Reflections on a Fantasy

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I ran into an old girlfriend, Kathy, in a pub last week. It had been a few years since we had seen each other. Before the night was over we took up where we had left off, but this is a story about our first experience.

Kathy was a manager of a retail pet supply store and was often the only employee working. My job in wholesale brought me to her store regularly and, when neither was too busy, we would spend time visiting at the store and saw each other on a casual social basis occasionally.

Eventually we became very comfortable with each other but I was surprised with how open Kathy was about her sexuality. It quickly became obvious that she had few inhibitions. She was only average in appearance, although she had a well formed ass and shapely legs. Her breasts as well were nicely shaped, but very small. Fortunately, as I was to find, they were tipped with very nice dark brown nipples, but it was her confidence that I found really appealing. In fact, early in our relationship it was a bit intimidating.

One night as we sat and talked she told me that one fantasy she wanted to live out was to be roughed up during sex and offered me the opportunity to experience it with her. If I didn’t have a few drinks under my belt I doubt that I’d have had the courage to agree.

I told her that after work on the coming Friday she should go home, take a long warm shower, put on her makeup, sexy underwear, high heels and a nice dress. I would come to pick her up later that evening. But my plans were different.

On the appointed day, I was parked down the block from her house when she came home after work. I waited a short time and walked to her house, letting myself into an unlocked door. I found my way to her bedroom and waited in the closet with the door slightly ajar.

After the shower I saw her come into the bedroom wrapped in a towel. She selected her underwear and went back to the bathroom where I could hear the sounds of her hair dryer and, what I believed to her putting make up on.

As Kathy came back to her bedroom and walked past the door, I burst through and grabbed her from behind, putting a hand over escort sincan her mouth and forcing her face down onto her bed. She was so stunned that she didn’t react as I growled at her to be quiet and close her eyes. I then tied a scarf that I found in the closet over her eyes and grabbed pantyhose from her nearby dresser to tie her hands behind her back.

I stood to get a look at Kathy, face down on the bed dressed in only small panties and bra with hands tied behind her back and blindfolded. She was breathing rapidly and asking if it was me. I only talked her to tell her what to do and used a low and menacing growl whenever I did. Part of me didn’t want her to be certain it was me as it enhanced the experience, for me at least.

I was so excited I was heavily pre-cumming in my pants and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on long. I grabbed Kathy by her ponytail and pulled her to the floor on her knees.

“Open your mouth, bitch, and stick out your tongue.” She did as I ordered and I slid my cock along her tongue into her open mouth. “Now suck me good and I don’t want to feel any teeth.”

She did as instructed and her experience was obvious. Even with no hands and limited control she was bobbing her head on my cock, deep-throating, sucking and running her tongue on the head. Watching my cock going in and out through her red lipstick covered mouth quickly brought me to the edge. As much as I wanted to stay at that point of ecstasy, the pressure building in the head of my cock was tremendous and with the command to, “Take it all, bitch,” I exploded into her mouth. She was surprised at the first shot and coughed some of it out but quickly recovered as I ordered her to suck me dry. When it started to be too sensitive I pulled out and wiped my cock on her face.

Now with the pressure off I was able to take my time. I picked her from the floor and threw her on the bed. I told her that I was going to untie her hands but I wanted her to do exactly as told or she would be hurt. She nervously agreed, still not entirely certain that I was her attacker.

I went to her closet and selected a pair of shoes with ankara escort very high heels. I untied her hands and instructed her to put them on and stand up. The sight was beautiful. The heels accentuated the muscles of her legs and ass.

“Take off your bra,” I ordered. Her breath was coming short and fast as she reached behind her and unhooked the bra. Her tits were so small that I was denied the nice tittie drop I see when most women remove their bra. I easily filled my hands with her tits and roughly squeezed the nipples between my thumbs an forefingers. She squealed with pain as she tried to push my hands away. I forcefully shoved her back on the bed, climbing astride her and warning her to do what she was told.

I arose from the bed, pulling her along and went to the living room where I sat in a chair, ordering her to feed me her nipples. Kathy placed her hands on the arms of the chair and leaned forward, placing one nipple and then the other to my mouth. It was so exciting as I roughly sucked and bit at them.

I pushed her away and ordered her to turn her back to me and bend over. To me there is no better sight than panties tightly stretched over the lips of a pussy. I told her to take the panties off and she did. She now stood before me wearing only high heels and a blindfold.

I walked her to the dining room table and placed her upon it on her back. “Masturbate yourself,” I ordered. She hesitated until I roughly grabbed a nipple and twisted it hard. She moved her right hand to her puss and began running a finger up and down her slit. After a short time I could see the moisture glistening on her slit. I told her to show me her clit and she pulled her lips apart, exposing the little bud. I then told her to begin rubbing it with one hand while holding her lips open with the other. She did as she was told and when I told her to slip a finger inside, it was nearly more than I could take as I watched it disappear to the knuckle.

I told her to masturbate to orgasm but tell me before she came. I sucked her nipples and ran my hands over her body as she did so. Before long she was breathing hard and told me she etimesgut escort bayan was close. I watched closely as she breathlessly told me she was just about there. I quickly pulled her hands away, denying her the orgasm.

“Now beg for it,” I said. “Oh please let me come, please. I’ll do whatever you want but I need to come.”

Well, it was a game anyway and I wanted her to have some fun so I pulled her to her feet, retied her hands behind her back and bent her forward over the table, kicking her legs apart. I dropped to my knees and began to slowly lick at her lips from top to bottom, flicking her clit with my tongue. She was moaning and moving her hips back and forth in reaction to my tongue. As much as I wanted to tease her I really needed to get off again myself so I continued steadily. Her moaning became much louder and I could tell she was very close. I buried a finger into her cunt and gave her asshole a little lick and it sent her over the edge. I began licking directly on her clit as her orgasm ended and she began to plead with me to stop because she was so sensitive. This I wouldn’t do and continued licking until she was crying from both pain and pleasure.

It was all I could take. I got to my feet and buried my cock into her pussy with one plunge and began ramming her as hard as I possibly could. She begged me to go slower as I was hurting her but at that point I didn’t care. I needed to come.

Since I had only come about a half hour earlier I had to work a bit longer but within two minutes of hard pounding I began to feel the cum moving through my cock. I withdrew my cock and began stroking the purplish head with the intention of putting it in her mouth but as I looked down, the sight of her open cunt was too much. I put it back in and with a hard push I emptied my balls into her.

As I softened I pulled my cock from her and watched my cum slowly drip from her. I put her on her knees, untied her hands and removed her blindfold, standing in front of her with my deflating and dripping cock in her face. She smiled and grasped my cock, putting it to her mouth where she slowly and lovingly sucked it dry and finished with a soft kiss to the head.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “That was great, but I was a little afraid it might not be you.”

Well, that was the first but not the last encounter. Perhaps I’ll write about more later.

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