Psychic Sister

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Author’s Note: Thanks to LizHaze once again for the editing, and she’s even got a story of her own now! Maybe check it out?


I kind of liked summer. Sure it meant living at home instead of away at university, as well as feeling like a bit of a failure for once again not having a summer job, but it had its upsides. It was nice being able to sleep in any day I wanted, and not having to constantly worry about a paper I was supposed to write or a test that was coming up. It tended to be a very stress-free time for me.

Also, there was my sister Katie. I missed her sometimes when we were both gone to our respective campuses for the better part of the year. Our relationship had always been a little unconventional, and it was hard to explain what exactly made me enjoy having her around. I guess part of it was just how much of a goofball she could be.

Like one evening when I was sitting out on the back deck, doing nothing in particular other than taking advantage of the breeze that had come up after a too-hot day, she came out and sat down beside me with a serious look on her face. Or rather, it was supposed to be her serious face, but I knew her well enough to know she was faking it.

“I learned how to read minds today,” she told me, not cracking even a hint of a smile.

“Really,” I said, acting interested. “How does that work?”

“It’s a secret,” she said. “I can’t tell just anybody. ‘Specially you, because you’d just use your powers for evil.”

“Good point. Alright then, what am I thinking of?”

“Too easy. You’re thinking about how I’m full of shit and can’t really read your mind.”

I laughed softly, then nodded. “Okay, I’ll give you that one. Try it again, I’ll think of something else.”

It was a bit silly since I was really just humouring her, but I actually tried to come up with something good for her to guess. As tended to be the case in such situations, when I was put on the spot the best I could come up with was either a number, or a colour. I went with the number three.

Katie shifted slightly so she could face me directly and assumed an air of intense concentration. The way she appeared to look right into my soul was far more convincing than it had any right to be.

Suddenly she jerked away and made a disgusted expression.

“Ew, gross!” she said. “Why would you even think something like that around your little sister? You’re such a perv!”

“What? I didn’t even–” I started defensively before I realized she was just messing with me. Of course she couldn’t see what I was thinking, I knew that. Plus I truly hadn’t been thinking any dirty thoughts. Almost twenty years of knowing her and she could still get me every now and then. “You brat,” I said.

Katie finally cracked and started giggling uncontrollably. I rolled my eyes and waited her out.

“You actually believed me for a second, didn’t you?” she said. “You were so ready to argue about what you were thinking.”

“Yeah yeah,” I said. “Just you wait, next time you read my mind it really is gonna be something dirty.”

She adopted a shocked expression. “You wouldn’t want me to see naughty things, would you?” she said in an innocent voice. “You’re supposed to protect me from bad influences.”

“Oh give it up. We both know you’re not exactly the naive little sister you like to pretend you are. And it’s not like you can tell what I’m thinking anyway.”

Katie smiled enigmatically and stood up. She bent down so her mouth was right next to my ear before walking away.

“You should really be more creative next time than just thinking of a number,” she whispered.

I stared after her as she left. It must have just been a guess, but it was dead on either way. I couldn’t help letting the tiniest bit of doubt creep into my head.


The next morning I found Katie in the living room watching cartoons. She was sitting upside down on the couch with her feet over the back and her head almost touching the floor. It was barely even a bizarre enough thing for her to be doing for me to register it.

“How long do you think it would take for all my blood to go to my head and make it explode?” she asked.

“I don’t think that’s how it works,” I said.

“Oh,” she said.

I sat down next to her, the right way up. Her shirt had fallen a little since it was the wrong way around, and I poked the exposed part of her tummy just hard enough to get a reaction.

“Hey!” she protested. “That’s not nice.”

“I thought you would have seen it coming,” I said. “Seeing as how you can read my mind and all.”

“I wasn’t concentrating on that,” she said. “And I’m not that good at it yet. It takes a lot of work.”

“Maybe you should have started simpler and worked your way up. You know, like practice moving small objects with your brain, then gradually going to bigger and bigger ones. It would probably help with the mind reading.”

“I tried that. Apparently telekinesis isn’t my strong suit.”

“No kidding.”

Katie flipped herself around so she was upright escort ataşehir again, and straightened her hair.

“You’re making fun of me, aren’t you?” she said.

“You’re the one who’s been trying to convince me you’re a psychic,” I countered.

“What would it take to prove it to you?”

“Seriously? Come on, you don’t really have magic powers. You’re taking the joke a little too far now.”

“Twenty bucks says I can convince you.”

I hesitated for a moment since it seemed too easy and therefore had to be a trick. Katie had correctly guessed that I was thinking of a number the night before after all, but there was still no way she could really read my mind.

“Fine,” I said. “Should be easy money.”

“Okay,” she said. “Deal.”

She turned her body to look directly at me and frowned in concentration. I was caught out a little at first since I hadn’t actually decided what I was going to think about, but then I remembered what I’d told her the night before. I had warned her there was going to be something dirty in there on the off-chance that she really could read my mind. Might as well follow through on that.

There had been a particularly hot porn video I’d watched the night before when I jerked off before bed. It had involved two girls and quite a few different toys. I thought it was perfect for the current experiment. I ran through as much of it as I could remember in my head and stared right back at Katie with a neutral expression.

After a moment she smirked and rolled her eyes.

“God, you are a perv aren’t you?” she said quietly.

“I did warn you,” I said. “But I’m gonna need more than that. I’m still pretty sure you’re just guessing.”

“Okay, well… you’re thinking of some girls… and they don’t have very many clothes on….”

As she spoke she started pulling her shirt up until I reached out and grabbed her wrist.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Using a visual aid,” she said.

“You don’t… just leave your shirt on.”

“I have a bra on underneath. Don’t be such a baby.”

Katie wrestled free of me and pulled her shirt off in one smooth motion before I could stop her again. She did indeed have a bra on, but that didn’t prevent the situation from getting a little weird.

“Now what exactly is that going to help?” I said.

“If all else fails, I’m just gonna hypnotize you,” she said.

“With your boobs?”

“With my boobs.”

I shook my head. “I don’t know about you sometimes.”

“You should be happy for me that I’m learning all these new skills.”

“Hypnotizing guys with your boobs isn’t really much of a skill. Lots of girls can do that,” I pointed out.

“It’s not as easy as you think. Takes practice.”

She started swaying gently as she spoke, attempting to distract me I assumed. It was possible she thought she could just weird me out enough with her partially exposed breasts that I’d give up.

“You’re stalling,” I said.

“Nuh-uh,” she said. “Just testing.”

“Testing to see if you can hypnotize me?”

“Yep. Is it working?”

She put a little extra swing into her movements, as though it would help. Mostly it just confirmed for me that she was trying to make me uncomfortable. Unfortunately for her I had every intention of beating her at her own game. If she wanted to ‘hypnotize’ me, I’d just play along.

While trying not to be too obvious about it, I began following the movement of Katie’s breasts with my eyes, then my whole head. I saw a smile forming on her lips, and she looked like she was about to say something, but I acted first and raised my hands zombie-like toward her chest. She backed away slightly and I followed.

“What are you doing?” she said, giggling as she swatted at my arms.

I didn’t say anything and just kept reaching for her breasts, fully expecting her to abandon the couch at any moment to get away from me. That was my planned method of victory at any rate.

“Cut it out!” Katie said, her authoritative voice being undermined somewhat by her inability to keep a straight face.

“Must… get… the boobies,” I said in a droning monotone.

“You doofus, I know you’re doing this on purpose.”

She made one last attempt at fending me off before my hands reached her breasts. Honestly, I hadn’t really expected that to happen and I wasn’t sure where to go from there. I got in a quick squeeze anyway, mostly out of reflex.

Katie absolutely cracked up and finally threw herself backward to escape me, then rolled onto the floor still laughing. I chased her part of the way, but she got her feet between us and delivered a forceful kick to my chest to knock me away.

“I guess I kind of deserved that,” she said.

“Yeah, you kind of did,” I said.

“Hope you enjoyed getting to feel me up, because I’ve learned my lesson.”

She pulled her shirt back on as she spoke, covering up her breasts again. It was weird to realize that I was slightly disappointed about that.

“Who are you kidding?” kadıköy escort I said. “You never learn.”

Katie stuck her tongue out at me, then flounced away. I could have sworn there was a little more wiggle in her hips than usual, although to be fair I didn’t usually pay any attention.


It started raining late that afternoon, never really getting heavy but remaining steady well into the evening. I went out to the back deck again at some point, which seemed to be the start of a new habit for me before bed. It was a very different experience when it was raining however, and despite the shelter of the sloping roof protecting it, I still had to be careful of a couple spots where the rain was hitting.

“There you are,” Katie said, walking up behind me as I watched the rain. “I couldn’t find you.”

“Yeah, who’d have thought I’d be the same place as last night,” I said. “You’d have to be some sort of mind reader or something.”

“Ha ha,” she said. “You’re not as funny as you think you are.”

“I’m exactly as funny as I think I am, thank you very much.”

Katie walked over to the railing and extended her hand to let a few raindrops fall onto it. She watched them roll across her skin like she’d never experienced water before.

“You remember when we were kids and sometimes we’d go running in the rain?” she asked. “And we didn’t even care about getting soaked or anything.”

“Yeah, I remember that,” I said. “But we’re older and wiser now, and more importantly mom’s not going to bring us towels and dry clothes if we do something like that.”

“We could, like, take our clothes off first,” she said. “So they don’t get wet.”

“Sure. You first.”

“I mean leave our underwear on, not go completely naked. Don’t get too excited.” Katie paused for a second. “Actually, maybe that would even be too much for you. You went kind of nutty just from me taking my shirt off before.”

“You know damn well that was a joke.”

“Whatever. Are you in?”

“Depends, are you serious?”

“I will if you will.”

Katie folded her arms across her chest and waited for my answer. It wasn’t like I could say no, not after a challenge like that. She’d just keep bringing it up for the next week, or maybe even longer, if I wussed out.

“Okay fine, let’s do it,” I said.

She smiled and reached for the bottom of her shirt. I copied her actions at a slightly slower pace to make sure she wasn’t going to try faking me out, but her clothes did start coming off. Before long we were both semi-naked and kicking our respective piles of clothes into the corner where they would stay dry.

I will admit to taking a few peeks at my sister as she stripped, and a few more as she stood in only her bra and panties. Just because I was her brother and it was a little weird to be checking her out didn’t mean she didn’t have anything worth seeing. My mind flashed back involuntarily to when I’d grabbed her boobs, and part of me kind of wanted to try that again.

“Ready?” Katie asked before I could act on any of my dirty thoughts.

“As I’ll ever be,” I said.

Our backyard wasn’t completely private. Anyone looking from the right place in one of our neighbours’ houses, or even from our house, could generally see most anything that went on back there. However, given the rain and the general lack of light except for what little came from inside the house, the visibility was diminished quite a bit from what it usually was. I hoped that would be enough to prevent us from being seen. I didn’t feel like explaining why we were parading around in our underwear in the rain. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure I could.

Katie took my hand and together we walked down the few steps off the deck into the wet grass. The rain didn’t immediately soak us, but it didn’t take very long to go from dry to wet either. My sister raised her arms up to the sky and tilted her head back for a moment, then slowly twirled in place. I decided against pointing out how her few remaining articles of clothing were slowly being made transparent.

“This is pretty awesome, isn’t it?” she said.

“It’s certainly wet,” I said.

“Oh don’t be a spoilsport. Let yourself enjoy this.”

At Katie’s urging I emulated her, spreading my arms and closing my eyes, simply feeling the water hitting my skin and running down my body. It was actually kind of fun in a childish sort of way to be out in the rain without having to worry about hurrying to shelter. So much of the time rain was something to avoid because you’d have to deal with wet, uncomfortable clothes otherwise, but in this case it wasn’t quite the same issue.

My moment of reflection was rudely interrupted by a hand softly tapping my chest. I cracked open my eyes to see Katie dancing away from me with an impish grin.

“Tag,” she said. “You’re it.”

It took me a second to process, but then I started chasing her without really stopping to think about whether I should. There were some things that were ingrained in me from childhood, and one of them maltepe escort bayan was that when I got tagged, particularly by my sister, I needed to get her back.

We went back and forth several times as I first caught up to her, then she caught me and so on. I targeted her butt when I could since her breasts were usually on the wrong side of her body to reach easily, and a couple times I felt her do the same, though I couldn’t be certain it was on purpose.

The conditions were not exactly ideal for running, but in some ways that made it more fun. Both Katie and I slipped and fell far too many times in the slick grass as we chased each other around and it was next to impossible to stop or change direction quickly once we got moving. Eventually this led to a major collision when she tried to turn and lost her footing right before I ran into her. We tumbled together onto the ground, with me only barely managing to not land directly on top of her.

Katie made no move to get up right away, so I didn’t either. We were both breathing a little heavily and had stupid smiles on our faces from acting like kids when no one was around to see.

“See, that was kind of fun, wasn’t it?” Katie said.

“Yeah, you’re right, it was,” I said.

The movement of her chest as she regained her breath drew my attention to her breasts, though I tried to be subtle about looking. Her bra was pretty much soaked at this point and her nipples were just barely visible to me through the material. I got away with checking her out for maybe a minute before she realized what I was doing.

“Oh my god, grow up,” she said, covering her breasts with her hands.

“Says the girl who just instigated a game of underwear tag,” I retorted.

“That was perfectly innocent. You’re just being a perv.”

“Well you can read my mind, can’t you? You should have known that would happen.”

Katie sighed, but really didn’t look all that upset as she climbed to her feet. Plus she gave me a nice view of her butt as she stood which I was pretty sure was on purpose. Either way, her super-clingy underwear left little to the imagination.

I got up too, and together we walked back to the relatively dry sanctuary of the deck. Our clothes were still there, thus far untouched by the weather, but putting them back on over our underwear didn’t seem like a great idea.

“Turn around,” Katie said.

“What?” I said.

“Turn around and don’t look while I change. I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna take my bra and panties off first.”

“Oh, okay.” I turned to face the opposite direction from where she was. “How do you know I won’t peek?”

“I guess I just have to trust you, much as it pains me to do so.”

I grinned, but didn’t look over my shoulder even once while my sister changed. I knew she’d be watching me like a hawk anyway.

“Could you at least pass me my clothes over?” I asked since I couldn’t reach them myself without disobeying her wishes.

“Just gimme a second,” she said. “Almost done, then you can have them.”

Soon she had finished, and I was allowed to grab my clothes while she wrung out her underwear as best she could. She then went inside and left me alone on the deck. Suspecting nothing I quickly stripped off and reached for my shirt first to give my lower half slightly more time to dry off. Katie, the little back stabber, popped back out while I was standing there naked. And she was holding a camera.

“Say cheese,” she said just before the flash went off.

I froze for a second in pure confusion, then lunged for her to try and grab the camera away. She was already moving though, and I found myself chasing her naked through the house not quite able to catch up. In the back of my head I knew it would probably have been better to get dressed first and murder later, but once I was moving it was too late to change my mind.

Katie went straight for her room, and the only reason I made it in time was because she had to stop and try to close the door behind her, which, unfortunately for her, she didn’t have time to do. I tackled her to the floor harder than I meant to, but I was pretty sure I hadn’t injured her since she was still clutching her camera in a death-grip.

“Give it!” I demanded.

“No,” she said.

I tried to reach around and take it from her, but she tucked her arms under her body to protected it.

“Katie, give me the camera,” I said.

“It’s mine,” she said.

“Yes, and you can have it back as soon as that picture is deleted.”

“Uh uh, it’s my picture too.”

“You know I can’t let you have that.”

“Why not? I’m not gonna blackmail you or anything. I won’t show anyone else, I promise.”

“Then why do you even want it? You just want it for yourself or something?”

It was only after I finished the sentence that I realized how awkward the implications could be. That led pretty quickly to me remembering that I was currently naked and on top of my little sister with my cock pressed against her butt. That was even more awkward.

“Shut the door at least,” Katie said quietly, having apparently come to more or less the same conclusion I had.

I gingerly pushed myself up to a kneeling position and swung the door closed behind us. Katie rolled over and sat up, then handed the camera to me.

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