Riley: Working the Weekend

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Another day at work, that’s all this was. Still, it sucked that it was the weekend. Riley supposed he should be happy that he only had to work for a half day. His mind was somewhere else; namely in the brunette he fucked the night before. She was hot and he was having trouble not re-living it in his head! He adjusted his pants under his lab coat and tried to walk a bit faster down the hall toward his office. He turned the corner and headed down the corridor. Suddenly the men’s room door opened on his right and a man stuck his head out, looked down the opposite hall and then ducked back in. He thought the guy’s reaction was a bit weird so he went into check it out.

“Hey there.” He called as he pushed open the door and entered the room. He saw legs in the stall and walked over. He pushed at the door and was surprised when it opened right up. He saw a man who looked like he was in his 30’s standing with his eyes closed. Curly brown hair, smooth rugged face and a body that looked like it had been maintained in good physical condition, wearing a tight blue t-shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans that were currently unzipped. The man was holding a hard cock in his right hand.

“Anything I can help you with?’ Riley asked, smiling. The man’s eyes flew open and he released his grip on his member.

“Oh shit!” he murmured, trying to push his cock down. Riley quickly walked in and grabbed the raging hard-on.

“I’m Riley.” He said quietly, easing down to his knees. “Your name?” He asked. All he tuzla escort got was a groan as he sucked the head into his mouth, his hand stroking the hot cock flesh. He pulled down on the jeans as he flicked his tongue along the shaft. The man got the idea.

“Jim.” He stammered, pushing his pants down around his thighs. “My name is Jim!” He moaned as Riley took him in to the hilt, his throat pulling at the head. Jim grabbed Riley’s shaggy brown hair and fucked himself into the willing mouth. Riley grabbed Jim’s hips with his strong hands and let the hard cock slide it and out of his throat with the thrusting of Jims hips. His tongue flicked at the tip as Jim pulled all the way out and then thrust his prick back between Riley’s lips. Riley grabbed Jim’s balls and began squeezing and kneading the flesh as he sucked the bulging cock. His finger teased Jim’s taint and asshole, causing Jim to groan. Riley gently used his teeth on the shaft and rolled his tongue around the head. He was rewarded with a loud moan.

“Damn that feels good!” Jim groaned. “Suck it, man!”

Riley bobbed his head, his right hand squeezing Jim’s balls while his left fingered his asshole. He felt the pucker loosen a bit and he slipped a finger inside, fucking it slowly. He raked his teeth along the shaft and then ran his tongue along the sides and under the meaty cockhead. He swallowed the hard dick again, feeling it hit the back of his throat as Jim fucked his face. He could feel the cockhead swell in his mouth göztepe escort and the balls tighten in his hand. He got ready to take the load he knew was coming. Suddenly Jim’s hand tightened on his head.

“Here it comes!” he cried, “Take it all!” He pushed Riley’s head onto his prick as he shot his load. Riley felt it spurt into his throat and he quickly swallowed it down. He pumped the cock until he knew Jim was finished. He let the now limp member slide out of his mouth and stood up. His raging hard on was obvious in his Dockers. Jim reached down and stroked it through the cloth.

“Looks like you have a problem. Guess we should do something about it!” He grinned as he dropped his jeans to his ankles. Riley smiled and unzipped his pants, freeing his prick. He stroked it a few times. Jim dropped to his knees and took Riley into his mouth. He could not take the whole thing but he used his teeth and tongue in a way that had Riley sighing with pleasure. Jim reached up under Riley’s shirt and stroked his muscular stomach. The other hand was massaging his ass. Jims head bobbed up and down on the thick cock as his hands roamed and teased. Suddenly Riley pushed him away.

“Get up, turn around and hang on to the toilet.” He commanded. Jim did as he was told. As he bent over he felt Riley’s hands spreading his ass cheeks and then the head of a cock touching his asshole. He sighed and relaxed his body. Riley spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock-head.

“Now you can take it üsküdar escort all!” He growled as he grabbed Jim’s hips and thrust forward. Jim gasped as the head popped into his ass, followed by the shaft until Riley was in to the hilt.

“Uhhhh!” Jim moaned. Riley let his prick sit inside the tight ass for a minute and then he began to slowly pull out. When just the knob was inside he pushed back hard, his balls slapping against Jim. He did this again and again, going slow and then thrusting hard.

“Christ that is good!” Jim sighed. He pushed his ass back toward Riley.

“I ‘m gonna fuck you good, “Riley groaned as he began to speed up. “I’m gonna shoot my load in your ass!” He began to fuck in earnest, plunging his prick into the willing asshole.

“Yeah! Fuck that ass!” Jim said groaning. “Give me that cock! Fill my ass with that jizz!” Riley slammed his dick in and out, his body slapping against Jim hard. He knew he was close. He fucked Jim’s asshole as hard as he could; putting on a burst of speed as he felt his balls tighten.

“Here it comes!” he cried gripping Jim’s hips tight.

“”Give it to me!” Jim yelled. “Shoot that load!” Riley gripped him hard as he gave a final thrust and unloaded into Jim’s ass. His cock jerked with each spurt. Jim was clenching his asshole, milking the prick inside him. Finally Riley pulled out, his come dribbling down Jim’s thighs.

Jim turned around and pulled his jeans up. Riley zipped his pants and adjusted his lab coat.

“Well, uh, thanks!” Jim said with a lopsided grin as Riley handed him a business card.

“Just give me a call if you need any more “help”.” He said. Then he walked out and headed to his office.

Maybe working the weekend wasn’t so bad after all.

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