Rachel Encounters a Dirty Cop

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All in all it had been a bit of a frustrating night for Rachel. Her friend Emily was getting married in only a few weeks and there wasn’t really enough time to plan a proper Hen night, so she and a few of their closest friends organised a night out in London to say goodbye to her single life.

Most of the other girls had better jobs than Rachel so they were able to afford to stay in a hotel for the night. All of Rachel’s spare cash was being saved up so that she could eventually move out from her parents house, and finally have a place to call her own.

London wasn’t close though, a taxi back would have probably cost more than staying in a hotel, so Rachel had no option but to drive. This just meant not drinking so she couldn’t really let her hair down like the others.

The rest of the girls typically got very drunk, so Rachel had to spend most of the night holding them up, as they swanned about London, raucously laughing and generally getting up to drunken mischief. Being sober, she didn’t properly feel part of the group, it was more like she was their babysitter than one of their friends.

On top of everything, Emily insisted they ended up in this gay club she’d heard so much about. It was undoubtedly a lot of fun for them, but Rachel was used to getting a lot of attention whenever she was on a night out. Being a stunningly beautiful, natural blond, with a killer figure and the most incredible pair of pert 32FF tits, men would usually be clambering over each other to try and chat her up, or buy her drinks, but in this place she might as well have been invisible.

A few women tried their luck, but they were barking up the wrong tree. Rachel had a thirst for cock that was nearly unquenchable. Sure, she’d snogged a few girls in the past, more to see what it would feel like, but she knew deep down they couldn’t give her the satisfaction that came with having a big fat dick buried inside her.

It was a shame there were no straight guys around to appreciate her, she’d certainly dressed to impress. She was wearing a very sexy, figure hugging, little black dress. It’s shimmering satin material clung to her every curve like a second skin. The dress was so short that it only barely covered the lace tops of her stockings, which of course were held up by her finest set of black silk suspenders. Not that anyone in this particular club would care.

She’d worn the dress because up until tonight, she’d had a 100% pulling success rate while wearing it. Unfortunately for her that lucky streak looked to be coming to a disappointing end.

Rachel hadn’t fucked anyone since Alan, the bridal shop owner, which was over a week ago now. A week might not sound like a long time to go without sex, but for someone with needs as wanton as hers, it felt like a year.

So her sexual frustrations, combined with her soberness and having to look after a bunch of ladies, who were now so trashed they could hardly form coherent sentences, all added up to a pretty miserable night out for Rachel.

By 10 o’clock she finally broke and ordered herself a Malibu and coke. One drink can’t hurt, she thought, I’m probably still under the limit to drive. Judging by the way her friends were drinking, it could be a long night. So she still had hours left for it to leave her system too.

Gay clubs were certainly good for one thing, music. They played all the cheesy pop songs Rachel and her friends liked and they seemed to be spending the whole night on the dance floor. The Malibu had certainly taken the edge off a bit and Rachel was feeling in a much better mood. She decided to order another one.

It will be fine, it’ll have left my system by the time we leave this place anyway, or so she thought.

Just as she’d finished her second drink, Hannah, one of Emily’s work mates, approached her.

“Emily’s been throwing up in the toilets, so we are going to take her back to the hotel.”

“Oh no, is she all right?” Rachel scanned the room for her best friend.

“Yeah she’ll be fine, the others have taken her outside to get some fresh air.”

Rachel followed Hannah out to the front of the club where Emily was swaying around on the pavement singing along to a classic Y.M.C.A song.

“Emily what happened?”

Emily turned around and screamed with excitement. “THERE SHE IS! THERE’S MY BESTIST FRIEND IN THE WIDE WORLD. THE WORLD! THE WHOLE WIDE IN THE WORLD!!” She was clearly hammered.

“Oh my god Em’s, how drunk are you?” Her friend staggered and nearly fell over, but Rachel was quick and grabbed a hold of her.

“Hello boobies!” Emily squeezed one of Rachel’s large breasts playfully, whilst laughing. “I wish I had tits like these.” She gave them another wobble, still cackling uncontrollably.

“Oh god, you’re a mess lady! Lets get you in a taxi!” She put her arm out and immediately a taxi screeched to a halt next to the buxom blonde.

“I love you Rach.” It looked as though Emily was welling up as Rachel bundled her into the back bahis şirketleri of the cab.

“I love you too Em’s.” Her friend looked like she’d instantly fallen asleep the moment her bum had hit the seat. She now sat slumped against the window, a line of drool trickling from her open mouth. “You are one classy lady!” Rachel pulled Emily’s seat belt across, clicking it into place, as the rest of the girls piled in.

The taxi driver looked disappointed that Rachel wasn’t getting in too, it was clearly her he had stopped so abruptly for. He took his opportunity to openly stare at her spectacular tits while he still could, as she stood by his window giving him directions to their hotel.

Rachel waved them off, blowing a kiss to an unconscious Emily, before heading off to find where she’d parked her car.

She sat behind the wheel for about 10 minutes wondering if she doing the right thing. She didn’t feel even slightly drunk, but knew that technically she’d be over the legal limit. “Get it together Rach,” She breathed out deeply and turned on the ignition.

Rachel had barely got to the end of the road when she saw the dreaded blue lights in her rear view mirror and immediately started to panic. “Oh Fuck! Oh Fuckety Fuck!” She pulled the car to the side of the road but the police car screamed straight past her, sirens blaring. Her relief was palpable. She took it as a warning though, and rather than take the direct route home, she decided to drive the long way round, through the hopefully quieter country lanes.

It was a good decision. Rachel began to relax as she drove for miles without even seeing another car. Then, about three quarters of the way home, her biggest fear was realised.

Rachel could see the headlights in her rear view mirror getting closer and closer. It was dark, so she couldn’t tell immediately that it was a police car. Then her heart leaped in her chest and she started to curse. A blast of the sirens and the blue lights flickered, as the car indicated to her to pull over.

“Oh shit! Fuck Fuck Fuck!” If she was caught drink driving, it could cost her her job. She needed to drive to get to appointments. “No no no, this can’t be happening!”

There was one thing that might save her she thought, if the police officer was a man, maybe a bit of harmless flirting could help her out. Rachel knew the affect she had on most men and hoped she could use it to her advantage.

Her little black dress was already showing an ample amount of her cleavage, but she pulled it down a little lower, just enough to reveal the top edges of her lace trimmed bra cups. She grabbed her pocket mirror out of her handbag, and checked herself over. She looked perfect, as always, but decided to quickly apply some more shimmering lip gloss, just to make her already beautiful, full pink lips, pop that little bit more.

Officer Carl Redman was having a rough night. At 57 he was still 3 years away from taking early retirement. 3 years which couldn’t finish quickly enough. At one point, early on in his career, he showed promise, moving up through the ranks, but a series of allegations of corruption, none of which were proven had halted his rise to the top. Never had he expected to finish his policing days as a traffic cop. He now hated his job. Spending so much time around low lives and criminals had eventually broken his spirit, he longed for the days when all this shit was behind him.

He noticed the car in front had a broken tail light, so decided to pull it over to inform the driver. He ran the number plate through the system, it came back clean, the car was fully taxed and insured so it should be just a routine stop.

It was dark, there were no street lamps around on this country lane, so Officer Redman grabbed his torch and twisted it on. He stepped out of the vehicle, his body was stiff from sitting down for so long, and his back cracked as he stretched it out. He approached the car and knocked on the window. Rachel lowered it down, she was visibly shaking.

“License and registration” He grumbled.

It was at that point that he turned the torch onto the driver and was stunned by what he saw. The beam from the torch was focused on Rachel’s long slender legs. Her thighs looked unbelievably sexy, clad in smooth black nylon. As he inched the light slowly up her body, the view kept getting better and better. The shortness of her black dress would have been enough to give any man heart palpitations, but as his gaze drifted over her slim waist, he almost couldn’t believe his eyes as they finally came to rest on the most cock stiffening, perfect pair of tits he’d ever seen.

Officer Redman had always had a fetish for massive tits, but as his luck would have it he’d never been with a woman who had more than a B cup in all his life. He’d married young, that was the norm in those days, and for many years it had been a happy marriage. Five years ago however all that had changed. His wife had gone through the menopause and their bahis firmaları sex life had completely dried up. When he started working nights, she’d insisted he slept in the spare room so that he didn’t disturb her. Carl was fine with that arrangement, it at least meant he could have a wank whenever he wanted, his sex drive hadn’t diminished with age, far from it.

He’d spend hours on his computer watching porn, always choosing the videos with the girls with the biggest tits, dreaming about what it would be like to have them dangling in his face as he fucked them senseless. None of those women even began to compare to the girl sat in front of him right now. He could feel his cock throbbing in his trousers, as he finally managed to prise his eyes away from her bountiful cleavage, to look her in the face for the first time.

A move that was equally as startling, she was breathtakingly beautiful. He just stared at her, flabbergasted, unsure whether he had fallen asleep at the wheel and was dreaming all of this.

She had the most incredible pair of full lips, which were framed by the cutest little dimples, brought on by her nervous smile. Everything about her screamed perfection, from her golden blonde wavy hair, neatly tied back into a ponytail, to her small button nose, but finally and most staggeringly, she had such piercingly deep, blue eyes. Eyes that were held your stare, whilst simultaneously melted your heart. This girl was intoxicating.

Rachel realised, by his lust fueled gaze, a look that was all too familiar to her by now, that she might have a chance to flirt her way out of trouble. She relaxed a little, but still noticed her hand shaking slightly, as she held out her driving license towards him.

It had taken a fair while, but Officer Redman was starting to get control of his senses once more. He knew he should just warn her about the tail light and send her on her way, but the red blooded sex starved man in him, wanted to keep her talking as long as he could. He quickly jotted down her details on his notepad. It revealed that she was 21 years old. Oh fuck! he thought, I’m old enough to be this girls grandfather.

“Am I in trouble?” Rachel tried to give him the sweetest smile as she took back her license.

“That depends…” Officer Redman scratched his chin as he looked her up and down once more.

“On what?” She batted her eyelashes but noticed he was no longer looking at her face.

“Have you been up to anything that could be considered troublesome?”

Knowing full well what she was doing, Rachel pulled her arms tighter to her chest, causing her magnificent tits to swell outwards. “I’ve not done anything Officer, honestly I haven’t.”

Fuck me! Officer Redman thought. Did this girl have any idea what she was doing to him? He now had a full on, stonking great erection, luckily he was leaning against the car door, so it was hidden from sight. “That’s going to be for me to decide Miss.” His throat was so dry, he was surprised he could talk, he licked his chapped lips and tried to swallow.

Rachel was a little puzzled. “Why have you stopped me? I wasn’t speeding?”

“No, no, nothing like that. Can I ask where you’ve been tonight?” Dressed like that he reckoned he already knew the answer.

“I’ve been out clubbing in London. I…I…met up with a few friends.” Rachel had a sinking feeling. Should she have admitted that?

“Clubbing eh? Did you drink at all this evening Miss?” Officer Redman suddenly realised she was getting a bit nervous, maybe he was on to something.

“I….errr…I had one, but that was at the s…start of the night. I only drank coke after that….” Shit! Why didn’t I just lie? She thought. He’s definitely going to breathalyse me now.

“Just the one? I’ve heard that before.” He could have gone and grabbed his breathalyser kit right there and then, but he wanted to have some fun with this gorgeous creature. “Would you mind stepping out of the car Miss.”

Rachel was bare foot, she normally had driving shoes but had left them at home, so she had to slip on the black stiletto’s she’d worn out that evening. Officer Redman took his opportunity to quickly plunge his hand down his trousers and tuck his rock hard throbbing cock under his belt, concealing it from view. Rachel was oblivious to what he was doing, she was really starting to panic now. Why had she been so stupid? She should never have had those drinks! Now it could cost her her license, her job, not to mention a fine that she could ill afford. Rachel tentatively opened her car door and stepped out.

Officer Redman had to compose himself once again as his eyes flicked down over the buxom blondes hourglass figure. “I’d like you to walk in a straight line for me. I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Rachel was pretty sure that this wasn’t the usual protocol, she could tell that this old copper was checking her out. In a way though that was a good thing, the longer she could keep him distracted, the more chance kaçak bahis siteleri she’d have of passing a breath test. So why not give him what he wants? She could tease him easily, knowing he would lap up every second of it.

She turned and slowly began walking away, one foot in front of the other, her heels clicking along on the hard tarmac. With every step, she intentionally wiggled her glorious peach of a bottom, knowing how sexy it must look.

“Oh my god.” Officer Redman whispered the words. His mouth fell open and he instantly felt his already hard cock, twitch with longing, as he watched her incredible ass swinging from side to side. It looked deliciously pert, barely concealed under the thin layer of tightly fitted satin, that showed off her every curve. He couldn’t help giving his cock a desperately needed squeeze through his trousers.

“Stop, that’s far enough.” He was so blinded by lust, he’d almost forgotten to tell her to turn around. Rachel spun on her heels and slowly made her way back, never putting a single foot wrong. She looked more like a catwalk model than somebody taking a sobriety test.

Officer Redman could feel himself sweating. Usually he was a hard man to fluster, he’d been in life threatening situations with armed assailants before, and had still managed to keep his cool more than he was right now. Rachels mountainous tits wobbled gently as she walked closer and closer to him, it was almost too much for the poor old bloke, who thought he was about to black out, his head was spinning so much.

“How was that?” Rachel probed.

“Yes…urgh.” Officer Redman coughed. “fine.”

“Well…can I go then?” It was a hopeful effort, but she knew it wouldn’t be that easy.

“Not quite yet. If you could touch your nose with your right hand, then switch and do the same with your left.” He had to reach into his pocket and grab his hanky to dab the sweat from his balding forehead, it was beginning to sting his eyes.

Rachel did as she was told, flawlessly. “You see I’m not drunk.”

Officer Redman had to admit that it appeared as though she was telling the truth. But something still wasn’t right, she had been acting awfully nervous for some reason. Then an idea came to him, he knew it was wrong and it went against everything he stood for as a police officer, but if he played it right, maybe just maybe he could fulfill one of his deepest desires.

“Have you taken any drugs this evening Miss?”

“W…what?!? No! I’ve never taken drugs, ever!” Rachel was shocked by the question, did she look like a drug addict or something? She hoped not.

“You seemed very nervous before, I can tell that something is up young lady. If it isn’t drink, then naturally I have reason to suspect it might be drugs.” He took a step closer to Rachel and eyed her suspiciously.

“I can assure you! I wouldn’t take drugs, not in a million years!” Rachel shook her head frantically.

“I’ve got to check these things I’m afraid. You did say you were out clubbing Miss. It’s not uncommon to encounter such things in the clubs of London. So I’ll ask you again, do you have any drugs either on your person, or in the car?” He looked her up and down again.

“Neither, I promise you!” Rachel was a bit slow to realise where this was headed. Officer Redman’s pulse had quickened at the thought of getting his hands on this cock stiffening beauty, even if it was under the pretense of a quick body search.

“I’m sorry young lady but I don’t believe you. Being male, I am not authorized to search you myself. That will have to be done by a female officer back at the police station. So I am placing you under arrest on suspicion of….” Please let this work he prayed.

“What!?! You’re arresting me?? But I haven’t done anything!” Rachel started to panic, she could feel hot tears begin to burn In her eyes.

“No need to worry. If you pass all the tests and you aren’t carrying anything then you will be released later on tonight.”

“Tests?” That was one word she didn’t want to hear.

“Come this way.” He beckoned her towards the police car. Rachel froze, she chewed her lip, trying to think of a way out. What if one of these tests showed she’d been drinking? She had to do something to stop him from taking her back to the station.

“Look I’ll prove I’m not carrying anything, you can search me, I don’t mind.” With that she turned and placed her hands on the roof of her car, preparing to be patted down. It only then occurred to her that this was probably what he had wanted all along. If it was, then he had done a good job of hiding it. Her dress was so tight and hugged her figure so perfectly, that it was obvious just from looking at her that she wasn’t concealing anything. Oh well she thought, why not let him have his fun, at least then he might let me go.

This was of course exactly what Officer Redman had been hoping for. It was the chance of a lifetime, even if she reported him and got him fired, he was sure it would be worth it. “I…I am not permitted to search…” he had to make it at least sound convincing. Rachel cut him off mid sentence, turning to look over her shoulder at him. “Just get it over with.” Then she faced the car once more.

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