Quick Brown Fox: Aunt Sue

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Over the years I have become a master in the art of pickups and quickies and I secretly nicknamed myself the quick brown fox. After the first time it didn’t take me long to learn to recognize when pussy was there for the immediate taking and how to make it happen, either on the spot or soon after, someplace else. It all started when I was eighteen and got a tight hug in greeting from my lovely thirty six year old aunt Susan. That embrace from the soft slender body and the resulting pressure of boob-sized breasts unreservedly pressed into my chest sent an unprecedented shiver through my hormone-raging virginal body that I’m sure my aunt must have felt.

Aunt sue had been living abroad for eight years, and two days after her arrival back in the country, she popped in, along with three other family ladies, to visit my mom, her older sister. It was mid afternoon so only mom and I were at home.

As a show of respect to my dear aunt and from fear of raising the ire of my mom I did not do one of my usual disappearing acts that I was famed for when we had visitors. I sat with the ladies listening to their chatter for an hour before I begged an excuse, citing that I had some studying to do for an exam the next day.

As I sat opposite my aunt I couldn’t help taking furtive glances at her smooth caramel knees and the six or eight inches of thighs below the receded hem of the knee length green and white dress. She caught me a couple of times and didn’t seem to mind as she sweetly offered what looked like reassuring smiles as she gently stroked the black dreadlocks hanging to her bosom. This emboldened me and soon I was unabashedly ogling my aunts slender, shapely body. She still didn’t seem to mind my obvious appraisal of and lusty interest in her body and a couple of times briefly but intently held my gaze when our eyes met. On each occasion there was a twinkle in her eyes that seemed to be saying “I know what you are doing and what you are thinking”

I was a virgin and a novice in matters of sexual play but I was old enough to recognize the mutual interest, and young and daring enough to think that something nice could happen between us that afternoon, given the chance. When I got up to leave I had a bit of a hard on and I noticed her quick glance below my waist. Up in my room I was tormented by images in my bursa escort head and came down a couple of times under the pretext of going to the kitchen, each time looking boldly at my sexy aunt. She was indeed sexy and lovely. Tall and slim with a round dimpled, pretty face, narrow waist and wide hips and plump ass. She had shiny, mid-brown eyes and full upward curved lips. I remember as a kid, hearing of her modeling and contesting in local beauty pageants, one of which she’d won.

I came downstairs a third time with the clear intent of throwing caution to the wind and making some kind of signal to her. I was consumed by lust and irrational daring. The daring was no doubt helped by the two glasses of my mom’s homemade wine that I had been allowed to imbibe, perhaps because she didn’t want me to feel embarrassed in front of my female family. I walked down noiselessly and stood on the turn of the step. Because of where she was seated only aunt Sue could see me. I didn’t even get time to formulate one, much less make a signal, for I heard my aunt say:

“Gina, I think your home-made wine and all this local food that I haven’t had for so long is threatening to give me a bout of diarrhea, my bowels are churning. Is your bathroom in the same place?”

They all laughed at her discomfort.

My mom said “Girl Sue, nothing has changed in this house but some paint and light bulbs. You’d better hurry and do what you gotta to do before you make a mess of that nice dress, because you know you cant fit into any of my clothes, they will fall right off you.”

To the sound of her sisters and cousin laughing, aunt Sue got up. I lightly bounded up the stairs and stood by my open bedroom door. Aunt Sue came along the corridor and drew close to me, her brown eyes sparkling with interest and expectation. She casually said:

“Hi Emile”

I did not say a thing, I simply held her hand and walked into the room. She came willingly and after closing the door I wrapped my hands eagerly around her body. My mouth found hers and she did not resist my probing tongue, but reciprocated with matching ardour. My hands moved up and began an inexpert massaging of her full breasts as my thigh fitted itself snugly between hers. I lowered one hand, lifted her skirt, found the soft crotch and groped it roughly. She spread her legs bursa escort bayan and bucked against my palm. I forced her against the wall, and as we explored each other’s mouths I felt her fingers fumbling with the buttons on her dress front.

She lifted the bottom of her bra and out popped two round and lovely, brown breasts. Her hand found my head and gently but eagerly directed it to the twin delights. I sucked on their hardened nipples ardently, alternating between left and right every ten seconds or so. My novice fingers played with her wet pussy and I felt her hand grab my cock and squeeze it hard about four or five times before she pushed against my chest. I stepped back and she began raising her dress, I quickly got out of my shorts. At the sight of my hard cock pointing to the roof she gasped, dropped the dress she had been holding above her waist, and fell to her knees.

She took my cock into her hot mouth and began chewing on it and twirling her tongue around the swollen head. I closed my eyes, threw back my head and enjoyed the previously unknown sweetness of a blow job. Her bobbing head was one of the most enthralling sights I’d ever seen. And when she sucked my balls into her mouth and stretched the sac I felt a sweet pain that nearly made me scream, causing me to stand on my toes and grimace. After a while she released my cock and looked up at me with blazing eyes. She whispered:

“Oh my god, nobody has ever made me feel so hot and daring and shameless. I want this cock my nephew; give it to auntie”

She stood up and once again hoisted the hem of her dress above her waist. I watched anxiously as she dragged one leg of her black lace panties over to the other side, revealing her shaved vulva. I stepped forward and crouching, pressed my cock head against her hungry lips. Her hand guided me between the thick floppy folds and when she removed her hand I straightened up and jerked my waist hard, sending six and a half inches of stout, virgin fuck wood up her hot and slimy chute. She gasped loudly and instantly realizing the little indiscretion brought her hand up to cover her mouth. I began fucking her with quick, short jabs.

She rolled her slim waist under my quick jabbing, her slender hand gripping my sides. I raised one hand and caressed a blushing breast and she whimpered softly. escort bursa The other hand gripped her soft, big bottom, fingers sinking deep into the brown dough. She licked my neck and all over my face and jabbed a stiffened tongue repeatedly in my ear.

“Let me turn around,” I heard her say.

I pulled out and she backed me. Bending over, she spread her legs, flipped the dress up onto her back and once again dragged the panty leg aside. She placed both hands on her knees and braced the top of her head against the wall. Unaided this time, I guided my cock into her and resumed the pussy pounding, leaning over I wrapped my hands around her back and reaching under cupped the big soft breasts. As I fucked her doggy style in doggy tempo, she placed one hand between her thighs and I felt her begin a vigorous rubbing of her pussy, trying to speed up an orgasm. Just then I felt a familiar sensation and glow take over my body and I also applied increased speed to my jabbing.

I closed my eyes tight, gritted my teeth and as my body shuddered on its maiden ride I shot hot semen up her snatch. I held her tight and she pressed backward jamming her prominent, fluffy ass against my lower belly, one hand thrown around to grasp my hamstring in an effort to keep us connected while the other hand continued to torment her clit.

“Don’t pull out, stay with me for a while,” she whispered anxiously.

I held her firmly, pushing my still hard cock deeper into her. She rolled her ass while rubbing her clit and in a short while I heard her hiss loudly and then began to tremble. She had goosebumps all over her ass and upper thighs and her light brown skin took on a reddish glow.

I felt her fingers press against my cock and she told me to pull out. She straightened up, holding her hand between her thighs. She asked me if I had any tissue around. I went to my desk and got about half a dozen squares of paper towels. She deftly folded them with one hand and placed them inside her panties.

“Thanks Emile darling. I’m here for three weeks, we can do this again if you like.”

I nodded and smiled. She kissed me deeply and squeezed my still fairly erect tool. I checked to see the way was clear before she slipped out the room and headed for the bathroom. I left my door open and shortly after saw her pass by. She blew me a kiss. Of her remaining eighteen days in the country we met and fucked on eight occasions, on one of those we spent an entire afternoon and the night in a hotel room. Mom believed I’d gone out of town for a soccer match.

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