever blew; several of my classmates who bought blowjobs from me behind school, including Ricky my former boyfriend and, surprisingly, Peter, the nerd whose virginity I took.

And then I noticed the pair of 9mm cameras set up on two of the tables, their lenses pointed at the dancing stage thrust into the crowd. My eyes widened. I glanced at Daddy and a huge grin crossed his lips. The preacher brought his daughter to make a stag film.

“Oh, this is wonderful, Daddy,” I squealed, threw my arms around his neck, and kissed him soundly. I had the best Daddy in the world. How many other fathers, even the ones who weren’t preachers, would immortalize their daughter’s first gangbang?

“Oh, that’s so sweet,” Mommy said in her emotional mom’s voice, clearly touched by my reaction. “I told you she would love it, dear.”

I broke the kiss with Daddy and then turned and hugged Mommy. “Thank you,” I breathed before kissing her on the lips. All those men! There had to be over twenty of them. All here to fuck me. Me! This wasn’t just me going from guy to guy, or them queuing in a line, but them all taking me at once, using me however they wanted.

Oh, I couldn’t wait to begin.

When illegal bahis siteleri I broke the kiss, Mommy led me back stage. She knew the way. It was eerie being in the changing room and not surrounded by the other dancers, many of whom would be half-naked. I wished Missy D was here. I would so love to have a threesome with her. Mommy was working her seductive magic on the busty brunette.

So it would be soon.

Mommy shocked me when she bent me over, lifted my skirt, and pulled down my panties. I gasped as she squirted lube onto my asshole and jammed her fingers into my bowels, pushing the cold gel deep into me.

I gasped, squirming. “Mommy?”

“Always lube your ass before the gangbang starts. Trust me, being prepared is always wise.”

I nodded my head as she prepared me. I had the best Mommy ever. Then she embraced me and kissed me one more time as the MC came on and announced, “Pink Velvet is proud to introduce the innocent Lexie Lovelace.” I shuddered at my dancer name being spoken. But Innocent? I was hardly that. “The timid girl was naughty, and now she has to pay her debt by dancing on stage.”

My eyes widened and suddenly the outfit, my plain, boring panties made sense. A shudder went through me. I was about to star in a film and now I know the role I played. I was a virgin. I had to be scared, trembling, but sexy all at the same time.

I could do it.

The music came on, thudding with the beat of the Monkees. I stepped through the curtains onto the stage, the cameras filming, the men cheering. They pressed along the stage, Ricky near the front, Peter pressed in between Mr. Thompson and Deacon Bill. Earl was on the other side in just jeans and an undershirt like James Dean would wear.

I walked forward, hugging myself, flinching as the men reached for me, projecting virginal fear. I swallowed, shivered, and then I danced, awkward at first, but slowly I let my own excitement come to the front. I let my shyness melt away as the men cheered. My pussy was so hot in my panties as I twirled in my Mary Janes, my skirt flaring about my knees. I imagined I was an innocent virgin. Lexie Lovelace who had never been with a man and had no idea their attention could be so amazing, so wonderful.

And now knew the truth, her virgin pussy awakening to pleasure. To sin.

I drank it up. As their excitement swelled, so did mine. I added more shakes to my hips, raising my arms over my head, letting my pigtails fly. My tremulous smile became a beaming grin. My shoes squeaked. As the song drew to its end, I began working the buttons of my blouse.

“Take it off, girlie,” one of the club regulars shouted. “Let’s see those tits.”

“Yes, Lexie,” groaned Mr. Thompson, his face burning with lust. “You’ve teased all your teachers.”

“Bare those tits, girl!”

The blouse came off, my large tits bouncing in my bra. I put on a coquettish smile as the next song came on, dancing twirling, driving the men wild while the Four Tones crooned. My hands went behind my back, fiddling with the clasp. I let it pop, the cups sagging, my breasts about to be bared.

The men groaned. I could see it in their eyes as they reached out, tucking dollar bills into my knee-high socks. I shuddered at their touches, the feel of crisp bills sliding against my skin, as I held my bra’s cups to my tits, the straps sliding off my shoulders.

I acted shy, coquettish, drinking in the excitement.

“Take it off, girl!” they shouted. “Show us those big tits. Shake them in our faces.”

In a single flourish, like ripping off a bandaid, I threw off my bra into the crowd. My big, round tits bounced into view. The men groaned as I danced and swirled my hips. I came around the stage and saw Daddy. He stood tall, sexy, baring his cock. It thrust hard from him over the edge of the stage.

I grinned, licking my lips, and fell onto my knees. I let out a wanton moan, showing the cameras I was overwhelmed with lust and excitement, my virgin body boiling with newfound desires. I crawled to him, my eyes wide, my cheeks blushing. Men reached out, shoving up my skirt, groping at my panties. Daddy baring his cock was something new to stripping at the Pink Velvet.

I leaned down, hoping the cameras could see this. They were on tables, looking down on the stage, controlled by men, immortalizing this moment.

“Little slut,” Daddy groaned and grabbed my blonde pigtails, yanking my mouth to his cock. I gasped, his dick slamming past my lips, fucking my innocent, schoolgirl mouth with his big dick.

Was there ever a preacher’s daughter more sinful than me?

I sucked and loved Daddy’s cock before the cameras and the other men. I moaned about his shaft, loving the flavor of his dick as I knelt on the stage, my hips shaking, my innocent, schoolgirl panties exposed. More bills were thrust into my knee-length socks as the men nearby Daddy rubbed my ass.

“Look at that schoolgirl go,” laughed a guy. “Taking her first dick in her mouth. Mmm, she’s a budding whore.”

“Feel how wet she is,” groaned the familiar voice of Emmy, his thick fingers rubbing at my gusset, pressing my panties into my wet cunt. “Who wants to see the little slut’s pussy? Whore is dripping.”

Men roared.

Emmy ripped down my panties. His finger stroked through the wet folds of my pussy, brushing my curly, blonde hairs. I shuddered and moaned as Daddy fucked his cock over and over into my mouth, using my pigtails as handlebars. It was so horribly obscene. Wicked. Nasty. I was such a whore. Such a wanton, sinful harlot.

His fingers probed into my hot depths. I moaned about Daddy’s cock, my hips shaking. The music had finished, but I still danced on my knees to a primal beat thudding in my heart. Juices trickled down my thighs as I savored Daddy’s incestuous cock.

I caught a glimpse of Mommy watching through the curtains, her fingers clearly beneath her skirt. She smiled at me, envy in her blue eyes. I knew we would share later gangbangs, but this one was for me alone. She was still my mother, and mothers made sacrifices for their children.

“Fuck,” a youthful voice groaned. I recognized that voice.

Feet smacked on stage. The men cheered and Emmy’s fingers ripped out of my cunt. Hands seized my hips, and then a cock rammed into my snatch. The boy groaned as he sank into my hot depths, my pussy clenching on his cock.

“Damn, I’ve wanted this pussy for soooo long.”

It was Ricky. I had denied him my pussy long enough. My former boyfriend fucked me hard and fast. He pistoned me. His thrusts forced my mouth down Daddy’s cock. I swallowed more and more of his dick, his crown pressing at the back of my throat as Ricky fucked me.

I shuddered, my pussy drinking in the friction while my mind devoured the cheers of the men. In the periphery of my vision, more cocks were pulled out, men jerking them, including one Black monster. I shuddered, my hips shaking, undulating, my cunt gripping Ricky’s cock as the pleasure surged through me.

I didn’t cum because Ricky fucked me. Well, he helped. I came from all the attention and the cameras rolling.

I moaned about Daddy’s cock, sucking so hard on his shaft as my pussy went wild about Ricky’s dick. The thrill of all these men lusting after me, watching me be sinful, rippled through my body. I tempted them. I lured them into the wild fornication. Ricky groaned, his balls smacking into my clit as the pleasure washed over me.

“What a slut,” he groaned. “Shit, she’s cumming so hard. Oh, damn. Oh, fuck, what a wild, wicked whore.”

My pussy clenched on his dick. I was so wicked and sinful. I was a wanton, little whore. I needed to be fucked so hard. So deeply. I had to have cocks ream me. Fuck me. I needed them to plunge into me and drive me wild. There was nothing better. Nothing that gave me more pleasure, more joy, than being a whore.

“Fuck,” Ricky grunted. “God Almighty, she’s hot.”

And then his cum spilled into me. The first hot spurts of jizz flooding my sinful hole. The gangbang had truly begun. I groaned, my pussy convulsing harder, more pleasure spilling through me. Ricky hadn’t last long, but I didn’t mind. I savored the hot spurts of youthful spunk flooding me.

He ripped out of me. His cum dripped out of my snatch.

“What a whore,” he grunted. “Oh, Lord, she’s a slut.”

“Came on her first cock. She’s not a virgin any longer.”

“I need to fuck that tight cunt before it gets sloppier.”

But before anyone else claimed me, Daddy had ripped his cock out of my mouth. His strong hands seized my shoulders and spun me around on my knees on the stage. He mounted it, still in his suit. He ripped off his jacket and brought his cock, wet with my spit, to my asshole.

“Preacher’s going to bugger his daughter,” someone called out.

My eyes flashed to the boys watching on the other side of the stage. Peter was there, his glasses perched on his boyish face, his big cock in hand. He watched me, eyes wide. I gave him a smile and a wink.

And then groaned as Daddy rammed his cock into me.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck my ass, Daddy,” I moaned. “Ram your dick deep into my sinful asshole.”

“Ass,” mouthed Peter. “Daddy?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I cried out.

And then Peter came. His cum arched across the narrow stage and splashed across my face. I gasped, loving the hot jizz covering me. So much erupted from his dick, his balls backed up with so much spunk. It splattered me, painted me. Hot lines ran down my cheeks and forehead. One traveled along my nose and reached my lips.

I licked it.

“Oh, God,” Peter groaned, jerking as he spurted a final time, the load landing short. “Alexandra…”

The men cheered louder. Another cock, belonging to Coach Marshal, erupted, splashing my naked, swinging tits with more cum. I rocked back into Daddy’s thrusts, my bowels burning with the taboo thrill of his dick reaming me as the jizz ran down to my nipple and dripped off of me.

I clenched my bowels on Daddy’s cock, grunting, savoring the delight. Ricky’s jizz dripped out of my cunt, running down my thighs to my panties bunched around my knees. I licked my lips, savoring the taste of Peter’s cum.

“More,” I moaned. “I need more.”

“Here you go, slut,” Deacon Bill grunted before climbing on the stage and ramming his dick into my mouth.

I groaned, sucking so hard on it. His cock filled my mouth. He wasn’t gentle. He shoved it right down my throat. I moaned about his dick, his balls smacking my chin as I rocked between Daddy and the Deacon. I was like a piece of meat on a spit roast, trapped between them. My bowels clenched on Daddy’s cock as my throat burned from Deacon Bill’s hard thrusts.

“Look at her take every inch of his cock,” Emmy groaned. “Whore’s deep-throating his dick.”

“What a slut,” Peter said, awe in his voice.

“I can’t believe I dated you, hussy,” Ricky said. I could hear how much he despised me, how little he thought of me. I was just a hole to dump his cum into.

A hot shudder rushed through me.

My bowels clenched so hard on Daddy’s cock. The friction of his dick reaming my asshole triggered another orgasm in my pussy’s depths. Juice squirted out of me, dripping onto the stage as I moaned about Deacon Bill’s dick. His pubic hair kissed my lips every time canlı bahis siteleri he buried into me.

“Fucking whore,” he groaned. “Cock-sucking slut. Oh, yes, that’s it. Damn, I wish my wife sucked cock like this.”

I wanted to scream, “She does. I’ve seen her suck Daddy’s cock like this.” But I couldn’t. Deacon Bill’s dick was buried in my throat. It throbbed. I sucked in shallow breaths through my nose, my vision fuzzing from the bliss of my orgasm as his dick pumped cum straight into my belly.

Another dick erupted, splattering my left side and naked back with jizz. The cum puddled in the crease of my spine. I shuddered, savoring how filthy I felt. Deacon Bill wrenched his cock from my mouth, and one of the regulars of the Pink Velvet took his place, feeding me his dick.

“Yes, yes, yes, suck it, schoolgirl.”

“Lord Almighty,” grunted Daddy, his dick slamming into my asshole.

I moaned about the dick in my mouth as Daddy erupted. Hot, thick, incestuous cum flooded my barely legal ass. I trembled as I felt every splash, his cum flooding my lubed ass. My vision fuzzed as a hot orgasm surged through me, quick and dirty.

“The preacher just came in his daughter’s asshole,” groaned the man in my mouth. And that sent him off. He spurted, flooding my mouth with his salty cum. I savored it. I loved cum so much. I gulped it down as Daddy breathed behind me, savoring his orgasm and savoring his slutty, sinful daughter’s tight bowels at the same time.

Daddy and the man both ripped their cocks out of me at about the same moment. I licked my jizz-stained lips, looking around at the men. “Who’s next?”

“Right here, White girl,” grinned Earl as he got on stage, his shirt and jeans gone, his muscular, ebony body exposed to my lusty gaze. He held that monstrous dick in hand, the shaft thrusting before him. It was the biggest in the room. “Why don’t you come over here and ride my shaft?”

“Yes,” I hissed, crawling to him, cum leaking out of my asshole and pussy, more dripping off my body. The dollar bills stuffed in my socks crinkled, rubbing against my flesh. Someone ripped off my panties on my journey to him. I mounted Earl and impaled myself on that ponderous shaft.

His huge cock stretched open my cunt. I arched my back, my skirt falling back around my waist. And then someone lifted the hem, exposing my rear. Fat fingers pulled apart my butt-cheeks. I smiled over my shoulder as Emmy, who loved my ass, rammed his short, squat dick into my burning bowels.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, both my holes stuffed with cock. I arched my back, my tits bouncing, jiggling as I wiggled my hips between them. I noticed Mommy as she peered through the curtain, her body shaking, cumming as she watched her daughter writhe between two men.

Others crowded the stage, dicks out. I sucked on a classmate’s cock while jerking off Mr. Thompson’s dick. My hips moved and undulated, working both my holes up and down the two dicks in me. I savored both shafts, the pleasure rippling through my body.

I came over and over on the cocks. Men erupted, anointing my back or tits with their jizz, grunting, groaning, covering me in their dirty spunk. My holes massaged Earl’s and Emmy’s dicks. I savored both of them reaming my asshole and pussy.

The duel sensations were amazing. It was wonderful having a cock in all my holes. I moaned about the dick in my mouth, sucking down the cum when it erupted and moving onto the next dick. Pleasure burned through my mind.

“Fucking whore,” Emmy growled as he spurted into my asshole.

Another cock took his place. Everything became a wonderful blur of hot, heaving bodies and spurting dicks. They fucked me in all my holes. They covered me in their jizz. I didn’t even remember when Earl came in my pussy and I found a new dick to take its place.

I was lost to the ecstasy. I rode their dicks, lay on my back, on my side. They fucked me like a doggy. I jerked off dicks with both hands. Men would rip out of my cunt or asshole to add more filth to my body.

I don’t know when I lost my skirt.

But I kept my socks stuffed with dollar bills sticky with jizz.

“What a whore.”

“A slut.”

“She’s insatiable.”

“Damn, she’s draining my balls.”

Daddy fucked my cunt while I sucked on Earl’s massive dick, choking on its size, eager for his cum to spurt in me. Deacon Bill enjoyed my asshole. Ricky had another go at my pussy, lasting longer, my hot flesh spasming about his girth. I fucked all my teachers, all the regulars, all my classmates. I grew more and more tired as I had orgasm after orgasm.

And so did the men. I drained them.

Pride surged in me as I saw them drift away, sitting at tables, drinking beer or shots of whiskey, struggling to regain their stamina. I fucked them and satiated all of them. Daddy had Mommy on his lap, her tits out, his face nuzzling them as he watched me with the last guy.

It was Peter, his glasses still on his face, his body naked. He was pale but fit.

“Ooh, yes,” I moaned as he rammed his dick over and over into me. “Mmm, you remember everything I taught you.”

“I thought about it a lot,” he groaned as he thrust his dick into me, his chest pressed against my messy tits. He didn’t care they were covered in cum. “Damn, Alexandra. You are such a slut.”

“I am,” I moaned, my pussy spasming about his dick. A final orgasm. “Cum in me, Peter. Ooh, I need one last load of cum, and then I’m done.”


“Never,” I gasped. “But for today. Oh, God, I’m such a whore.”

My pussy ached as it spasmed on his dick. I was so sore but I couldn’t help enjoying him. He groaned atop me, savoring my cunt’s massage. And then he erupted. To my shock, he kissed me as he came. None of the men, not even Daddy, had kissed me today. Too many cocks had past my lips, too many spurts of cum had drenched my face. But Peter did, caught up in the moment, crushing me to him.

And then he collapsed on me. I shuddered, the final trembles of my last orgasm of the gangbang, a final, sweet end to all the fun, swept through me. I hugged him, savoring his dick in me. It was a wonderfully sized dick.

“Wow,” he said, breaking the kiss.

“Uh-huh,” I smiled. “Ooh, I could sleep for a week.”

He bit his lip.

I frowned. “What?”

“Would you…like to go see a movie next Saturday? I got a car for my birthday and…”

I blinked in utter shock. “You want to…date me?”

“I know,” he groaned. “Why would you want to date me? I’m the President of the Math Club.”

“No, no,” I said. “I just… Why would you want to date…me? I’m a whore.”

“You are,” he said. “And…” His cheeks grew pink.

“And you find that hot,” I said, blinking in realization “You like watching me with other guys. Seeing me writhe on their cocks and cumming like a slut.”

“I guess. I just…thought it would be fun. Sorry, it was stupid.”

“No,” I said, grabbing him as he tried to rise, still more than a little shocked that he wanted to date me. “No, no, it sounds fun. Next Saturday. It can’t be a Friday. I dance here at the club every Friday.” I leaned in to whisper in his ear. “For $10, I give guys a lap dance. They always cum hard. And since you’re my boyfriend, I’ll give you a discount. $5.”


“Well, you’re asking me out, right? Going steady. You want to take me to the drive thru and all.”

“Boyfriend,” he smiled. “All right. Next Saturday. And…I’ll be here to watch.”

I smiled at that. I had never really thought of Peter as anything more than an awkward nerd, but hearing his interest, seeing the heat in his eyes, knowing that he liked me as a sinful whore, attracted my interest. Peter rolled off of me, and I groaned as his dick plopped out of my well-used cunt.

Mommy helped me backstage. She washed me off in the bathroom, making sure I drank plenty of water. Then Daddy collected us and, well, I don’t remember the drive home. Or much of the rest of Saturday. I could remember that Daddy carried me upstairs and tucked me into bed.

“Good night, Alexandra,” he whispered. “Love you.”

And then he kissed my forehead like he had when I was a little girl.

Dating Peter turned out a lot more fun than I imagined. I trained him like Mommy trained Daddy, and he was an eager pupil. He learned how to eat my pussy and asshole. He learned how to play with my breasts. And he learned how to kiss. We had a lot of practice kissing at the drive thru. I don’t remember any of the movies we saw.

Except for our third date. That one was special. It was at the Sunset Playhouse for the premier of Lexie Lovelace’s First Gangbang. The theater was packed that night, and it was so hot watching myself in black-and-white dancing on stage then getting fucked over and over.

And, of course, I visited the glory hole afterward, Peter fucking me from behind while I sucked cock after cock.

But just because I had a boyfriend didn’t mean I would stop having fun with Mommy and Daddy. Peter would join us. Mommy taught him more things. For his birthday, I presented him Carolyn. With Mommy’s help, I finally made it with the black-haired beauty. Peter strutted school with the knowledge he had cuckolded Ricky, the school’s quarterback.

I never stopped being a whore, selling blowjobs, lap dances, or any other favor I could. Peter and I kept dating, and it was strange how love could just creep up on you. I think he always had loved me, but it took me awhile to realize that I was dating Peter not for the naughty fun we had but because it was Peter I most wanted to have naughty fun with.

We married mid-way through college. Daddy, of course, gave me away with a pussy full of his cum. When Peter kissed his new bride, he tasted Mommy’s pussy juices on my lips. My whoring helped support our new married life, living in a small apartment, as Peter studied to be an engineer, getting a double major in mechanical and electronic engineering. The only whoring he wouldn’t let me do was to fuck his professors to give him good grades.

So I just did it for the money. And the fun.

After graduating, he got a job at IBM. It paid well. And we talked about a family. I went off birth control and stopped whoring around. I wanted it to be Peter’s child. The moment I knew I was pregnant, we threw a party.

A gangbang party.

Mommy and I starred in it with Daddy as the guest of honor. The royalties from the video’s sales built our daughter’s nursery.

As our daughter, Veronica, grew up, I had to slow down my activities. Being a parent came first. But I found time to have fun with her teachers, my parents, my husband’s coworkers, men who lived on our street, and their wives. The sixties passed and the seventies saw Veronica blossoming towards adulthood. In the early eighties, not long after she turned eighteen, I saw the gleam in her eyes as she stared at her Daddy, who had aged into a sexy man. She had taken to prancing around in her tight panties and t-shirts that were two sizes two small.

Veronica had inherited her mother and grandmother’s curvy body and hot cunt.

And I knew then that the preacher’s daughter had produced a child just as sinful as she was. Another whore tempting men. The bulge in my husband’s slacks did not go unnoticed to me. I leaned over, whispered in his ear: “I’m feeling sinful, honey. Want a threesome tonight?”

It was time Veronica learned just what hypocrites her parents were.


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